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Didn't the C's say that our computers would eventually dominate us? (I can't find the session where they mention it)
The above quote appeared in the Corona thread. Since one can pull in the excerpts from many sessions, here is a collection of quotes from the many different Sessions about electronic devices, like computers, mobile phones and electronic toys, WiFi, electromagnetic frequencies like microwaves, a little about electronic surveillance as well as a few notes about what remedies one could apply.

Subjects brought up early on, are often mentioned later from a different or similar angle. Since topics are interwoven, I decided to attach most excerpts with "Keywords" even though in some it is more like key concepts. On the other hand, I have been light on using bolds within the transcripts. If you happen to have a particular topic in mind, a tip could be to use the search functions for a browser page. In Windows, it would be holding down the Ctrl key and press F (Ctrl+F) or Cmd+F if you use an Apple machine.

Keywords: smartphone, electronic devices - "We warned strongly about electronic devices years ago!"
Session 18 May, 2019
(Ark) I would like to make a comment. I think to a large extent, we don't really know what's going on around us. Whenever I go out and see what people are doing, all these young people are just like this [mimics walking around staring at smartphone in their hand]. This is their normal life!

(L) With their phone in their hand. Or earbuds in their ears, shutting out interactions with others.

(Ark) And this is normal life. There is no normal life at all!

(Joe) That's it.

(L) So going to so-called normal life is really going to abnormal life. The only place you can have a truly normal life is with a group of people sincerely seeking to grow and change...

(Chu) That's the question people need to ask. There are people who are being tempted by these ideas of a normal life. They need to remember and ask themselves is the world they want to live in normal? It's NOT normal. Anything they're imagining now is a romantic idea of what the world is really like, but it's not.

(Joe) It's the Grass is Greener syndrome. All they have to do is look at the world around them, and then think back to the life they had before they were involved with trying to grow and develop and tune the antennae.

(Scottie) I don't remember if it was Gurdjieff or whoever, but there's that saying that once you "wake up", going back to that previous "normal" life is not possible. It's not that you can't do it. You can! But at what cost? There is always a price to pay. So it's even worse than just romanticizing, at least in some cases.

(Joe) The longer it is that people are involved in working to become real, and realizing what work it really is, the less they remember and the more they romanticize the life they had before.

(Chu) The pull is so strong.

(Pierre) And about what Ark said: that's their life. The face stuck to the screen. It's interesting in conjunction in what we said about how to conduct a healthy life and remove ourselves from STS influences. Imagine the antennas of people doing that and eating crap...

A: We warned strongly about electronic devices years ago!

Q: (Pierre) It has reached epidemic proportions. Most of who we are and what we see and what we think is defined by our receivership capability that is defined basically by protein structures, we are receivers basically. Imagine when you saturate a receiver with destructive radiations from devices? It must be a feast for STS.

(L) And if you don't have a group with whom you can talk about everything to try to counteract that and bring things to the surface... If you're not in a position where you can manage some things about your diet and regular hours and demands made on you and so forth, in this reality we're in right now you're freaking toast! Anybody got any other questions?
Since the C's mentioned they warned “strongly about electronic devices years ago” below are some possible references. The first is from 1994:
Keywords: computer, overpower - "Your computers will overpower you"
Session 19 November 1994
Q: (T) Was it necessary for them to have power gathering stations on Mars and the Moon. Did this increase their power?

A: Not necessary but it is not necessary for you to have a million dollars either. Get the correlation? Atlanteans were power hungry the way your society is money hungry.

Q: (T) Was the accumulation of this power what brought about their downfall?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Did they lose control of this power?

A: It overpowered them the same way your computers will overpower you.

Q: (V) Is it similar to them gaining a life and intelligence of their own?

A: Yes.
The statement from the session from November 19, 1994 "your computers will overpower you." is referenced to in a session from June 13 2015 which also has other comments on digital technology
Keywords: Disinformation, internet, computers overpower, confusion, propaganda
"We once told you that your computers would overpower you."

Session 13 June, 2015
Q: (L) Alright, I have a series of questions here from forum members. Apparently, there was a conference with Barbara Marciniak where she was doing some trance channeling. Several of the forum people had a look at it and condensed the major points of the event. Out of what was said in that particular channeling, some questions arose... Not particularly about the channeling, but about some of the issues that were covered. Of course, everybody knows how I feel about trance channeling and that sort of thing. But anyhow, one of the questions that came up was:
Can the internet be seen as a "window of opportunity"/"an experiment in human consciousnesses"?
(L) I don't exactly know what the person means... I guess it would be one or the other. Is it a window of opportunity, or is it an experiment in human consciousness?

A: We once told you that your computers would overpower you. Thus neither question is precisely to the point. Internet was initially manifested for practical purposes, then other applications were developed. It could be said that the "experiment" in consciousness appeared in reaction to more positive uses. At present the internet is more a source of confusion and propaganda than anything else. Thus the opening statement is fulfilled.

Q: (L) In other words, the overpowering of people by their computers would be the use of the internet for confusion and propaganda. Is that what we're getting at here?

A: Yes

Q: (L) So, people being taken over in their minds by disinformation, propaganda, lies and so forth on the computer are literally being taken over by their computers?

A: Yes
Next is another warning which also explains, besides the distractive influence of disinformation and propaganda, that the electromagnetic waves like microwaves associated with the use of computers are harmful since microwaves “Contour brain cell structure” leading to “fuzzy jelly-brained kids” and “just lack of depth and breadth to one’s mental and psychic abilities”
Keywords: information superhighway, cell phones, microwaves, pagers, techno-sensory toys, techno toys, jello-brained kids, contour brain cell structure
The Wave Chapter 70: You Take the High Road and I’ll Take the Low Road and I’ll Be in Scotland Afore Ye! contains after I inserted more spacing to make it look like the other excerpts:
August 15, 1998
Q: (L) Can you give me an approximate number of aliens currently interacting with, or on, or under our planet as a whole?

A: “Aliens?” What constitutes such?

Q: (L) Okay. Well then, non-human beings. Extra-terrestrials, ultra-terrestrials, and so forth.

A: These bases have naturalized the inhabitants. Anomalies occur as much because of where the bases are chosen to be located as any other factor. Magnetic faults and their inherent portals, you know!

Q: (L) This [source on the Internet] thinks that there is a rather limited number of aliens, and that people ought to get together and resist this threat because our numbers are greater. Is that, in fact, correct?

A: Not point. The question of the hour is: what is the motive? Build a house step by step, and when it is finished, you can move into the neighborhood and out of the motel.

Q: (L) Oh jeez. So, these are a bunch of aliens hanging out in motels waiting for their house to be built. That does not sound good.

A: Many of you have recently become “bedazzled” by the “information superhighway,” and its accompanying computer hardware. Gee, we wonder why?

Q: (L) Well, you told us to network. We have been networking like crazy, digging up information, reading and comparing. Yes, there is a ton of garbage out there, but if we don’t ask, how will we know?

A: Point was: who is manipulating thee? Not so much you specifically, but the others? So many kids and kids-at-heart are thunderstruck by techno-sensory toys. Those cellular phones, those pagers and the Christmas toy computers … they are like, so cool!

Q: (L) So what are you implying about these techno toys?

A: Ponder.

Q: (L) Give me a clue.

A: Fuzzy jello-brained kids.

Q: (L) Are you saying that pagers and cell phones, and techno toys that kids get for Christmas can have effects on them that turn their brains to jello?

A: In a figurative sense. All this technology represents a Brave New World. Like Huxley said: Woe is to those who have been led to eat their brains for lunch.

Q: (L) My kids have pagers. Are pagers, in particular …

A: What do you think comprises the signal content?

Q: (L) I don’t know. What does comprise the signal content?

A: Microwaves.

Q: (L) What do these microwaves do to the individual?

A: Contour brain cell structure.

Q: (L) Do they emit a signal continuously, or only when they are being used?

A: Wave cycle low to high.

Q: (L) Well, that’s not good. How close does the pager have to be to you to have this effect?

A: Four meters. Cell phones too and television and computer screens can be transmitted through thusly.

Q: (L) When you say “contouring brain cell structure,” what would be evidence or results of such effects?

A: Increasingly narrow outlooks and being unable to employ discriminatory thinking.

Q: (L) Confusion?

A: No. Just lack of depth and breadth to one’s mental and psychic abilities.

Q: (A) Now, about pagers … we were told that pagers emit some radiation, which can be detrimental up to a distance of four meters. As far as I understand a pager is a passive device, a receiver. It is not emitting anything. How can a pager be detrimental?

A: Microwave “bounce effect.”

Q: (A) So, they bounce from the receiver … I see.

A: Cell phones too.

Q: (L) Is there any kind of device that we can build or purchase that can emit a blocking signal?

A: Knowledge protects.
Above it was for meters in the following it is two, the idea is distance. The power of the signal follows the inverse-square law. If one doubles the distance the power per area unit is about one quarter.
Keywords: EM frequencies, emotional manipulation, WiFi, mental blocking, frequency similarity, safety measures, remedies, silk, Faraday cage
Session 3 January 2009
A: "Beamed" and otherwise. Hitchhikers and image formation and projection along with emotional manipulation via [planchette is moving too fast for Laura to call out letters, then it slows] various EM frequencies.

Q: (L) Thanks for slowing down there! (laughter) (A****) How do you protect yourself against these frequencies?

A: Few people on the planet get treated to such special attention.

Q: ...... (S) I have a question. They said "various EM frequencies". Well, what I'm thinking is the WiFi inside the house, and...

A: Very bad!!!!!!!!!!

Q: (S) Okay, so we can just use a very long ethernet cable instead of the WiFi.

A: Research frequencies and cancelling frequencies for ideas. But the main thing is mental blocking. Notice that ______ is similarly affected due to frequency similarity.

Q: (J) Frequency of the person, or frequency of the...

A: Note birth dates.

Q: .... (A****) Is this numerology based? (L) Well, I dunno, I think it's probably numerology/astrology, plus maybe the time of year and some kind of frequencies of the sun sign maybe. Is that it?

A: Yes. More or less.


Q: .... (Ark) You were asking about this WiFi, and it's bad, but I want to ask about this USB stick with the little antenna on our Asus? It radiates microwaves like cellphones. Is it strong?

A: Also bad. You would be surprised what tiny things can do. In all cases, however, there are remedies and safety measures.

Q: (S) Well, this kind of my question. Because we have cell phones that are so evil, right? The problem is that even if you never use a cell phone, there are towers EVERYWHERE. If a cell phone is on and it's close to you, that's worse, but... (L) You can't escape it all. (S) So we can obviously turn off the evil stuff, but... (L) I think there's also the stuff out there for cancelling that is dietary {like minerals}, or something you can do.

A: Silk is always good.

Q: (Ark) But coming back to this USB stick and little antenna which is probably very weak, what would be the distance from this that you would consider to be safe?

A: 2 meters.

Q: (Ark) Oh, so this is really weak. (S) Is it the same for WiFi? (discussion of evil microwaves and what to do)

A: Consider a "Faraday cage" for ___ until she is stronger.

Q: (___) They're gonna put me in a cage! Aah!! (L) Where the heck would we get one? (Ark) No, that's impossible. (J) You can build one! (L) Well, they put it in quotes, so they must have meant something special. (S) Drape silk around her bed. (Ark) Yes, because Faraday cage to prevent from microwaves would have such tiny little openings that there would be no air to breathe...

A: Scottie has the right idea.

Q: (L) What did Scottie say? (S) I was saying that if she's going to be in her bed, instead of mosquito netting, you have a silk netting. (Ark) No! A suit of armor like the warriors in the old times used. (L) I don't think that's very practical, dear. (laughter) (Ark) Silk is a Faraday cage. (S) Why silk? Why silk protects against these things is totally bizarre to me. (Ark) Well, it's made by animals. (L) It's made by caterpillars.

A: Mulberry.

Q: (L) That's what the caterpillars eat to make silk. (J) So _____ should take Mulberry extract? (laughter) (_____) And Then I can start making silk? (L) If you start doing weird things, I'm outta here! (laughter) (_____) What can I do to mentally block?

A: Right now you need help as you are ... weak. But the general principle can be understood from the term "righteous anger." If you think about the expression that the fate of the universe may depend on you it should make you angry.

Q: (L) That wasn't very clear, was it? (A****) That expression?

A: No. The fate of the universe can be altered negatively and many will suffer if you are out of the picture. That is what "they" want.

Q: (D) So your first priority has to be to stay healthy and make sure you take care of yourself. (S) We need to get you a superhero outfit. (_____) Made of silk! (laughter)

A: Each of you here tonight have a specific role to play in the coming cosmic drama. Best to always keep that in mind.

Q: (A****) Can I ask a question? (L) Yes, dear. (A****) What would be a good way to calm my anxiety?

A: Carefully avoid foods that play havoc with your system and remember that all which affects those with whom you are genetically connected can affect you also.


A: Everything. And D_____ should keep a silk scarf about her throat.

Q: (L) Do you have any? (D) Yeah. Even in the summer though? It's hot in the summer.

A: Thin silk.

Q: (D) Well, thin silk. Right, okay. [...]
Keyword. EM pollution, WiFi, susceptibility
Session 9 May 2020
Q: (Andromeda) Elvis. Well, what do we want to know?

(Chu) Anything else we can do for him?

A: Not much.

Q: (Gaby) Is he in pain?

A: Little.

Q: (L) Why Elvie? He's so sweet.

A: EM pollution and genetic susceptibility.

Q: (Pierre) But there's not much EM pollution around here.

(Scottie) Well, there's plenty. We have less than most people, but we've got a tower back there, and tower in front. You can get a 4G connection if you stand in the front yard. If you stand in the right spot in the yard, you can pick up a weak WiFi signal from some of the neighbors. Fortunately, inside the house it's good, but outside in the yard... You never get away from it entirely.
An example of how computers and the internet can assist in government disinformation programs and how microwaves can be used in the manipulation of consciousness and emotions, especially in those already susceptible, can be found in the following session.
Keywords: Disinformation program, microwave, manipulation, consciousness, emotions, Facebook
Session 13 December 2014
Q: (L) … But anyhow, that kind of leads us into our next topic, which is Eve Lorgen and her Love Bite Scenario, which has apparently been taken up by Bernhard and Humberto. They are... well, maybe you can give a little background on this, Perceval.

(Perceval) Well, I think Bernhard's been into it for quite a while. He's been into the alien abduction influence in people's lives for a long time… {Cs interrupt…}

A: Notice that Bernhard does no original work of his own, but rather attempts to ride on the coat tails of others!!!

Q: (L) Okay, hang on. I need to put my glasses on. Okay...

A: [answer comes super fast, pointer nearly flying off the board] The love bite scenario is more a government disinformation program for the weak minded and susceptible than anything else. Notice that all the effects can be easily produced with microwave manipulation of consciousness and emotions along with the normal interactions of social programming and psychopathology.

Q: (L) Uuh... WHAT was that? I think they were REALLY wanting to get that said! [laughter + review of answer]

(Perceval) Facebook.

(Pierre) So, there's not much "alien" in the Alien Love Bite.

(Perceval) Well, there's not. Whenever you talk about Carlos Castaneda and his expression: "They give us their mind," well there ya go! Until you decide to be something else, you ARE them! All the things that you project onto aliens, and all their evil intentions, it's all in you unless you choose to do something about it. But, like we were saying the other day, people who jump on the alien thing, and alien love bites, and alien ear tickles or whatever... [laughter] Whatever else they do, they jump on all of that to blame it for something that is part of themselves. And they project it out onto aliens, and they're done!

Another possible way that computer devices may influence is because they attract intelligence. This was mentioned in Session 19 November, 1994 and there is a session from 1995 that brings up a similar idea. Laura was asking questions while Frank was in trance. Laura wrote in the introduction to the transcript of the session as it appears in the published version:
[T]he information seems to be very good though, obviously, most of it is presently beyond our ability to check and verify as being true.
Keywords: Computers, faint soul imprint
Session 9 September 1995
Q: (L) Well, if the Grays are cyber-genetic probes of the Lizard Beings, and, in effect soulless, does this mean that some of the Lizard beings are also STO?

A: Well, first, no being that is given intelligence to think on its own is, in fact, completely soul-less. It does have some soul imprint; or what could be loosely referred to as soul imprint. This may be a collection of psychic energies that are available in the general vicinity. And this is stretching somewhat so that you can understand the basic ideas, even though in reality it is all far more complex than that. But, in any case, there is really no such thing as being completely soul-less, whether it be a natural intelligence or an artificially constructed intelligence. And, one of the very most interesting things about that from your perspective, is that your technology on 3rd density, which we might add, has been aided somewhat by interactions with those that you might refer to as "aliens," is now reaching a level whereby the artificially created intelligences can, in fact, begin to develop, or attract some soul imprint energy. If you follow what we are saying. For example: your computers, which are now on the verge of reaching the level whereby they can think by themselves, will begin to develop faint soul imprint.
Many years later there was more on this subject of computers attracting some soul imprint energy:
Keywords: mobile phones, - Entities love tech!
Session 21 March, 2015
(Data) I have one question. It might be silly, but I'm gonna ask it anyway. Has it ever happened since the invention of mobile phones that a text message has been sent from the spirit world to a person?

A: Many times! Entities love tech!
For possible examples: Are Our Loved Ones in Heaven Texting? If phenomena like table knocking, table floating and voices on a recorder have been mentioned in the history of psychical research, moving a few electrons in a circuit board should be possible.
Continuing in the same session:
Keywords: Wi-Fi, waves, energies, “critters”, technology, microwaves

Session 21 March, 2015
(Perceval) When they said that entities love tech, is that why they said in a previous session that Wi-Fi is evil? Can these entities in some way influence the feelings of people in a house by these waves?

A: Related, certainly. Such energies can be drawn upon by all sorts of "critters" in your environment.

Q: (L) Well, let me ask... Is it possible that this rash of Black-Eyed Children and other strange entity-related phenomena is a side effect or a result of having so much technology around?

A: Now you have opened a real can of worms!

Q: (L) So, basically by having so much technology, microwaves, and all that kind of stuff, we're basically feeding entities in other realms and enabling them to enter ours?

A: Pretty much! Fun for materialists galore!

Q: (L) In other words, people who believe only in technology are in for a big surprise?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Well, that's interesting.

(Perceval) Is it because those kinds of microwaves and other kinds of waves transcend, or are perceived in other dimensions?

A: Yes

Q: (Chu) Well, geez! Apple takes on a whole new meaning now!
Keyword: Electromagnetic pulse, hauntings

Session 7 November 1994
Q: (L) How do UFOs affect the electrical systems of automobiles and so forth and why is this phenomenon also associated with hauntings?

A: Electromagnetic pulse. Can be manifestations of hauntings also.

Q: (L) Would this indicate that both phenomena are originating from the same source or utilizing the same power?

A: Laura, do you not know by now that all these phenomena are interdimensional?

Q: (L) Is there something about moving from one dimension to another that creates this electromagnetic pulse?

A: Yes. Kind of like breaking the sound barrier.
Keyword: Electromagnetic fluctuations, ghost, imprint, information, electricity

Session 28 May 2013
Q: (L) Did A*** really see a ghost in the house recently?

A: Imprint brought on by electromagnetic fluctuations. Get used to those too.

Q: (Andromeda) Yes. Something is fluctuating. I've been having a LOT of deja vu this last month, sometimes three times a day. It's crazy. (Belibaste) Quick question. Is there a connection between information and electricity?

A: Very close.

Q: (Belibaste) So the more information in the body, the higher the electric charge? Is there a correlation?

A: Close.

Q: (L) And the higher the electric charge, the less likely you are to attract. (Belibaste) Depending on the charge. That's where I was going to go: the correlation between positive charge and truth and negative charge and information that is orthogonal to truth. (Perceval) You can say "lies"! [laughter] (Belibaste) I heard Laura saying it, and I thought oh, that's good!

A: Sphere packing tachyons.
Keywords: DNA, electrical energy, electromagnetic wave transmission, program illusions
Session 21 December 1996
Q: (L) Of course. (A) What is the function of DNA, other than coding protein production?

A: Conductor of electricity.

Q: (L) Is that the only other function?

A: Well, as you know, electrical energy can have nearly endless applications. Examples... radio waves, neuro-transceiver for thought pattern programs facilitated through electromagnetic wave transmission, etc. Method used for creation and maintenance of program illusions, such as the perception of linear time as reality.

Q: (L) Is that it?

A: Send that.
“Electrical energy can have nearly endless applications”. Might this relate to “hypnotic and transdimensional techniques are used thereby causing electronic anomalies to follow suggestion causing perceived confirmation to occur.” mentioned in the next excerpt:
Keywords: Disinformation, electronic anomalies, knowledge protects

Session 19 November 1994
Q: (T) The object behind using the electronic ignitions, from what I have heard, whether the source is true or not I can't say, but I had a strange confirmation of part of it.

A: Beware of disinformation. It diverts your attention away from reality thus leaving you open to capture and conquest and even possible destruction.

Q: (L) Is the information about the electronic ignition systems correct?

A: Disinformation comes from seemingly reliable sources. It is extremely important for you to not gather false knowledge as it is more damaging than no knowledge at all. Remember knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. The information you speak of, Terry, was given to you deliberately because you and Jan and others have been targeted due to your intense interest in level of density 4 through 7 subject matter. You have already been documented as a "threat."

Q: (L) Can you tell Terry what event occurred (referring to "confirmation" of electronic ignition subject)...

A: Remember, disinformation is very effective when delivered by highly trained sources because hypnotic and transdimensional techniques are used thereby causing electronic anomalies to follow suggestion causing perceived confirmation to occur.
There are different ways of transmitting ideas:
Keywords: Mind control signal

Session 7 August 2001
Q: Let me ask while I've got you here, some questions from a member of our group. He is reading some material that suggests that this planet is a breeding ground for aliens, and the life cycle of the aliens, as in the Reptilians or whatever, may mimic something, such as a preying mantis. It also alludes to the suggestion that the underground of the earth is kind of a dormant stage for the female, and it is the male that is returning or that does return at the end of each epoch, and that the focus of this appears to be the great pyramid, and that if we move to STO - it doesn't say those words but it's the same - much terror can be avoided, as the return of the male dragon will die for love for the female nymph. Okay. Is the earth a breeding round for some kind of aliens as suggested in this passage?

A: No.

Q: Hmm. So this stuff that this guy has made up about this is like right out of his darkest nightmares? I mean the worst possible spin that could be put on this? It's already bad enough. So we really ought to forget this and just get some sleep at night, huh?

A: Yes.

Q: What is the source of this type of material? I mean, what kind of energy is behind it?
A: STS mind control signal.

Q: What is it designed to do?

A: Reach those that are programmed to receive.

Q: Let me ask you this - If some of these STS programming signals that are going out ... I mean, I'm assuming that some of them come from 3rd density. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Do they actually have, like, some place on the planet where these guys read science fiction books and get these really crazy theories and stories that they put together with sort of fiendish glee, and then convert them via computer into the programming code that gets beamed out into people's heads, while they sit there and just - you know - fall down on the floor laughing at what they have just done? I mean, is this possibly something that is going on [meaning in secret mind control experiments]?

A: Yes.

Q: That's sick! I mean, just take a whole HP Lovecraft novel, convert it into the programming signal and beam it out - and people are saying, "My God, the aliens told me ... it's just like HP Lovecraft said. Oh, my God!" Can you imagine? (A) And it works. (L) Sure does, doesn't it? (A) And we see what this guy RC is telling us about this egroup, and it is... What he is telling us, I think is true ... they have these capabilities ... {Referring to mind control signals being utilized in rock music, rock concerts, etc} (L) Yeah. (A) Inducing these states, and it's coming, and there will be massive programming! (L) Yup. (A) And it's coming pretty soon.
Keyword: Electromagnetic weapons, mind control
The concept of transmitting ideas into the heads of people is described in an article by Laura:
Richard Dolan’s “UFOs and the National Security State” – Something Wicked This Way Comes
With a broad historical awareness of the facts, a firm grounding in the realization that most of what is out there is deliberate disinformation, the individual who surveys the plethora of “alternative information” in books and on the internet, can easily recognize the “noise” factor produced by the Secret State. Dolan tells us:
By the early 1970s, there were already means available to alter the moods of unsuspecting persons. A pocket-sized transmitter generating electromagnetic energy at less than 100 milliwatts could do the job. This is no pie-in-the-sky theory. In 1972, Dr. Gordon J.F. McDonald testified before the House Subcommittee on Oceans and International Environment on the issue of electromagnetic weapons used for mind control and mental disruption. He stated:
[T]he basic notion was to create, between the electrically charged ionosphere in the higher part of the atmosphere and conducting layers of the surface of the Earth, this neutral cavity, to create waves, electrical waves that would be tuned to the brain waves. …About ten cycles per second. …You can produce changes in behavioral patterns or in responses.
The following year, Dr. Joseph C. Sharp, at Walter Reed Hospital, while in a soundproof room, was able to hear spoken words broadcast by ‘pulsed microwave audiogram.’ These words were broadcast to him without any implanted electronic translation device. Rather, they reached him by direct transmission to the brain. [Dolan]
Search also “micro” in: The Wave Chapter 58: Alien Reaction Machines and Mass Mind Control

Keywords: Microwave technology

Session 13 January 1995
Q: (P) {Three names were given of scientists who worked for the U.S. government, asking if they were part of the reason P had been abducted and implanted as was described in a previous session attended by P. All three names were lost in static bursts, but the response to all three names was "yes." The last name was recorded in the notes and was Bob Nathan @ JPL. Then, the following remark was made.}

A: Big involvement there! Microwave technology has many applications. Laser, ELF, electromagnetic.
Several applications are mentioned in other sessions. Some of the microwave radiation is also natural:
Keywords: Microwave, induced and natural

Session 16 July 2016
Q: (L) About the busted pipe and power outage in our house recently...

A: Energies previously discussed enhanced by increased microwave activity both artificially induced and natural. [Emphasis given to last word.]
As indicated above, there is also natural microwave radiation and usually it is considered very low compared to the man-made amount of radiation. Since the whole Solar system moves in cosmic space and as events both on the Sun and elsewhere happen, there may be fluctuations. On this page
Measurements of Microwave Radiation there are measurements with the main focus on man-made microwave radiation. They use a meter produced by Cornet. For more explanation and reviews see: How To Measure WiFi and Cell Phone Radiation. One advantage of having, or perhaps borrowing a meter, is that one can find the places in a room where there is less radiation. The measurements I have done, show that radiation will also depend on the time of the day and what people nearby are doing with their gadgets.

"Wall have ears" 1 - Satellites can monitor any conversation

Session 19 November 1994
A: Phone "taps" are no longer necessary.

Q: (L) Why?

A: Technology advancements.

Q: (L) You mean they can listen to us without tapping our phones?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) Can they listen to us over the phones even when the phones are hung up?

A: Can.

Q: (T) Can they listen to us through the t.v. through the infra-red frequency?

A: Again, technology has advanced beyond that. Walls have "ears." Satellites can monitor any conversation or meeting.

Q: (J) Is this conversation being monitored at this point in time?

A: No.

Q: (T) Can our movements be tracked through the electronic ignition systems in our cars?

A: Not necessary. You are not yet aware of the extent to which humans have been "aided" in technological advancement.

Q: (T) By whom?

A: This requires long and complicated response.
“Walls have ears” 2

Session 13 June 2015
The internet – for some a means of maintaining control, for others a means of networking.
Q: (L) Okay, the next part of that question is:
Is the internet likely to end soon?
A: If you consider the ramifications of the previous answer, not likely until the power grid goes down.

Q: (L) In other words, why would they shut down something that so easily enables them to control the masses?

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) Next question:
Is the warning about not sharing too much electronically sound, or is it more a distraction that keeps us from "leaving the [frequency] fence"?

A: Again, we believe that we have addressed this in the past: "Walls have ears".

Q: (L) In other words, there really is no way to keep anything private from those powers that want or need it. If you're worried about privacy, you're only keeping things private from other individuals or from people hacking your password and getting into your bank account. But those are things that should normally be protected anyway. Warning people to get off the grid, to not share, and to not network with each other in order to keep the PTB in the dark seems to me to be offering a false sense of security and is otherwise counterproductive, all things considered.

(Perceval) The opportunity is there to use what the PTB are using - for nefarious purposes - to instead do some good via networking.
Examples of how some of the control via computers works in practical terms
There are many sites, articles, and videos that will explain how computers can aid in the ambition to control. The following are just very few examples., has information about how the devices we use can gather information about us. See Scottie's Tech.Info or browse the list of videos:ScottiesTech.Info See for example: Even your APPS are invading your privacy! Even your APPS are invading your privacy! If the explanations of Scottie was technical, there is also something of political significance. In a meeting in the Judiciary Subcommittee in 2019, in connection with the 2016 election, Senator Cruz asked some questions to Dr. Robert Epstein who argues the big tech companies could have moved between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes in the 2016 election:
Sen. Cruz Questions Victims of Censorship on Google's Bias

The future of deep fakes with Dr. Robert Epstein Glen Beck speaks with Dr. Robert Epstein.
Dr. Robert Epstein explains the findings of his research on deep fakes online. Not only are they getting more and more sophisticated, their effect on our society is downright disturbing.
This is basically about manipulating people by adjusting information gathering and search results. In this video they mention, some
leaks published by Project Veritas. See also Tucker: Google wants to hack the 2020 election which examines Google's algorithms and how they could benefit Democrats in the 2020 election.
In this short clip "The Creepy Line" there is this segment which when transcribed reads:
Eric Schmidt "There's there's what I call the creepy line, and the Google policy about a lot
of these things is to get right up to the creepy line, but not cross it. I would argue that implanting things in your brain is a, is beyond the creepy line.
Interviewer: Mine in particular?
Eric Schmidt: Yes, yes! At least for the moment - until the technology gets better
The above discussion moves in the direction of transhumanism through technology.
Keywords: Cyborgs, transhumanism, cleansing
Session 13 June 2015
(L) Okay, next questions:
Are we going to see machines integrated in the body and a divide between people refusing and people wanting this integration?
(Galatea) Like cyborgs?

(L) I guess so.

(Pierre) Transhumanism.

A: This is already being done to some extent.

Q: (L) What about a divide between people refusing and people wanting this integration?

A: That suggests a state of advancement that will never be achieved.

Q: (L) Why will it never be achieved?

A: We refer you to previous information.

Q: (L) It won't be achieved because humanity is, in a certain sense, going to possibly become extinct. Is that approaching it?

A: Cleansing.

Q: (L) Does that refer to the session when you once said, "Nothing lasts forever, thank goodness"?

A: Yes!
The above mentioned "cleansing" may also relate to the following excerpt in
Session 23 May 2020
Keywords: EM energies, Earth's magnetic shield
(Artemis) There was the sulfur smell. Then there was also a glow in the sky that people are reporting. What about this glow in the sky?

A: EM energies stirring comet dust.

Q: (L) Well, I was just reading that the Earth's magnetic shield has dropped even lower, and it's causing problems with satellites. Is that going to be a big issue in the days to come?

A: Oh indeed. Best laid plans fail?

Q: (L) So in other words, the powers that be that are running the show aren't really as smart as they think they are...

A: Exactly.

Q: (L) They never counted on their satellites getting fried.

(Pierre) And other electronic equipment through which they monitor, control, and influence populations. It's a failing of the electronic control system.

A: Level playing field eventually. Just wait for the current to begin to flow!
Keywords: Electromagnetic fields, HAARP, cell towers, control of brainwave patterns

Session 22 February 1997
A: We told you that "HAARP" was being designated for capturing and modulating electromagnetic fields for the purpose of total control of brainwave patterns in order to establish a system of complete "order on the surface of the planet" in either 3rd or 4th density.

Q: (L) Is HAARP in operation at the present time?

A: Yes, in its early stages.

Q: (T) Is the spreading of all these communication towers out across the country the equivalent of a HAARP program on a continental scale?

A: Back up system.

Q: (L) So, they don't need the towers to operate the HAARP system, but they are there as the backup?

A: Towers serve dual and lateral purposes.

Q: (T) Local and regional authorities can use the towers to track people, amongst other things.
Keywords: Signal disrupters, HAARP
Session 28 March 2010
A: Finovroia troubleshooting. Signal disruptors have been focused on you and other group members. Fire away.

Q: (L) Well, are these signal disruptors the source of this feeling that a number of us have been having for maybe a couple of weeks now - as well as some of the really weird dreams we've been having?

A: Yes. HAARP takes its toll.
Keywords: Microwave technologies, ELF, harass

Session 25 February 1995
Q: (BP) Are they using ELF or microwave technologies specifically to do something to Caryl?

A: Give maybe.

Q: (T) Run that by us again.

A: Give maybe.

Q: (T) They are giving us a maybe. (GB) Who in the government, which branch of the government?

A: It is a complex source.

Q: (CD) Am I in physical danger?

A: That is not the point. You can be harassed.
Keywords: EM noise for, silk clothing, headgear, EM wave generator

Session 21 September 2002
Q: (A) Is it an objective fact that I think much more objectively outside than inside, as I was noticing over the past weeks?

A: Yes. It is due to long wave cluster pattern in the house.

Q: (A) Is this due to some external source?

A: Yes.

Q: (A) What is the location of the source?

A: Hidden source. Think in terms of military generators placed at specific locations for general "control."

Q: (L) So everybody is being bombarded by it so nobody can think. Everybody's asleep. (A) Why does it affect me more than Laura?

A: It doesn't. Just different symptoms.

Q: {Small exchange about Laura's physical symptoms edited out.}(A) Still, I would like to understand why being outside, why walking...

A: Geometrical structures cause "clustering."

Q: (A) Can we a) shield, b) have some antidote that would somehow weaken...

A: The best antidote is to move.

Q: (A) Yes, this is the best antidote. But, in order to move we have to do certain things - it would be nice if we could do these certain things in better mind capacity - therefore, what is the next best antidote that can be applied here, before we move?

A: Wave generator with broad-spectrum capability so as to cancel.

Q: (A) What waves: acoustic or electromagnetic?

A: EM.

Q: (A) Are such wave generators commercially available?

A: Probably not. Why not build one?

Q: (A) Okay, we can build a wave generator. What power is needed? If we build an EM wave generator, it will just create EM noise, right?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So, we'll be poisoning ourselves twice! (A) Right!

A: Unless detector that is adjustable is added and tuned to precise canceling frequency.

Q: (L) I think it would be cheaper to move. (A) A broad band wave generator, like a damaged florescent tube produces all kinds of EM noise. But if you tune the frequency. (L) Well, you have to have a detector AND a tuner. Cheaper to move.

A: Better, too!

Q: (A) There must be some way to make the body less vulnerable to these things.

A: Silk clothing and headgear.

Q: (A) I know! Aluminum pyramids! [Laughter.]

A: With silk lining.

Q: (L) What about these metallicized reflector curtains I have to keep the heat out, do they help? And don't forget that your office has that cathedral ceiling - a pyramid. They said something about the geometrical structure.

A: Yes.

Q: (A) Okay, if we change the geometric structure somehow, it would help, right? (L) We could hang something from the ceiling that moves - a ceiling fan? It would produce noise, EM, moves the air...(A) That may help. But then, if we had the ozone generator, a fan would move ions around. Ions, while they are moving, are an electric current. They would produce noise. So that may help. (L) So we need to build the ozone generator.

A: All helpful. But still the best option is sell and move.

Q: (L) You have NEVER told us that it was a good idea to sell and move. Every other time I have ever asked, the answer has been negative. Why, all of a sudden, is selling the house and moving a good idea?

A: Things are moving rapidly now.
Silk is also recommended in Session 2 December 2000 along with Radar Absorbent Material and cobber mesh. If you read the session, there is also
this comment from Laura as mentioned here. In the session itself, not so much is said about the above topics, but one can learn about the possibilities and costs of Radar Absorbent Materials, cobber mesh in more details by doing searches on the internet. Search terms could be "EMF smog protection" "electrosmog shielding" "electromagnetic field protection". On one page one reads: "Electrosmog is responsible for a condition known as electrosensitivity (ES) or electrohypersensitivity (EHS)." In some areas and countries, there are associations of people who claim to have EHS.

Keywords: Electromagnetic smog, EM pollution, food supply

Session 3 September 2008
Q: (DD) Did my living in Southern California and all the electromagnetic smog have a causal effect on this acalacia (sp?) issue? (L) What's acalacia? (DD) It's a neurological cessation of the esophagus contractions that bring food to your stomach. I was just wondering if the EM pollution was a causal factor.

A: Partly.

Q: Has moving to France reduced that?

A: Yes also change in food supply.
Maybe “food supply” here includes food quality?
Keywords: Flouride, susceptible electromagnetic pollution, how to remove fluoride

Session 5 July 1997
Q: (Laura) This couple of weeks that Ark spent in Dijon were miserable. What was the fundamental reason for these conditions and this misery?

A: Near ELF transmitter. Also the water supply is loaded with fluoride.

Q: (Laura) Okay, I did some research on the Emerald Tablets and discovered...

A: Is this all you want to know about this? We suppose if we told you "Laura, a great big rock is about to fall on your head," then you would say: "okay, now moving right along, about the Emerald tablets..."

Q: (Laura) Well, that was about Dijon. He is gone from Dijon now. Whatever it was in Gottingen, you said he would be gone soon and not to worry. So... he is no longer near the ELF transmitter... he is no longer drinking the water...

A: Fluoride is toxic, and deposits in fatty tissues, and lymph system. Aside from the obvious possible negative consequences, it can make one more susceptible to electromagnetic wave frequencies that are designed to make one open to mind alteration!

Q: (Laura) Okay. You have my undivided attention. How does he get the fluoride out of his system?

A: Recommend daily ingestion of Goldenseal root, as well as vinegar and garlic in moderation, along with up to an hour per every two days of light aerobic exercise.

Q: (Laura) Would half an hour per day be alright?

A: One hour every other day. Light at first.

Q: (Laura) Well, this sounds serious. Anything else that will help?

A: This is a good start.
That fluoride can make one susceptible to electromagnetic frequencies indicates that there for some people may be a link between electrohypersensitivity and the toxicity in the body. One could try a search for "multiple chemical sensitivity + electrohypersensitivity" or similar words.

Sharing may help to mitigate even mechanical influencing.
Keywords: Beaming, chemicals, mechanical means, sharing, communicating

Session 18 May 2019
Q: (L) Okay. In relation to diet, I've put down keeping regular hours as much as possible, having a balanced colon biota... that sort of thing. Okay, the next item on my list is: sharing impressions and troubles.

A: Big one! So many are reluctant to share thoughts, impressions, worries, fears, etc. This dramatically changes the inner landscape and can even shut down the receptors so that you are more subject to STS manipulation of thoughts and feelings via mechanical means!!

Q: (Artemis) Sharing is VERY important.

(Joe) By mechanical means?

(L) Mechanical would be chemicals, beaming, etc... So, are you saying on the other side of this that the act of communicating or communion with others or sharing can actually help to overcome some of those mechanical means of interference?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) If you're not sharing, you're basically having an inner dialog with an echo chamber. You're not getting any real feedback or information or perspectives. And then it is easy to spiral down into wrong thinking.

(L) Yeah, that's a good point: If you're not sharing, you're just in an echo chamber! If you're keeping yourself to yourself and closing up, you're in an echo chamber. Then you are more susceptible to the STS manipulations and maneuvers.

(Andromeda) And nothing can help correct it.
Summary: "Knowledge protects."Being aware of the multiple ways in which computers and electronic gadgets of all kinds may influence us in a negative way may help us to maintain good health both mentally and physically. At the same time, there is no reason to lose sight of the possibilities some of these tools provide us for networking and the sharing of information, which, if properly done, may help us to counteract the negative effects.


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The lockdowns everywhere in the world have pushed people to an even more intense use of electronic devices. Combined with the thinning of the realm curtains and " Entities love tech! ", who knows what dynamics are playing out on the individual and perhaps the collectives level behind the scene.


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I also thank you for putting this all together, @thorbiorn. Makes me realize that I have to be much more diligent with working towards reducing the amount of exposure to things like wifi and cell phones. Not an easy thing to do in my situation, but you do give some really good suggestions like using a microwave radiation meter to see how much radiation I'm actually being exposed to in my home, and then dealing with it as best I can.
Summary: "Knowledge protects."Being aware of the multiple ways in which computers and electronic gadgets of all kinds may influence us in a negative way may help us to maintain good health both mentally and physically. At the same time, there is no reason to lose sight of the possibilities some of these tools provide us for networking and the sharing of information, which, if properly done, may help us to counteract the negative effects.
Totally agree!


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Thanks for sharing thorbiorn, important information for understanding the mess humanity is in.


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Thank you for the compilation.

Can we chat further about the whole 'soul imprint' thing, as in, what is meant by artificial intelligences beginning to develop a soul imprint?

I do the "AI" thing for a living, and... I mean, at the most fundamental level, all that's going on is just a regression equation - you draw the line through the scatterplot.

To take that from a line to a "neural network", we start tossing functions upon functions on, usually in the form of a logistic function, although convolutions and recurrence have driven lots of fun and interesting advances lately.

But at the end of the day, it's just math, a tremendous amount of linear algebra, even if the exact details of everything going on in there are nigh impossible to fully understand beyond mechanics. And then, would that be it? The most elementary workings of a brain that cannot be understood as anything other than a 'soul', of sorts?

Is this one of those 'as above, so below' things, with our AIs being like 4D deciding to create a new critter from thought alone?


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6:43 AM PDT 10/13/2020 by Georg Szalai
The telecom giant had inherited the majority stake in the Prague-based TV networks operator when it acquired Time Warner.
WarnerMedia parent AT&T's $1.1 billion sale of a majority stake in Central European Media Enterprises to Czech businessman Petr Kellner's PPF Group closed on Tuesday.

AT&T, led by CEO John Stankey, decided last year to sell the asset. It had acquired the stake in the Prague-based TV networks operator when it bought Time Warner, now WarnerMedia. The company operates networks in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

The European Union earlier this month approved the Central European Media (CME) deal, with the latter's management team then saying the transaction would close this week.

Under terms of the deal, AT&T receives $1.1 billion in cash and is also relieved of a $575 million debt guarantee. "The sale is consistent with AT&T’s ongoing efforts to monetize non-core assets to drive incremental shareholder value," the telecom giant said. "The company plans to continue to focus on lowering its net debt to strengthen its balance sheet and will remain opportunistic around opportunities to further improve its borrowing costs."

Time Warner initially acquired its CME holding in 2009, paying $242 million for a 31 percent stake, which it later raised.

AT&T has been exploring the sale of non-core assets to cut its debt load, which stood at $152 billion as of midyear. The telecom giant has also been to be looking at divesting a stake of slightly more than 50 percent of satellite TV unit DirecTV.

ATT EMEA Corporate Backgrounder Feb 2011 FINAL
AT&T in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
WIFI only.
AT&T has people based in 31 countries across Europe with a workforce of over5000. Significant resources are located in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Slovakia, Italy and the Nordics, amongst others.AT&T has a strong network footprint in the region: AT&T manages six state-of-the-art internet data centers inBirmingham, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London(x2)and Paris and we provide business services that are accessed from 96countries across EMEA from over 1840 MPLSservice nodes. The AT&T network is accessible from64,500 remote access points in 95 countries in EMEA,including access to Wi-Fi over 62,000 “hot spots” in 52 countries (through roaming agreements).AT&T provides customers with 24x7 customer care in six languages.


Three state-of-the-art Internet Data Centers (Birmingham and London x 2), nationwidenetwork of MPLS enabled POP’s and access –via roaming agreements -to over 10,300 WiFi hotspots

A nationwide network with key network points of presence with MPLS enabled infrastructure in 16 German cities.

Frankfurt host one of AT&T’s Internet data Centres (IDCs)and customers have access –via roaming agreements -to over 10,500 WiFi hotspots

Nationwide infrastructure (with MPLS pop’s in cities such as Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseilles, Nantes, Sophia Antipolis, Strasbourg, Paris x3) and Internet Data Centre in Paris, and access–via roaming agreements -to over 11000 WiFi hotspots

Local headquarters in Madrid with facilities in Barcelona and access –via roaming agreements –to over 600 WiFi hotspots

Key part of AT&T North region (Benelux and Nordics)

Nationwide infrastructure in all major business locations and access –via roaming agreements -to over 1600 WiFi hotspots

Keywords: Signal disrupters, HAARP
Gift shop:HAARP - High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program

The following merchandise is available to purchase at the Geophysical Institute store.

Aerial tour of the 33-acre ionospheric research instrument (IRI). Radio waves from the IRI interact with the atmosphere, and can be adjusted to different angles. Info helps researchers gain insight into other irregularities that occur in the ionosphere naturally, like the aurora

Are Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio emissions a significant factor in the precipitation of energetic particles from the radiation belts?


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A group of European nations has expressed concern that the growing popularity of falsehoods and conspiracy theories surrounding wireless technology could hinder the EU’s progress towards meeting its 5G goals.

The group voiced its worries over the “escalating disinformation” around the effects of exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) and 5G technology, as well as the “increased activity of the anti-5G movement across the European Union.”

We call on the European Commission to work with the Member States to implement measures which counter disinformation regarding EMFs and 5G. EU should take an active, long-term and systemic approach in this field.

The letter was signed by Portugal, Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, and Cyprus.

Wireless technology has long been dogged by beliefs that it causes various health problems, ranging from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease and depression. In 2020, the list of supposed negative effects was added to by false allegations that 5G causes Covid-19. As result, at least 77 phone masts were burned down across the UK between April and May, Business Insider reported, citing industry group Mobile UK.

In their letter, the EU member states argued that these “acts of vandalism against telecommunication infrastructure” hinder the EU’s efforts to “meet its ambitious 5G goals.”
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