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Baerbock talking about climate change:

"...but also, what are the consequences for my neighboring country, or a country that is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away?"

This guy makes sense of it:

"Climate change is causing the earth to inflate and distances to increase.
More and more countries are now hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.
We must not give space to right-wing distance deniers."



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So, does that mean there are no Nissan Z-series cars in Germany, or that drivers will be fined 4000€ for owning one? ;-)

What will become of car owners in Zwickau and surrounding areas whose license plates hold the "Z" as registration?

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Baerbock talking about climate change:

"...but also, what are the consequences for my neighboring country, or a country that is hundreds of thousands of kilometers away?"

This guy makes sense of it:

"Climate change is causing the earth to inflate and distances to increase.
More and more countries are now hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.
We must not give space to right-wing distance deniers."


Something about if the blind lead the blind... they both will fall in the ditch. Except now, it looks like there will be a lot more ditches to fall into. :scared::rotfl:


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MWGFD • Press Conference - Germany

This is a splendid and highly potent press conference by the MWGFD.

Very powerful !

The video is 3 hours long - but worth to listen to - and i'll explain why. It is unfortunately in German language, BUT you can enable English or any other language subtitles as long it stays at YT.

In case the above link dissapears - here is the Odysee link

Each speaker, including Prof Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and lawyer Beate Bahner make brief statement (10 min) over important aspects such as masks, genetic jabs, injuries, and juridical aspects. In the end, very interesting questions are being made by the public

Following speakers are heard

🔸 Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Haditsch
🔸 Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz
🔸 Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer
🔸 Prof. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen
🔸 Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi
🔸 Beate Bahner

🔸 Dr Ronald Weikl

Beate Bahner

was absolutely stunning the way she held her speech.
Not only did she weight her words in a straight forward targeted way which makes you almost speechless, but she reveals that almost everyone involved in the coercion of delegating the toxic jabs, would need to face 10 years in prison according to the German law - IF IT WOULD BE CORRECTLY EXERCISED (which has not been the case).

But the law is abundantly clear about that almost everyone involved and behind the practicalities and delegation of the jabs, have to face at least 10 year in prison; from doctors, nurses, to health ministers and other ministers in the german government, including judges who do not do their jobs.

Children are the immune system of our society and our future.

The core of this press conference is dedicated to the baby and child Corona vaccination, which the MWGFD e.V. vehemently rejects with sound scientific justification. At the beginning of the event, however, we will also briefly revisit the topic of compulsory masking and politically-motivated lawsuits against critical medical practitioners.

The short lectures will be given by renowned experts who will be available afterwards for questions and, if necessary, also for exclusive interviews.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Haditsch: Physician and biologist, specialist in hygiene and microbiology, virology and infectious disease epidemiology as well as tropical medicine, internationally known not least because of his 4-part documentary film "Corona - In Search of the Truth"; he will speak about the dangers and lack of evidence of mandatory masks.

Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz: Partner of ISC International Standards Consulting GmbH & Co. KG; former professor of Electrical Engineering at Jacobs University Bremen, member of the expert committee according to § 5 para. 9 IfSG of the Federal Government for the evaluation of the Corona measures; he talks about figures, facts and data on child "vaccination" and mortality.

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Kämmerer: Human biologist, among others member of pathologists and forensic doctors in the team around Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt; she talks about the results of the pathology examinations and the dangers of mRNA technology in general as well as the toxicity of the SARS-CoV2 spike protein.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen: Specialist in General Medicine and Internal Medicine, Head of the Department of General and Family Medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, Chairman of the German Network for Evidence-Based Medicine until January 2021; he speaks via zoom about medical ethics in view of the massive dangers and the simultaneous lack of necessity and benefit of child "vaccination”.

Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi: former director of the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, specialist in microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology, best-selling author, chairman of the MWGFD e.V.; he talks about the criminal machinations in the "vaccine" approval procedures.

Beate Bahner: Medical Law Specialist and bestselling author; talks about the legal assessment of this Covid "vaccine" case, prepared in cooperation with her colleague Dr Brigitte Röhrig, lawyer specialising in German and European pharmaceutical law as well as pharmaceutical and medical device law.

Dr Ronald Weikl: specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics and general practitioner with a focus on naturopathy, MWGFD vice-chair, will lead through the programme and will also comment, among other things, on his judgement in the appeal proceedings before the Passau Regional Court on the day before the press conference, as well as on politically-motivated lawsuits against doctors.


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Mrs. Dr. Alice Weidel at a PC on the G20 decision to introduce mRna "vaccination" as a requirement for international travel.
Just a reminder why people got "vaccinated"...
The statement at 2/4 refers to the WEF report published in February 2022 calling for a multi-stakeholder approach to create a trusted digital agency for a "safer and more inclusive online world".


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Indeed. 'Climate activists' have glued themselves to the tarmac of BER international airport near Berlin.
I understand that air traffic had to be interrupted for some time.

This is a 'major step' forward for the do-gooders that had restrained themselves to sitting on Berlin's city autobahn glueing their hands to the asphalt, blocking the oncoming traffic.

The usual ritual is for the police to employ olive oil(!) in order to unstick these people from the road.

These acts are usually treated as a minor infringement with a punitive fine and there is compensation by an NGO that is rumored to be financed by the economy minister, the Green Party's Robert Habeck.


Today's footage from BER airport. (The police are unpacking the olive oil, or so I guess)

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A couple of days ago activist Kevin H. suffered some pain when he used a two-component adhesive instead of superglue.
It turned out that he couldn't be deglutinated with olive oil...

A policeman had to drive to a nearby hardware store to get acetone, but that didn't help either.
So heavy equipment had to be used.


When they tried to remove the 31-year-old's hand from the asphalt with a tool called a multicut, blood flowed. The police officers then took out a flex and made a cut in the tar of the highway. Then a law enforcement officer used hammer and chisel to painstakingly free the guy's hand.

According to an eyewitness the 'highway terror' lasted about three hours.

BZ tabloid



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Masks in public transportation - still
This was basically a post-COVID travel log, but since it is all about Germany and of little general interest, I shortened it to an update and moved most into this thread, though the quote and the beginning is basically the same.
Interesting this crackdown is Hamburg which is (was?) a fun-loving place where the Beatles honed their chops.
Last week, I tried to go through Hamburg again, and it was different. When I was on the bus, Flixbus, we were told by the drivers that we were about to enter Germany and all had to wear masks, as they were mandatory in public transportation. Okay, I dug out the FPP2 mask and put it on. The first Germans we met on the border were the border police that entered the bus, all duly masked, but the drivers had not put on theirs...!?

The border guards did not make an issue, and the bus continued with the drivers showing the way. By the time we came to Hamburg, all had dropped the masks and on the station, there were also few signs of masks, though it was in the evening. Three hours later, I entered a bus driven by two Italian Italians, meaning they only spoke Italian. They clearly had no mask issues, but they pushed around with the passengers, so they had the first four seats on the right side to their luggage and to the maximum laid back seats, suitable for their sleep between turns. With this bus, we went through the whole of Germany during the night and entered Switzerland in the morning.

On the Swiss border, several people were taken out for questioning regarding papers, first three and then two more. Two of the five did not return.

A few days later, I had to go from Zürich to Munich, also by bus. On the way in, there was a sign in the bus coming on every two minutes saying that one needed to wear a mask in Germany. Nobody bothered, and surely not the drive, that spoke German with some Slavic accent.

Once in Munich, the tune was different. It was impossible to enter the next bus without a mask. One person had none and was asked to stand aside. Later he entered with a mask, but where he got it from I don't know. The only leniency was that even if FPP2 type masks were required, the standard surgical masks were also tolerated. Another variation, beside the well known but now not often used "below the nose", was demonstrated by a woman who somehow could keep the mask on the face even if the mask was unhooked on the right ear. I'm sure one could do a study that would show how masks stick better to some ears and some noses. :-)

Talking with other Germans, the impression is that the mask drive has been stronger in Bavaria. Why that is so is not clear. Is it because a state like Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg are closer to countries that are easy on masks and COVID measures? Or is there a historic aspect? The Wiki on the history of the Nazi Party shows it was at least initially stronger in the South.
In the 1920s, the Nazi Party expanded beyond its Bavarian base. Catholic Bavaria maintained its right-wing nostalgia for a Catholic monarch;[citation needed] and Westphalia, along with working-class "Red Berlin", were always the Nazis' weakest areas electorally, even during the Third Reich itself. The areas of strongest Nazi support were in rural Protestant areas such as Schleswig-Holstein, Mecklenburg, Pomerania and East Prussia. Depressed working-class areas such as Thuringia also produced a strong Nazi vote, while the workers of the Ruhr and Hamburg largely remained loyal to the Social Democrats, the Communist Party of Germany or the Catholic Centre Party. Nuremberg remained a Nazi Party stronghold, and the first Nuremberg Rally was held there in 1927. These rallies soon became massive displays of Nazi paramilitary power and attracted many recruits. The Nazis' strongest appeal was to the lower middle-classes—farmers, public servants, teachers and small businessmen—who had suffered most from the inflation of the 1920s, so who feared Bolshevism more than anything else. The small business class was receptive to Hitler's antisemitism, since it blamed Jewish big business for its economic problems. University students, disappointed at being too young to have served in the War of 1914–1918 and attracted by the Nazis' radical rhetoric, also became a strong Nazi constituency. By 1929, the party had 130,000 members.[78]
One might find other correlates like the presence of a foreign military bases:
Or is it because BioNTech has an office in Mainz in the South and Western German state of Rhineland-Palatinate ?

There are talks that mask requirements in public transportation may get cancelled, but it is not yet clear when it might happen. And of course a new wave may enter the concern of the German government.

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There is actually a lot of confusion about mask wearing in Germany right now.

Long-distance travel by train requires a mask, airline travel doesn't, visiting doctors and hospitals does.
Some German federal states are rebelling against the requirements, but they can only decide for their own jurisdictions meaning that local bus and train services may be exempt, train traffic on a national level is not.

Protestant Schleswig-Holstein (which you mentioned as having strong nazi support 90 years ago) is actually at the forefront of abandoning mask requirements. Even Bavarian prime minister Söder, an eternal opportunist, is criticizing federal mask regulations.

It is all about politics. Söder's Bavarian CSU party belongs to the opposition in the federal parliament.

Karl Lauterbach the country's health minister ('The Lord of the Masks') has made it his mission in life to promote vaccinations and retain mask wearing. He is continually citing 'medical reasons' for his policy, but I think giving it up would be a heavy blow to his narcissistic personality.

So why is the chancellor keeping him?

Remember that in winter 2021/22 he was one of the most popular German politicians. His rules and regulations seemed reassuring especially to those suffering from corona angst which Lauterbach's fear campaign had induced.

There may also be pressure on Scholz by the internationalists to keep the man onboard especially in light of the recent G20 decree to promote "digital health certificates" for international travel.
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