"The Science and Significance of Coincidences" by Sharon Hewit Rawlette, Ph.D.


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I listened to a very intriguing podcast recently on one of my favorite sites, MysteriousUniverse.com, on which the hosts were discussing a book entitled "The Science and Significance of Coincidences" by Sharon Hewit Rawlette, Ph.D.

They describe the book as "encyclopedic" because for 600 pages, Rawlette breaks down each category of coincidence into various sub-categories, then spend lots of time citing evidence and anecdotes for each. From there, she proposes a theory which synthesizes various theories from quantum physics and other scientific realms. To support her view that many "coincidences" are too pefectly designed to be random events, she even calcuates the (astronomical) mathematical odds for some examples.

Some of the many categories/sub-categories are: past life recall, NDE, dreams, psychokinesis, time slips, future events reverberating back in time to influence present actions, ill-meaning entities, ESP, telepathy, transmission of injuries, children's memories of miscarriage, physical effects of the yet-to-be-born.

She also discusses questions such as: Is human consciousness divisible? Why would organ transplant recipients take on the personality of the donor? What about the intelligence of simple organisms and elements? Is God the Mind of the Universe?

Podcast 22.04 here: Podcasts | Mysterious Universe

Book's Table of Contents here: Amazon.com: The Source and Significance of Coincidences: A Hard Look at the Astonishing Evidence (9781733995702): Sharon Hewitt Rawlette: Books
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