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Hi Debra Lynn, could you tell us a bit more about this study and why you find it creepy?
Yes, of course. I should of written more. Researchers at the University Hospital in Dusseldorf, Germany are growing primitive eye structures on brain organoids in their lab to study eye disease. "These cups on mini brains not only contained retinal cells but also developed lens and corneal tissue and demonstrated connections to the brain cells." The primitive eyes can distinguish light. I wondered how much awareness might be in those human brain structures and it upset me. I think what the public is allowed to see is just the tip of the iceberg of what is really going on.

Some medical experimentation can be used to help people and can transform some lives, but using brain organisms for experimentation disturbs me quite a bit. I thought others might find it interesting to see what is being done. I thought growing human hair on the back of rats from aborted fetuses was bad enough. I think this sort of experimentation is a slippery slope to god only knows what. And is probably already here. I just felt this to my core for some reason. I've had dreams about human experimentation and the agony that produces but that should probably go on the dream thread. I don't really like talking about some of my dreams. This needs to stop! That's all.
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