Three Dreams, and visions afterwards

Several years ago I had a series of "wake-up" dreams, three days in a row, that left an impression on me. Not long afterwards I had very lucid visions that made me wonder if what I saw may eventually happen - or if all of it was no more than a response to me changing my diet at that time (I gave up most grains around that time).

The first "dream" was the sound of a very large explosion going off right next to my head. It sounded like either a very large car bomb, or something much bigger heard from a distance. It woke me up.

The next day, I woke to the sound of a bell ringing - specifically, the American "Liberty Bell". It pealed long and loud, and I saw the bell with its famous crack.

The very next day was the strangest: I saw what looked like a movie playing in front of me. It didn't feel like a dream at all, but more like something was being beamed into my head. And I subconsciously tried to block it out, successfully completely blocking out the sound portion of the dream. But what I saw visually (with large parts blackened out due to my blocking) was a disembodied head, sort of like from the old "Max Headroom" show, speaking constantly and with vigor about something important, as if he were on all the world news channels at once. He was older and very ruddy-faced. Were I to see him in reality, I would instantly recognize him (I think).

He was speaking in front of a cut-out of the White House, and there were flashes of fireworks going off and pictures of Washington and Lincoln and the Washington monuments etc. flashing left and right. It all felt very "patriotic", like whatever was going on was righteous and restoring liberty and the constitution etc. But when it was finally over - and it lasted a LONG time - I could see some very dark being off to the side that had orchestrated the whole thing. Whatever or whoever it was, they were dark as sin. And I felt violated, like someone or something had forced their way into my brain to deliver that BS.

Not long after that, I had some very lucid visions while doing breathing exercises of the following things: I saw a very large pile of gutted cars and trucks that had been bulldozed into a pile on Interstate 5 just north of where I live in Sacramento, CA, completely blocking all transit north and south. Then I saw another pile of cars and trucks bulldozed onto the connector from Interstate 5 to Interstate 80 westbound to San Francisco, with a very conspicuous blue semi foremost across the pile that had been blasted by a tank cannon. Then I cut to another vision of many thousands of cars stuck on an interstate, none of them able to move, when some kind of catastrophe overtook them. Then I saw this: I was standing on Front Street in Sacramento, just southeast of the Tower Bridge, and I saw a glowing golden sky - and people were coming out of buildings, entranced and in awe, as if something miraculous had just occurred.

Anyway, just posting it here for posterity. Maybe my diet change at that time triggered all of this. I certainly hope that none of the badness I saw ever manifests, and I pray that it is so.


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Those sound like scary dreams! I think disaster dreams are quite common so you are not alone. It's funny how some dreams are so vivid they stick with you for years and some are gone upon waking.

It's good news that we have the forum and SOTT so we can pay attention to what's happening in the here and now and be prepared!
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