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Unique trees and plants that you probably don't see every day.

Edithcolea grandis (Kenia) _ 5 seeds.jpg

Puya alpestris

Puya alpestris (saffier toren)_10 zaden.jpg

Black Stapelia

Black Stapelia.jpg

Columnea gloriosa

Columnea gloriosa (Goldfish Plant) World of Flowering Plants.jpg

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees

Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees Look Spray-Painted.jpg Growing Rainbow Trees.jpg

Victoria water lily (And yes, they are quite large!)

Eco-photos of the week Aug_ 21-27.jpg

succulents plants

Succulents Planter - Indoor, Outdoor & DIY Options.jpg

Desert Rose Tree


Haworthia cooperi

15 Strange And Beautiful Houseplants You Need To Know About(1).png

Rafflesia cantleyi

Pin van Sarosh Ghandy op orchids Zeldzame bloemen, Bloeiende planten, Orchideeën.jpg

Burgundy Night Sky petunia

Stunning Galaxy Flowers Look Like They Hold the Universe in Their Petals.jpg


Whirligig daisies.jpg

Echium wildpretii

Echium wildpretii Tower of Jewels.jpg

Poppy heirloom

Poppy 'Heirloom' ~ 1st Flower of its kind this Season.jpg

There are many more admirable and even otherwordly plants and trees, too much even to be shared by one person. These were just a few, I hope you liked it :)


The Living Force
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True beauty unites us, raises our vibration and opens our hearts. Everything the NWO hates.

This is all by design:

Former President Donald Trump's attempt to favor classical architecture got the ax on Wednesday as part of a sweeping scrapping of Trump-era executive orders by President Joe Biden.

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