Vaccinated persons emitting a code that can be captured by bluetooth


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One french article that is making the link between graphene, nanochips, communication protocols and more generally the technology visibly (could also say "strangely") linked to the subject of this thread.
It's mainly based on a publication of 2015, but other dates are listed, from 2011 to 2019. Visibly the author received a more complete file from an astrophysicist and while compiling the data to write an article, she stumbled on this sub-subject which "pushed" her to write a kind of preliminary article.

As it's in french, i post the link to the auto-traduction to english, you can find the original article in french with this link

Fun that they named it CORONA, which stands here for "Coordinate and Routing system for Nanonetwork"

One excerpt :
The particularities of nanosensors introduce many challenges in the realization of WNSNs. On the one hand, the miniaturization of conventional antennas to meet the size requirements of nanosensors would require the use of very high operating frequencies (hundreds of Terahertz), which would limit the feasibility of WNSNs. To overcome this limitation, the use of graphene-based nano-antennas and nano-transceivers has recently been proposed.

It touches the domain of electronic + biology and i can't much comment, but this looks like an interresting lead helping to better figure out what is behind these observations of Mac address type codes emitted by vaxxed people.


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@altomaltes & @Artex - you both gave yourself a good reason to make a try. Easy to do : going the middle of nowhere with friends, ensure they have no device with them (put your devices in the car, parked at 100+ meter), and do as many tests you wish. then please come back here post your results.

Update of the info I posted yesterday. The article on the french blog was updated with this information (link)
It added one image of what the codes look like on the "BLE sniff" (note anymore "Blue sniff") application displays, here's one example :
View attachment 52269
These kind of numbers are named UUID, it's known in the IT domain, it's a temporary unique identifier (we even developed internally a tool that use them).

Aim of my re-post here is to have at least one person here with iphone testing this, whether seriously with cooperative friends, or make some tries when surrounded by many people. Of course, there will always be people saying that these codes can come from other devices, but hey, we act here also a reseach group, no ? So it's not needed to come here and say things like "i do not believe" ... i mean, no offense, but think twice about : if i created this thread it's that I'm confident about this a being a reality, and this was demonstrated even in front of a judicial officer in at least 3 countries : some people, mostly vaccinated ones, are emitting a bluetooth signal.

Whether you trust other's work (it's part of what we name "networking") or you go on making your own tests. The good news is that it's easily done.

As written 2 posts above, but this time i present this from another angle : this subject, once sufficiently known and spreaded, will be a gold or major argument for anybody who would have to defend himself in front of a tribunal if judged for refusing to be jabbed.
... but i see an even greated impact of such information on the vaxxed people once they'll understand that it's a reality.
Glitches in the matrix does happen.
What I said where the physical limitations of a bluetooth signal, both in wavelength and in transmit power from a nanometric device.
If you want this, you need to break some physical laws. Maybe alien tech could do that, but it has some nosense. What is the reason to transmit in a known and easily detectable protocol?
I celebrate your way of testing things by yourself, but if this test was done accurately enough, the reasons behind it can be surprising.


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I had downloaded the Blue Sniff app myself, but the numbers made no sense to me and didn't look like typical MAC addresses (in order to look those up in the of you suggested databases).

Bluetooth IDs are totally different from MAC addresses.....


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If there is a techie on this thread, it would be interesting to see if this is is true, or I simply dont detect anything because there is nothing to detect.
In any case I am not too convinced about this. How can you disable iphone to detect vaccine blue tooth codes and not detect other codes? Far fetched IMO - but I have no idea how this technology works so I might be wrong.

I am not too convinced either atm. To filter on driver (or any other) level would be easy if the bluetooth IDs all have a the same set of prefixes in the IDs though.


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"La Quinta Columna" reported they did find a nano-router in a "vaxx" vial. The layout of the nano-router corresponds with a patent for this tech. Then it seems to be possible to create nano-antennas for this and "a lot of other" frequency ranges. I did just read about this a couple of days ago. I can search for the sources if requested.

(This one is from La Quinta Columan in spanish language, use google translator)


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Bluetooth IDs are totally different from MAC addresses.....
I agree, the codes returned are just codes, they they needed a numbering system, a format, and this format looks like a mac address but it can be anything. It doesn't mean that it won't be used as a Mac Address, even if it seems to be a temporary one renewed each X hours, it's sufficient to establish the connexion then exchange data, send a specific command to the chipset then receive a response from it.

Glitches in the matrix does happen.
What I said where the physical limitations of a bluetooth signal, both in wavelength and in transmit power from a nanometric device.
If you want this, you need to break some physical laws. Maybe alien tech could do that, but it has some nosense. What is the reason to transmit in a known and easily detectable protocol?
I celebrate your way of testing things by yourself, but if this test was done accurately enough, the reasons behind it can be surprising.
We are at the observation stage, not all vaccinated emit a code but mainly, some unvaccinated also emit a code, and this is where it get complex and would requires more tests with more people, all done seriously.

In the meantime, have you at least conducted your own test with friends ? Bring them in the middle of nowhere/nature, with no electronioc devices with you except a smartphone that can detect these codes, and conducted some tests ? I advise you to do it as you seem to be still doubtful about. This ain't a complicated test to put in place.


One of the basic question to ask is the following one : is it normal that a human body emit such a code ?
If the answer is no, then the next question which make sense is : from where does this emitted code comes from ?


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Global mass rollout/implementation within a short time?
Some capable to perform the kind of technology your nice article mention sould have no problem with the implementation.
Consider this way. One of the issues occident blames Russia is poinsoning disidents whith Novichok. No sense. This is a rather old agent.
If you want to poison someone, like Hugo Chavez, you have a plethora of newer and silent agents.
The only reason you want to use such unfashioned poison is to "sign" the operation. Munch like a mafia agent left a cutted off horse head on your bed.
The Occam Razor gives us the more probable reason, the simplest.
People is starting to realize that this jab has serious consequeces:

And elites want all of us ( except themselves ) jabbed, so the there is an information war. The best way to silence a good reason is to bury it among bad, unserious or misleading ones. This is a survival skill for squids and octopusses.


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This seems to be the source site (Spanish) of infos given in this post.

There is a lot of informations. So much that it can't be be handled if you're not a specialist but it explain the technology at the root of it: 1 atom thick graphene. It's plausible because I remember of an article several years ago about IBM explaining and showing a photo of the word "IBM" wrote with atoms. Wikipedia article is here (2013) so it's 8 years ago.

Apparently the know how to produce this thick graphene layer and then remove atoms to build the circuitry they want. Even if it's not 1 atom thick, and I think it's not, it's incredible small. Make me think of the kind of technologie, mentionned in the session where the C's explain to Laura that spy microphones where installed in her home by putting it into cockroaches products (an old session).

Graphene is therefore a compound that has only one atomic layer, as it is similar to a sheet and not to a volume, we speak of a two-dimensional material. Its height, with a single layer of atoms, is the smallest that can be created. However, it should be noted that there are many variants of graphene. Thus, we speak of graphene even if it has several layers (up to 10 layers).

At this scale of size, we are dealing with a nanomaterial. If we take 1 mm and divide it by 1000 we get 1 micrometer and this is almost the limit observable with an optical microscope. Let's divide again by 1000 and let's get a gauge (nm) At this scale, we use electron microscopes that send electrons on the sample to be analyzed.
Graphene is extraordinary in many ways. Consider that an imaginary hammock with a surface area of 1 square meter would weigh only 0.77 milligrams, less than a single cat's mustache. However, such a hammock could support the weight of a 4 kilogram cat!

graphene cat.jpg
If such a hammock were made of a steel sheet of the same thickness, it would weigh only 40 grams, or 100 times less than graphene.

By attaching molecules to it, graphene can be modified. This chemical functionalization will make it soluble in a fluid or even magnetic. Thanks to this ability to functionalize this material, there is a whole chemistry and physics specific to graphene.


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A good new french article on the general subject of nanotechnologies inside the vaccines.
This article has a link to a 53 pages document but which is not (yet) free, you have to pay 9,9€ to download it :nuts:

Here's the article :
(could maybe be re-posted on ?)

I translated it to english via deepl, here it is :

New dossier: Covid vaccines and population control via injected nano-networks
We announce the release of a new 53-page dossier entitled "Covid Vaccines and Population Control via Injected Nano-Arrays". Several teams of independent researchers from different disciplines have done since June 2021 what the health authorities in Western countries have not done and have not wanted to do: observe the contents of experimental Covid vaccines using microscopy and spectroscopy. The nanotechnologies identified and their analysis provide an insight into what the pharmaceutical industry and those who operate behind the scenes want to do with citizens.
Public opinion is poorly informed about the technological possibilities that have arisen over the past 15 years and that have made it possible to investigate and control not space, nor the depths of the sea, but the human body and particularly the brain thanks to nanobiotechnologies.
Nanotechnology in the 4 vaccines
Recent discoveries (2021-2022) through independent observation and analysis of vaccine sera by biologists but also chemists, nanotechnology or biotechnology specialists, experts in bioinformatics, wireless telecommunications, nano-networks or the Internet of Things, are leading us to gradually understand what they are planning and have started to do with citizens, all over the world. This new dossier takes stock of what we know today.
Because I was confronted with the disbelief of some readers on several occasions when a transhumanist project was mentioned in our lines, I took the decision to investigate the subject and provide the scientific evidence required. The work of Dr. Campra, Mik Andersen (pseudonym) and other multidisciplinary teams can advance evidence of what is observed in the vaccine serums of the 4 products that have currently received conditional marketing authorization: Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson. Comparing the results of the observation of the sera with information from scientific publications allows us to understand and reconstitute a puzzle that is both readable and worrying.
Overwhelming evidence
Like a majority of readers, I wondered about the effectiveness or harmfulness of nanoparticles in an organism, the effectiveness of nano-routers or nanoantennas in what amounts to a wireless nano-network. Finally, what influence can nanotechnologies have on our DNA (discussed in an article) and on our neurons? What is proposed may leave some people speechless, but the evidence is presented in this dossier:
1. What has been found to be illicit in the Covid 'vaccine serums'?
1.1 Nanosensors
1.2 Nano antennas and plasmonic nano antennas
1.3 Rectifying nano antennas
1.4 Hydrogels for nanotechnology
1.5 Codecs (encoders-decoders) and logic gates
1.6 Graphene oxide
1.7 Graphene nanopoulps or hydra
2. Nano-computing and WBAN (Wireless Body Area Network)
2.1 Some basic principles of nano-computing and bioinformatics
2.2 Wireless Body Area Networks (WBANs)
2.3 Powering a WBAN
2.4 Self-assembly of DNA crystals
3. Forced transhumanisation of populations through inoculation of complex nano-networks
3.1 Presentation of a synthetic model of the WBAN based on the analysis of Covid vaccine sera
3.2 Communication with the outside world and use of the OS TOOK protocol
4. Taking control of the human brain, the last bastion of bioterrorists?
4.1 What is cybernetics?
4.2 Explaining neuromodulation and remote control of the human brain

This is by no means a figment of the imagination, but a set of incriminating elements that can no longer leave the reader in doubt. In the days to come, we will publish a few extracts on selected topics in the form of articles. However, the coherence of this dossier confirms that the preparation of the vaccines was carried out before the epidemic and that the Sars-Cov 2 epidemic is neither natural nor accidental.

This site is used to be known as "serious", the only problem is that the referred document is not freely distributed, which is a bit unusual, i suppose it'll be released freely sooner or later.

What i have in mind since I heard about this in June 2021 is that this topic is a time bomb, but strangely, by the fact that it can easily be verified by anyone (if at least you have a smartphone that allow it and if you know how to activate it which is sometimes tricky), this topic was not much followed or more discussed even in the re-information sphere. I think that with such articles and such kind of concrete files & researches, this topic was taking its time to come to the spotlight ? I hope so, it has a huge "anti-hypnotic" potential.

When people will understand that they get nanochipped and that many of them will be in measure to verify it with their smartphone, many jaws will fall or brains will bug out (and of course, some will answer "cool" ... :scared:)

Time will tell.
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