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As some of you may already know, I like Douglas Harding's work. I have posted about it before, but I get the feeling that there is something about it which people here just don't seem to like - that there is something about it which is harmful to what we are doing, or that its simply not useful, or interesting.

So, what I am doing, is giving Douglas a chance to speak for himself, and I would be interested to hear peoples opinions on it. I would like to know what people here think about it - I'm not going to "argue" about it, I would just like to discuss it :)

For me, I have found it very useful. I find myself more able to endure hardships, or to be able to leave things, and to be more spontaneous and interested in things. Like trying new food, I can now just DO IT, instead of worrying about how its going to taste, what people will think about me etc. For me it has far reaching implications, I am more free to make a decision which is unweighted, I can remove the weights and just do it, theres less influence, less peer pressure, less fear. I'm no longer stuck with just one view of how things are, and to me that has a lot of far reaching benefits (I don't just see things from the human perspective, but from lifes perspective). I can now say, "I am going to do it because I am going to do it, and see what happens", or "I am not going to do it because I dont want to, and that is my choice, and I'll see what happens". I can resist temptation, and say, I am already happy thank you, I don't need what you're offering. I can see how things are going to turn out, I feel that I am actually learning, instead of being lost in a sea of information which is impossible to make sense of. I am starting to feel like I am exactly where I should be, and that there is nothing wrong with it at all.

I can stand up and say, even in the face of death, I will not break. I will not shatter. Because I know the truth, and that is that you can't do anything to me at all, because what I am, in the end, after all has been and gone, is timeless and untouchable.

Its like.... in some ways, I don't care anymore. I'm not going to end up in 4D STS, going back and forward in time, chaging things to suit my own ends, its not necessary in order to be happy. Missing the full effect of something happening that was not "wanted", is missing out on a valuable lesson, and that is, what is wanted is usually wanted simply to maintain the illusion that happiness exists outside of ourselves, somewhere "out there". This is the problem with the lizzies imo, they think that control over people and events is equal to happiness. They think that as long as they are in control, they can avoid what they don't want to happen. But as long as you want control over anyone or thing but yourself, you are not avoiding or solving what you don't want to happen, you are simply ignoring it.

Anyway, I personally think that Douglas's work has helped me to better understand the C's, laura, Ark, and a great many other people - and ultimately, I can now help myself to understand it too. I'm not saying that it will work for everyone, I don't know. But it has had a big effect on me, and I think it is a positive effect, so I am sharing it in the hope that it can also benefit other people, and also to see what other people think about it, in order to allow me to see it from more and more "angles".
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