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Jedi Master
I have been creatively busy recently!
I published this iOS app: ‎Twist a Tweet
Designed a support web site for it: Twist-a-Tweet
Wrote a story on its background: Twist-a-Tweet app; Behind story.
and what it may bring: Twist-a-Tweet app. Story continues.

In its core it is a brain training exercise:
As a utility app, it converts static texts into dynamic streams. As a game, you can play with its parameters, like the speed of transitions, size, colors, etc. making it all but impossible to comprehend. Alas, the more you play with it, the faster the speed of your comprehension becomes. You brain is being trained without you even noticing... And this is the main purpose of the app - a brain training exercise.

The app is free with no pesky ads. It respects your privacy and does not collect any user's data. You can share your twists to various social media sites (depending on a in-app purchased options), email and tweeting is free as well.
If you point your iPhone/iPad to this QR, it will take you straight to the app in Apple's online app store:
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