This is what happens when you get into where you shouldn't.


This has become a phenomenon here in Sweden 🇸🇪. I just read this on Aftonbladet:
The police in Skåne advise against a new behavior that is spread among children and young people.
They fake that they are stuck in a swing and film when the emergency services come to help them.
The video will then be spread on social media ‚a phenomenon called “ stuck in the swing ”.

...Just on Saturday, the emergency services in Skåne went off on four alarms where young people stated that they were stuck in a swing.- There was one case in Trelleborg, two in Malmö and one in Staffanstorp. Total during the week, this is about a dozen cases, says Rickard Lundqvist

-It is a growing problem where we have seen an increase in a fairly short time. The purpose is unclear, but probably it is about attention. We try to cancel it by going out with this information.

According to Aftonbladet's information, it is mainly on Tiktok, a popular app where young people share movies, that the phenomenon ravages.
Translated by google translate*

Link to whole article: Polisen: ”Ungdomar fejkar att de fastnat i gungor”
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