The Situation In Germany

An abstention is always also an agreement in the sense of “no opinion is also an opinion”. I expect a party that I want to vote for to make a clear statement in the sense of “yes” or “no” on an issue. As Wagenknecht has not taken a clear position on the WHO issue or has failed to provide a clear answer, I see an abstention as a clear no. That is why this party is not electable for me. So, as always, I'm voting for the “Party of Cyclists” on Sunday 🚲🚲🚲
This image can probably not be shown in Germany due to the Swastikas. Like it or not, they were probably experienced and qualified soldiers. Try for instance the Wiki for Johannes Steinhoff

Wondering how the above people so smoothly became integrated into NATO, provided any of them had even a bit of ideological background, I checked up on what Hitler says about England in a pdf version of Mein Kampf. On the balance of the many statements, there is little surprise.

June 6th was the 80th anniversary of D-day 1944,
@Niall posted to X on the occasion:
To this list of bases, one could add from the article translated and posted in another thread:
The Norwegian media Steigan carried this article, which has focus on Norway, but similar agreements have been made with the other Nordic countries. There were many lines to highlight!

The northern front against Russia


In December 2023, Sweden, Finland and Denmark also entered into bilateral agreements on defense cooperation with the USA. The agreements have the same starting point as the SDCA. The three agreements provide for the creation of 17 'united areas' in Sweden, 15 in Finland and three in Denmark. In total, the USA will thus have 47 military bases in the Nordic countries.

16 of these 47 US military bases are located north of the Arctic Circle in Norway, Sweden and Finland
. The North Calotte has simply been militarized. See this in the context of the increasing militarization of the entire Arctic. Recently, Norwegian special forces from Marinejegerkommandoen participated for the first time in the exercise 'Arctic Edge', led by the US Northern Command. The exercise took place over large parts of the Arctic, from Alaska at the Arctic Circle, through Canada and into Greenland.
To which I commented:
See also this article on NATO plans Europe-wide escalation of war against Russia

For the moment the bases are directed against Russia, but why not direct them against Central Europe in case EU citizens decide that enough is enough, or use the bases in the Nordic countries to overthrow the Nordic Governments? Given how faithful the US is, what could prevent such a scenario? Alternatively, the agreements could signal that this has now happened. The current situation in the Nordic countries is somewhat parallel to the relationship between Denmark and Germany during WWII, though there is much less understanding of what is going on.
When the young Germans were singing "Germany for the Germans, foreigners out" it could be construed to include Anglo-American meddling out, but that is unlikely to happen, and at a deeper level there is 4D STS influence, so it is superficial unless they are included in "foreigners"., but that is a tall order. In the days since the song, various cases involving criminal actions of immigrants have come to attention. Now AfD and Alice Weidel are arguing that there has to be a return policy of illegal immigrants, or immigrants that have been denied residence permit.
'Your hypocrisy is deadly!' - Alice Weidel - AfD
At the end of the almost 12-minute long speech, last two minutes, Weidel argues against more weapons to Ukraine which results in more dead Ukrainians, and peace negotiations
Sahra Wagenknecht, makes it shorter, but says something similar:
“You are putting our country in danger, Mr. Scholz – and you know it too!”
Both videos can be viewed with English subtitles, probably autogenerated, but still helpful.
This image can probably not be shown in Germany due to the Swastikas. Like it or not, they were probably experienced and qualified soldiers. Try for instance the Wiki for Johannes Steinhoff

Wondering how the above people so smoothly became integrated into NATO, provided any of them had even a bit of ideological background, I checked up on what Hitler says about England in a pdf version of Mein Kampf. On the balance of the many statements, there is little surprise.

Pretty interesting and revealing about NATO. Not surprising though. Not only in Amerika but also in Germany itself and many other countries (especially in the west) very high ranking and influential NAZIS were put into positions of power after the Nazis were “defeated“. Significant parts basically continued behind the scenes. I‘m pretty sure that this is one of the key reasons why the globe and especially the west is in such a bad and crazy state today. I’m pretty sure that many of the „liberal“, „green“ and „good/nice“ leaders in the west today are the descendants of such NAZIS and that they basically think and behave the same, just in a more covert way, presenting a nice facade.
I’m pretty sure that many of the „liberal“, „green“ and „good/nice“ leaders in the west today are the descendants of such NAZIS and that they basically think and behave the same, just in a more covert way, presenting a nice facade.
And Bild had a source in the BvF
Constitutional Protection insider unpacks
We observe people making Green jokes - but not Islamists
An employee of the German domestic intelligence service reveals in BILD what is really going wrong
Frank Schneider
04/29/2024 - 22:55 pm
Islamists are marching in the middle of Germany, demanding the establishment of a caliphate!

Now an employee of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution is sounding the alarm and unpacking in BILD.

He says: The German domestic intelligence service does far too often not look at Islamist dangers. One reason: the left-wing political consensus.
What's more: people are supposed to be watched for jokes about Green politicians - but there is no time for watching Islamists!
Deutsche Welle, the international media agency posted on their FB page, carried:<,P-R
DW News
May 25 8:31 at AM

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been described as robotic, but he is working to change that perception ahead of elections.
If Olaf Scholz can be robotic, he can still make demands: The new, or only containing posts going back to April, largely unknown FB of Urusla von der Leyen with 276 followers, though I can't say for sure, it is her official page, has a link to a recent article on Bloomberg
Scholz Warns Von der Leyen Against Coalition With Populists
Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Germany would only support European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for a second term if her center-right European People’s Party can build a stable majority in the next European Parliament without support of the far right.
“A commission president must always rely on the democratic parties of Europe, on a platform including the Social Democrats, the Conservatives, the Liberals,” Scholz said at an event of his center-left Social Democrats in Berlin. “There must not be any far-right or right-wing populist parties.”
BTW the FB of Olaf Scholz has 149k followers, Annalean Baerbock 122k, Alice Weidel 533k, and Sahra Wagenknecht 753k. Does that represent the sentiments in Germany?
As I was closing the windows, there was this Tweet, where a retired professor of Constitutional Law (he is 86) and from the same party (CDU) as Thomas Haldenwang, and Ursula van der Leyen in an interview says that the chief of BvfV, Thomas Haldenwang, must go as he has broken the Consitution.
You say: Head of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution Thomas Haldenwang should be dismissed. Why? "Quite simply: because he behaved unconstitutionally," says constitutional lawyer Prof Rupert Scholz (CDU) at "Schuler! Ask what is". Here's the whole conversation:
The original NiUS article with the 54-minute interview writes in the introduction if translated:
Prof. Scholz counters Nancy Faeser: “I have the right to mock the state too”
Is German democracy still in good shape? What should we make of this if Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) wants to make those who “mock” it feel the “strong state”? Can Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens) actually focus on “hatred and agitation” below the criminal liability threshold, as she announced in a press conference at the beginning of February? Ralf Schuler worked with one of the most prominent German constitutional lawyers, Prof. Rupert Scholz (86, CDU), on “Schuler! “Questions what is” talked about where the Basic Law draws the boundaries of freedom of expression.
Apr 26, 2024
The comments from the lawyer are telling when considering the segment in the previous post:
Scholz Warns Von der Leyen Against Coalition With Populists
[...]“A commission president must always rely on the democratic parties of Europe, on a platform including the Social Democrats, the Conservatives, the Liberals,”[...] when he and his government are not too concerned about violations of basic principles.
What this means is that there is a discrepancy between what Scholz claims to support, and what that means in practical terms.

The mentioned NiUS page also has an interview with Sahra Wagenknecht where she explains why she can no longer agree with Die Linke. The weak point is as @Nachtweide pointed out that she or the BSW has not come out clear against the WHO treaty.

Sevim Dagdalen just published an FB post about a study that analyzed voter behavior, and discretely invited some of her 69k followers to vote for her. There is according to her post:
Who votes for Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht?
European elections are on Sunday. The "Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht" scores in the polls, depending on the institute comes from 5% to 9% of votes. Who could choose "Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht" (BSW) like this? The Institute of Economics and Social Sciences of the Hans-Böckler Foundation of the German Trade Union (DGB) has just published a highly exciting study on this. 15% of respondents can therefore imagine themselves well ("yes, definitely" or "yes, probably") giving their vote to "Alliance Sahra Wagenknecht". The BSW could therefore be interesting for people with "left-wing conservative preferences" who have so far chosen other parties due to the lack of a suitable offer. According to the Böckler study, the largest group among BSW sympathizers are previous SPD voters, afterwards FDP, LINKEN, AfD- and CDU/CSU voters. Approval for the BSW is far above average among people with a migration background (21%) and among East Germans (27%). The age groups are evenly distributed, which could also be experienced at the election rallies and events of the past weeks. Women (16%) tend to BSW slightly more than men (14%). Above average represented are people without a high school diploma, with low household income, with no financial reserves, as well as union members (19%) and workers (27%). It can be said that "the tendency to choose BSW increases with declining income", according to the Böckler study. Economic concerns as well as a lack of trust in institutions, especially in the public-legal media and the federal government, are linked to an increased tendency to vote for BSW.
I am 9. June BSW - Listenplatz 28 on the ballot!

Here is the WSI study:
If one adds German AfD and BSW voters, it indicates that a growing number of Germans have come to an understanding that something is off with military expenditures and adventures in Ukraine at the expense of German taxpayers, the forced green energy policies, as well as the way the current immigration laws are administered. There was a few days ago:

How Germans will vote in the European elections. Here are the latest polls

The other element that will affect the vote concerns the strong disappointment with the Scholz government's action. A very high percentage, 74%, declare themselves dissatisfied with his work, a disaffection that also creeps in among supporters of the majority parties: only 23% of SPD voters manage to find their chancellor's work acceptable. From substance to form: over 85% of Germans find the way in which the government explains and communicates its policies and the way in which parties relate to each other inadequate.

The rate of Europeanism among Germans is also decreasing. Only four out of ten voters, 41%, consider Germany's membership of the EU to be advantageous (it was 46% five years ago) and just half, 48%, would like member states to intensify their cooperation in the coming years ceding more competences to Brussels: in 2019 it was still a 55% majority.
Female AfD Defects to Russia, Fearing German State Will Steal Her Children
Hamburg MP Olga Petersen has sought refuge in Russia, telling Bild that she feared having her children taken by the German state over her perceived support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Petersen left Hamburg with her children last month, prompting widespread speculation about her whereabouts. Several weeks before her disappearance, her party – the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) – expelled her from its Hamburg faction for traveling to Russia as an election observer in March and declaring the vote “open, democratic, and free.”

Petersen broke her silence on Friday. “I have indeed taken my children out of the country,” she told Bild. “I want to know that my children are safe and that they remain in my care. Without my children, I would no longer see any meaning in life.”

According to Brod’s account, social workers had begun proceedings to take the three children – all of whom are in elementary school – into state care. Petersen offered no further details on the alleged efforts to take her children, and Bild questioned these claims, stating that the kids had been reported to youth welfare workers over behavioral problems.

“I will remain a member of the Hamburg Parliament and will fulfill my obligations to the best of my knowledge and belief,” she told Bild, adding that she will ensure her children’s safety before deciding whether she is “fit for political action again.”
Yes, die Kinder the meaning of life, so “Rent Lola rent"! ( german version of Run Forrest, Run!”) I would do it, nothing can be done against a Sozial worker..(I won't go into detail).
On the other hand, the Russians are also offering Ukrainian refugees Russian citizenship to prevent them from moving, as you can see, the Russians are kinder than the Western states themselves with their citizens, are the Russians fooling us? I do not know, maybe this is the last chance they give us, what is known is the bad situation of the West that still does not dare to take out its claws because it is afraid, but it makes itself felt with veiled threats. That is their political will.

Female AfD Defects to Russia, Fearing German State Will Steal Her Children
The context is, if one looks at the German Wiki, and translates:
Olga Petersen (born September 12, 1982 in Omsk, Soviet Union[1]) is a German politician from the AfD. She has been a member of the Hamburg citizenship since 2020 and has been non-attached since May 2024.

Life[edit | edit source code]
Olga Petersen was born in 1982 in the Siberian city of Omsk into a Russian-German family. At the age of 16 she moved to Hamburg with her family. Petersen completed training as a medical assistant.
The Wiki for the History of Germans in Russia, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union has:
The German minority population in Russia, Ukraine, and the Soviet Union stemmed from several sources and arrived in several waves. Since the second half of the 19th century, as a consequence of the Russification policies and compulsory military service in the Russian Empire, large groups of Germans from Russia emigrated to the Americas (mainly Canada, the United States, Brazil and Argentina), where they founded many towns. In 1914, an estimate put the remaining number of ethnic Germans living in the Russian Empire at 2,416,290.[7] During World War II, ethnic Germans in the Soviet Union were persecuted and many were forcibly resettled to other regions such as Central Asia.[8] In 1989, the Soviet Union declared to have an ethnic German population of roughly 2 million.[9] By 2002, following the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, many ethnic Germans had emigrated (mainly to Germany) and the population fell by half to roughly 1 million. 597,212 Germans self-identified as such in the 2002 Russian census, making Germans the fifth-largest ethnic group in the Russian Federation. There were 353,441 Germans in Kazakhstan and 21,472 in Kyrgyzstan (1999);[10] while 33,300 Germans lived in Ukraine (2001 census).[11]

Emigrants from Germany first arrived in Kievan Rus during the reign of Olga of Kiev.[12]
At a guess, Olga Petersen came to Germany because her parents were ethnic Germans. From what I recall, the German Government made it easy for Russians with ethnic German roots to come to Germany.
Petersen was an assessor[2] on the state board of the AfD Hamburg and deputy chairwoman[3] on the Harburg district board until the end of 2021. In the 2020 Hamburg state election, Petersen was elected a member of the state with 4,018 votes.[4][5][6] In May 2024, the AfD parliamentary group expelled Petersen after describing Russia's 2024 presidential election as free and fair. A party expulsion process is ongoing.[7]

Petersen opposes school environmental education, which in her opinion portrays diesel as bad, against nutrition education, which, according to her, works with a list of permitted bread toppings, and against what she sees as premature sex education in schools.[8] She rejects “left-wing gender politics” and does not consider the migration of specialists to be a suitable solution to the shortage of doctors in Germany. She considers compulsory vaccinations to be an incapacitation of citizens. She advocates relieving the financial burden on freelance midwives.[9]

In 2021, observers such as the taz journalist Andreas Speit attributed Petersen to the right-wing extremist wing within the AfD.[10]

In June 2022, Petersen, together with active and former AfD members of the Bundestag, founded the “Association to Defend Discrimination and Exclusion of Russian-Germans and Russian-speaking Fellow Citizens in Germany” (Vadar e.V.) in Chemnitz. According to the club register, the founding members of Vadar include the AfD deputy federal treasurer Harald Weyel, the AfD member of the Bundestag Eugen Schmidt, the former member of the Bundestag Ulrich Oehme as well as Wladimir Sergijenko and Gunnar Lindemann. According to its own statements, the association financed the legal representation of the pro-Russian influencer Alina Lipp and opposes the German ban on the Z symbol.[11][12] On Telegram, the association denies the war crimes committed by the Russian side in the Russo-Ukrainian War.[13][14]

According to research by Correctiv, in September 2022, Petersen shared an article on Facebook that was part of a Russian disinformation campaign alleging that weapons destined for Ukraine had ended up on the black market in Germany.[15]

On May 7, 2024, it was announced that Olga Petersen had been expelled from the Hamburg AfD parliamentary group.

Petersen is divorced and has four children.
Russian disinformation about weapons for Ukraine ending up with gangs in Germany? Maybe she did not have the goods, but the probability of it being true is high. On SOTT, there was: Finnish gangs smuggling western weapons from Ukraine to Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, reports Finland's largest media outlet Yle How will weapons end up in the Netherlands on the other side of Germany as seen from Finland, without passing through? They could come by ship or by plane. But since smugglers rarely rely on one method, car/truck and freight trains are also possible, most likely then through Germany.

See also the RT article: Spanish drug gangs fighting police with Ukrainian weapons – media

Olga Petersen is not alone. in Denmark, there was a politician Alexandra Sasha (FB) who was with the Liberal Party (Venstre). She had to give up her campaign for the EU.
Gee, I wonder why?

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 21-24-51 Scholz spells ‘sheer catastrophe’ for ‘developing country’ G...png

Deutsche Börse boss blames chancellor’s ‘lack of leadership’ for economic issues
10 June 2024 • 12:43pm
The head of Germany’s stock exchange has claimed the nation is becoming a “developing country” and called his own market “a junk shop”.

Theodor Weimer, chief executive of Deutsche Börse, said a “lack of leadership” by Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s ruling coalition was putting international investors off Germany.

In a speech to business leaders, Mr Weimer said the eurozone’s largest economy was “economically on the way to becoming a developing country”.

“I don’t want to spoil your evening, but one thing is clear: our reputation in the world has never been so bad,” he said.

In a 20-minute speech to the Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern, a Bavarian business lobby group, Mr Weimer attacked the ruling coalition and the role of economics minister Robert Habeck, Mr Scholz’s deputy.

Mr Weimer said he was initially “full of enthusiasm” but called Mr Scholz a “sheer catastrophe” after meeting the minister 18 times, adding: “What kind of government are you actually running?”

Germany was in recession last year and is set to be the slowest growing major economy this year, according to the nation’s IFO Institute, expanding by just 0.2pc.

Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 21-17-43 Scholz spells ‘sheer catastrophe’ for ‘developing country’ G...png

The country’s stock market is also suffering similar gloom to the London exchange.

Linde, the largest company on the blue chip Dax index, quit Germany last year to relist in the US, while Germany has also missed out on listings of domestic companies such as Birkenstock and BioNTech, both of which picked New York.

The Dax is trading at a record 25pc discount to the US S&P 500.

“We have become a junk shop,” Mr Weimer said of the low value of the German stock market.

Mr Weimer also took aim at the country’s migration policy, which is a key focus for Germany’s hard right party AfD.

The executive criticised the lack of skilled workers with language skills who were recruited to come and work in the country.

“Our migration policy – I don’t want to get too political – is seen by everyone as completely wrong,” he said. “Our focus on do-gooderism is not shared anywhere.”

Der Spiegel reported that AfD state politician Jurij Kofner had been at the speech and asked Mr Weimer about whether the rise of the hard right was impacting business confidence.

Mr Weimer said: “The fact that there are Right-wing populists is not an issue for us professionals at the moment.”

The AfD were forecast to have picked up 16.2pc of the votes in the European elections over the weekend, the highest level for a far right party since democracy was reintroduced in Germany after the Second World War. The CDU achieved 30pc while Chancellor Scholz’s SPD got a lowly 14pc.

Mr Weimer’s speech was made in April but the controversy was ignited on Friday when the Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern posted the video on YouTube.

His criticism has prompted a backlash from Mr Scholz’s coalition government.

Verena Hubertz, deputy leader of the Social Democrats’ parliamentary group, told the Financial Times: “The bizarre speech is more beer tent than Dax-listed company executive.”

Sandra Detzer, economic spokesman for the Greens, told the FT that bashing politicians would “damage our political culture and the prestige of the German economy”.

Germany is governed by a coalition government composed of Mr Scholz’s SPD, the Greens and the liberal FDP. It is known as the “traffic light coalition” because of the red, green and orange colour of the parties involved.

The CDU, the party which has historically dominated German politics, is in opposition. Former chancellors Angela Merkel and Helmut Kohl were both from the CDU. Wirtschaftsbeirat Bayern is aligned with the CDU.

A Deutsche Börse spokesman said: “Theodor Weimer is known for always being clear with his views. He does not gloss over problems. He has expressed his views, which are largely based on discussions with international investors, on a wide range of occasions.”

The comments linked to this article are eye-opening.
Screenshot 2024-06-11 at 21-35-59 Scholz spells ‘sheer catastrophe’ for ‘developing country’ G...png
European Elections Highlight The German Political East-West Divide

The Christian Democrats have won the European elections in Germany, and the Greens were losing significantly. The Sahra Wagenknecht alliance (BSW) came out stronger than the libertarian FDP and the Left.

As expected the ballot turned out to be a desaster for Germany's ruling 🚦coalition which may hope to hang on to the next federal elections in the second half of 2025. If the snap elections in Britain and France have actually been ordered from above we can be sure to see a similar change in Germany as well. That wouldn't have to be a national ballot as it will suffice to form a new coalition with another federal chancellor.

You see, in Germany the PTB do not have to bother with tampering with the elections, they just ordain the coalitions that form governments consisting of actors that have been groomed and predetermined by the PTB themselves.

New elections could only result in a larger share of the vote for the newly formed BSW and the feared AfD party.

As for the east-west divide there are some crucial state elections ahead, all three of them in Eastern Germany which are apt to rattle the political system as the 'right-wing extremist' AfD have 'home-turf advantage'.

A map of the voting districts (as of June 9) clearly displays the outlines of former West and East Germany.
While the West is dominated by the Christian Democratic (Christian Social in Bavaria) Party, though sprinkled with Green party preserves in larger cities and university towns the East is uniformly dominated by the right-wing AfD.

There are actually two exceptions to the rule which are Berlin and Potsdam (with paper-thin victories by the Greens) and the Eichsfeld district, a catholic enclave in Eastern Germany with a voting pattern out of sync with eastern habits.

Indicated in red the state results of the newly formed Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW) which has all but obliterated Wagenknechts former Left party which she had deserted because of its endemic wokeness.

Screenshot 2024-06-12 204945.png

This is another map demonstrating Easternes' lack of wokeness and 'disrespect' for climate policies...

Screenshot 2024-06-12 202242.png

The darkest dots on the map indicate the vicinities of car factories as auto makers usually offer significant price advantages to their workers.
(Wolfsburg/Brunswick - Volkswagen; Stuttgart - Mercedes-Benz; Ingolstadt - Audi; München/Munich - BMW)

Again the East-West distinction is clearly visible. As for cars money may also be a significant factor.
The orange colored areas around Berlin should indicate an influx of woke middle class city dwellers with EVs to the surroundings.

Apart from the political it seems there is also a cultural divide between the green grovelling Westerners who for up to 80 years have been conditioned by Anglo-American Zionist mind control - which you don't realize as long as you're under its spell - and the much more down-to-earth Easterners...

While I'm still reserving judgment on the AfD it seems that they are mainly representing CDU/conservative politics of the 70s and 80s which are now being branded as extremely right-wing by the leftist political and media apparatus while adding the occasional 'Nazi' accusation to the mix.

That's when most of West Germans will cave in as they are being conditioned not to 'repeat the mistakes of the German past''.
Any time the system wants to impose a certain political course on them it mainly has to invoke their collective guilt complex.
(A European superstate? National sovereignty could lead to fascism! Mass immigration? An influx of people the Nazis would have rejected!)

Political conditioning in former communist East Germany was somewhat different.

If you were a law abiding citizen supporting the communist regime you were more or less absolved of the country's Nazi past as the German Democratic Republic was a result of the Soviet victory over fascism and that was that.

The public was told that the bulk of Nazis in the East had fled to West Germany (which is mainly true) and anyone remaining had repented and committed themselves to the buildup of a communist Germany.

Implying that there were Nazis in the East would have forced the regime to admit that they were unsuccessful in detecting these people within their jurisdiction.

This is but one explanation why easterners have much less reserve against voting for AfD.

In the end it seems to come down to the realization that people in the eastern states of Germany are more capable of thinking independently although they are being treated by the same official television network as are those in the West.

Many easterners may still feel fleeced and marginalized by the (western) system thereby appreciating any political alternative which brings us to the enormous success of the Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW) which seemingly appeared out of nowhere to reap double-digit election results all over the east.

The self-destruction of the Left party and the degradation of the SPD is caused by competing with the Greens for the same woke inner city voters as well as adopting the post-modernist ideas and goals of the Greens thus objectively governing against its former clientele, the lower middle class, driving them to the BSW and the AfD.

The most important issues for voters polled in Saxony are in the following order, migration, schools and education, social inequality, the economy and internal security even though many media outlets are making hysterical statements about climate change, wanting to see the Greens in government.
The current societal, cultural and economic condition in Germany is also being sadly displayed by an increasing suicide rate especially among young people and wide-spread addiction to drugs and alcohol. Many don't see a purpose in life anymore. A Russian writer on RT Deutsch compares the situation to the one in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union as she expounds on the problem:

Germans have lost the sense of purpose

Marina Chakimowa-Gatzemeier

At the beginning of May this year, my German acquaintance, 30-year-old Ben, came home from work, texted his girlfriend that he was tired, that he wanted to order a pizza, eat and go to bed. But he didn't order anything and didn't go to bed - he committed suicide.

"Why did he do this? Why?" his relatives asked each other and themselves. He was intelligent, talented, hard-working, empathetic, worked in a good company and played in a rock band in his spare time. Just a few weeks later, his girlfriend showed us a screenshot of their correspondence from February with a short sentence: "I'm bored. Everything is uninteresting and stupid."

"I'm worthless," said my Dresden acquaintance Tolja, a Russian-German who had gone to his historical homeland. He actually wanted to live in West Germany, but was supposed to die there - also by suicide.

The German media hardly ever write about the wave of suicides that has gripped the Federal Republic of Germany, and I have not found any expert analyses on this topic on the German-language Internet. However, there are statistics from the National Suicide Prevention Program (NaSPro). According to this, the number of people who voluntarily ended their lives rose by 9.8 percent in 2022 compared to the previous year to 10,119 people. (Editor's note: This was the highest increase since the 1980s, with the number of suicides in 2022 exceeding 10,000 for the first time since 2015. Over 100,000 people attempted suicide in 2022).

I think that's because of the senselessness.

"We fly to Mallorca at the weekend, drink our butts off, return, rest for a week and then back to Mallorca to relax," wrote one of Ben's friends in his funeral chat, attaching a photo of himself on the beach. Another added: "And it's not clear who needs condolences - us or Ben," and added a funny emoji.

In Germany, alcoholism is part of the normality of life. When observing average German men, I have often come to the conclusion that their almost mass everyday alcoholism is an attempt to adapt to and come to terms with the unnatural lifestyle that has been propagated in their country for many years.

Hardly any other German tradition has survived the old days as much as the pubs where people drink alcohol after work. Other traditions are either intolerant in this respect, like the Christmas traditions, or it is the same kind of alcohol consumption, only on a larger scale - like the Oktoberfest in Munich. Workers and intellectuals consume gallons of alcohol, and pub owners are often referred to by them as "my psychotherapist". As far as light drugs are concerned, not all of them are officially permitted, but they are easily available in Germany. You can even smell the typical smell of weed in school playgrounds in the evening.

The moral state of German citizens reminds me of ours in Russia in the 1990s. Alcoholism, drug addiction, excessive permissiveness, rottenness, decay - "decadence", as the Germans themselves call it. The feeling of hopelessness, the ruin in our heads, the turmoil in our souls - we have experienced all of this before. Remember how death took a rich harvest from the young back then. Remember the friends from your youth who died back then. Talented, intelligent, kind people died one by one as a result of drugs, alcohol and suicidal brawls. Igor Rasterjajew sings honestly about them now:

"The boys chose such a path for themselves. But still someone, oh God, pushed them and tricked them."

Drugs, alcohol and criminal gangs are killing more and more Germans. The reason is hopelessness, the meaninglessness of life, the lack of important things and people to live for. The question should not be: "Why did Ben kill himself?", but "Why did Ben decide he was worthless?"

Today we know exactly by whom and why we were "pushed and tricked" in the 1990s. Did God save us from ruin back then? Or, and this is an extreme thought, was it poverty that saved us? Back then, we concentrated on basic physical survival. That's what we focused on in a starving, destroyed Russia. We weren't interested in decadence. We had to feed ourselves.

But a well-fed European doesn't know the struggle for survival, so he "disintegrates": he buys unnecessary things and sinks into credit, brags about new mental illnesses, undresses in fashionable tolerance parades, perverts himself. This is reminiscent of the fall of the Roman Empire, where the sybaritic elite had everything, but no sense of life.

The more intelligent and emotional a person is, the less interesting it is for them to live only for themselves. Material goods have too little meaning for them. But in a consumer society, there are no other meanings than material goods. Ben traveled the world, drove the best car, bought expensive things, ate only organic food, like all wealthy Germans - Ben had everything except a worthy reason to live. In atheistic Germany, where belief in God is considered outdated and often even shameful. In liberal Germany, where individualism triumphs, "love yourself, do what you want, deny yourself nothing". Oversaturation inevitably ends in desolation.

We know who is there today pushing people who have the courage to think and question the correctness of the misanthropic postmodern agenda into the abyss and tricking them. The people who are not content to live for comfort alone. Fundamental concepts - gender, family, faith - are being eroded, age-old traditions are being shattered. And I am not surprised when I hear more and more often that sensible Germans are fleeing Germany and buying up cheap apartments in Latin America. German communities are currently growing fastest in Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

"Germany is no longer my country" - I have heard this statement in German many times in Egypt, where thousands of FRG citizens are settling. They are the ones who now understand very well that the Russians are fighting for their right to be themselves. And after the war is over, these sensible Europeans will come to us.

Only Ben is not going anywhere.

Translated from the Russian. First published on June 10, 2024 by Wsgljad.

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Pretty interesting and revealing about NATO. Not surprising though. Not only in Amerika but also in Germany itself and many other countries (especially in the west) very high ranking and influential NAZIS were put into positions of power after the Nazis were “defeated“. Significant parts basically continued behind the scenes. I‘m pretty sure that this is one of the key reasons why the globe and especially the west is in such a bad and crazy state today. I’m pretty sure that many of the „liberal“, „green“ and „good/nice“ leaders in the west today are the descendants of such NAZIS and that they basically think and behave the same, just in a more covert way, presenting a nice facade.
well, once all men were killed, what remained were non killed nazis. so, how could you expect that the new germany would not resemble old germany ??
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