Trans madness: jokes & memes

Painful to look at--in more ways than one. Yeah, right about "words", which, intriguingly, are created by proper "spelling".

What I don't understand i

is why are these transmen-women often don't seem to have any kind of style, elegance or sense of... beauty. I mean too often i see either individuals that are completely over the top (super vamp, plastic-fantastic, super doll, barbie-ken types ) - or - absurdly ugly in a grotesque way. In Swedish we would say "rugguggla" (ugly woman). I don't see see the slightest hint of attraction factor attached by looking like ugly fairytale witches. I mean, it doesn't have to be that grotesque, even for a man who loves to walk the path of a woman in life.

Again; where is elegance, style, beauty... and dignity ?
What I don't understand i

is why are these transmen-women often don't seem to have any kind of style, elegance or sense of... beauty. Again; where is elegance, style, beauty... and dignity ?
Yeah for sure. I think it shows they are more into saying “F you” to the world and to people rather than really owning any feminine virtues and attributes. It seems like an aggressive pent up anger thing and very egocentric.
Not a joke, but a true madness🤦‍♂️

Cyprus has adopted a law on criminal liability for persuasion not to change gender.

In Cyprus, they decided to put people in jail for persuading others not to change gender. The country's parliament has criminalized "conversion therapy" aimed at suppressing or eliminating gender identity. This is reported by Cyprus Mail.

Now the law qualifies as a criminal offense any actions, methods or services of any person aimed at the transformation, suppression or destruction of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of any person.

The author of the initiative, MP from the Akel party Giorgos Kokumas, said that conversion therapy is a practice that represents physical and mental violence, the main victims of which are minors and adolescents. Now anyone found guilty of using such methods is subject to imprisonment for up to two years or a fine of up to five thousand euros.

However, at the last moment before the adoption of the law, an amendment was made, according to which priests will still be allowed to conduct confessions and give advice to homosexuals. The amendment appeared after lobbying by the church.

My Wife says : Surely, this Woman is a comedian ?
Seems so, I laughed a lot at first at all the absurdity that came out of her mouth but then it dawned on me about the lawsuit.
Reminds me of the Political Ponerology book when Lobaczewski was in college and he started to get out of the loop about the behavior of his classmates, I've been remembering that for the past 3 years.
Not sure about how the legal system in the USA but I don't think you could even lodge a lawsuit to sue you parents for "having me wiithout my permission" here in NZ
Oh and phew!... Went to see the comments, found one that leads to a NY Post article. The girl was joking, with everything upside down, I did believed it. It's so good to know it wasn't true.

My fault, I did not checked before, I've been following Cristine her for about a year or more on Twitter mostly regarding pandemia/jabs and she's a serious person. I assume it happened the same to her. Things are so bad everywhere, that one ends up believing even what is not true.

I find it very amusing that people have believed that I ‘sued’ my parents for having me without my permission — now I have kids. It should read the title.

She was just kid-ding.

A New Jersey TikToker who joked she “sued” her parents shocked viewers this week when she revealed she actually has kids.
“I thought it was obvious that I was joking,” the Hoboken woman told The Post.

“I do find it humorous, though. People get worked up over anything. It shows how little people research before reacting.”

The TikToker — who goes by “Kass Theaz” and states in her bio that her account is “satire” — went viral last year for declaring she should sue her parents for bringing her into the world without her permission.
I don't think it's your fault mabar - There is so much of this stuff going on out there like this, it's hard to tell now.

I'm glad she was joking though !
well, don't get too happy yet, that has happened on more than one occasion, the second case won due to a peculiarity:

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