Ural Mountains: 300,000 year-old nano coils. Peru: recesses in mountains linked to Stone Henge?


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7:20 - Ural Mountains, location of the mysterious Dyatlov Pass incident, nano coils have been found which are estimated to be 300,000 years old!

10:34 - An archeological discovery of a large area of a tile floor, with mortar containing unknown elements, has been dated by numerous experts as being 200,000 years old!

22:31 - In Peru, at 3,000 feet above sea level, there are square recesses carved flawlessly in the mountain. These recesses incorporate angles of 60 and 52 degrees, as found in the great pyramids of Giza and other mysterious sites. These recesses are located in places containing piezoelectric blue stone similar to that used to construct Stone Henge. This location is directly opposite that of Stone Henge. Were they somehow linked for teleportation?


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I like these ancient civilization articles. I always wonder if there is a hidden advanced civilization that has existed uninterupted and that we are farmed for our mineral extraction abilities.

And we take all our metals and concentrate them in our coastal areas for our purposes, but - like bees that make honey for their purpose, we harvest the honey for ourselves - so too the fruits of our labor go towards a higher civilizations harvesting.

Anyways, such farming would have to be secretive, else we would make effort to be the highest on the 'food chain'. And since they are more advanced, they would have to destroy us and replant the human garden anew if we ever were to revolt.
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