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Thank you for sharing your observations and for the additional information, etezete. I will look for the interview you mentioned.


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Hello @Mari @Learner
I tried this little helper today, and as far as I understood it, it is independent: Finde deine Partei zu politischen Wahlen - WahlSwiper it is also with short videoclips if needed.
For me, the result was indeed "die Basis" a new German party. The programme sounds like desirable basic principles for living together, but I'm not really sure if it has a chance. But maybe it will stimulate some people to think again. Maybe it's worth a try. I haven't quite understood yet why this party is pushed into the right-wing corner in the media, because I don't find that there is any indication of this in the statements. Or is it simply the same reason why "lateral thinkers" are also pushed there? Has anyone happened to follow this or know more about it?

However, in my opinion it is a bit like choosing between plague and cholera. I'm not really sure what to choose. But I also don't want to support the usual suspects by not voting.
Die Basis and BasisCamp and Investigative Corona Committee and Reiner Fuellmich. All related, I hope for good and progress.
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