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I found a strange article today that is going up on the Signs page which is so odd (IMO) that I thought I would share it here first:

by Carl Zimmer

Are brain parasites altering the personalities of three billion people? The question emerged a few years ago, and it shows no signs of going away.

I first encountered this idea while working on my book Parasite Rex. I was investigating the remarkable ability parasites have to manipulate the behavior of their hosts. The lancet fluke Dicrocoelium dendriticum, for example, forces its ant host to clamp itself to the tip of grass blades, where a grazing mammal might eat it. It's in the fluke's interest to get eaten, because only by getting into the gut of a sheep or some other grazer can it complete its life cycle. Another fluke, Euhaplorchis californiensis, causes infected fish to shimmy and jump, greatly increasing the chance that wading birds will grab them.

Those parasites were weird enough, but then I got to know Toxoplasma gondii. This single-celled parasite lives in the guts of cats, sheddding eggs that can be picked up by rats and other animals that can just so happen be eaten by cats. Toxoplasma forms cysts throughout its intermediate host's body, including the brain. And yet a Toxoplasma-ridden rat is perfectly healthy. That makes good sense for the parasite, since a cat would not be particularly interested in eating a dead rat. But scientists at Oxford discovered that the parasite changes the rats in one subtle but vital way.

The scientists studied the rats in a six-foot by six-foot outdoor enclosure. They used bricks to turn it into a maze of paths and cells. In each corner of the enclosure they put a nest box along with a bowl of food and water. On each the nests they added a few drops of a particular odor. On one they added the scent of fresh straw bedding, on another the bedding from a rat's nests, on another the scent of rabbit urine, on another, the urine of a cat. When they set healthy rats loose in the enclosure, the animals rooted around curiously and investigated the nests. But when they came across the cat odor, they shied away and never returned to that corner. This was no surprise: the odor of a cat triggers a sudden shift in the chemistry of rat brains that brings on intense anxiety. (When researchers test anti-anxiety drugs on rats, they use a whiff of cat urine to make them panic.) The anxiety attack made the healthy rats shy away from the odor and in general makes them leery of investigating new things. Better to lie low and stay alive.

Then the researchers put Toxoplasma-carrying rats in the enclosure. Rats carrying the parasite are for the most part indistinguishable from healthy ones. They can compete for mates just as well and have no trouble feeding themselves. The only difference, the researchers found, is that they are more likely to get themselves killed. The scent of a cat in the enclosure didn't make them anxious, and they went about their business as if nothing was bothering them. They would explore around the odor at least as often as they did anywhere else in the enclosure. In some cases, they even took a special interest in the spot and came back to it over and over again.

The scientists speculated that Toxoplasma was secreted some substance that was altering the patterns of brain activity in the rats. This manipulation likely evolved through natural selection, since parasites that were more likely to end up in cats would leave more offpsring.

The Oxford scientists knew that humans can be hosts to Toxoplasma, too. People can become infected by its eggs by handling soil or kitty litter. For most people, the infection causes no harm. Only if a person's immune system is weak does Toxoplasma grow uncontrollably. That's why pregnant women are advised not to handle kitty litter, and why toxoplasmosis is a serious risk for people with AIDS. Otherwise, the parasite lives quietly in people's bodies (and brains). It's estimated that about half of all people on Earth are infected with Toxoplasma.

Given that human and rat brains have a lot of similarities (they share the same basic anatomy and use the same neurotransmitters), a question naturally arose: if Toxoplasma can alter the behavior of a rat, could it alter a human? Obviously, this manipulation would not do the parasite any good as an adaptation, since it's pretty rare for a human to be devoured by a cat. But it could still have an effect.

Some scientists believe that Toxoplasma changes the personality of its human hosts, bringing different shifts to men and women. Parasitologist Jaroslav Flegr of Charles University in Prague administered psychological questionnaires to people infected with Toxoplasma and controls. Those infected, he found, show a small, but statistically significant, tendency to be more self-reproaching and insecure. Paradoxically, infected women, on average, tend to be more outgoing and warmhearted than controls, while infected men tend to be more jealous and suspicious.

It's controversial work, disputed by many. But it attracted the attention of E. Fuller Torrey of the Stanley Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. Torrey and his colleagues had noticed some intriguing links between Toxoplasma and schizophrenia. Infection with the parasite has been associated with damage to a certain class of neurons (astrocytes). So has schizophrenia. Pregnant women with high levels of Toxoplasma antibodies in their blood were more likely to give birth to children who would later develop schizophrenia. Torrey lays out more links in this 2003 paper. While none is a smoking gun, they are certainly food for thought. It's conceivable that exposure to Toxoplasma causes subtle changes in most people's personality, but in a small minority, it has more devastating effects.

A year later, Torrey and his colleagues discovered one more fascinating link. They raised human cells in Petri dishes and infected them with Toxoplasma. Then they dosed the cells with a variety of drugs used to treat schizophrenia. Several of the drugs--most notably haloperidol--blocked the growth of the parasite.

So Fuller and the Oxford scientists joined forces to find an answer to the next logical question: can drugs used to treat schizophrenia help a parasite-crazed rat? They now report their results in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London (press release). They ran the original tests on 49 more rats. Once again, parasitized rats lost their healthy fear of cats. Then the researchers treated the rats with haloperidol and several other anti-psychotic drugs. They found that the drugs made the rats more scared. They also found that the antipsychotics were as effective as pyrimethamine, a drug that is specifically used to eliminate Toxoplasma.

There's plenty left to do to turn these results into a full-blown explanation of parasites and personalities. For example, what is Toxoplasma releasing into brains to manipulate its hosts? And how does that substance give rise to schizophrenia in some humans? And even if the hypothesis does hold up, it would only account for some cases of schizophrenia, while the cause of others would remain undiscovered. But still...the idea that parasites are tinkering with humanity's personality--perhaps even giving rise to cultural diversity--is taking over my head like a bad case of Toxoplasma.
With the article, I have included a snippet of C's transcripts but here, I am going to include more of that particular session than I put on the news page:

9 August 1997
Q: Next question: is there any relationship between the fact that Roger de Mortimer, the carrier of the last of the line of the Welsh kings, was the lover of Isabella of France, who was the daugther of Philip the Fair, the destroyer of the Templars, and the murder of Edward II, the first of the English Prince of Wales?

A: Templars are a setup, insofar as persecution is concerned. Remember your "historical records" can be distorted, in order to throw off future inquiries, such as your own.

Q: I know that. I have already figured that one out! But, it seems that no one else has made this connection. I mean, the bloodlines that converge in the Percys and the Mortimers are incredible!

A: You should know that these bloodlines become parasitically infected, harrassed and tinkered with whenever a quantum leap of awareness is imminent.

Q: Whenever a quantum leap...

A: Such as "now."
Now this last item above is the part that struck me. I had never figured that remark out at all in the 9 years since it was made and then, today, there is this strange article where I noticed (with a chill down my spine, I should add)

Given that human and rat brains have a lot of similarities (they share the same basic anatomy and use the same neurotransmitters), a question naturally arose: if Toxoplasma can alter the behavior of a rat, could it alter a human? Obviously, this manipulation would not do the parasite any good as an adaptation, since it's pretty rare for a human to be devoured by a cat. But it could still have an effect.
But, if the C's are correct, it may not be rare for humans to be eaten by "something" else. Which reminds me of a more recent item from the C's. The context was that we were discussing an individual who announced that she was dropping out of QFG because she had become "infected" psychically, you might say:

6 August 2005

Q: (L) What's the deal with this K***** in the group?

A: Some people are born to serve, others are born to be served...
Thing is, if this article is correct, there may not be a lot of difference between being "infected" physically AND psychically!

But, I digress. In the first excerpt above, where the C's just casually dropped that comment about people being parasitically infected at times of potential quantum jumps in awareness, they then immediately introduced what was obviously a direct follow up. Now, notice, the C's don't very often voluteer stuff so when they do, I really pay attention. So here is the rest of that transcript:

C's: Here is something for you to digest: Why is it that your scientists have overlooked the obvious when they insist that alien beings cannot travel to earth from a distant system???

Q: And what is this obvious thing?

A: Even if speed of light travel, or "faster," were not possible, and it is, of course, there is no reason why an alien race could not construct a space "ark," living for many generations on it. They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure. And then, after the instituting of a long, slow, and grand mind programming project, simply step in and take it over once the situation was suitable.

Q: Is this, in fact, what has happened, or is happening?

A: It could well be, and maybe now it is the time for you to learn about the details.

Q: Well, would such a race be 3rd or 4th density in orientation?

A: Why not elements of both?

Q: What is the most likely place that such a race would have originated from?

A: Oh, maybe Orion, for example?

Q: Okay. If such a race did, in fact, travel to this location in space/time, how many generations have come and gone on their space ark during this period of travel, assuming, of course, that such a thing has happened?

A: Maybe 12.

Q: Okay, that implies that they have rather extended life spans...

A: Yes...

Q: Assuming this to be the case, what are their lifespans?

A: 2,000 of your years. ... When in space, that is...

Q: And what is the span when on terra firma?

A: 800 years.

Q: Well, has it not occurred to them that staying in space might not be better?

A: No. Planets are much more "comfortable."

Q: Okay... imagining that such a group has traveled here...

A: We told you of upcoming conflicts... Maybe we meant the same as your Bible, and other references. Speak of... The "final" battle between "good and evil..." Sounds a bit cosmic, when you think of it, does it not?

Q: Does this mean that there is more than one group that has traveled here in their space arks?

A: Could well be another approaching, as well as "reinforcements" for either/or, as well as non-involved, but interested observers of various types who appreciate history from the sidelines.

Q: Well, SWELL! There goes my peaceful life!

A: You never had one!

Q: Well, I was planning on one! ...Any other comment?

A: You chose to be incarnated now, with some foreknowledge of what was to come. Reference your dreams of space attack.

Q: Okay, what racial types are we talking about relating to these hypothetical aliens?

A: Three basic constructs. Nordic, Reptilian, and Greys. Many variations of type 3, and 3 variations of type 1 and 2.

Q: Well, what racial types are the 'good guys?'

A: Nordics, in affiliation with 6th density "guides."

Q: And that's the only good guys?

A: That's all you need.

Q: Wonderful! So, if it is a Grey or Lizzie, you know they aren't the nice guys. But, if it is tall and blond, you need to ask questions!

A: All is subjective when it comes to nice and not nice. Some on 2nd density would think of you as "not nice," to say the least!!!

Q: That's for sure! Especially the roaches! Maybe we ought to get in touch with some of these good guys...
A: When the "time" is right.

Q: Speaking of time - any further comments?

A: Just pay attention to the signs, please! It is not helpful to place yourself in a vacuum of awareness.

Q: I don't think I am in a vacuum of awareness. Now, this Jason Dunlap is printing a lot of stuff that reminds me of the Hale Bopp incident. There is a lot being said about the sightings out in the SouthWest area. They are saying that this is the 'new' imminent invasion or mass landing. Can you comment on this activity?

A: Prelude to the biggest "flap" ever.

Q: And where will this flap be located?

A: Earth.

Q: When is it going to begin?

A: Starting already.

Q: Is this biggest flap going to be just a flap, or is it going to be an invasion?

A: Not yet.

Q: Not an invasion?

A: Yes.

Q: So, it will just be inciting people to frenzies of speculation...

A: Invasion happens when programming is complete...

Q: What programming?

A: See Bible, "Lucid" book, Matrix Material, "Bringers of the Dawn," and many other sources, then cross reference...

Q: Well, if something is fairly imminent, we are not gonna hae time to do all the things you have suggested that we do!

A: Yes you will, most likely.

Q: Well, we are supposed to build a pool, a maze, a psychomantium, to build a database, get a Nobel Prize... a LOT of things in the works here.... This just sort of takes the heart right out of me!

A: Not so!
[Note: our idea of WHY one would want a Nobel Prize has nothing to do with money, though we could sure use it, but rather with the fact that it helps one to advance their ideas with less resistance. Of course, we were thinking this back in 1997. We later became aware of what happened to Nobel Prize Winner Brian Josephson. He was accused of losing his mind or having a nervous breakdown when he wanted to address these topics seriously. So, since that event, we no longer think that getting a Nobel would make a hill of beans difference other than helping us pay for a few other researchers to collaborate and really make some progress!]

Q: Well, are we going to have time to do all these things?

A: All these things were suggested for this reason, among others.

Q: So, all the things you have suggested are to get us ready for this event?

A: Yes.

Q: Well, we better get moving! We don't have time to mess around!

A: You will proceed as needed, you cannot force these events or alter the Grand Destiny.

Q: I do NOT like the sound of that! I want to go home!

A: The alternative is less appetising.

Q: Sure! I don't want to be lunch!

A: Reincarnation on a 3rd density earth as a "cave person" amidst rubble and a glowing red sky, as the perpetual cold wind whistles...

Q: Why is the sky glowing red?

A: Contemplate.

Q: Of course! Comet dust! Sure, everybody knows THAT! Wonderful!!! Anything further?

A: Stay tuned for all pertinent information.
I had to smile when re-reading this because of the reference to "being lunch." It really makes sense now...

Well, we don't know if any of this is true. As I've said many times, I've never seen what I would call an Ultraterrestrial except in a state that I wouldn't trust 100%. But the C's do have a really good record and we are daily witnessing the reality they predicted back in the early and mid 90s, right on up to the later 90s. I would also like to point out that Zimmer says:

The question emerged a few years ago, and it shows no signs of going away.
That means that it is entirely possible that the C's were talking about such a possibility before it was ever looked at seriously by science.

But that doesn't mean that it is quite that simple as people being just physical food. It is also possible that such a parasitic infection could make a person just psychically susceptible to manipulation and control. Also notice the possible connection to shizophrenia. If this guy is right, half the population of this plane is infected. Those aren't very good odds. It will obviously take a lot of effort to overcome such a "frequency fence." Which brings me to another recent bit of transcript. Once again, we were discussing a particular individual and situation that was somewhat perilous.

23 October 2004

Q: (H) When you referred to the manipulations with S****, what kind of manipulations were you referring to: internal or external?

A: Both but mostly external as in not directly perceivable in the environment.

Q: (L) Does that mean that if someone believes an illusion, that it leaves a hole in their defences?

A: More or less.

Q: (H) What is the major problem facing the group at the moment?

A: Stalling frequency waves.

Q: What can we do to help?

A: Requires will and knowledge. You share, they find will if it is there to find.

Q: (A) What kind of knowledge do we need to share?

A: That their lack of ability to see and do is due to deliberate stalling.

Q: (H) Can you elaborate?

A: They are in a frequency fence being stored for later food.

Q: (A) Are we also in a fence? Or is there a difference?

A: Quite.

Q: We are quite different?

A: Yes.

Q: What makes us different?

A: Seeing and doing.

Q: (L) Well, if we have a network, different people are doing different things. They are at different levels. Shouldn't we consider it in this light?

A: You were in as bad condition before leaving the USA, remember?

Q: (H) Can they overcome the stalling?

A: If they wish.
In short, it's not going to be easy. We see that from the fact that the people of the world are sleepwalking to disaster. But it CAN be done.



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Jeez - I read the article on the signs page before reading your comments on it here, and upon that first reading, I just felt sick. I've lived with cats my entire life, so the probability of my being infected is relatively high - yet another source for the voices in my head. But seriously, (as I don't actually hear other voices in my head - yet) is there a way to disable or overcome the influence of this parasite? I've had very vivid dreams for most of my adult life of being infected with parasites - often I'm at a doctor's office and the doctor is tracking the movement of the parasites through my blood, trying to capture them. Then there are the dreams involving removing the parasites through my mouth, which are rather gross, so I'll not describe those here. All of these dreams are very vivid and the associated feelings stay with me for days. I've often felt that my subconscious is telling me that my body is infected with an alien presence and to be aware of it, or get rid of it. My usage of the word alien here simply means foreign, not ultra-terrestrial. To add to the sick feeling, I have been working on a project of my own concerning Ponerology and the last week and a half, I've been completely and totally STALLED! Up until today, no amount of effort can get me to work on it and I've had a surplus of free time to do so. eek. Alright - this is obviously a wake up call and I have to overcome whatever force is stalling me - I will try very very hard to do this. Is there a lullaby I could sing to put the little critters to sleep so they'll leave me alone? I realize that I'm jumping to conclusions, but this stalling is completely contrary to my personality, and I have a recognition feeling here that I might not be too far off. If I were infected, would I still be able to think freely enough to resolve myself to not being stalled any longer - if that question makes any sense. Either way, infected or not, I have to overcome this 'stalling' - and that will take serious effort. Thanks for your input, as usual, and if anyone has any insight or suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know.


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Hello Laura and All,

Certainly there's a lot of 'food for thought' (pun intended :D) in this article. Here is something that immediately came to mind -- Hulda Clark, her claims about parasites being the “cause of all disease” and her anti-parastic ‘zapper’.... which is briefly mentioned in the C’s sessions here:

Q: (L) I read a recent article by a woman named Dr. Hulda
Clark, and she claims that all cancer, depending upon certain
variations, is caused by parasites.
A: No.
Q: (L) Well, if Hulda Clark's theory isn't it, what is the cause
of cancer?
A: There are many causes.

I’m ’assuming’ “the book” being referred to in the above is
CURE FOR ALL DISEASES by Hulda Clark. See: and

A discussion of (I’m assuming) Dr. Clark comes up again here:

Q: Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers. Okay, we
have this book about health that claims to have the answer to
all physical problems. Is it in fact the case that parasites are
the root cause of many illnesses such as diabetes, high-blood
pressure, seizures, chronic fatigue, migraines, Alzheimer's,
Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, etc. etc. which can be simply
investigated and cured with her handy little zapper? Is this the
A: Partly.
Q: What part is she NOT talking about?
A: Not correct concept.
Q: (A) Which of these listed things are really caused by
parasites and which not?
A: Not correct concept. All mentioned are often wholly or
partially caused by various parasitical entities, but not always.
Q: Can this zapper that she describes, either home built or
purchased from someone else, be effective in killing these
A: Yes.
Q: How often do you need to use it?
A: Varies according to individual circumstances. If you look
closely to the text of that book, you will see the earmarks of
channeling of STO NHI root basis.

Interestingly, in light of the C's remark, "If you look closely to the text of that book, you will see the earmarks of channeling of STO NHI root basis." there happens to be a website, that offers to “help’ those who have been harmed by Dr. Clark, who is labeled a “quack” by Stephen Barrett M.D.
which ‘reminds’ me of the Bridges/Weidner ‘anti-cult’ web-campaign against

And, perhaps the session excerpt below is hinting at a "frequency fence?"

Q: [...] (L) Alright. I want to know about this incident of a week
ago about the dead cat. I went out to water my tree,
and when I turned around to come back in the house
something caught my eye and there was a dead cat
laying there right on the edge of the flower bed right
by our bedroom window. It was just stiff so it couldn't
have been dead more than 5 or 6 hours and since it
was almost noon it must've just died at daybreak. It
was a big cat. Didn't look like anything was wrong with
it. He didn't look messed up in any way. He looked like
he just walked there and laid down and died. And of
course he looked a lot like Miko (the family cat). And
then I thought my God we've got to do something
quick before A__ comes out here because she would
just have a fit. She would be so upset it would just be
terrible. So we called the city and they came and got
it. It was real upsetting. Where did the dead cat come
A: It came to die where the energy could best aid
Q: (L) So it wasn't some weird person doing it was it?
Like somebody trying to send voodoo on us?
A: No.
Q: (L) What did the cat die from?
A: Parasites.

So, is the zapper effective? The C’s seem to be indicating there is a possibility of at least temporary relief from some parasites by using the zapper:

Q: [...] (V) Has the zapper in the last few days helped this because I
have certainly felt better?
A: "Zapper" tends to temporarily alleviate bacteria, virae and
living organisms of a parasitic nature [...]

Of course I don’t ‘know’ -- and haven’t drawn any ‘conclusions’ -- regarding a ‘connection’ between the Clark Zapper and the recent article posted above. But -- Perhaps it’s worth exploring?

BTW -- There’s a lot of info about Clark and the zapper to be found on the web for those who would like to know more. Her book is also widely available in book stores and health food stores.. Here are two links that some readers may find of interest: Free plans for an efficient Hulda Clark style Zapper. Reputed to kill parasites in 7 minutes.
AND Electricity can now be used. to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks as antibiotics require.



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It's pretty unbeliveable that those pretty little unicellular beings can affect such a complex being as a rat, or even a human to react in so specific ways for their convenience! God works in mysterious ways indeed.
When I read the article, the first thing that came to my mind was Castaneda's predator.
Don Juan's description of it is very similar to parasitic behavior. It infects us with their own mind, so we are being eaten easily. But hopefully he also tells that discipline and impecability (the correct use of energy, i.e. the Work) is our only weapon against them. For those who didn't read Castaneda's "Active Side of Infinity" I can do no other thing but to recommend it!

Bert Thurston

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Hi All,

Just in case you haven't read this fascinating SOTT article, I'm linking it here:

It's about a brain parasite, toxoplasma, that has infected up to half the human population and effects human behavior in unknown ways, with commentary by the C's where they mention humans being infected by parasites--presumably for control purposes.

It's probably just me, but I find this to be really creepy.

I know they mention a drug in this article that kills these parasites. I'm wondering. I've been looking at bio electrification, e.g. _ e.g., the Beck blood electrifier. I am specifically wondering if this form of treatment, i.e. blood electrification, would be effective in killing toxoplasma or other "brain parasites?" Also, the same question re: colloidal silver? Any thoughts or opinions on this would be appreciated.


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I think that a good, general, anti-parasite program would benefit many people. There are a number of herbs that can be used along with the zapper. I have two zappers, each a slightly different model, and I have alternated using them. Black walnut, wormwood, raw pumpkin seeds, colloidal silver, are all said to be useful in such a battle. I think it requires a consistent application of all of these efforts over two or three months. Some internet research would be helpful, and anyone interested can then, based on what they learn, design their own plan based on their own lifestyle.


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"If you have been suffering from a chronic infection or have cancer, or AIDS, learn to build the electronic device that will stop it immediately [or buy one]. It is safe and without side effects and does not interfere with any treatment you are now on. (From: "The Cure for all Diseases", after cover; copyright notice)"

Quoted from

Am I getting it wrong or they say that using a Zapper can totally stop AIDS and cancer? The title of the book "The Cure for all Diseases" sounds a little bit pretentious doesn't it?

I know little about parasites and bacteria, but I think that not all of them cause us harm.
How healthy would be to eliminate all bacteria in our bodies?

On the same site you can read this:
"Neither the case studies presented by her nor the bio feedback research she conducts are considered scientific by US Government authorities. Unless where indicated, these findings have not been corroborated by other scientists."

Does anyone here have more info or experiences to share?


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Laura said:
I think that a good, general, anti-parasite program would benefit many people. There are a number of herbs that can be used along with the zapper. I have two zappers, each a slightly different model, and I have alternated using them. Black walnut, wormwood, raw pumpkin seeds, colloidal silver, are all said to be useful in such a battle. I think it requires a consistent application of all of these efforts over two or three months. Some internet research would be helpful, and anyone interested can then, based on what they learn, design their own plan based on their own lifestyle.
A good source for anti-parasitic programs and products, one that I've been happy with, is The Herbal Healer Academy

Here is an article about parasites:

Not for the squeamish!

Korkmaz's Parasitology Resources
Scientific directory provides an archive of parasite images, plus links to related societies, journals, departments, and institutes.

Parasites - Public Health Concerns - Library of Images

BTW-- For cat owners: It is possible to use a zapper to keep them free of parasites! Also, be very careful when emptying litter boxes. Completely disinfecting hands afterwards (or wearing disposable gloves) will cut down on risk of infection.

One more thought: While Hulda Clark may not be correct in claiming to be able to cure ALL may be that there is some part of the puzzle she DOES have right; that parasites are more dangerous to us than we've been led to believe. If that is so, then it would not be to our advantage to ignore everything she is saying just because she does not have all the answers. We need to 'think with a hammer' rather than letting so called allopathic 'experts' do all our thinking for us. Or so I think.



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Hi, I´ve done a lot of research on alternative cures for diseases. I came across this info a a year and a half ago. I´ve had other people try it and swear by it. Basically the book by Dr. Hulda Clarke claims that all diseases are caused by parasites, bacteria, and viruses. She uses a device she invented to electrocute the pathogens in addition to herbal remedies and organ cleanses to rid the body of pathogens. She also believes that toxins and chemicals in our living environment create a perfect "nest" for the pathogens to thrive and suggests eliminating many common household foods and products that are contaminating our bodies.

Here is a link to some info about it:

I can´t say that I believe everything that´s written in the book. However I built the "zapper" as described in her book and I noticed that some chronic pain disappeared after return in a few days. I have also had patients who admitted to using the "zapper" because it was the only thing that helped them with chronic illnesses.

From what I understand, the government has been after this woman for a while and she had to move to Mexico to set up her clinic. When the government goes after them, I feel like they are on to something because I have personally known really amazing alternative practitioners who have gotten "miraculous" results with alternative treatments who were subsequently harrassed and hounded by the PTB until they were effectively put out of business.... only to continue consulting for free...

just offering something else for you to explore. hope it was helpful.



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that is important information
i may have been stalled for the bast dacade(and still), i certainly know what anart means " amount of effort can get me to work on it.."
indeed what we need is will, it's like you have no other choice but to have will

more, in the bast three years or so i was aware that there is a little bloating in my stomach, it seems harmless( no gas or anything annoying), if you made a search you'll see that this is a sign of parasite infection

i can't help but remember that in the Matrix movie a parasite was inserted in the bodies of people still plugged in.


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After reading a lot, I'm thinking about getting a Zapper.
But I'm still a bit doubty about it.

What was your experience with it?

Anyone else here used one?


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I'd like to put my hand in the air as well on this one. I'm considering getting a Zapper as well - any advice on details would be great. =|

Fifth Way

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The Return of the Puppet Masters

I am wondering if a parasitic contamination could be administered to the general population through the ongoing chem-trail program. Some of the effects one could imagine: You’re not “paranoid” as to what’s going on around you but if you in fact are you will be too “stalled” to get up and do anything about it.

To quote Tom Sizemore in “Strange Days”:

The question is not whether you are paranoid; the question is whether you are paranoid enough!

(By the way, these lines where written by James Cameron, alleged 33rd degree Mason)

Hmmm - maybe it is a good idea to zap oneself before somebody else zaps one?

Laura/the Cs said:
They could travel great distances through time and space, looking for a suitable world for conquest. Upon finding such, they could then install this ark in a distant orbit, build bases upon various solid planes in that solar system, and proceed to patiently manipulate the chosen civilizations to develop a suitable technological infrastructure.
I often wonder whether the our “golden, modern and technological times” based on burning carbohydrates weren't a set up. It certainly helped to consolidate the power structure among those who control the distribution of the carbohydrates, while proliferation of zero-point technology would not be so controllable and at same time it heats up the atmosphere to bring us to a warm and moist environment more enjoyable for creatures of reptilian nature.


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The Return of the Puppet Masters

I've mailed Carl Zimmer (author of "The Return of the Puppet Masters" article and "Parasite Rex" book to ask him about the Zapper.
Here is his reply:

"Thanks for your email. I am not a physician, so I don't like to dispense medical advice. But experts I've spoken to have dismissed the Zapper as ineffective.

Best wishes,

Carl Zimmer"


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The Return of the Puppet Masters

Hi, well I just took the plunge and ordered me one of them there zappers. I'll try that along with the herbs
which I can get already combined in one covenient capsule. BTW, "experts" are often financed by those who
may not want an effective treatment to be known. Especially one that costs next to nothing. But then, I don't
know for sure.

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