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Hi guys,

I just caught this news item that I found perhaps a bit symbolic:

Washington, DC metro train DERAILS in tunnel, major line shut down during rush hour​

A metro train serving the US capital has partially gone off the rails in a tunnel connecting Washington, DC with Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, stranding around 400 passengers and snarling up the evening commute.

Service between the Pentagon and Foggy Bottom was suspended on Tuesday afternoon, after a Blue Line train derailed in the Rosslyn tunnel, local media reported. Only one of the cars in the train, with 25 passengers on board, had lost contact with the rails – but that stranded the entire 12-car train, with an estimated 400 people stuck in the tunnel for over an hour.

Maybe I am making too much out of it, but I did find interesting that the train derailed on its way from Washington DC to a cemetery, or at least the lines that connects the two.



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Iran: At least 17 people have been killed and 50 injured after train collided with excavator.

Train derailment leaves at least 17 dead

8 Jun, 2022
A rescue operation is still underway in Iran, and some of the injured are in a critical condition

At least 17 people have been killed and 50 injured as a result of a train derailment in eastern Iran, according to the Iranian Red Crescent charity, which is providing assistance at the scene.

The incident happened early on Wednesday morning, around 50km from the desert city of Tabas, near Mazino station. Some of the passengers who were on the train from Mashhad to Yazd are in a critical condition.

“The train was carrying 348 passengers and crew. Out of 11 wagons, six wagons were damaged,” the charity said.

Dozens of its rescue workers have been dispatched, along with 10 ambulances and three relief helicopters.

According to the statement from the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, quoted by the Iranian official news agency IRNA, the derailment occurred when the train collided with an excavator. Governor of Tabas Ali-Akbar Rahimi told IRNA that relief workers are still searching all carriages for injured or dead passengers.
Published on Jun 8, 2022 (0:56)


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Czech Republic, Europe
27 June 2022


One dead and five injured after high-speed train hits locomotive in the Czech Republic

The driver of a high-speed train has died after it collided with a locomotive in the Czech Republic. The accident occurred early on Monday morning in the town of Bohumin, shortly after the Pendolino express train departed for Prague.

Four Czech Railways employees, who were on the locomotive, were injured, as was another worker on the train.

Rescuers said no passengers were wounded in the crash. It was unclear whether the locomotive was in motion at the time of the head-on collision. The Czech Rail Safety Inspection Office said the high-speed train was on the wrong line at the time of the crash, and the accident might have been caused by human error.

• added, that

"Railway Inspectorate chief Jan Kucera said the most likely cause of the accident was the Pendolino driver’s failure to obey a stop signal"

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