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Has anyone checked out this site:


They are discussing many of the same ideas as this site; they even have links to the Wave series and the Cassopiaean transcripts.

Here are their "key concepts"


Key Concepts

4/25/2004 - This is a short overview of ideas presented at
Deeper overviews of specific subjects can be found as intros to each section of the site.


source of all creation
projects two aspects of itself: pure individuated consciousness, and matter/energy
infuses matter/energy with fragments of its own consciousness
infinite intelligence exploring its infinite potential through an infinite variety of finite fragments
allows individuated fragments to expand via learning until they unite with the whole
does not diminish in size when a fragment is created...the process is holographic replication
also called Creator, Source, the All

Soul and Spirit

aggregates of conscious energy, holographic fragments of God
soul is "lifespark"; characterized by awareness and consciousness
spirit is "Godspark"; characterized by self-awareness and individualized consciousness
mineral, plant, animal, and human souls differ in complexity and level of individuality
whereas minerals, plants, and animals are growing their souls, humans are developing their spirit
in higher planes of reality, beings may exist without a physical body
while occupying a physical body, genetics tend to match spirit/soul nature-if spirit or soul is present
large mismatches in genetics and soul frequency result in failure to incarnate properly
slight mismatches cause gradual mutations in one to accommodate the other; genetics change with soul growth and vice versa
the developed human individual is composed of physical body, soul (etheric and astral body) and spirit (volitional and mental body)


physical evolution is due to natural selection, random mutation, conscious selection, and conscious mutation
human evolution is mostly artificial; either DNA mutates to conform to alien soul frequency, or else DNA is artificially altered through advanced genetic engineering by certain alien factions
because body must match soul, the death of a species means loss of compatible bodies for purposes of reincarnation. Thus physical life seeks physical survival and propagation of genes.
the purpose of physical evolution is to accommodate and serve spiritual evolution
spiritual evolution is the accumulation of individuality, self-awareness, and knowledge


all that encourages spiritual evolution is called positive, all that hinders it is called negative
what causes pain and is self-serving is called "evil," what is loving and altruistic is called "good"
good and evil are subjective and relative, but positive and negative are objective and absolute
proper balance between good and evil forces results in positivity
too much good leads to stagnation, too much evil leads to total destruction, which is negativity
balance is maintained by having both in proper ratio and diametric opposition
one who fights solely for good or evil is a fool, one who fights strictly for positivity is a noble warrior
such a warrior will incorporate the proper balance of good/evil within himself, then seek to restore balance to negative systems


some beings have more freewill than others
the more consciousness, self-awareness, or spiritual evolution one possesses, the greater one's freewill
possession of freewill is useless until it is recognized and applied
beings with freewill can be coerced into behaving as though they have none
knowledge allows these deceived beings to regain the full use of their former freewill
humans in general are beings with enormous amounts of freewill
negative alien factions have instated a control system to trick humans into limiting their own freewill
negative alien factions possess less freewill than humans, thus their reliance upon technology and subtle coercion as a form of spiritual jujitsu to overcome a spiritually greater opponent
beings with actively applied higher levels of freewill, can override the actions, thoughts, and realities of beings with lower levels of freewill
beings with lower freewill, either directly or indirectly serve beings of higher freewill
physicality allows the violation of freewill between physical beings, the main reason why physical existence is a valuable experience in the path of spiritual evolution


reality has multiple timelines, dimensions, and planes of existence including physical, astral, and etheric
physical reality is generated by a base level consciousness (Logos) whose behavior is described by the laws of physics
Logos is the soul of the physical universe, though without independent sentient consciousness, freewill, or creativity
Logos provides the matter and energy for physical bodies into which independent consciousness (souls) incarnate
entropy, logic, mathematics, rigidity, substance (instead of form), and linear time are keywords associated with the Logos
the Logos is not God; it's merely half of God, the other half being individual consciousness

the speed of light is how fast finite consciousness propagates through linear space, an arbitrary quantity decided by the Logos.
all of physical reality from beginning to end, in all its possible manifestations, was instantly created when the Creator projected its unified infinite self into an infinity of differentiated finite selves.
reality exists as a static fractal hologram, encompassing all possible modes of existence and experience.
through this holographic web of possibilities, consciousness chooses which frame of the hologram to experience, giving rise to the illusion of time.
this choice is restricted by the Logos and opposing freewill of other beings
the unified field is a scalar phase field, meaning a field where every point has its own value of phase
phase measures location along a wave, or the alignment between two waves
flows, whirls, and compressions in the scalar field give rise to electricity, magnetism, and gravity
by itself, the phase field is amorphous and encompasses all probabilities and quantum wave functions
consciousness provides a coherent wave source interacting with the phase field and extracting a chosen slice of the hologram to experience as manifested physical reality
there are three types of time: linear time, phase time, and spiritual time
linear time is our conscious record of events, phase time measures the difference between parallel timelines, and spiritual time measures progress along the axis of spiritual evolution
physical reality as we know it moves forward in linear time and is entropic
from a linear perspective, individual consciousness originates from the many probable futures and propagates backwards in linear time, negentropically affecting the probability of processes happening in the present
when individual consciousness is coupled to physical reality, it experiences forward linear time
when coupled to an astral, etheric, or higher dimensional body, time becomes nonlinear
when coupled to no body, time becomes nonexistent and the soul unites with its Source

the human body is a biological vehicle whose great genetic diversity allows for the incarnation of a great diversity of souls/spirits
human genetics are unique in allowing potentially closer energetic interface with the Creator and the machine code of reality than most other physical lifeforms in the galaxy
while physically uniform, mankind is metaphysically diverse
origins of souls in human bodies include native human, alien, animal group-souls, or artificial/nonexistent soul
aliens genetically engineered different human races by crossing various alien races with each other, crossing them with hominid and neanderthal genetics already present on earth, and successively tweaking what resulted.


originate from other planets, dimensions, parallel realities, and times
have countless reasons for being here but can be classified into positive, negative, and neutral factions
each alien race is composed of a mixed bag of factions of varying intentions
reside underground, on the moon and other planets, in space, underwater, and in higher levels of reality
have human counterparts, which are these alien souls incarnated in genetically tweaked human bodies
negative aliens abduct humans for mind programming purposes, physical and etheric food, and hybrid breeding experiments
main negative groups at present are factions within the Gray and Reptilian races
Grays primarily use humans as genetic stock to build a new hybrid race for incarnation
Reptilians want humans as a natural physical and spiritual resource.

New World Order

NWO is a compartmentalized political entity seeking to subjugate humanity under a hostile alien agenda
the NWO hierarchy is composed from the bottom up of negative factions of law enforcement and military, politicians, bankers, secret societies, aliens, and demonic beings from the lower astral planes
the current goal is to politically unite humanity into a global nation and then hand over the reigns to alien factions
this unification will be accomplished by rigged threats to humanity such as terrorism, nuclear war, planetary cataclysms, or alien invasions
America is the NWO's biggest threat due to her gun culture and libertarian foundations. The American government is the seat of the NWO.


there is no religion higher than truth
most organized religions are control systems to mentally and spiritually enslave humans and deprive them of freewill
most religions have alien origins, or else are corrupted by negative alien factions and their human counterparts who seek control over the masses
any religion demanding its followers pray or focus on a deity outside themselves is aiding in the transdimensional economy of spiritual energy robbery and consumption by nonphysical beings
many religions were created specifically by the parent alien race to be followed by their human counterpart race
faith should only be used for yet-unknowable, not dogmatically ignored, phenomena
church is unnecessary as an aid to spiritual evolution and only acts as a social institution for social programming purposes
direct gnostic communion with one's inner guidance (God) is more valuable than any religion

Matrix Control System

manipulates humanity via artificial synchronicity
a synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence, or something that appears accidental but has a hidden purpose
suppresses individuality, awareness, and initiative by amplifying people's weaknesses and subjecting them to emotionally draining melodramas
it is a tool used by spiritually atrophied beings to subliminally control spiritually powerful humans
it is built and maintained by negative hyperdimensional beings who require this energy for survival
in more general terms, the matrix is the invisible control system around us which manipulates our minds, emotions, and actions without us noticing it
it uses a variety of human agents to accomplish its job; anyone who lacks a soul or spirit is a prime Matrix agent
because they are directed by the Matrix, these agents exhibit coordinated hive-mind behavior
the matrix interfaces with the underlying "machine code" of our reality, and can manipulate certain aspects of our timeline to create circumstances that bias our choices
at its core, the matrix is an etheric, pseudo-conscious machine that crunches data about our habits, emotional patterns, and present behavior in order to synchronistically insert an appropriate event in our life for effective control and the extraction of energy
because we are more conscious than the matrix, we can overcome it; it's a matter of regaining and exercising our freewill through knowledge
viewed from the proper perspective, the matrix is merely a training program indirectly helping us discover our weaknesses, strengthen our soul, and act from our spiritual core.



You'll find a discussion of Montalk at


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I was in the bookstore the other day. I picked up this book by this guy called Stuart Wilde. I read some of it but quickly dismissed it. He says some things but what got to me was the way he said it. He makes lot's of bold authoratative statements like he was a car salesman selling spirituality. Montalk does sound like that guy.


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Yeah, and check this out:

When someone unwary reads something like "For example, the Fourth Way methodology aims to grow souls within those who have none.", he gets sidetracked at once. It's interesting how Montalk brushes aside Gurdjieff's work with one phrase...



> He makes lot's of bold authoratative statements like he was a car salesman selling spirituality. Montalk
> does sound like that guy.

That was rather the impression I got. He makes these bold statements as if he in some way "knows" them to be true.

I am always suspicious of someone who has an entire script all prepared -- just another religious system. It is still difficult for me to tell who is real COINTELPRO and who are unwitting perps. Some mix good info with bad, and I have to learn how to recognize the good and cull that from the bad.


Fifth Way

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gritzle said:
I have to learn how to recognize the good and cull that from the bad.
We all have and it is a very difficult task.

The good news is: You've come to the right place! :cool:


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gritzle70 said:
> He makes lot's of bold authoratative statements like he was a car salesman selling spirituality. Montalk
> does sound like that guy.

That was rather the impression I got. He makes these bold statements as if he in some way "knows" them to be true.

I am always suspicious of someone who has an entire script all prepared -- just another religious system. It is still difficult for me to tell who is real COINTELPRO and who are unwitting perps. Some mix good info with bad, and I have to learn how to recognize the good and cull that from the bad.

Notice this: when someone (feritciva) posted on their forum:

[...] There is a great motto I saw here in NR and put into my path as a primary slogan; "Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers".
neither "Montalk" nor "Lyra", nor anyone on their forum, have put "feritciva" right that the motto originated in the C's transcripts ( 94-11-19). They, "Montalk" and "Lyra", who know the source very well, are evidently satisfied that someone assumes that the source is NR. Think about it. What conclusion can you draw from this one simple fact? :)



Fifth Way said:
gritzle said:
I have to learn how to recognize the good and cull that from the bad.
We all have and it is a very difficult task.

The good news is: You've come to the right place! :cool:
Ain't it the truth! David Icke, Stuart Wilde and Montalk (in that order) were all just some of the stopping off points where I 'paused' on my path to "the right place." In fact, a link on Montalk to Laura's article about OP's (which lead me to the psychopthy material) was how I finally found cass. And wouldn't you just know it...the psychopathy page is not only one of the areas where I've spent the most time since I arrived here, but THE area of knowledge I most (desparately) needed to learn, and survive, the particular lessons I was (and still am) being presented with. It's interesting now to look back at some of the twists and turns, and detours, I took along my path and "recognize" where I've been.



Thanks. I always return to Cass as well. It seems sooner or later the "others" start bashing Cass; and I have to wonder why? Cass is only offering their ideas based on their best scientific conclusions; they never present it as dogma or "written in stone" but as a "work in progress."


A Disturbance in the Force

Are you still chatting with the Cassies?
I kinda miss the dialogs we had back in 99/2000+
before that mess started.


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Indeed. But, after "all that mess," we understood that it is better to convey the understanding/information via the persepctive of the Signs Page since that is the context of much of it. The parts of it that relate to our quest for higher understanding are also conveyed in articles and commentary. Now and then, if an issue comes up in our groups or in the forum that might be elucidated by some of this material in a more direct way, we might quote it. But again, after "all that mess," we learned that as long as psychopaths seek to steal and co-opt and twist, we have the right to preserve, protect and maintain.


The Living Force

I was wondering, i just finished the adventure series, and it didn't quite go into the details about what happened with Frank (assuming that is "all that mess" being referred to), the circumstances with which he left permanantly. I was wondering what was the "last straw" sotospeak, or what was the thing that finally clue'd ya in as to his alignment, or if it was just a slow over time one day the light bulb went off kinda deal.


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I feel that it is unfortunate that you don't post as much stuff regarding the c's anymore. I found this site through your cass site and really enjoyed the material presented there. Without a doubt this is one of the better alternative news sites I've come accross, and I suppose there is a serious time constraint to consider when it comes to posting stuff here - I know I'm not the only cat waiting impatiently for the next podcast ... Still, it would be nice if you could on occasion post a bit more about the c's, since it literally provides a dimension beyond the stuff here.


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highmystica, have you been on the QFG sitemap at, that should keep you busy for a while if you haven't read everything yet


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To be sure I haven't read through all the stuff there, but a great majority of it. I did join casschat and downloaded the sessions - but I'm about halfway through that.
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