The Ra material and the Cassiopaeans


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Thanks for reminding me flashgordonv,

Forgot to mention that further to M42 being a focus, there seems to be something interesting about Barnard 33 also?

Q: Okay, he suggested that I look at Pouisson's painting 'Winter,' for clues.

A: Yes, go see the painting mentioned. There are strong connections between this and both the Denver International Airport Murals, and the suggestions we gave you for your inground pool design!

Q: Well, he described it as a figure of Noah clinging to a horse between two pillars. Other than the alchemical symbols I have discovered through etymology and philology, for the horse, what other implications does this figure suggest?

A: Maybe it is something about either the notation of the "knight," or the gas nebula in Orion.

The constellation Orion coincidentally the dominant asterism in the Northern ‘Winter’ night sky.

The painting in question -


Laura’s reply following a comment regarding relationships between Leo and Rigel.

The line also passes through Orion's belt where the horsehead nebula is.

And discussion of the pool design -

Q: (L) We would like to ask some more questions about the architectural project mentioned the other night. [Swimming pool, session 25 May 1996] We were given the height and distance apart of the three column structure, would it be okay to build this on the perimeter of the existing pool?

A: No. You must wait until you have the financial resources to construct an inground pool. The spiral must be below ground level by at least 1 meter, must be constructed of blue, gold ceramic tile perfectly cut and even.



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Advanced knowledge and the application of knowledge to situation can cause a magical outcome when going by the definition it magic

I've been wondering if magic comes about by the activation of the higher centers.

I recall Ra saying something along the lines that once we balance the lower centers to some degree, the higher centers begin to activate. (I really should find out what exactly was said, but dinner's soon.)

I think the higher physical center is responsible for magic as it's typically understood, i.e. things happening in the material world, e.g. psychokinesis.

I think activating the higher emotional center means we're walking a path with heart.

And I think an activated Seer center allows us to "see," like in the Castaneda books.


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Magic is also relative to the person who is viewing what is being done if you know the tricks it’s not as magical to somone who isn’t familiar some may argue that wisdom is magic...Knowledge, experience and application will seem like magic to somone without the knowledge or experience...They may say how did you do this?


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Amidst the current craziness I seem to be have been noticing a lot of perceived C's synchronicities lately... such that it seemed funny that with 'Ra' on my mind last night, Facebook (of all things) happened to throw up an ad for this;


The Ra Contact Resource Series - A Concept Guide: Bean, Gary L., Roy, Diana: 9781643560120: Books

The Ra Contact Resource Series offers a means by which inspired scholars and seekers may reflect upon the meaning of the Law of One and its rich potentials for application to our daily lives. Its objective is to assemble helpful resources from various authors in the recognition that comprehensive study of a philosophy as vast, transcendent, and inclusive as the Law of One will necessarily be a collective, multigenerational effort.

A Concept Guide is the inaugural book in the series. From Adept to Will, this guide offers a comprehensive study of 64 different concepts, each one carefully synthesized from all its occurrences throughout the contact with Ra.

Looks like it has only just been published so I thought maybe worth sharing?

Free download available from the L/L Research site also.

The Ra Contact Resource Series: A Concept Guide

Didn't want to start another thread, so I hope this is ok posted here 🤞
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