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Here is my tribute in photo's and video’s to the beautiful planet we call home. Feel free to share your own finds 🙂

Location: Unknown

Bergen bloemen.jpg

Location: North/South pole?


Location: Slot Neuschwanstein, Germany

Slot Neuschwanstein.jpg

Location: Unknown

Voice of Nature Photo.jpg

Location: Japan

Japan Travel We often describe places as magical, mind-blowing, phenomenal, or amazing – and ….jpg
Kalyazin, Russia.



It is interesting to note that whenever impending tragedy and hardship strikes Russia, people hear the tower's master bell ringing. This was also the case at the time when Hitler invaded Russia. Like it's trying to warn the Russian people. Impossible since the Bolsheviks dismantled the bell of the upper tower (Ringing church bells was forbidden in the Soviet Union). The bell rested at the bottom of the tower. But the bell kept ringing whenever disaster struck the motherland. The Soviet authorities even went so far as to eventually bury it deep underground.

Will we hear the bell ring again soon?

More info about this, source:

It was decided to dismantle the main bell, but the problem was that it weighted 16.6 tonnes. This giant was cast in 1895 in honor of the accession to the throne of Emperor Nicholas II. It looked like the perfectly made thing from the “old world” couldn’t bear such mistreatment. It dropped down through all the five tiers of the tower. To raise it from the water was impossible, and the bell was forgotten.

It’s said that in early June of 1941, people started to hear rare and initially quiet strikes of the flooded bell. Strikes became increasingly louder and more frequent, and in the night of June 21/22, the bell was ringing almost continuously. In the morning, people heard that Hitler’s army had attacked their motherland, but they had already been warned about the approaching disaster by the bell of the flooded city of Kalyazin.

After the war, the administration of the Tver region decided to “calm” the troublemaker. Divers immobilized the bell clapper to exclude the possibility of ringing, but in 1979, people heard it again, and on 25th December, Soviet troops crossed the border of Afghanistan. The bell had warned people, again. This time, the administration created a tiny artificial island around the bell tower to bury the restless bell not only under water, but also underground.
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Thank you for the beautiful pictures! I have collected many photo's over the years that have captured my interest and here are a few. No known locations either.


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This such a FUN thread with so many beautiful photos 💕

I feel like I am in heaven !!!!!!

No wait - it is part of the 3D earth scenery. But seriously, it love how you guys collect and show off so many brilliant photos that have been taken, some of you, some of other people. It also reminds me of that photography - even in an exaggerated style like some photos made with - still - they all are great medium to share with others, the beauty of many locations around the world !

I am in awe !
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