The soul in a crystal …


Do you know what you are carrying around with you?

Let us go in a different direction today for this session. Let us look at the crystalline timeline and how we could affect the souls therein.

There is another world undiscovered. Many carry a portion of this world and barely understand this meaning. Deep below the surface of this world is where crystallization exists. Pools of mineral rich water flood chambers that are close to the heat of this world. The heat creates a catalyst in these areas allowing crystalline formations to form. This is how all rock structures are created, in a crystallization formation.
The clear quartz crystal is one of these formations. Let us take a closer look at just what exactly are we carrying.
Wikipedia says ‘Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with each oxygen being shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2. Quartz is the second most abundant mineral in Earth's continental crust, behind feldspar.
Quartz crystals are chiral, and exist in two forms, the normal α-quartz and the high-temperature β-quartz. The transformation from α-quartz to β-quartz takes place abruptly at 573 °C (846 K). Since the transformation is accompanied by a significant change in volume, it can easily induce fracturing of ceramics or rocks passing through this temperature limit.’
Well that was the high tech answer. For the rest of us it is a rock that typically forms with a six sided structure. It is created in various colors, each carrying a common name.
Today we are looking at the most common, a clear quartz crystal. Specimens have been found that are so large, several feet across their cross section, it is impossible to bring them back to the surface. Nothing that a common person would even be able to experience.
What you may encounter are clusters of crystals. Together they form in an aqueous fluid, always growing larger and longer. This process is detrimental to its own growth as it has a tendency to crush itself. This leaves a pile of broken and fractured crystals littering the floor of the chamber. A crystal continues to grow as long as it is in this aqueous fluid. If it is drained away the crystal will cease to form and will stabilize its surface. Sometimes the crystallization process is repeated forming visible layers over time.
The age of a crystal is variable. Some could be only a few thousand years old. Others have been here for a long time. Like the Lemurian crystal. These crystals formed in a time when this planet only had two continents (in theory). We typically find them in Brazil, as it was part of this theoretical continent of Mu. They are old. How old? I have read that this was very possibly 20 million years ago, but this is and has been debatable for some time now.
So, these Lemurian crystals being this old have experienced cataclysms that have rocked this world and yet these quartz crystals still exist. Who know how many times the earth has rocked and ground upon these crystals. Turning many to pulp and returning to restart the forming process.
But if you have one, you are lucky, very lucky. We humans have a lifetime that is limited. But the quartz crystal lifetime extends far beyond the reaches of our conceptual reasoning. The knowledge that you learn in one lifetime is a spec of the knowledge that is in the crystal, just because of its age. If we could live millions of years, you would acquire massive amounts of knowledge. You would know what the quartz crystal now knows. An ultimate repository of life.
Our lifeform in this 3D reality is perceived in completely separated lives. Knowledge of each lifetime is typically not transferred to the next existence. In terminology to lifetime length to the crystal, we are a minor fraction of it age. A short lifecycle. At least compared to a crystal. Think of the amount of knowledge that we accumulated in this lifecycle. Then what do you think will happen if this is compounded a thousand or more times.
So what kind of knowledge would you have, as a crystal? This would probably have to do with what density the crystal is at. And a crystal would follow the same or similar rules that we follow. 1D & 2D souls are STO, we have been told that. It is only at 3D that we are challenged with the task with identifying an alignment. As a crystal, the transition between densities may not mean a different lifecycle, it very much could be one continuous reality to them. A crystalline recording device, how cool!
This denotes that the age of a crystal could influence its density level. Again, the rules of density advancement still apply.
For most crystals, I would expect them to be first or second density. This means that the majority have an STO alignment. Older crystals, like the Lemurian crystals, may be in a third density state like us. These crystals you need to be knowledgeable of, if you carry one.
Carrying any crystal means that you are affecting it with your alignment choice. This is also part of the crystals lifecycle, to be part of yours. Think of what you are imprinting on it with the radical lifecycle that we are all in. It is probably a very good lesson for all the crystals, something that is needed for a crystal soul to exist, the human lesson. Just as we are doing our lessons, the crystals are doing their own. And the crystals will be doing their continued lessons long after we are not here anymore.
Every soul may have a lifecycle as a crystalline lifeform. This crystalline lifecycle just reveals the variability in life that does exist. But just another reality in each soul, just like this one that we are in.
Each crystal holds a soul that contains a vast amount of knowledge. We just need to communicate with this soul, somehow. Telepathy anyone? Probably not, at least for the majority of anyone here.
To communicate then we need to utilize 3D concepts, like speaking. You see when you say words, an impulse is sent from your brain to your speech centers of your body. These same impulses that we only use for speech now are the same or similar to impulses that we will be using in 4D and above, just without the verbal output. In 4D we could literally think to crystals, but for now we need to make these verbal statements to activate the higher levels of our being.
So, what I am saying here is that you need to talk to your crystal, talk nice to it. As your verbal statements currently hold full levels of emotional intent. Say, if you were upset or angry, you could transfer this emotion to your crystal. And you do not want to communicate these emotions to your crystal, it has enough to deal with. Your emotions could also affect the guidance that comes from your crystal. Just remember that for now.
Now what can you ask of your crystal. Well that really depends on what density it is currently at. You see a man-made crystal, cubic zirconia or the like, would be a new soul, a 1D soul. The crystals are young, babies in the mind of a piece of natural quartz. You would need to keep your communications to a lower level. Like a binary element that can only give binary answers. Like it may only be able to provide yes or no responses to simplistic questions. As a computer element I would consider them to close to a BIT knowledge source, yes or no, positive or negative, plus or minus, 0 or 1. A common quartz crystal would be much older and could hold a 2D soul. This would give it more ability to respond to a higher-level question. maybe not one that would require a full sentence response, but more than a binary yes or no. As a computer element, this may respond to a byte, which is a group of eight bits. Not extensive responses but more than what you could get from a 1D soul. This brings us to a 3D soul in a crystal. This is where you could get a response in full. But with that answer you receive, you may get more. Like a 3D soul in a human today, they are varied in many ways. Emotions get involved in responses, moods can vary, characterization intervention happens. Just look around today and see all those souls around you and now apply this same variability in the souls in 3D crystals. Now you are getting the idea here.
To me it seems that it would be better if your crystal had a 2D soul as the information would be aligned better for STO souls. Truncated and possibly incomplete, but pure simplistic responses. Having a 3D soul in your crystal would definitely be an experience and a lesson all to itself.
First, we need to identify where, in density, your crystals soul is. This is a difficult thing to explain. Start with 1D level inquiries. Do not press your crystals soul with anything more than a response that would require a yes or no answer. Keep is simplistic. Do not start with what is the meaning of life, it may shatter your crystal or put in a catatonic state. This would not be good. If you get more of a response than you expected, you may have a soul in your crystal that is more advanced. It will be through the responses that you receive that you may be able to narrow your understanding of the soul in your crystal. If you do have a 3D soul in your crystal, these responses may allow for you to identify the alignment and/or personality of it, so keep aware.
Now we come to a grey area, the response from your crystal. It does not have the ability of speech like we do so I would expect that its response will be in some form of telepathy to connect with us. What can that be? It could be a flash of an image in your mind, a color connection, a word that is spoken by another soul, a dream (awake or asleep). Just hope that you do not have a psychopath soul in your 3D crystal, as they are out there.
A crystal cluster contains a single soul as long as they all remain interconnected. The question then becomes, what happens to the crystal that is broken or cut away from the cluster? A basic idea would be that the cluster soul imprints a copy of itself onto it, thus creating variability in the crystalline lifecycle. One theory, the concept of soul replication as division happens. A complete replica, a clone of the core soul attaches itself to the detached crystal. And with all realities, when all lessons are complete, you rejoin, but that is another reality altogether.
There is a great amount of speculation stated here. A lot of babble from a wandering mind. The truth is that there is a soul with you in the crystal that you carry, and all crystalline objects (all rocks escentually) that you may have obtained. Be aware that moonlight can affect them. Remember this is the human interaction lesson for the crystal. Let it have a look around, see what is here, show it all about you, as it has spent an abundance of time in an enclosed space. Just think of the human stories it will tell.

I have several crystalline objects in my possession. From the blue geode that bookends some videos to a 6” quartz crystal ball, to the Lemurian crystal (and white quartz stones, from local area) that I carry around with me on most days. I do worry about the crystal ball and its density/alignment. Also, I do believe that I have received some kind of impression from one or more of them. Dreams and flash images, possibly even using some of those off-sight color flashes that many seem to see, my acknowledged interactions so far.
You may achieve more/other in this process, Haiku …


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The crystals from Laura were chosen specifically for each person, by 6D. Keep this in mind. I would think that the crystals match the soul potential. Even if an STS aligned soul did get crystals here, those would be STS crystals.

I have had experiences with other crystals in the past. They provided me with information in the form of visions that were relevant to the situation being experienced.

I would also like to think that the crystals would be drawn to you based on your souls orientation.

Great post. Some food for thought.


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You stated yourself that you are speculating, and I agree. Sure, they can carry information, but do they really learn things? They are first density, sleeping consciousness. I'd think they're just a 'holder' of information, as in psychometry.

I thought first and second density are by default STS, and then only at third can you choose differentiate to be STO. I do feel that it is a good idea to keep your emotions in check so as to not transfer anything to them. In the transcripts it says that metal and water can hold information, and it is recommended to sing to water.
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