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Putting this in more relevant thread. Wanted to know what people would be doing if they prefer not to take a COVID19 vaccine and that might affect their work.

Wondering what people's thoughts are about dealing with the vaccines we're hearing will be available soon?

There's the "health pass" app in Ireland and I know people working on a similar project in Australia - due in March 2021. I'm led to believe the plan is the vaccine won't be mandatory, but to act in commerce, work, travel, socialise - we may need to show proof (i.e on an app) we are vaccinated, otherwise participation is to be limited.

My wife is going to study post graduate nursing next year. Generally there's a cocktail of immunizations required to work in hospitals to take each year, or so I'm told. She is less concerned about the standard shots medical staff get. She is worried about the ones being developed for COVID-19. She looked into it and says doctors and nurses (and nursing students) will be some of the earliest to have to take this.

Considering what the C's cover about the ulterior purpose with such vaccines, what plans do you have when these vaccines are available? If you work in healthcare for example and may need to take a COVID19 shot to keep.working - I'm curious what you foresee you would do then?

Thank you


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I have given this some thought. I work in healthcare right now. My understanding is that health workers might be among the first required to get immunized this way. I'm going to be 62 pretty soon, so there is the possibility of taking early retirement on reduced Social Security benefits at that time. The timing of this matches up with my youngest child finishing college. I'm already pretty frugal. It won't be easy, but I think I could do it with careful planning and strategic teamwork. It might mean staying put, as the place I'd like to move to is rather out of budget in current circumstances. I am talking to a couple of like-minded, trusted friends of about my age in the same situation about teaming up on a property in a better area.


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Putting this in more relevant thread. Wanted to know what people would be doing if they prefer not to take a COVID19 vaccine and that might affect their work.

Hi alkhemist,

I answered this in the corona thread, will put my response here.

Yeah this has been on my mind, working as a carer myself. If I can't manoeuvre around getting the shot. I will leave work, simple as that and use my savings. This will be the last resort, I'd rather not leave but I'm not taking the shot that's for sure. It's one of those wait and see how things play out.


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For those interested, today starts a 10 episode docu series The Truth About Vaccines 2020 with Ty and Charlene Bollinger.

* History of vaccines; role of smallpox and polio vaccines;
* Current CDC schedule and the role of CDC in vaccine matters;
* What is actually in a vaccine?;
* In depth analysis of MMR, DTaP, HPV, HepB, HIB vaccines;
* Flu and coronavirus vaccines;
* Concept of herd immunity;
* Facts and science about sudden infant death syndrome and shaken baby syndrome;
* Natural immunization, homeoprophylaxis and freedom of choice;
* Bonus episodes dealing with censorship of anyone questioning vaccine safety and suppression of information;
* Episode 10 dedicated to Coronavirus vaccine. (Dont't know if they could include the paused vaccine trial of Johnson&Johnson Johnson & Johnson pauses coronavirus vaccine study, citing ‘unexplained illness’ in volunteer)

You can register via the link on Children's Health Defense website here Documentary Series Explores Facts and Challenges of the Vaccine Debate • Children's Health Defense


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I wish the US would block 2 million flu vaccines from reaching the US.
Delivery Of 2 Million Flu Vaccines To Iran Blocked By US Sanctions On Banks
by Tyler Durden
Wed, 10/14/2020 - 18:25

Last Thursday the US Treasury announced fresh sanctions on 18 Iranian banks in order to “stop illicit access to U.S. dollars” — a move widely seen as the most aggressive and devastating measure against Iran's financial sector to date.

Given it effectively blacklists the entire Iranian financial system, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to proactively address European allies and international critics' concerns that this would only massively increase the suffering of the common Iranian people amid a raging pandemic. His statement last week vowed that certain exemptions will "continue to allow for humanitarian transactions to support the Iranian people."

But now Iranian health officials say they've been prevented by US sanctions from importing 2 million influenza vaccines, amid a desperate and deteriorating health crisis inside the country.

Iran’s Red Crescent Society announced on Twitter that new US sanctions on Shahr Bank are to blame.

The bank is reportedly largely responsible for foreign-currency purchases of drugs, but has now “been sanctioned by the U.S. government and the vaccines haven’t reached the Red Crescent.”

According to Bloomberg, this has left the health organization scrambling:

The Red Crescent said it was attempting to source replacement vaccines through neighboring countries. Some 200,000 flu doses had been delivered to the ministries of health and education, the organization said in a subsequent tweet, without giving more details.

Iran's leaders have been outraged, also alleging over the past days the United States has intentionally severely exacerbated the impact of the coronavirus pandemic inside the Islamic Republic, essentially kicking the country while it's already down, choking off even humanitarian and medical supplies via sanctions and threats against those willing to trade with Iran.

“Amid Covid19 pandemic, U.S. regime wants to blow up our remaining channels to pay for food & medicine,” Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted last week. “Iranians WILL survive this latest of cruelties.”

It remains unclear just how the US is 'ensuring' humanitarian aid is not touched, also given there have been growing complaints that Western companies which are already skittish about doing any level of humanitarian goods transactions in Iran are over-complying for fear of US repercussions.

European allies have been warning the US-led actions are taking Iran to the brink of total economic collapse, which will be felt most by the common populace, while failing to dislodge the regime.

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I found two videos here in which the consideration (not claim) is made that the PCR test is already the mRNA vaccination. In the first video, a doctor examined the test stick under a microscope. He found metal parts with barbs. Unfortunately, both videos are only available in German and without subtitles.

The placement near the pineal gland is certainly not accidental. Reference is also made to a German mainstream website:

It says here:

The doctors don't necessarily have to inject the vaccine. Most RNA vaccines are attempted to be given nasally directly. This makes sense because many infections start in the upper mucous membranes.

If you now consider that it was said that there will be no compulsory vaccination, that in future only a health passport will be necessary (which is only issued by being tested) in order to continue to participate in public life, I am already worried.

Why is there so much pressure worldwide to test to test to test? Of course, that way they can kick the "numbers" up. What if there is more to it? And if that's true, how can you avoid a test?


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This PCR stick never made any sense to me. Either it is the counter RNA vaccine, or a chip.
For the testing, they have to turn the stick around to the left, then to the right.
The placement behind the nose, on the hypofyse (4min52) is interesting, what about that?
I'm still anxious about the gene 8 antibody and turning into one of the happy dwarfs of snowwhite ;)
Avoiding could maybe be done by opting for the new quicktest?
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Just read this blog article about safety and effectiveness of vaccines by JB Handley. Don't think it was posted in any thread, but i think it deserves to be shared here. It is very well researched, perhaps not much new information for people here but might be a good one to share the information with those on the fence about (covid) vaccines, i just did, let's see what will come of it.

For your information, J.B. Handley has been researching vaccines for fifteen years. His second child was just two months old when after receiving six separate vaccines at a well baby visit, his health quickly deteriorated. He developed eczema. He wasn’t sleeping. His play habits changed. Right before his parent’s eyes, Jamison Handley was changing, and they didn’t know why. And so he went into researching vaccines and autism. In his book, How to End the Autism Epidemic, Handley tells the story of his family’s experience with autism and offers a compelling, science-based explanation of what’s causing the rise in autism, the misconceptions that enable its perpetuation, and the steps parents can take and society can take in order to end it.

Some snippets from the blog article of 29th October 2020:

Are vaccines really "safe and effective"?​

On April 14, 2004, Glen Nowak, an employee of the CDC, addressed his public health colleagues at the National Influenza Vaccine Summit in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference was cosponsored by the CDC and the American Medical Association. Mr. Nowak’s presentation, titled “Increasing Awareness and Uptake of Influenza Immunization,” provided insight into the mind-set of American public health officials. As the director of media relations for the CDC, Mr. Nowak told the crowd he considered his job to be to promote “concern, anxiety, and worry” amongst the general population, especially with people who “don’t routinely receive an annual influenza vaccination.”
Mr. Nowak’s presentation included a “recipe” for creating high vaccine demand. Step #3 of Mr. Nowak’s seven-step recipe stressed the importance of medical experts and public health officials stating “concern and alarm” and predicting “dire outcomes” if people don’t get vaccinated. It’s critical spokespeople frame the flu season in ways that motivate behavior, Mr. Nowak explained, like “very severe” and “deadly.” References to “pandemic influenza” from the early 1900s might also help scare the populace into acting, he noted.
Mind you, this was only in 2004....

"If you still need more convincing that public health officials and vaccine makers will mislead the public, consider the fable of “herd immunity,” the oft-cited reason that everyone needs to be vaccinated. If most people (“the herd”) are vaccinated against an illness, the story goes, then the herd is protected from that disease. In many cases pediatricians and talking heads will get very specific about herd immunity, citing important-sounding statistics that say vaccination rates on certain diseases must stay above a certain percentage of people to have herd immunity. Drop below that threshold? It’s a recipe for disaster. ......

A recent article in the congressional newspaper The Hill titled “If Only Half of America Is Properly Vaccinated, Where Are the Epidemics?” and written by Gretchen DuBeau, the executive director of the Alliance for Natural Health, explains this logic gap:

While herd immunity may not exist, herd mentality most definitely does. Health authorities, media commentators, and schools and their parent–teacher associations waste no opportunity in perpetuating this myth. Proponents have done such a thorough job of convincing the public that a parent who questions it is treated like someone who thinks the earth is flat or believes climate change is a conspiracy. On the contrary: an unprejudiced view of the science about vaccines, and an examination of history, clearly show that the herd immunity theory is—and always has been—flawed.

As of today, the vaccine court created in 1986 has paid out more than $3.7 billion for vaccine injury claims—remember, funded by American taxpayers. The majority of those claims are filed by the families of vaccine-injured children. Meanwhile, the market for vaccines is expected to be worth $60 billion in 2020, up from $170 million in the early 1980s, just as the 1986 act was put in place. As the New York Times reported in 2014, “Once a loss leader for manufacturers, because they are often more expensive to produce than conventional drugs, vaccines now can be very profitable. . . . Since 1986, they have pushed up the average cost to fully vaccinate a child with private insurance to the age of 18 to $2,192 from $100, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

It’s hard to believe. The one thing that could slow the party down on the way to $60 billion is consumer doubt. If parents don’t question vaccines, just as my wife Lisa and I did not, the juggernaut steams forward to more profits. But if parents begin to doubt vaccine safety, Big Pharma could be looking at a titanic loss.

What harm, exactly, can a vaccine cause? ..... In 2012 the IOM looked at the 158 most common vaccine injuries reported to VAERS and found that science “convincingly supports a causal relationship” with 18 of those injuries but found that there wasn’t any science to either confirm or deny 135 additional injuries. Here’s the list of injuries that might be caused by vaccines, except no one has looked:

Encephalitis, encephalopathy, infantile spasms, afebrile seizures, seizures, cerebellar ataxia, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, transverse myelitis, optic neuritis, neuromyelitis optica, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barré syndrome, chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, brachial neuritis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, small fiber neuropathy, chronic urticaria, erythema nodosum, systemic lupus erythematosus, polyarteritis nodosa, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, arthralgia, autoimmune hepatitis, stroke, chronic head- ache, fibromyalgia, sudden infant death syndrome, hearing loss, thrombo- cytopenia, immune thrombocytopenic purpura.

He furthermore states the science and his comments relating to the DTP vaccine, Dengue Fever vaccine and the subsequent scandal in the Phillippines in 2017, Flu vaccine, Gardasil, Polio, Covid vaccine and he discusses the works of brave doctors like Dr Suzanne Humphries, who stand up against the lies of big pharma and their cronies in charge of government and educational institutions determining our 'well-being' and 'good health'.



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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.'s sponsored Children’s Health Defense features a new movie (premier March 11th):

CHD’s New ‘Medical Racism’ Film Exposes Long-Standing Experimentation on Minorities​

Watch the trailer now! Medical Racism, premiering March 11, chronicles the medical cartel’s history of targeting minorities for unethical experiments, the acquiescence of regulatory agencies and medical ethicists, and the silence of physicians who allow these atrocities to continue today.

The trailer for the movie can be found here.

There are many other documentaries on targeted minorities/groups; from Mexico, India et cetera, and perhaps one might say most all people are now targeted, in one way or another.


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There are many other documentaries on targeted minorities/groups; from Mexico, India et cetera, and perhaps one might say most all people are now targeted, in one way or another.
Thanks Voyageur, will definitely watch that film. And yes, this could also apply very well to the young. Like this article, also by RFK Jr on CHD, in which he links Gardasil by Merck to declining birth rates in the US since 2006, when the CDC recommended every American girl between 9 and 26 get this vaccine.

A CBS News story earlier this week sounded a recurring alarm about the record decline of birth rates in the U.S.

The news agency obtained records from health departments in more than two dozen states showing a 7% drop in births in December 2020 — nine months after the first lockdowns began.

As the Pew graph below illustrates, the overall drop in birth rates actually began in 2006.

U.S. Birthrate per 1000 Women

Baffled “experts” blame everything from social media to the economy. But they overlooked one obvious possible explanation: the Gardasil HPV vaccine, which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention’ Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices recommended for every American girl between the ages of 9 and 26 — beginning in 2006.

Clinical trial researchers for Merck, Gardasil’s manufacturer, reported an explosion of reproductive injuries among the 20,000 trial volunteers. An astronomical 15% – 17% of trial participants experienced a range of reproductive harms, including premature ovarian failure.

CDC’s own graph shows that the steepest drops in births have occurred among teens — the age group most likely to have received the vaccine. Among this group, birth rates dropped a breathtaking 46% between 2007 and 2015. There were no changes in birth control or abortion rates that would explain this drop.


Gardasil contains three ingredients, L-histidine, polysorbate 80 and sodium borate that are all associated with reproductive disorders. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned sodium borate in foods in the U.S., partially because of its strong association with premature ovarian failure. Merck nevertheless includes it in Gardasil.

During our Gardasil litigation, we have spoken to hundreds of girls suffering premature ovarian failure and a range of other reproductive problems. Gardasil victims and their mothers frequently tell us of girls who cease menstruating after receiving the Gardasil vaccine.

Merck knew that it was orchestrating a population-wide fertility experiment when it persuaded the CDC to effectively mandate Gardasil for every American teenager. Merck’s pre-licensing studies predicted the current national drops in fertility.

Last month there was an article on CHD that Gardasil contains ingredients that are used in biological warfare:

A new peer-reviewed study, “The Expanding Cocktail of Harmful Ingredients in Human Papillomavirus Vaccines,” by Brawer, A.E. and Sullivan, D.H., documents the presence of undisclosed, highly toxic volatile organic chemicals called AEBSF (aminoethyl benzenesulfonyl fluoride) and PMSF (phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride) in Merck’s two HPV vaccines — Gardasil and Gardasil 9.

Regarding the teen mother-situation, I found this trend also applies to The Netherlands:

Aantal tienermoeders (Number of teen mothers)​


Since 2010 the number of teen mothers has decreased significantly. Regarding the year 2010, there has been a decrease of over 1,500 in young mothers when compared to the year 2020. (Laatst bewerkt: 29 september 2020, Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek, 2020). They started vaccinating Gardasil and Cerverix (by GSK) in The Netherlands since 2008/2009 to all 9 to 15 year old girls.


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California medical board for the first time revoked a doctor's license for writing vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren. The court refused to stop the medical board during the ongoing appeal, so Dr. Ken Stoller lost his medical license last week. Previous targets of the medical board all settled, and this is why. Dr. Stoller fought the allegations and had a hearing with the medical board, instead of settling. Stoller's case didn't even involve the current law for schoolchildren, which only allows medical exemptions through the state bureaucracy using impossibly narrow CDC rules. Stoller's case involved the previous law where any California doctor could write an exemption, and those old exemptions can no longer be written and will all expire on their own within the next 6 years anyway.

I don't know what the backstory is. Usually, these cases only happen when the children's parents turn on the doctor, which most often occurs with divorced parents fighting. This is because if the parents don't cooperate, the medical board can't get the evidence against the doctors.

I think any doctors in this situation need to object to a hearing on the grounds of lack of due process, and get the hearings postponed. They're having hearings over the internet! There's supposed to be a right to confrontation and right to examine witnesses, in person.

Stoller's lawyer


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It says here:

The doctors don't necessarily have to inject the vaccine. Most RNA vaccines are attempted to be given nasally directly. This makes sense because many infections start in the upper mucous membranes.

If you now consider that it was said that there will be no compulsory vaccination, that in future only a health passport will be necessary (which is only issued by being tested) in order to continue to participate in public life, I am already worried.

Why is there so much pressure worldwide to test to test to test? Of course, that way they can kick the "numbers" up. What if there is more to it? And if that's true, how can you avoid a test?
This is worrying if it is true. As a carer I have routinely had PCR tests. I suppose it is not surprising that the PTB would be so sneaky. This could perhaps be a question for the C's. :cry:


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Big money about to be spent in Canada.

In a press release from Mar 31, 2022, the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi announced that it's going to build a new Sanofi Pasteur vaccine production facility at its existing facility in Toronto scheduled to open in 2026 with influenza vaccines to be the main product produced. From the Sanofi Canada press release (all emphasis mine):

  • Sanofi announces investment of approximately $925 million (CAD) to build a new vaccine facility in Toronto to increase supply of its differentiated influenza vaccines in Canada, the United States, and Europe
  • In partnership with the Governments of Canada, Ontario, and the City of Toronto, the new facility will enhance influenza pandemic preparedness efforts and vaccine manufacturing capacity
  • FLUZONE® High-Dose Quadrivalent has earned recommendations for use over standard-dose influenza vaccine in individual adults 65 years and older by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) in Canada
"As a leading vaccines Company, we continuously look ahead to address the fast-growing demand for those influenza vaccines that have demonstrated clinical superiority against standard-dose vaccines. This new investment to produce FLUZONE® High-Dose Quadrivalent will help ensure more seniors around the world are better protected against influenza. In addition, it will be a key resource to assist against future pandemics," said Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, Sanofi.
In addition to producing Sanofi's FLUZONE® High-Dose Quadrivalent influenza vaccine, this new manufacturing facility will strategically grow Canada's bio-manufacturing sector and install industrial scale capacity to strengthen Canada's preparedness for future pandemics.
"This is a critical investment as it will create 300 high quality jobs and increase Ontario's capacity to manufacture important vaccines." – The Honourable Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario
It has never been more critical that we build up our domestic production capacity to supply Ontario and all of Canada with flu vaccines. Ontario is the economic engine of Canada, and we can make anything here with our skilled workforce, life sciences sector and strong supply chains," said The Honourable Vic Fedeli, Ontario Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade. "This partnership will build on Ontario's bio-manufacturing capacity, save lives, create new jobs, and, help prepare us for any future pandemic emergency."
As the largest manufacturer of influenza vaccines in the world, Sanofi Pasteur produces influenza vaccines each year  across  five  international sites:  Swiftwater  (Pennsylvania, United States), Pearl River (New York, United States), Val-de-Reuil  (France),  Ocoyoacac  (Mexico) and Shenzhen (China).

The existing Sanofi facility will produce other vaccines:
"This manufacturing facility will produce seven antigens: five-component-pertussis, plus diphtheria and tetanus, to help meet global demand for more life-saving vaccines for children and adults worldwide. License approval for Canada and the United States is expected in 2024 for the five-component-pertussis and in 2025 for diphtheria and tetanus."

From the website Pharmaceutical Processing World:
"The new plant will provide additional antigen and filling capacity for Fluzone, boosting supplies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The goal is to enhance preparedness for future influenza pandemics. While the present COVID-19 pandemic involves a novel coronavirus, influenza viruses have historically been a serious problem — most notably in 1918, which saw worldwide flu deaths in the millions."

"Sanofi officials consider vaccines a key growth driver for the company in the future. The company is presently supporting COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing efforts for Pfizer/BioNTech and Johnson & Johnson."
François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s minister of innovation, science and industry, described the Toronto plant as a once-in-a-generation investment to rebuild Canada’s domestic biomanufacturing sector.

From Reuters:
TORONTO (Reuters) -Sanofi will build a $925 million flu vaccine manufacturing facility in Toronto, creating 1,225 jobs and boosting Canada’s access to vaccines in the event of a flu pandemic, the Canadian government said on Wednesday.

The federal government will invest $415 million in the project, and the provincial government $55 million. Sanofi has also promised at least $79 million a year to fund Canadian research and development.

While seasonal flu shots are offered every year to match circulating strains, new strains of the flu sometimes cause pandemics, like the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 and the 1918 pandemic. The 2009 pandemic kicked off a scramble for vaccines.

Sanofi already produces vaccines in Toronto, including routine childhood vaccines that are used in Canada and exported. The company selected the Canadian site to produce its high-dose seasonal influenza vaccine, Fluzone.

“This facility means better pandemic preparedness for all Canadians,” the federal government said in a statement. “In the event of a future flu outbreak, Sanofi will be able to manufacture pandemic influenza vaccine at population scale at its new Toronto facility.”

It said the site could make enough flu vaccine doses for the Canadian population within six months once a pandemic strain is identified.

Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine campaign has lagged many other rich nations, slowed in part by a lack of local production and procurement contracts that guaranteed most doses in the second and third quarters of this year, not the first quarter.

Shipments have surged over the last two weeks, and about 12% of the population has received at least a first dose, according to data compiled by Reuters.

Flu shots are already made in Canada at a Quebec site owned by Sanofi’s rival GlaxoSmithKline.

From the press release from the parent Sanofi site, here was an editor's note within this press release that stated:

"Editor’s Note: This investment in a new vaccine manufacturing facility further demonstrates Sanofi’s overall growth strategy, with vaccines contributing as a key growth driver through differentiated products, market expansion and new launches."


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More exposure from the murky heavy metal-infested waters of vaccine-land, always to find Bill Gates in full view lurking behind the curtain. I just saw this article at Global research telling the tale of Keele University, but i think this same thing happens at many Universities, and it's not limited to industry taking over the science departments, amongst other things it's also 'woke' staff given a platform to spout their deluded and pathological ideas (exactly as Lobaczewski describes). It just continues to amaze me, i guess, that so many 'scientists' are so blinded by the aura of 'wisdom' and money exuded by Gates. I have two cousins who are supersmart (but not brilliant, as James Lindsay argues). One is a PhD in tropical agriculture and the other one in microbiology. When they were young they wore goat hair socks and sported bushy beards and were very anti-American. Now, they are major players at their respective Universities and internationally in their respective fields. Both have dealings with Gates and his teams and are used as the 'translators' of ridiculous and harmful policies in language people understand. They are literally so blinded with adulation for that man and they are so proud of themselves to be sitting at one table with Gates that they are positively glowing! And only this type is wanted at the Uni's of the present day.
Snippets from the Globalresearch article:

For decades, Christopher Exley of UK's Keele University has been doing research on the bio-inorganic chemistry of aluminum and to better understand aluminum’s role in neurodegenerative diseases. He and his team have studied various routes of aluminum exposure in humans, from dietary intake to topical application to inhalation and most notably, injected aluminum (from vaccines). Exley’s work has been cited in Alzheimer’s research, among other important public health issues. His research group has published important scientific insights in more than 200 peer-reviewed publications. They received research grants from among others RFK Jr.'s Children's Health Defense organization to help better protect children from such poisoning.

Five years ago, things changed at the University: along with a major overhaul in the senior management, the University began to accept major donations from new sources and gave the pharmaceutical industry power over the science department. In 2021, Keele University’s dean of natural sciences wrote to Exley and explained that “the university will no longer provide facilities to solicit or enable restricted charitable donations” to Exley’s research group, effectively banning any research on “the bio-inorganic chemistry of aluminum and its links to neurodegenerative disease.” The ban includes a stoppage of all “donations from individuals, groups, charities and foundations.”

Three guesses where that came from: after Keele University shut down Exley’s research and confessed it was done to appease their major funders; it became clear who was pulling the strings at the University. Over the past five years, the university adopted new priorities and “strategic research areas” that support “Global Health.” The major funder behind this new push is none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As the Gates priorities kicked in, Keele University partnered up with UK’s largest pharmacy company (Well Pharmacy), and gave them a special place on campus.
Exley’s research was quickly targeted by the growing pharmaceutical influence at the university because Exley’s research team was brave enough to study the health impacts of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines. A 2021 hit-piece published in the Guardian labeled Exley as “anti-vaccine” for wanting more research on the safety of aluminum in vaccines.

Exley’s brave research team is currently set to be disbanded and disposed by Aug. 31, 2021, as powerful pharmaceutical interests and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation continue to bully scientists and shut down scientific progress on vaccine safety.
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