The Sunflower Sound


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Very nice!! Did you imagine the sound of an Old Tree or a Forest?
I remember that in one of Castaneda's books (I don't remember which, the truth), don Juan Matus said that the conscience of the trees was to a certain extent "aggressive" with human beings, so to speak. Faced with that affirmation of Don Juan, Castaneda asked about why this, and Don Juan's response was something like "and it is not enough for you to see what men does with this kingdom, to have an answer about it"... But, well, I found this work by a german artist and designer (Bartholomäus Traubeck) who intends to "decipher" music in the bark of the trees, starting to a color spectrum reader of the wood, and an optical one for the grooves. Then with an algorithm he gave a piano sound to be able to listen it. Well, the sound seems just the product of chance, but it's curious that some people find it sad, dense, etc.

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