'Uncle Sam's Secret Sorcerers' - Why recurrent promotion of Satanism?


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New Chris Knowles blog series:

Today's LARPing Satanists will tell you they don't believe in Satan and that they're all just dicking around with the symbolism to get a rise out of Christians.

Well, we heard that all before.

We heard that from Anton LaVey in the 60s and 70s and what followed was a wave of Satanically-inspired violent crime. We heard it from Marilyn Manson and company in the 90s and 00s and saw a new wave of Satanic murder.

Any armchair symbolist will figure out why. Just look at the imagery and iconography of Satanism; the warning colors, the blood, the weapons and fangs, the skulls and on and on. The subconscious processes this imagery, often in ways the conscious mind does not.

So whatever kind of song and dance these groups might be feeding the media, their visuals tell an entirely different story.

During his analysis, the main question has become: Has Satanism been occasionally promoted, culturally, in order to allow a cover for certain types of Deep State activities?



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Dave McGowan posits in his book Programmed to Kill that Satanism was created out of the US intelligence service and that its well-known members such as LaVey were intelligence operatives themselves, as was Charles Manson. His theory is similar to Chris Knowles, that Satanism was a front for many different kinds of criminal activities ran by the CIA, such as drug and human trafficking, child pornography and ritual abuse/murder. McGowan even claims that almost all serial killers that became well-known in the West were in fact not working alone as the media portrayed but were part of a sophisticated network of either operatives or mind-controlled agents who assassinated many of the victims for reasons other than just random murder. Many of these same people were involved in either Satanism or the occult.


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“Ritual magic is a very real power. It utilizes such tools as hypnosis, telepathy, psychology, etc… A Satanic ritual is basically an emotional rather than an intellectual performance. For this reason, tailored, specific devices and dramatic effects are used.”

“Men who seek to perpetuate their accomplishments by establishing governments to ape them are guilty of folly. Only a concept that is intrinsically greater than humans can survive. To do so it will undergo continual semantic metamorphosis, because it will surface in different cultures at different points of time. The key to the political strength of Satanism is that it is the most powerful of all trans-human concepts. Those who realize this and act upon it are virtually invulnerable.”

– Michael Aquino, Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990

A: Yes. Ritual drains directly to Lizard beings.
Q: (L) Even our saying of the Lord's prayer?
A: It is okay to pray. Why do you think organized religion is obsessed with rituals?
Q: (L) Is the same thing true of modern day shamanistic practices and so forth?
A: Exactly.
-- Cassiopaean Transcripts cited here http://cassiopaea.org/forum/index.php?topic=11752.0
Michael Aquino was a Psychological Warfare Specialist in the US Army from 1968 until 1990, when he was involuntarily discharged as a result of investigations into his involvement in the ritual sexual abuse of children at the Presidio Day Care Center in San Francisco. Throughout this same time, he has also been a devout satanist and self-confessed neo-Nazi. He joined Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan in 1969, staying until 1975 when he left to start his own Temple of Set, which has been in operation ever since.

Please note here that both PSYOPS (Military acronym for “Psychological Operations”) and satanism involve using many levels of deception and coercion to manipulate the perceptions of others for ulterior motives, so these are skills that Aquino is very familiar with and very comfortable in using. He is also an expert in propaganda and skilled in techniques for disseminating misinformation/disinformation, and using misdirection, confusion tactics, isolation techniques, and revisionism.

Aquino was well aware that organized Satanists were behind all the great wars and revolutions, and that Communism was as much part of their plan as was the creation of the United States of America (actually founded as a Masonic corporation). He names Franklin, Madison, Paine, Jefferson, Adams, and Hamilton as witting parties to the global Satanic agenda.

This reflects his understanding of who really has the power in this world, and how they use the same concepts wrapped up in different labels and definitions to lead large masses of people to do evil under the guise of doing something good. Aquino knows that Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, etc. were all just puppets of elitist Satanists who pulled their strings. Let’s not forget as well that Aquino serves the Bush family, who earned their way into the satanic elite when old Prescott committed treason helping to finance Hitler.

The Bush’s have remained invulnerable and steadily grown in power only because they serve an ideal that’s greater than what they could ever become on their own. All of these elitists at the top of the hierarchy are the same. The god that’s worshipped within the highest degrees of Freemasonry (and a number of other major secret societies) is Baphomet, the same god that Satanists worship. One of the most infamous groups with an impressive membership (e.g. Hillary Clinton) meets at the Bohemian Grove in California each year, complete with bonfires built at the feet of “Molech”.

Time after time, Michael Aquino has been pointed at as a ruthlessly evil defiler and abuser of the most innocent and defenseless among us – young children – and it was as early as 1980 that the putrid history of his involvement in pedophilia and mind control can be traced back to (at least in the public records), but it probably goes back much further. The link at the end provides a short historical record of events that ties Aquino to a larger criminal syndicate operating through the US government, and reveals his position within it.

The CIA researchers discovered that extreme trauma, especially sexual abuse, in very early childhood, led to "multiple personality disorder" in many children. The "alter personality" was created in the child's mind to shield it from the horrible memories of being sexually abused. The "main personality" of the adult may not even be aware of the "alter personality" that was established in him as a result of sexual abuse when he was a child. [As a psychologist, I worked with a woman for many years who was a victim of satanic ritual abuse related to the Franklin Tennessee pedophile ring detailed in the book linked at the end. -- JG]

The CIA also discovered that it is possible, through hypnosis, to "program" the alter personality without the "main personality" even being aware of it. So, through hypnosis, such a person can be programmed to commit assassinations, be a drug courier, or to be "programmed" to do anything else that his government employed hypnotist tells him to do. The beauty of this technique is that after the "alter personality" completes its assigned task, it submerges back into the subconscious and the main personality "wakes up" without any memory or knowledge of what the "alter personality" did.

Such trauma-based mind-control has been used in occult schools for millennia, and they were later adopted by the secret societies that evolved out of or otherwise resurrected these ancient schools. The major Luciferian power families in the world (e.g. Royal bloodlines, banking cabals) routinely subject their children to trauma-based mind-control in order to mold them for the lifestyle they will lead. It's a very old system of control. They program their offspring early on in order to assure that they follow traditional family pursuits (e.g. gaining more power, increasing wealth, fostering imposition of the New World Order/One-World Government).

So it seems the original purpose of Michael Aquino’s involvement with Satanism may have been to provide a pool of psychologically damaged children who, when they became adults, would be suitable candidates for "programmed" CIA missions, Manchurian Candidate type missions.

There have been numerous connections discovered between satanic cults in California and the military. Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan, was tied to the California branch of the OTO when it was being run by Jack Parsons in the ‘50s. Jack Parsons was a rocket-fuel scientist who contracted out to the US government through his company, Jet Propulsion Labs. Their mentor, Aleister Crowley, had been a British intelligence agent and Nazi sympathizer. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, had also been closely associated with Parsons and the OTO in the ‘50s, prior to starting Scientology. Hubbard had been in Naval Intelligence. Another satanic group that became very active in Southern California in the late 60s – the Process Church of the Final Judgment – happened to be run by two high-ranking ex-Scientologists.

Charles Manson appears to have adopted some of the Process Church philosophies, as well as having studied Scientology in prison. about the time that Aquino was first getting involved with LaVey’s Church of Satan back in 1968, two of Charles Manson’s future Family members – Susan Atkins and Bobby Beausoleil, became involved with occult filmmaker Kenneth Anger, who was cofounder of the Church of Satan.

Manson victim, Sharon Tate and some others in her circle had been involved in Satanism. Crime scene investigators found a white rope had been loosely wrapped around her neck, as well as several other victims’. This is believed to have been some kind of cryptic “message” to other Satanists.

Likely offshoots of the Process Church that were also operating at the time (late 60s) included the Four Pi Movement and the Hand of Death, both of which are suspected of having been assassination teams for a larger satanic network that was run by very rich and powerful people. Serial killers David Berkowitz and Henry Lee Lucas both claimed to have been working for this network as assassins. Sirhan-Sirhan was also suspected of being tied to this network through the Process Church.

Henry Lee Lucas happens to be the only person on death row in Texas to ever have his execution stayed by George Bush Sr. during his entire time as governor of that state. When you know the history of the Bush family and their very deep involvement in all of this, you begin to understand why such an evil tyrant like George would be so sympathetic to Henry. When you understand that Aquino was working for Bush and his crony thugs, you understand why he’s been so well protected as well.


Franklin Tennessee pedophile ring scandal

Where all this fits in the broader perspective:

Documentary on the history of CIA secret research programs on mind control and non-lethal weapons


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This link listed in my previous post leads to a document that's gibberish because all the letters have been transformed into random letters and symbols:

Where all this fits in the broader perspective:

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