TTP: An Alternative to Nihilistic Postmodernism: Whitehead's Process Philosophy


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Mentioned in the show is British mathematician and philosopher Alfred North Whitehead's (1861–1947) **eternal objects and ideal template theory.

Isn't it curious that this whole peculiar, spiritual philosophical movement affected a lot of people then. His contemporary, Reverend George Vale Owen (1860-1931), who wrote a five book series titled "The Life Beyond The Veil, that were spirit messages received and written down via automatic writing, describes a surprisingly similarly ordered world.

Owen describes in his books the higher densities as a strictly onion layered mega-universe. Probably encompassing multiple galaxies, well beyond our Milky Way, where we go after death and the new arrivals, the newbie spirits can only see the lowest, basic introductory levels: everything else is invisible to them. Higher level realms / density-layers and its inhabitants become only visible, when a higher level being touches the newbie or a newbie (spirit of a recently died human) attains higher Being.

What is remarkable, I think, that Owen appears to completely "mirror" Whitehead's theory by describing it in his own words and with non-scientific understanding. How the two men's accounts are similar is breathtaking!

**For example, Owen writes that as we [after death] evolve and increase our Being, we gain access to realms that are less and less physical - but more closer to the divine ideal -, where matter is finer and finer: also the "atomic ideal structure" of these higher levels / densities become more majestically ordered, built up of higher and higher energy and absolutely more beautiful in sound, color intensity and color wavelenght, as the senses powerully widen even more. In one of those higher level realms Owen described Cathedral Trees, that were still recognizably trees, only imagine a simple country parish and then look at a majestic cathedral, like the one in Milan or the Cologne Cathedral. Then imagine an ordinary oak tree at the level of that country parish then you might be able to imagine, what those Cathedral Trees looked like at the architectural level of the Milan or Cologne ones!
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