The Truth Perspective - Visas for Al-Qaeda: Interview with J.Michael Springmann


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Thirty-plus years of Visas for Al-Qaeda: Interview with J. Michael Springmann

J. Michael Springmann worked for the State Department in the 1980s, in Saudi Arabia. What he witnessed and experienced did not make much sense at the time, but what he later learned put it all in context, and helped to explain the entire course of U.S. foreign policy for the next 30 years. In short, just as the CIA provided funding and training for radical Mujahideen to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, they have been doing the same thing ever since. Prior to 9/11, this legion of foreign fighters was used to destabilize and destroy Yugoslavia. Afterward, Iraq, Libya, and today Syria.

For this entire period of time, al-Qaeda has been a fighting force for America, a fact that has been known for years, but which is only now going mainstream due to American failures and Russian successes in Syria.

Today, we interview Mr. Springmann about his time at the consulate in Jeddah, and the events that led him to blow the whistle and expose the reality of the U.S.'s creation and support of terrorism around the globe.

You can visit Mr. Springmann's website here:

His book is Visas for al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts That Rocked the World

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Listen/download here:

This was a great one, great guest, eye opening interview. Thank you!


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I just finished listening to the second interview with Springmann: The Truth Perspective: Weapons of Mass Migration: Interview with Michael Springmann on Europe's Migrant Crisis

It was a great interview, thank you! The discussion helped me a lot in putting things into perspective more clearly. I didn't know about Soros' phone apps that map out routes to Europe for migrants, it clearly is an organized migration. In the old days, before 9/11, based on what I've heard, people could only migrate to Europe/US if they had contacts (oftentimes friends or family) in those countries who could send them money and knew people how to forge passports and give it to them. But perhaps it was organized for the most part even then.

I also thought it was an interesting point he made that it is not only difficult for Europeans to be dealing with people who come from a different culture, country, who speak a different language, etc., it is also difficult for the migrants themselves, losing their heritage and needing to become Europeans. His solution is very similar to what we have been saying: Stop bombing them and take the money from NATO and help them at home, but this will not ever happen, so I'm thinking that what is going to happen in the near future is more division, and more conflict between people.

Also, the fact that authorities let criminal acts by migrants slide is a clear sign they want that conflict to happen.

He also mentioned an example where children in a western school didn't celebrate Christmas, because most of the children (with a migrant background) didn't celebrate it. That's really sad. All of it gave me much food for thought, thanks again.


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Thought I'd also mention Joe's Focus article which discusses the migration topic as well (many of the points were also discussed during the second interview with Springmann): The Muzzies Are Coming! Adopt a Refugee! The article contains a very helpful explanation of the perspectives from both the Left and the Right on the issue and how both of their takes aren't good and are harmful to society, themselves, and the migrants.

Springmann said that Europe is going to move further to Right, and if I understand correctly, what he meant by that is as the Left pushes its agenda further, they are going to have a stronger response from the Right (both parties probably being encouraged by certain Deep State officials).

Things are not looking good, but perhaps they will ultimately fail in their efforts to increase chaos and further divide the people due to their wishful thinking. The C's said that Earth Changes could put a stop to that divide and conquer agenda:

Session 21 November 2015

Q: (L) Yes, everybody ought to read “Controversy of Zion” and understand that it’s not just about Zionism, it’s about psychopaths. Alright then. Anybody have any questions about that?

A: We told you that Nazi Germany was a "practice run".

Q: (L) Yes, you did. But we couldn’t even conceive of what that meant or how it would play out. You also told us about mass control by cops with stun guns and more. Everybody is being herded into finer and finer orders of control, and it just doesn't look very... it doesn't look very hopeful from any angle.

(Pierre) And there's a demonized population as well.

(L) Yeah, just like there was in Nazi Germany. Back then it was Jews, and now it's other Semites, i.e. Arabs and Muslims. They got rid of the Semitic Jews during the holocaust and most of what is left are the Khazarian Jews. Now, they are going after the Semitic Arabs.

(Chu) And they want to make "Retention Camps", or concentration camps.

(L) Yeah, now they're talking about building camps...

(Data) They don't call them concentration camps. They call them "hot spots".

(L) It's Nazi Germany all over again, only it's freakin' global!

(Andromeda) That's pretty depressing.

A: Yes. It will pass when the big changes come.

Q: (L) And I'm assuming you mean cosmic changes like Earth changes?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) And we notice that the weather... I mean, you said that all of this stuff was going to manifest as weather first, and it certainly is manifesting as weather first. Just about everything that was said back in many of the early sessions is happening now. It took 20 years to get there, but it's here. It's now.

(Perceval) Does that mean that terrorism and terrorists will be the last thing on the authorities' minds?

A: Naturally so. But be aware that they have been misled too!

Q: (L) So even the PTB are running their operations based on wishful thinking; they think that they're setting things up to create their global empire, and they don't even know that earth changes or serious climate changes are going to happen that will knock their global empire off its foundation. Is that it?

A: Yes
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