ThinkerThunker: Bigfoot Footage can't prove anything? Think again! Great Research, No Monkey Suits...


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If you thought that it is hard to prove that many videos that are apparently taken of Bigfoot (and can be seen floating around the internet) DO show something nonhuman and can not be scientifically examined by the same token, think again. I've followed a guy on youtube for years now who is doing an outstanding job of actually examining those footages and the surrounding context and thereby proving pretty extensively and without much doubt that many of those videos can actually NOT show humans in monkey suits or any other monkey like creature that we know of, not to mention bears and other animals and can hardly be fakes in general. The guy I'm talking about, actually never says it is Bigfoot in those videos, but rather proofs that it can't be human or any animal we know of and ask everyone to disproof what he is saying.

The guys Channel is called ThinkerThunker and that name is program and already says much about his approach. (By the way, in the following thread there is another researcher, named Todd Standing, who was able, in my opinion, to actually film Bigfoot up close and in HD quality. I'm rather certain about this).

ThinkerThunker uses basic science/physics, body mechanics, common sense, artistic abilities, knowledge about how cameras work and a good deal of critical thought to examine those videos, with absolutely astounding results. By doing so, he reveals so much information in those short videos that you simply can't see, nor grasp, by a short glance.

I think it is reasonable to suggest that all the videos he has compiled so far must be seen as pretty irrefutable proof that many people actually DO film and take pictures of a human like creature who has mechanics, body ratios and abilities that are completely nonhuman.

If you like good Sherlock Holmes types of investigations, you can count on ThinkerThunker to provide this! He also seems to be open to examine other strange type of videos that involve UFOs and other strange happenings. You can also potentially learn a lot about those creatures and their habits. He also does an amazing job by using common sense about how humans operate, to proof that we, for example, can't say out of hand "that this or that person isn't reacting like one would do, when one sees a Bigfoot". Among the pretty astounding results he comes up with, based on those examinations, are the following:

- Whatever creatures are seen there, they have absolutely incredible amounts of superhuman strength, that make them able, for example, to root out whole grown up trees and throw them through the air as though they are like small sticks to them. Without them seeming to exert much effort in doing so.

- Their body mechanics are completely different compared to humans or any other primate like creature, not to mention other animals, So much so that one is kind of bewildered and astounded how they can actually pull off what they can.

- They can be very big

- He brings up some common sense solutions based on his research, on why it is so hard to get good and stable footage of them

- He explains very well why exactly the idea, that many if not all those videos that seem to show Bigfoot, are humans in suits, is a ridicules argument

- In one video for example those creatures carry around dead dears like it is nothing and in other videos doing interesting stuff, maybe also revealing a bit about their eating habits and intelligence

- Why the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film can't show a human in a suit not by any stretch of the imagination

Here is a (not so) short compilation of some of his videos:

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