The tunnel …


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The stage is set, a tall heavy-set man, blonde hair and blue eyes, is just sitting down on a tall stool. A digital movie is showing on the big screen, it is on a loop of a hallway they look to go on forever. But it is just repeating, over and over again.

Good day, good day. I sorry for the room, it’s a little dark today. It’s a sign of the times, there is a cloud growing, and it looks like we are the thunder and lightning needed to clear the air. If you were to look at our world with all of our radiance showing up, you would see spires of light going up everywhere and our center radiance at a small farm in France. It would be a good view, I am glad to part of it.

This piece is a re-occurring dream theme. I have had several dreams that show part of my tunnel embedded in each one. I have found it in dream school hallways, empty buildings, underground passages even walkways to the stars. Somehow, I always get back into this hallway, I can tell as the fear factor goes up on me. One day I expect that I will master my hallway. I present the tunnel, a concatenated group of dreams with a fictional character traveling it.

The tunnel …

A hallway, four meters wide and three tall, it looks like it goes on forever. Many areas are in total disrepair, holes in the walls, torn roofs, cracked floors and debris piles. Others look like they were made yesterday, not even dust is visible. There are no doors, at least ones that you can see. It holds a thousand secrets, images of the past, views of the future. There is a lot of fear when you are in there. It is because this is your access to all that resides in you. There are always things in our past that scared you, instilled fear in you. It is still there in your tunnel and will be forever. It is these types of memories that are here, but the real fear is the future.

Many of us here have realized a common future, are we now seeing some of these future memories stored in our tunnel?

With help from our future selves, and a lot of work on our part, we have a glimpse of the future. It does not look good as our world crumbles around us. It is sad and painful in so many ways.

We open this story in total darkness, two people that were riding a elevator ended up in one of these hallways. In the darkness a light flickered, and the door opened. Both left the dark elevator into the hallway.

The man righted himself first and looked both ways in the hallway, they were endless with no turns or connecting tunnels, it did look a lot darker behind him. He went back to the elevator control and pushed the button, nothing happened. He did it again with the same results. He panicked and tried to spread the doors open manually, and he did, and had to catch himself before he fell in. Inside the doors was emptiness, it wasn’t a void, it was just empty. There weren’t even cables to run an elevator.

The woman, once she collected herself from the elevator blackout, rationalized the situation and put her hand on the man’s arm, gently pulling him back out of the emptiness into the hallway.

The man was shaking, halfway to shock. She seemed to be doing better.

He asked, “Where are we?”

She said, “Not where we are supposed to be, it’s a hallway or a tunnel, I’m not sure.” Across from the elevator shaft were stones, big rectangular blocks, stacked like a castle would have them. But just a little further down and it looks like cinderblocks. It was confusing at best. She continued, “I’m going to take a look around …”

The man interjected and said, “I’m not leaving this door, If it comes back.”

She said, ‘Well, I’m just going down this way a bit, if I find anything I’ll come back for you. You just stay here.”

She stepped away, toward the more lighted way. The hallway changed to cinderblock walls and smooth gray floor. There was a false roof here with those fake panels dropped down from a higher ceiling. She looked back at the transition, it blended completely from the blocks near the elevator. A chill caught her giving her a shrill up her spine. It was this place, it looked like something out of hospital, a crazy hospital where they sent people that were not considered normal. She went to a place like this, it was to see her aunt who had spent her life on hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs. She had lost contact with herself, and they had to keep her in a strait jacket most of the time.

She wasn’t the only one, there were many who had different problems, were not right for the society, even some that were sent here just to hide them from others. It was not a good place, but if you had the money, you could have anyone admitted.

She moved forward into the next area, all the surfaces, they transformed into rock, lava rock. There was a crack ahead that cut all the way across the floor and up the one wall. It flared up and the tunnel shook, like a mild earthquake just happened. There was excitement as she stepped up to the crack, there was a red glow coming from somewhere down deep. It was brighter as it went up the wall. She was afraid and slowly stepped up to the crack. It was lava, that what was making the glow. Up the wall was a stream that was pouring down into the lower chasm.

It was a lava tube, pretty close to the one she saw when she was in Hawaii, molten lava and all just pouring by. It was exhilarating, just as it was then.

She looked back and the man was still waiting for the elevator to return, he was looking up into the emptiness for some sign of it, for some reason, it did seem to be darker there now, but she shrugged it off.

She jumped over the trench toward the next section of the hallway. It was cave like and as she stepped into it, it grew in size until it was a hundred meters tall and wide. The exit was some two hundred meters away, she could see the hallway above as it continued. She was in a cave now, the floor was boulders scattered across the cave floor. There was no path to follow now, one just needed to get to the other side. To do that you have to climb up and over the obstacles that were in the way.

It was like the caves that she went to when she was young, and as she remembered it wasn’t difficult, just arduous. She climbed the first bolder and slid down the back side. She landed in a trail, that looked to go between the boulders. It was going in the right direction, so she took it, besides it was a lot easier going. A few turns and twists and the boulders got larger. The path still looked to pass, so she continued on. Right under the largest one she felt a breeze of warm air, it stunk as if it was from rotting meat.

She dropped low and looked up, something big was hovering over her. It was walking on top of the boulders and crossing them with ease. It had to be six, seven meters long, with the tail of it now passing overhead. She felt fear, intense fear of the beast. It was a feeling that she felt before.

A child when they are four or five, are very impressionable. Something seen could be devastating to them at this age, even terrifying to them. Many times, this is brought on by a movie of the times. This woman had hers, it was a dinosaur movie, and it still scares her to watch it to this day.

The beast that just crossed above her, it was one of these from the movie. She froze. She was holding still and waited as the sound of the beast faded away. She brought up some courage and moved on, away from the beast’s direction. The path ended in a stairway that climbed up to the hallway, she took it. When she got to the top of the stairs she turned around.

The cave, she remembered it. It was the seal cave from up in Oregon. How could this be the same cave.

She looked back across the cave to the far side and the elevator where the man was, it was dim, but he was gone.

She backed away from the cave and it shrunk to a tunnel five meters long. Because she was not looking where she was going, she ran into something behind her. She put her hand on it, it was a piece of tube. She turned around to see a painters scaffolding. The hallway changed again to tiled floor and walls. The roof was once again the false ceiling, and some of the panels were missing. She looked to the end of this section of hallway, it was a hundred meters away now.

She thought, ‘This place and everything in it, it seemed familiar. Why did she recognize places in it. Why is there a beast roaming the hallway, a beast that frightens her to no end. Even the elevator and the block wall. It was the elevator in the castle in France. Someone had modified the castle to have that in it. She thought it was so weird to see a block wall right as she exited the modern elevator. It was confusing to her at the least.

She looked up at the missing tiles. She could climb the scaffolding and climb up through, but it was dark up there, she wasn’t going to be doing that. That left the long hallway, so she started walking down it.

She felt a warm breath again, it was not a stinky as the last one, but it was accompanied with a sound, a terrifying sound. It was the clicking of claws on the tiled surface. She got up against the wall and looked back, there was nothing to be seen. She worked her way down the hallway staying close to the wall.

Then she felt something in the wall, it was a corner of the wall. She turned to look but there was nothing there, it was a flat wall. But she could feel the corner. She put her hand into the hidden opening, her hand disappeared, she pulled it out and there was no damage. There was a hidden opening here, and she wanted to find the other side of it. She kept going and about a meter away she found the other side of it.

Then the clicking sound increased and it sounded like it was accelerating. She turned around with her back to the hidden opening and looked both ways, she saw nothing, but the clicking sound kept getting louder. She closed her eyes and stepped back into the opening fully immersing herself in it. She figured that she couldn’t be seen in the hallway now.

She kept her eyes closed as the clicking sound got to the hidden door and mostly stopped, except for a constant clicking of one claw. She heard a sound come from it, it was more of a loud honk that anything else. She kept her eyes closed, thinking that if she couldn’t see it, it wouldn’t harm her. It worked as the clicking sound started again and faded away.

She opened her eyes to a red glow all around her. She turned around and found herself on a cliff edge of a hellish scene. There were mountains spewing lava down into the valley below. Fire was bursting out everywhere. Then she saw the demons, they were down there torturing some person. They stabbed them and sprinkled something on them that healed them, and they repeated it over and over again as other demons laughed away. Over there was a path of people, they were chained and walking as if in a group, they did not look in good shape. A winged demon was keeping them in-line. It was hell or what she thought it was …

She woke up and sat up in bed, stirring the blankets as they fell to the floor below. She had been sweating heavily, evident from the soaked shirt she was wearing. She huffed a few heavy breaths and righted herself, putting her hand on her chest, the images of the dream burned into her mind.

She pondered what she saw, they were images, memories of the past, her past. It dawned on her what she was seeing. These were her memories, and the emotions that are being held with them, including the fear, pains, even the smells attached to them. This hallway was her connection to them, to see them, to experience them as if she was there again. And what was running around in the hallway, they were loose memories that needed to be put away, someday …

You see it’s not the memories that are contained, it’s the ones that get away and get into your mind at the most obscure times, triggered by some stimulus that draws them forth, setting them loose in your own tunnel. Haiku …
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