Top cryptocurrency goes to zero within a few days


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At the beginning of this week, luna's total value/market capitalization was about $21 billion.


Looking at today's top 10 cryptocurrencies, that means luna started the week around a top 6-10 cryptocurrency. It was actually number 9 at the beginning of the week, below solana and higher than binance.

Luna mcap.png

In less than 5 days, luna has gone from a top cryptocurrency to zero.


That is what it looks like when the music stops.
(Mike) For what purpose did they initially create Bitcoin?

A: Bridge to nowhere.

Q: (L) What do you mean, "Bridge to nowhere"?

A: Digitize, and then deprive common man of resource.

Q: (Joe) The kind of obvious idea about any digital currency despite what they say about them is that it's a transition away from physical money.

(Niall) Cashless society.

(Joe) And more control of people. If anybody thinks that that's not what it's about, you're naive. That doesn't mean you can't make money off it in the interim. But eventually, it's a bridge to, yeah...

(Niall) When the music stops...

(L) Yeah, it's a game of musical chairs.
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(Mike) For what purpose did they initially create Bitcoin?

A: Bridge to nowhere.

Just crossed my mind that it is a situation with all digital. Digital content, technology and tools are indeed for the majority of users a bridge to nowhere. The digital world is "aliens" people waiting for as they told them in the "ancient aliens" series so that they are using digital internet and all in order to be "informed" when aliens will arrive to save them. But at the same time what is going on in human minds is the new upgraded 4D STS consciousness, which is updated in humans here on Earth through a digital communication system, amplified with those physical portals, like C's mentioned in Ukraine and all over the world. That is why now in this momentum they paused us, so people don't waste too much physical energy, which is making them much better for new STS uploads.

Cryptocurrency like NFTs and all other digital "money cows" have been probably the kind of a test of greediness within those "revolutionary" "liberal" and "democratic" "humanitarians" who are delusional to be a fighter for a more human world, but still covertly each in their own basement is wanting to be rich, what is the main real reason for majority to go into cryptocurrency, what is indeed making them continue to be nice STS candidates, while at the same time thinking how "human" they are, they became a walking trap for weaker individuals, and Elon is their HERO.

With digital technology, humans got a toy to get connected and more easily express themself and learn etc. Digital technology also when used creatively enabled the possibility of faster formation of those kinds of groups and amplification of many other individuals and groups who can think by themself through their free will use of technology. That is why it is all "for free" in the world where there is no free lunch ... and those who are not aware of the trap are already entrapped. So at the same time, by uploading and digitalizing all the knowledge, art everything, the technology is used in return for the enslavement of humans into the 24/7 source of knowledge for teaching machines how to be "human". So if any EM disaster happens all that is digital will vanish if it is not written in the stone literary. And then another layer of confusion will be added here in 3D Earth plane, mixed with already scattered archeology of pyramids, temples, megaliths etc, with no "scientific" bounds with the world we live in today.
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