Unidentified pathogen kills dogs in Norway


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Thanx for sharing this, Deckard.

My first thought was "toxin", especially because the time span between walk in the park and showing symptoms is so short. In the comments someone talks about mycotoxins, which is a possibility that also would explain the sudden "outbreak" of the illness. Might be it is a mycotoxin from mushroom spores... which the dogs sniffed in?


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Yes it’s possible - but until now no such naturally occurring toxin has been described at least causing outbreak of these proportions. Very very curious.


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Yes it’s possible - but until now no such naturally occurring toxin has been described at least causing outbreak of these proportions. Very very curious.
And very scary! Maybe poison put in the dog food by a crazy person. Some days ago I read about the death of around 20 dogs in a animal shelter because of some poison put in paquets of dog food that someone brought to the shelter.

If they vomited surely it is because they eat something bad, right? Who knows. But it can be a new bacteria, a new illness, something new... we live in dangerous times, dogs, cats, horses, humans, trees, etc. And it is just the beginning.

To be to the safe side: controle your dog when going outside, don't let sniff strange things, no eat. and give to him food made at home.


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In this article it says that out of the fourteen regions infected only one region has more cases with these symptoms than usual.

From Aftonbladet:
Several possible causes of Norwegian dog death

Dog food probably has not caused dog death in Norway.

- The entire range of feed types has been used among the sick dogs, says Asle Haukaas at the Norwegian Veterinary Institute.

Other possible causes are ticks, fungi and water.

It is very common for dogs to have bloody diarrhea and a general impairment, for completely different reasons. These are precisely the symptoms that have been registered in a short time in dogs in 14 of Norway's 18 regions, or counties, the Norwegian newspaper VG reports.

But in 13 of the regions, this is a normal number of cases. Only in the Oslo area are there more cases than usual.

In recent weeks, 29 dogs in Norway have been registered as dead or ill, since they received bloody diarrhea. Ten dead dogs have been autopsied, seven of whom had diarrhea.

Two bacteria have been detected in abnormally large quantities at the autopsies of dead dogs, namely Clostridium perfringens and Providencia alcalifaciens.

Can be various diseases the dogs died of
It is still unclear whether an unknown dog disease has spread in Norway, or whether it is a case of various diseases that the dogs have died from.

In Sweden, the Swedish Veterinary Institute, SVA, writes on its website:

“SVA has so far no information to show that it is an infectious outbreak, or that it would pose a risk to dogs in Sweden. So far, nothing has emerged that indicates any new serious infection that poses a risk to Swedish dogs. "

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute's communications director Asle Haukaas tells the magazine VG:

- It may be that we conclude that only a small number have died from this disease.

Possible reasons
VG has gone through possible causes of dog death.

• Infected dog food is not excluded, but almost:

- The information we have indicates that the entire range of feed types has been used by the sick dogs, Haukaas tells VG.

• Contaminated water can be another source of infection. Dogs often drink from ponds and other water collections.

• Toxic fungi may also have caused problems:

- It's mushroom year this year, and we have received reports from dog owners about strong reactions when dogs have eaten mushrooms, says Haukaas.

• Disease-bearing ticks may be behind.

- New tick areas have emerged, and we do not know how it affects the situation, says Haukaas.

Asle Haukaas points out that the situation is being investigated as widely as possible, so that the source of the disease can be determined.
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I tried looking for possible strange occurrences or weather phenomena recently in the area, but couldn't find any. What I did find, that apparently Oslo was the first town in Norway to participate in 5G testing. Here's a link to the "advancement of 5G on the planet". And although it was launched in December last year, that's the only possible link I could find.

December 12: Norway's Telia Company launches its first 5G test network in Oslo at the Odeon movie theater, and also sets up a family with a "modern home" with 5G connectivity and Futurehome tech.
More so, apparently "the majority of cases have been reported in and around the capital Oslo, but also in the cities of Bergen and Trondheim, and the northern Nordland municipality". And Trondheim also participate in 5G launch.

March 27: Telenor announces that Trondheim will be the first big city to receive 5G in Norway.
But not sure about this connection, because cases have been reported in at least 13 other towns.
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