Three Root Soup


I made this soup last night thinking of how to use up the huge sack of carrots in our fridge. Since sharing it and receiving great compliments and many yums I thought to share it here.

Three Root Soup
Rooty vegetables and warm spices, boiled, pureed, and blended with lots of fats.

  • Lots of Carrots (like two pounds)
  • Ginger (one hand)
  • Turmeric (a couple fingers)
  • Yellow Onion (one whole)
  • Garlic (four whole cloves)

I boiled a bunch of water - I know, really scientific. Big pot, filled about half way. I imagined the water just barely covering all the vegetables I wanted to toss in.

Add the vegetables to the boiling water in the order they are listed. I chopped them all down to chunks for easy blending later, once I chop the carrots and toss them in, then I moved on to the ginger. I don't even peel the ginger, I just chop it up, it will go through a strainer later.

  • Sea Salt (3 or more teaspoons - salt to taste after pureed)
  • White Pepper (equal with the salt)
  • Ground Cinnamon (dash a bit all over)
  • Ground Cloves (a couple of pinches)
  • Ground Nutmeg (a couple of pinches)
  • Ground Cumin (a couple of pinches)
  • Vanilla Extract (a splash or two)

Add all the spices above to the boiling vegetables to start building your flavorful stock. All of the spices you can add in again after blending to bring it into balance if it's not cinnamon-y (or whatever) enough. Allow to boil for approximately 20 minutes or until the carrots can be squished to mush with a spoon. Turn heat to low. Then comes the painstaking part.

If you have a huge food processor great, if not, you'll need a couple of large bowls and a blender. Ladle the hot boiling vegetables slowly into the blender or device that will make them pureed. Puree. You'll then pour those pureed contents into another bowl, and continue the process of ladling hot soup into the puree-device and filling the bowls. Similar to wave action cause it's all gonna go back into the pot. DO NOT DRAIN OFF BROTH!

After all the VEGETABLES AND BROTH have been processed, pour the puree through a sieve / screen to separate the course material from the finer parts. This will help to ensure you don't get a rooty knuckle from the ginger and also give a smooth texture. This will probably take some time, so... take your time.

  • Butter - High Quality Unsalted (one pound or four sticks) or put in an extra stick for good measure. :D
  • Coconut Milk - High Quality Fatty Stuff - no additives - (Two cans)

Melt the fats in a separate pan, but not too quickly, or on too high of a heat. Use a hand mixer to blend the fats together in their separate pan, then slowly add the fats to the pureed / separated vegetables in the large pot with the same hand mixer.

Season to taste. You may also wish to reduce the soup on a medium / low heat if you find it is not thick enough to your liking, which was my case. I recommend this over adding a thickener as sometimes it can change the consistency of the soup too drastically.
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