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There is not much awareness in the West about UFO and paranormal events in Russia. There are people like Paul Stonehill and George Knapp who do talk about such cases, but still a lot is unknown due to a language barrier. I decided to look into it and see if we can gain some insight.

Here is an incident that is very weird and was mentioned both in the Soviet and the West media at the time.

Petrozavodsk phenomenon. Below is the concise version, but you also can read the wiki page about it, including the collage of what people described. On the upper left corner is a supposedly real footage of the object. That was taken with a camera.


So the question to the C's would be: What exactly happened on September 20, 1977 in the nothern regions of the USSR nd Finland, that later was called a Petrozavodsk phenomenon. What was it? What was the nature of it?

❓PETROZAVODSK Phenomenon (Petrozavodskoye divo) - an anomalous phenomenon that occurred around 4 a.m. on September 20, 1977 and was accompanied by mass UFO sightings in the northern regions of the USSR and in Finland.

❓The most impressive sightings were made in Petrozavodsk, where a huge jellyfish-like object was reported by random night passersby to have hovered over the city.

❓The eyewitnesses first saw the appearance of a bright star that slowly moved from west to east. The visible diameter of the "jellyfish" is estimated to be several more than 100 m, and the hovering altitude of 5-7 km.

❓It passed strictly along Lenin Street, the main street of the city, then stopped, increased in size and took the shape of a luminous jellyfish, while showering the city with many thin ray-like red "hollow jets", which gave the impression of heavy rain.

❓Apparently due to the action of these "jets" in the morning, round holes were found in the windows of the upper floors of the houses. Melted glass "tortillas" were lying on the window sills.

❓ Physicists could not identify the chips, the physical nature of these rays was also unclear, since even a powerful laser does not produce such an even, crack-free chip. Rarely at such an early morning, cars were stopped by stalled engines under the influence of this "something".

❓ After hovering over the main street UFO moved to the port area on Lake Onega, hovered over the dry cargo ship "Volgobalt" and repeated irradiation for 10-12 minutes. Then it departed upwards over the lake.

❓The reports about these observations leaked to the press, before and after that did not publish information about UFO sightings. In addition to this object in neighboring settlements eyewitnesses saw dozens of other unidentified objects.

["Izvestia", "Pravda", "Soviet Russia", 23.09.1977].

Here's an article in English about it.

And there is also anomalous zone that is similar to Skinwalker Ranch. Specifically the "Molebsky triangle". The concise version is below:


🛸 MOLEBSKY TRIANGLE (M- triangle or Perm zone) is a well-known geoanomalous zone located opposite the village of Molebki (on the border of the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions) on the left bank of the Sylva River.

🛸 The discoverer of this zone is the Perm geologist Emil BACHURIN, who in the winter of 1983 discovered among the snow a circular trace with a diameter of 62 meters.

🛸 Thanks to the propaganda activities of journalist Pavel MUKHORTOV from Riga, many fans of the mysterious in the USSR and abroad learned about the existence of the zone, and the peak of visits to the zone by numerous amateur and professional expeditions came in 1989-1991.

🛸 Further research showed the presence of a strong biolocation anomaly in the zone.

🛸 Huge black figures, glowing orbs and other bodies were observed in the zone, allegedly demonstrating intelligent behavior: they lined up in regular geometric figures, watched expedition members, flew away when approaching a stranger, etc.

🛸 In September 1999, during the 70th Cosmopoisk expedition, sound mirages were repeatedly observed in this area.

🛸 Everyone present several times clearly heard the sound of an approaching motor, a "humming car" even drove out into the clearing, but.... no one saw the car itself. According to the tracks in the surrounding taiga, there had been no cars at all for many months.

🛸 The location of the zone is quite well known to ufologists and tourists. In the early 1990s, when the number of visits to the zone by tourists exceeded the permissible limits, it became almost impossible to conduct any research in the area (there were cases of falsification of traces of alleged UFOs, which were made by tourists for joking purposes).

🛸 In the press there was information that the Perm anomalous zone ceased to exist, and in the mid-90s, the tourist business in this place significantly decreased.

There is much more information about the Molebsky zone and the research/measurements that were done there.

The question to the C's: Is the the Molebsky triangle in Russia an anomalous zone similar to the SkinwalkerRange. If so, what is the nature of the phenomena. If not, in what way it is dissimilar and what is the nature of what was happening there.
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Dear Keit,

Yep, i have heard of a lot Karelia cases.
There are a lot of Soviet military commanders revelations about UFOs in that region as well.

"UFO accident": what abnormal event happened in Karelia after Gagarin's flight

"Petrozavodsk phenomenon" is the name of the anomalous phenomena that took place in the Karelian capital in the late 1970s. But it turns out that back in 1961, just a few days after Gagarin's flight, inexplicable events began to occur in Karelia. It was then that a local forester came across a huge pit with black balls on the Corbozer. Some sources report that around 8 a.m. on April 28, 1961, that is, just 15 days after the legendary flight of Yuri Gagarin, people living near Korbozer, a small branch of Lake Onega, saw a rounded object in the sky that was moving low above the ground. Suddenly, the object changed its trajectory, cutting an angle, hit the ground, but there was no catastrophe. The object continued to fly and soon disappeared from sight. However, M.B. Gerstein, the author of the Encyclopedia of UFOs, claims that local residents interviewed by police officers, on the contrary, showed that they did not observe anything like this that morning. Unexplained phenomena followed after the discovery of the "consequences of the UFO turn." They were found on the same day by forester V.M. Brodsky. He immediately informed the military and the KGB. Sappers of the Leningrad Military District, including mine clearance specialist V.I. Demidov, as well as divers with all necessary equipment arrived at Korbozero. Apparently, the listed persons appeared on the spot only a few days later, because residents, especially women, informed the police that for two nights after Brodsky made his sensational find, they heard a rumble from the lake that resembled the noise of aircraft engines.

Divers could not find any unidentified flying object at the bottom of the Corbozer. But the experts had enough work without it. The fact is that without any explosion, a crater 27 meters long, 15 meters wide and about 3 meters deep formed on the shore of the lake. One end of the pit almost touched the reservoir, and its continuation was a huge sagebrush, pierced by an unknown object in the lake ice. At the bottom there was earth and patches of frozen turf, which lay in narrow and long "paths". Experts also noticed that very little ice floated in the polynya. Most likely, the impact was so fast and strong that the ice simply did not rise to the surface, but was pressed to the bottom. According to Andrey Suldin, author of the publication "History of the USSR", experts found small black balls in the pit, painted from below in a bright emerald color. The collected "grains" were sent for analysis. It turned out that they are not destroyed either in sulfuric acid or in its mixture with hydrofluoric acid. From the "grains" it was only possible to obtain a powder (in general, the balls were easily rubbed just between the fingers), which, however, also did not dissolve even in hydrochloric acid. Leningrad chemists unequivocally stated that such balls are of non-natural origin, and can be produced only with high-temperature processes.

The researchers concluded that the unidentified body collided with the ground at high speed, tore out the frozen soil, part of which was found in the water. Then the object (most likely cylindrical in shape) drilled through the bottom of the Corbozer, not only leaving a characteristic trail behind it, but also pushing the ground in front of it, forming a shaft about 1.5 meters high. The version about the meteorite was immediately excluded, as well as the versions about the explosive device and the spy plane. The specialists found themselves in a difficult situation. Moreover, the analyses of the seized black balls, as well as soil and water, did not show any deviations from the norm. Even the radiation level was within acceptable limits. The mystery of Korbozer was never solved. But the incredible incidents did not end there. In 1970, ufologist Yu.M. Raitarovsky came to the site of the "UFO accident", who noticed that the funnel was literally buried in all kinds of vegetation. 8 years later, an expedition led by E.S. Gorshkov visited the same place. The members of the expedition, like Raitarovsky, drew attention to the exuberant flora. Actually, at that time the crater was already completely absorbed by the forest. And this despite the fact that the pit, left over from some construction of the pre-war years, was perfectly visible. In 1979, when the mine clearance specialist V.I. Demidov visited Korbozero again, several more water samples were taken, but again nothing abnormal was found.

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