UFO sightings in decline: Good or bad sign?!


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A couple of recent reports, based on UFO sighting numbers, which have apparently fallen off a cliff...

Our Skies Are More Watched Than Ever, So Why Are Reported UFO Sightings on the Decline?

Gizmodo, 2nd July 2018

Reported UFO sightings have been declining in the United States for the last few years, according to the statistician tasked with making sense of all the data acquired by the leading civilian UFO investigation group.

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is a non-profit that investigates reports of UFO sightings. The group encourages people who have close encounters to report their sightings on the MUFON site. The organization claims it receives about 7,000 reports per month—but numbers have been on a steady decline since around 2012.

“There definitely has been a fall off of late,” MUFON statistician David C. Korts told Gizmodo. “It hasn’t been a straight line. But in looking at those numbers, it was a peak in 2012 and it’s been a 30 to 40 percent drop from 2012 to 2017.”

Korts is a retired statistician who is currently studying the data to learn more about UFO sightings, like where they occur the most and how they’re changing over time.

Korts isn’t the only one who has noticed the shift. Cheryl Costa—a writer who was named International UFO Congress’s 2018 Researcher of the Year—recently reviewed reported sightings data from both MUFON and the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) over the last 17 years, and reported her findings in the Syracuse New Times. Her analysis showed that after a steady increase in sighting reports from 2001 to 2012, reports have been on the decline.

While both MUFON and NUFROC take online reports of sightings, MUFON field investigators examine reports and attempt to filter out hoaxes, mistakes, and objects that can be identified. According to Korts, MUFON ends up clearing out about half the reports that people submit. “I work with a highly filtered, highly clean data set,” Korts explained.

With this data set, he hopes to see how certain UFO shapes (like saucers and triangles) and colors, have increased or decreased over time. And he wants to find which areas have more and less sightings, after adjusting for factors like population and area size. But one thing is already very apparent: fewer people are reporting sightings.

“At this point, it’s unclear. It’s perplexing,” he said. “I don’t know why it is. I think it’s an interesting question. That’s the kind of thing you discover by doing this kind of work.”

This is a curious trend, given that almost every other aspect of our world is better documented than ever before. More people are carrying cameras on them and more people have access to the internet and can therefore share their strange observations.

And here's that Syracuse New Times piece:

Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find

Syracuse New Times, 5th June 2018

UFO sightings are in a slump!

Longtime researchers have known that there is a six- to seven-year up-and-down UFO sighting cycle. During this cycle the UFO sightings seem to rise incrementally from a baseline number, hit a peak, then decline back toward the baseline. Then the process typically starts all over again.

Using newly compiled numbers based on NUFORC (National UFO Reporting Center) and MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) sighting databases, we now have a national picture of sightings spanning the first 17 years of the 21st century.

Between 2012 and 2014 we had a peak average of 13,500 yearly sighting reports. Then in 2015, the yearly sightings reports fell from the peak average of 11 percent to 11,975. In 2016 the sighting reports continued to fall to 21 percent from the peak average to 10,602.

It was at this point I thought the sighting numbers would start climbing again, but NO! The yearly sightings reports sustained a downward trend from the peak average to 7,837. That’s a whopping 41 percent drop from the three-year peak average years.

During the 2016 to 2017 period, New York state rose to No. 4 nationally, rising from the No. 6 spot for individual state UFO sightings. Yet even the Empire State has seen a staggering drop in sighting reports to a number not seen since 2010. During the peak average period from 2012 to 2014, New York averaged 577 sighting reposts, but in 2017 that number fell to 325, down 43 percent.

I wish to offer some speculation. In both the national graph and the New York state graph we see relatively flat sighting report numbers from 2001 to 2006. This flatness is considered an artifact of reporting, as broadband internet access was still growing in most areas. Access to broadband is a major driver in people having routine use of web reporting services such as NUFORC and MUFON.

Using both the national and the New York state charts, between 2006 and 2010 we start seeing a rise-and-fall pattern. Then in 2011 we clearly see the rise cycle start again. Many researchers think that the unusual 2012 reporting spike was simply because of the Mayan calendar media ballyhoo that simply had more people outside looking up. Taking that spike into consideration, the classic seven-year UFO sighting cycle is clearly shown from 2011 to 2017.

The big question is will the sighting trend continue downward to a new baseline or start cycling upward again?

A word of caution from a wise man: “For every complex problem there is a simple answer, which is usually wrong.”


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Well, this decline is interesting and reminds me of the session of 22 Feb 1997 which somehow seems to apply exactly today, though back then we certainly had a foretaste:

Q: (L) Ok, we have several things that we discussed earlier, is there anything you wish to say before we launch into questions?

A: Underground bases see dramatic budget increase. (Consider the gargantuan military budget recently passed)

Q: (L) Ok, why do they have a budget increase?

A: Because there is much more activity to come.

Q: (L) Ok, what kind of activity?

A: Broad range.

Q: (L) Can you list, say, the top three?

A: Experimentation, utilization and implementation.

Q: (L & T) Of what?

A: Human "resources." Plan falling into place for "harvest."

Q: (T) The new underground bases, along with all the old ones are for the coming harvest?

A: And other purposes of STS forces' plans.

Q: (T) And other STS plans... (L) What is this thing called 'The Harvest'?

A: What do you think?

Q: (L) Well, is that harvest in a negative event, or harvest in a positive one? I mean, as in the harvesting of the wheats and the tares...

A: Either/or.

Q: (L) Ok, now you say the plans are falling into place. What specific events of the past, say, several weeks, or months, whatever period of time set aside, are these plans that are falling into place? I mean, what's the key in the lock?

A: Have you been paying attention, as we have always suggested you should?

Q: (L) Of course! I just asked you because I wanted you to enumerate! Of course I'm paying attention!

A: Lately, there has been diversion for you.

Q: (L) Well, it doesn't mean I'm asleep! (VG) Can I ask a question? If this is because there's much more activity, and things are dramatically increasing, what has come to them, or whatever...

A: VG mentioned the weather. Was that a bit "nippy" for you in central Europe in December and January, Arkadiusz? (After the "flood of the millennium in Poland in summer 1996, the winter of 1997 was brutal.)

Q: (T) VG mentioned the weather, and the changes in it. What was the name of that movie we watched up in Tallahassee, I forgot the name of it...

{T then spoke about a science fiction movie we saw. Aliens were here among us, and were plotting to affect the weather in such a way as to make the planet uninhabitable for us, but perfect for them. Naturally, there was secrecy and cover-ups. Then the subject moved to the cell phone towers that were noted in rural areas of North Florida. This then lead to a question about the cell phone towers. First part of question lost.}

Q: (T)...transmit to us and back... what can be transmitted? Can the negative energy be focused through these microwave towers? (VG) And what was the correlation between the strange weather and the harvesting? (L) Because we were told that the weather changes were due to the energy buildup of the wave. That was two years ago. And it had nothing to do with the 'harvest.' (T) But it could also be that HAARP adds to it. (J) Ok, well, let's ask... (L) Well, they would love for us to think that HAARP has something to do with weather. 'Yes, we're having bizarre weather. Let's blame it on HAARP!' because we're going to think about HAARP... What a perfect... (T) Well, HAARP has a lot more to do than just the weather. They can put all the energy-based stuff that they've been experimenting on in one place, because they can do whatever they want, just by changing the frequencies... (J) Or, even just continue to mess the weather up, to continue to create negative vibrations, worry and uncertainty... (VG) I guess the point I'm trying to get at is, are these weather changes promoting some changes in the physical body, that's making the physical body more 'harvestable?' (T) Could very well be. (L) Well, it's all interconnected, but I wouldn't say that one is the cause of the other, just to say that they occur... (T) But why, as we were talking about earlier, is all this weird stuff going on all through the media? (A very relevant question for today...)

A: We told you that "HAARP" was being designated for capturing and modulating electromagnetic fields for the purpose of total control of brainwave patterns in order to establish a system of complete "order on the surface of the planet" in either 3rd or 4th density.

Q: (L) Is HAARP in operation at the present time?

A: Yes, in its early stages.

Q: (T) Is the spreading of all these communication towers out across the country the equivalent of a HAARP program on a continental scale?

A: Back up system.

Q: (L) So, they don't need the towers to operate the HAARP system, but they are there as the backup?

A: Towers serve dual and lateral purposes.

Q: (T) Local and regional authorities can use the towers to track people, amongst other things. (L) Is the weather being controlled or changed or in any way affected by HAARP?

A: Climate is being influenced by three factors, and soon a fourth.

Q: (L) All right, I'll take the bait; give me the three factors, and also the fourth!.

A: 1) Wave approach. 2) Chlorofluorocarbon increase in atmosphere, thus affecting ozone layer. 3) Change in the planet's axis rotation orientation. 4) Artificial tampering by 3rd and 4th density STS forces in a number of different ways. Be vigilant. Be observant. Be cautious in your planning and be aware. Do not let emotional anomalies cloud your knowledge base. This is not a "time" to let one's guard down. Be especially careful of travel to unfamiliar locators, as well as sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings!!! You are being watched. Or, at least, it is best to assume you are, and act, think, and prepare accordingly. Remember what you have been warned about concerning attack. As you learn more and know more, you become more interesting... and, when your ranks swell, you are more vulnerable unless you are more aware!!

Q: (L) All right, were those given in the order in which they are occurring? The fourth being the one that's coming later?

A: Maybe, but remember this: a change in the speed of the rotation may not be reported while it is imperceptible except by instrumentation. Equator is slightly "wider" than the polar zones. But, this discrepancy is decreasing slowly currently. One change to occur in 21st Century is sudden glacial rebound, over Eurasia first, then North America. Ice ages develop much, much, much faster than thought. [Discussion of new scientific theory recently presented that the earth is expanding.]

Q: (T) Is the Earth expanding? That's just putting it bluntly, but, is the Earth expanding, how did you put that? (A) Yes, that's the theory: the idea is that the continents move away because the Earth is expanding, and this is much faster than you know, than geologists were thinking.

A: Continental "drift" is caused by the continual though variable, propelling of gases from the interior to the surface, mainly at points of magnetic significance.

Q: (J) What causes the change in the axis?

A: By slow down of rotation. Earth alternately heats up and cools down in interior.

Q: (L) Why does it do that? What's the cause of this?

A: Part of cycle related to energy exerted upon surface by the frequency resonance vibrational profile of humans and others.

Q: (T) Now we took it off on a tangent. (L) Well, we need to wrap it up soon here. Is there anything further on this harvest, or on the planetery changes that we need to get to at this point?

A: Ask.

Q: (T) Ok, let's go back to the beginning of the session, when we were talking about the acceleration/expansion on underground bases in preparation for the harvest. Is that world-wide, we're talking here?

A: Yes, but United States is focus, due to particularly cooperative power structure profile.

Q: (T) Do we want to ask about the power structure profile? (L) No, we know what that is; they agreed to work with them. But, what I would like to know is what particular steps are being taken, what particular activities are being stepped up?

A: Acquisition, staging, testing of planned activity.

Q: (L) And what is the planned activity?

A: Control of absolutely everything.

Q: (L) Well, swell! (T) That's the one world government! That's what they want! (L) OK, is there anything in particular that we can do to...

A: Knowledge protects, ignorance endangers. Awareness makes you less vulnerable, both directly and indirectly. Heard anything about synthetic blood, and blood and plasma alteration lately?

Q:(L) There's a can of worms for you! All right, I'll bite! Go ahead, tell us about the synthetic blood and the blood plasma. (T) There's probably been a lot of research into that...

A: Less "mutes" needed. ... Bio and cyber/genetic humanoid types now increasing exponentially in general population.


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That "particularly cooperative power structure" has taken a battering since the Crimea counter-move in 2014, the Syria counter-move in 2015, and Eurasian integration unfolding in the background. Maybe, if the US is not 'running optimally', there is less 'traction' for UFOs?


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That "particularly cooperative power structure" has taken a battering since the Crimea counter-move in 2014, the Syria counter-move in 2015, and Eurasian integration unfolding in the background. Maybe, if the US is not 'running optimally', there is less 'traction' for UFOs?

I doubt that is the answer. Things are pretty hairy right now!


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Synthetic Blood Products and the DoD
Published on Apr 12, 2018
DoD_HDIACVerified account

Description The Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center (HDIAC) is a Department of Defense (DoD) sponsored organization.

The purpose of HDIAC is to leverage the best expertise from industry, other government agencies, and academia to solve the government's toughest scientific and technical problems. Learn more about HDIAC at https://www.hdiac.org/


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Maybe people are too enchanted by pied touch-screens of there smartphones... they seem not to be able to register a incoming car while crossing the street - let alone saucers flying by. Few people even raise their head up... to look at the skies....

Ursus Minor

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I used to cut out newspaper articles about UFO's in the 70's and 80's. I found that subject extremely fascinating back then. When the Roswell story began popping up in the 1990's it became clear that the military industrial complex had had some 40 years to back-engineer recovered ship wrecks.
From then on you could never be sure whether UFO's were alien or not. Remember that RA had already communicated the existence of 481 unmanned arial vehicles in possession of the secret government back in 1981.

I have actually been losing interest in UFO sightings since the bulk of them were usually of "lights in the sky" nature.

So why are reported UFO sightings on the decline and is it a good or a bad sign?

Maybe they have been developing better cloaking devices?

The RA session #48 (April 22, 1981) may be of interest:

(...) "Since Orion entities cause the [UFO] flaps, what is Orion's reward for visibility in that they actually create greater opportunities in the dissemination of information such as this information at those times?"

RA: I am RA. This assumption is incorrect. The flaps cause many fears among your peoples, many speakings, understandings concerning plots, cover-ups, mutilations, killings and other negative impressions. Even those supposedly positive reports which gain public awareness speak of doom (...)

If heavy UFO activity causes negative energy ready to slurp up - why relent on it?

Or is it that in a world with improving communication systems too much visibility is becoming counterproductive?


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Put together, nowadays, terrorism/attacks/mass shootings seem to be the main generator of negative impressions. Could there be an inversed proportion between the two? If they are staging, experimenting and testing, maybe they found a better way to generate fear and chaos. Also, if they intend to control everything, then our perceptions are the most important thing to control. Our ability to see might be a focus too, and the focus is more on terrorism these days. I am vigilant in every public event I go, by fear of seeing some nuts coming from nowhere to kill everybody. I do that before checking the skies, I have to say.
Who need UFOs when you have whackos? ;-)


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Maybe people are too enchanted by pied touch-screens of there smartphones... they seem not to be able to register a incoming car while crossing the street - let alone saucers flying by. Few people even raise their head up... to look at the skies....

I was thinking that people are maybe! less in connection with the cosmos, the sky... less in contact. More robotic so they are less to see things around and above.


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So here's something interesting...

Q: (T) Is the spreading of all these communication towers out across the country the equivalent of a HAARP program on a continental scale?
A: Back up system.
Q: (L) So, they don't need the towers to operate the HAARP system, but they are there as the backup?
A: Towers serve dual and lateral purposes.

Mobile wireless cell sites in the U.S. 2000-2016 | Statistic

Why did the roll-out of cell towers also peak in 2012? It seems that more and more people are using smartphones, I'd think the roll-outs would skyrocket in the last few years more than ever. Unless they met some kind of goal outside of that - like the optimum number/distribution for mind control was reached in 2012, regardless of phone plan sales? Perhaps towers are also no longer just a backup? The C's said that "invasion happens when programming is complete". Well it seems the whole anti-Russia hysteria and leftist meltdown fit nicely within that timeline - as in, around 2012 and shortly after, things seemed to just quickly spiral out of control.

So I'm not sure that an overt UFO invasion is needed - perhaps this is more like an "invasion of the body snatchers" - the cybergenetic types are increasing, leftist postmodernist hysteria is spreading like wildfire, etc. If I had to call it, we're being invaded, because the hardcore lefties might as well be "aliens" with how crazy they are. And the towers could possibly be used to also make people not see the craft as much, who knows, that's what they have been using strobe lights for since the 80's apparently.


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I think what happened is that the program that consists of changing human thought and behaviour is almost complete (see the prevalent madness everywhere). In other words, no need for UFOs in the sky when a majority of people became walking vessels for 4D STS: UFOs"R"us.


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A couple of the thoughts that were brought up came to my mind as well regarding this decline. A number of scenarios and thoughts that might not be mutually exclusive as well:

- Increasing numbers of people are not "watching the skies" and instead preoccupy themselves with cellphones and the like?

- The Fireball-Activity went through the roof at the same time (based on the AMS Network for the US which is primarily based on peoples reports!). What's up with that?!

- For a more positive spin: Maybe more people get educated about Fireballs and don't mistake them anymore as UFO's explaining in part the decrease of UFO sightings?

- The weather is becoming more cloudy, thus less UFO's can be seen?

- People are less inclined to report UFO stuff?

- People actually see less because "something" is causing them to see less even though it isn't less (coming back to the idea of the C's that certain things like "strobe lights" can interfere with the process of seeing them)?


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- People actually see less because "something" is causing them to see less even though it isn't less (coming back to the idea of the C's that certain things like "strobe lights" can interfere with the process of seeing them)?

That is kind of the scarier option.

18 Nov 1995
Q: (L) Okay. You mentioned the strobe lights. Are these strobe lights that are used to control minds, are these something that we would or might come in contact with on a daily basis?

A: Do you not already know? We didn't say: some strobe lights, we said: strobe lights, i.e. all inclusive!

Q: (T) Strobe lights come in many forms and types. TV is a strobe light. Computer screens are a strobe light. Light bulbs strobe. Fluorescents strobe. Streetlights strobe.

A: Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks... How long has this been true? Have you noticed any changes lately??!!??

Q: (F) Twenty years ago there were no strobe lights on any of those vehicles mentioned. They had the old flasher type lights. Now, more and more and more there are strobe lights appearing in all kinds of places. (L) And now, they even have them on school buses! (T) And the regular city buses have them too, now. (L) Okay, is the strobing of a strobe light, set at a certain frequency in order to do certain things?

A: Hypnotic opener.


Q: (L) What is the purpose of the hypnotic opener being used in this way?

A: You don't notice the craft.


Q: (L) Okay, they are telling us not to assume, but to ask. (T) Okay, what craft are we NOT seeing?

A: Opener. Is precursor to suggestion, which is auditory in nature.


Q: ... (L) Okay, you said the "suggestion is auditory in nature." If this is the case, where is the suggestion coming from auditorily?

A: Where do you normally receive auditory suggestions from?

Q: (L) Radio, television... (T) Telephone... (L) Is that what we are talking about?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) If you encounter a strobe while driving, or you are sitting in front of your television, then the suggestions can be put into you better because of this hypnotically opened state? Is that it?

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What are these suggestions designed to do, to suggest? In a general sense?

A: Review.

Q: (L) Not see the craft?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Do we get these signals from the radio in the car even if it is turned off?

A: Depends upon whether or not there is another source.

Q: (T) Another source such as?

A: ELP, for example.

Q: (L) What is "ELP?"

A: Extremely Low Pulse.

Q: (T) ELF, Extremely Low Frequency, and ELP, Extremely Low Pulse - is this the same thing?

A: Sometimes.

Q: (T) This would be an external pulse or frequency?

A: Yes.

Q: (T) Would it be originating from the source of the strobe?

A: No. They act in unison.

Q: (T) Two separate sources acting in unison?

A: Close.

Q: (L) And this process prevents us from seeing something, such as craft flying in our skies at any given time?

A: Or maybe see them as something else.

14 Dec 1996
Q: (L) Along the lines of some of the things that I have been working on recently, I'd like to ask if there's any more information you can give to us about the hypnotic-opener- strobe effect, and what it is preventing us from seeing. Is this one of the things that keeps us from expanding into the next density, in terms of awareness?

A: Not related to that. You see, the souls that are affected by all these "cloaking" techniques are vibrating on a low level anyway. The point is to block those who are blockable.

Q: (T) We're not blockable? (L) Is there anything we can do to avoid this blocking? (T) We're not being blocked...

A: You are not blockable.

Q: (T) We are not being blocked. We're beyond the blocking.

A: If you were, would you be doing this?

Q: (T) That type of blocking technique doesn't work on us. There may be other blocking techniques, but that particular stuff doesn't work. We either see or don't see stuff, because we are either meant or not meant to see it. We don't see UFO's anymore, because we don't need to.

A: Not necessarily true.

Q: (L) OK, what is not necessarily true? Why don't we see them any more?

A: Don't does not equal won't. If a Buick does not go by, you don't see that, either! And if you are inside, doing the laundry when Mr. Jones decides to take the old "Electra" for a spin, you do not see him, or his precious car, do you?

Q: (L) I don't care, I've seen enough!

A: Oh, yes, you do care!!!

Q: (L) OK, yes, I care, but I've seen enough, I believe, I believe!!!

A: It is not up to you whether you want to see them or not. If they want you to see them, you will!

Q: (T) So, if they want us to see them, we'll see them!

A: Yes, and they will, and you will!

Q: (T) They will and we will... yes, but, there's a blocking technique being used on people to lower the vibrational frequency to prevent them from seeing them, right?

A: The blocking technique is for many things.

Q: (T) So that people do not understand what's going on around them.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) What else?

A: That is it, in a nutshell. See and know and think or... See, know and think that which is desired.


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Well, maybe it is "the deep breath before the plunge"? Still from the society perspective things are as crazy as ever as far as I can tell and as well the weather is also going more and more strange. Like if something is going on and it is only waiting for the right time to come out so to speak.


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Always noticed the towers as being one of the many components of keep the sheep from "seeing the craft."

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