UK:90% back use of full body scanners at airports


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As many as 90% of British travellers are willing to accept full-body scanners at airports, a survey has found


I suppose a survey like this was bound to come up sooner or later giving the 'correct' desired result the ptb want, whether true or not.
treesparrow said:

As many as 90% of British travellers are willing to accept full-body scanners at airports, a survey has found


I suppose a survey like this was bound to come up sooner or later giving the 'correct' desired result the ptb want, whether true or not.

Yep you're quite right treesparrow, up now: Another Propaganda Survey: Holidaymakers Back Use Of Full-Body Scanners With a comment: The fact that this poll has been collected at all is a give away that the results are intended to assist in swaying public opinion further. Murdoch's Sky News also focuses on the most brainwashed of the nationalities in the survey. The overall results would give a far less supportive headline. It has similar results to the recently reported American Opinion poll : US anti-terror too lax
From the Unisys Australia website.....surveys leading to pre-determined outcomes!!!!

From the implementation of airport technology systems for the TSA to the development of a national “smart” ID card system for 24 million citizens in Malaysia, Unisys helps large companies and government organizations monitor, manage and respond to security threats. And we believe strongly that the data from the Unisys Security Index will help organizations develop and enhance products and services that adequately address the most pressing security concerns among consumers in their region.

This is co-ordinated surveying just over 8000 people around the globe in 2009, it was a touch over 9000 this year.

The Unisys Security Index provides a recurring, statistical measure of consumer concern about four areas of security: national, financial, Internet and personal safety. The Index tracks trends in consumer perception of pressing security issues as they relate to current events and market forces in various regions, measuring consumer concern towards eight specific issues against these four categories and providing an overall assessment of concern among approximately 8,360 people in 9 countries.

Oh and the Unisys "security company" survey was run by Newspoll, a News corporation partly owned company. I would like to see the questions they asked.

The Unisys Security Index provides a unique insight into the attitudes of Australians on a wide range of security related issues. Developed in conjunction with market research firm Newspoll the Unisys Security Index provides a regular, statistically robust measure gauging levels of concern about various aspects of security. The survey on which the latest Australian Unisys Security Index is based, was conducted nationally between 4-6 September 2009 and 28 September – 1 October 2009 by Newspoll using a nationally representative sample of 1,202 respondents aged 18 years and over. All results have been post-weighted to Australian Bureau of Statistics data. The study measures consumer perceptions on a scale of zero to 300, with 300 representing the highest level of perceived concern. For more information on the Unisys Security Index including additional resource material visit:

Edit: I'm tempted to throw this in the propaganda section.
My friend just got back from China Beijing and he was saying that in many of the metro stations there, everybody is scanned as they pass through (full body scan). I didn't check to see if that is true or not ... Imagine what that would mean if you use the metro every day maybe a couple of times a day.
Leidos has been selected by the Dominican Republic’s Punta Cana International Airport (PUJ) to upgrade their security checkpoints. The airport will utilize Leidos’ world-class technologies to keep passengers and staff safe while enhancing operational efficiencies and increasing passenger throughput.

“Leidos understands the importance of seamless travel from curb to gate,” said Bradley Buswell, Senior Vice President for Leidos. “By utilizing our innovative capabilities, passengers will no longer need to remove electronics and liquids from carry-on bags, thus allowing greater efficiency and more time before boarding their flights.”

Punta Cana is a popular Caribbean destination that hosts more than 4 million tourists annually. To meet strong projected growth over the coming years, airport officials identified the need for better security and greater efficiency.

“Tourism is vital for Punta Cana – we want travelers to have the most seamless and enjoyable experience when they visit, starting at our airport,” said Alberto Smith, Director Operations Landside & Cargo for Punta Cana International Airport. “Working with Leidos will enable us to provide the most secure checkpoints with the highest passenger throughput at the lowest operational cost. This will assure our passengers can quickly get through security and onto their departing flights with minimal interruptions.”

The planned upgrade will update all security lanes within the Punta Cana International Airport Terminal B checkpoint with the latest Leidos technology. These upgrades include the installation of the people scanner Pro:Vision® 2, ProPassage™, a fully configurable automated tray return system, as well as ClearScan™, an automated CT scanner for cabin baggage at each checkpoint. The airport already possesses Leidos’ B220™, a desktop explosive trace detector. The Leidos Mosaic™ enterprise software solution will integrate the entire security ecosystem and connect with other elements of the airport operations.

Implementation is slated to start this summer with several lanes being fully upgraded by the end of the year. The remaining lanes will be completed in the first half of 2023.


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