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osmodia said:
...good old Charlie Sheen has well and truly thrown the s..t at the fan by speaking out!
Even CNN are talking now! Lets just see what happens when it hits. Which worries me A LOT! Just what is the Bush mob going to do to bury this?
It's going to be BIG!
No. Nothing happened. It just disappeared. And the sheep fell into an even deeper hypnosis. Regrettably, once again you where right Laura.


You may be referring to the F-16 pilots within the North Dakota Air National Guard 119th Fighter Wing, who were known as the "Happy Hooligans".

see: has discovered that Fight 93 was definitely shot down.

LetsRoll has discovered the name of the pilot as well as all other pertinent information regarding this incident;

"At precisely 0938 hours, an alarm was sounded at Langely Air Force Base, and those whom were on call, drinking coffee, were scrambled. Thus the 119th Fighter Wing was off for an intercept.

They, the Happy Hooligans, a unit of 3 F-16 aircraft, were ordered to head toward Pennsylvania. At 0957 they spotted their target; After confirmation orders were received, A one Major Rick Gibney fired two sidewinder missiles at the aircraft and destroyed it in mid flight at precisely 0958;

He was awarded a medal from the Governor one year later for his heroic actions. As well as Decorated by Congress on 9/13/2001. The Happy Hooligans were previously stationed in North Dakota, and moved to Langley Air Force base some months before 911 occured on a "Temporary assignment."

Note that eyewitnesses interviewed by the New York Times, saw a "small white plane" circling the area after the impact of flight 93. This "small white plane" may be a 3rd craft, since an F-16 would probably be identifiable by most witnesses.


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I wonder if the "Happy Hooligans" shot down flight 93 is another 'red herring' or just a truth that wasn't picked up?

I found this reference to an interview on the Alex Jones show with a Colonel Don de Grand-pre (unusual name huh?). This (apparently) was the guy who first mentioned the role that "Happy Hooligans" had to play back in June 2004. Who is this Colonel Don de Grand-pre? And I wonder what the families of Flight 93 victims would say if they read the bit I've bolded. I'm quite a bit amazed that Mr Jones just skims over that part. It reminded me of the interview he had with Michael Shrimpton about murders made to look like accidents. (see end of this post for that). The fact is, he doesn't seem to follow up.

The original story update on Flight93 and Rick Gibney was released last weekend on letsroll911

Is the Rick Gibney Flight 93 Story a Hoax?

Alex Jones' Prison Planet | June 29 2004

Yesterday we were able to confirm that Colonel Don de Grand-pre claims he spoke face to face with Maj. Rick Gibney and Gibney told him that he was the pilot who shot down Flight 93.

We are still investigating this matter in trying to uncover the truth while not going out on a limb to say whether this is accurate or not.

However, an article from a September 11 website states that Gibney was not scrambled to track Flight 93, but that he was flying into New York. The article states, Derrig, Maj. Dean Eckman and Capt. Craig Borgstrom scrambled from Langley Air Force Base, Va., to protect the nation's capital. Maj. Rick Gibney took off from Fargo to fly the New York emergency management director from Montana to New York...

We have now uncovered footage of the award ceremony in which Gibney is honored for his activities on September 11. Would Gibney be rewarded simply for flying an official to New York?

On the other hand, the official FAA Registry does list Gibney's certificate as 'Airline Transport Pilot.'

Large Bandwidth

Medium Bandwidth

Small Bandwidth

Award Ceremony Photos

...We are attempting to contact Mr. Gibney. If anyone can help us get in touch, please E mail us at

Colonel Don de Grand-pre first raised awareness to the fate of Flight 93 during an interview on The Alex Jones Show back in February.

The Colonel's original comments from the interview back in February appear below.

The full interview can be read by clicking here.

Caller : And was United Airlines Flight 93 shot down in Pennsylvania by a U.S. or NATO pilot and was that what was supposed to hit the Pentagon?

DGP: No, that was hit at 10:00 hours. It was taken out by the North Dakota Air Guard. I know the pilot who fired those two missiles to take down 93.

Caller : Was it shot down because the airline pilots actually regained control of the hijacked auto-pilot or was that to replace the unmanned drone that was shot down?

DGP: No, it was the aircraft, you see, had totally unconscious people on board. There were no hijackers. At 9:35, the Happy Hooligans, the Air Guard flying the F-16s were ordered to take that plane out. And they took it out from 9:35 to 10:00.

Caller : Were there any refueling jets involved in that operation?

AJ: Hold on a second, John. The question is why would they deviate from the plan of flying it into the Capitol? Why did the globalists decide to go ahead and shoot the plane down?

DGP: There had been an adjustment to the controls, probably by an AWACs aircraft flying overhead, again, remote control. And it was on a course for either the Capitol or the White House. And at this stage, you don't know. The Happy Hooligans came in and took care of it.

AJ: Do you think they were not following orders?

DGP: Who, the Happy Hooligans?

AJ: Well, yeah, you've got Cheney running around, we've got the stand down taking place.

DGP: Well, this is correct, but you see the Adj. General of the State of North Dakota gave the command to take it out. And, by God, they took it out. And I've got the full story in the book.

AJ: That's a good thing they did that. You said you talked to the pilot. Think about this folks. Imagine what Bush would have gotten if he would have had that plane fly into the Capitol? Imagine the police state we would be in right now.

John: Was there any refueling tankers used by the North Dakota Air Guard and what tanker wing was used?

DGP: I don't know about the aircraft itself. I don't know about refueling. They came off base in Langley and it was just a few minutes out from Langley to the intercept over Pennsylvania. It was just a matter of minutes.

AJ: Colonel, how did you get in touch with the pilot who shot the plane down?

DGP: It turned out to be an old friend of mine from the Air National Guard and this is my home state of North Dakota. And I attended the ceremony in North Dakota and watched the Adj. General [garbled] the pilot being decorated a year later for this activity that happened on 911 with Flight 93.

Colonel, before we take these four final calls, go over that a little bit slower for folks. That's a big deal. You talked to the pilot, a friend of yours, who shot down Flight 93 that was going for the Capitol or the White House. And go over that for folks.

DGP: Okay, quick rundown. They were out of Hector Field, Fargo, North Dakota. A bunch, this 119 Fighter Group and they are called the Happy Hooligans. They are probably the best interceptors that we have in the country. They were moved to Langley Air Force Base from Hector Field down to Southern Virginia. And when the klaxon horn went off at 9:35, those two pilots put down their coffee and shot into their aircraft and took off. They didn't know where they were going initially but by 10:00 hours, they had rendezvoused over Southern Pennsylvania. That's about 250 miles in just a matter of minutes and engaged 93 with two side-winder missiles.

And they accomplished their objective. Now Hector Field, I use to fly out of Hector Field some time ago. I know most of those pilots. I could name names. I know the National Guard Adj. General. And they were decorated about a year later and I have the full write up of that story in my book.

We will continue to track this story as we attempt to confirm its absolute accuracy.
And, I know I've posted this before, but I particularly like Alex's response to Shrimptons suggestions about Diana. Its sort of a non-event.

MS: [Laughs] Well if you want the truth of the Diana assassination, the best people to talk to are the Israelis, because they had Danny Yatom, who's a lovely guy by the way, who was then head of Mossad in '97, who are really nice people, Danny had teams, I think, on the entrance to the Alma Tunnel and on the exit as well. Interesting man. Lovely chap.

AJ: Tunnels where?

MS: This is the Alma Tunnel where Diana where Diana was taken out.

AJ: Oh, yes. Yes.


Media conglomerates will never be relevant in any way to the actual discovery of truth.

Personally I do not think it tenable that a passenger plane could be diverted from its official course, landed and passengers evacuated into oblivion. I would venture that 93 was crashed in the location "officially" reported, with or without NORAD intervention.

"He (the pilot that shot down 93) was awarded a medal from the Governor one year later for his heroic actions."

Does anyone else see an immediate problem with the plausibility of this?

Isn't the development of mythology and disinformation a wonderful thing?


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Don't forget, Rumfield's ,freudian slip in December 2004
"or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon,"

When looking for the truth never discard any facts.
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