Trauma Releasing Exercises / Exercices de "déblocage" des traumas


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In the same vein as EE & Peter Levine (author of "Awakening tiger", etc.), I've just stumbled upon this book :
Dans la même veine qu'EE & Peter Levine (auteur de "Réveiller le tigre", etc.), je viens juste de tomber sur ce livre :
La méthode T.R.E. pour se remettre d'un stress extrême


I ignore what it's worth. If anyone reads it, please write a comment. Thanks !
J'ignore ce qu'il vaut. Si quelqu'un le lit, SVP écrivez un commentaire. Merci !


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TRE as been mention elsewhere on the forum.

I have order the book some time ago.
I have also order the dvd Trauma Releasing Exercises Step By Step Video Instruction and Demonstration from

I have done the exercises few times. The trembling were impressive the first times.
It is very relaxing and it seems to help with my back pain.

I haven't done the exercises for a while because of restrictive living space but I will try them again as soon as possible.
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