Various interesting things in French : documentaries, etc.

I don't know if someone already talked about her here, but the YouTube channel of Julie Couvreur is something interesting, even if most part of the subjects she talks about found already theirs answers in the Cassiopeans transcripts, and even she didn't follow the good assumption, she always tried to base her work on facts, traveled to places of interest, and morever she covers a large scale of enigmas that is useful to catch more people interest on those subjects. Maybe it will be interesting if some members in France could try to meet her or talk to her about Laura and the forum, as she didn't seem to know it.

I let you one of her video where she talked about a mystery that I don't find any hint in the transcripts or on the forum

FYI, about Pierre Barnerias' movie "Les Survivantes" about ritual p(a)edo-criminal networks :
“Le public s’approprie le film de façon magistrale”

Thanks. It has been published of fr.sott:

Un autre très bon article qui a été reposté sur l'EdJ (echelle de jacob), voici le lien vers l'article source.
Court, riche, condensé & concis, du très bon.

i have to say it, after so many years of dos, ibm pc, microsoft versions n+ 1, back doors, monopoly, richest man in the world: money in huge amounts stinks. god beware us of a gates world.
Thanks so much.

Overall, that was pretty good. The start doesn't look very promising, but it does get very interesting when they emphasize archaeoastronomy findings in Carnac and Brittany. They also talk about Göbekli Tepe and mention briefly many more structures around the world, mainly Europe. The reconstruction of how it all used to look and the vast geographical expansion of Carnac is pretty amazing. How it all aligns and the importance of these alignments during solstices and how they must have known astronomy and measurements of earth down to the last millimeter is outstanding. Only an advanced civilization could have done that. How did they put into place the stones so that the first ray of sun will fall in X stone, that it will thus be aligned with the entire circuit of stones in a very precise geometrical fashion, is beyond us.

Pity it is only in French, at least for the time being.
About the Megaliths video : Pretty interesting for sure, but there is one aspect of geometry that seems wrong to me, unless I misunderstand:
The diagonal of three aligned squares, with its angles of 18°44 and 71°56, does not correspond to the half of a 3/4/5 triangle, whose angles are a little over 20° and very close to 80°.
This is clearly shown in the image at 1:05:50, where you can see that the triangle is not split into two identical halves, as the diagonal does not reach the middle of base 3...

A propos de la vidéo sur les Mégalithes : Vraiment très intéressant, mais il y a un aspect de géométrie qui me semble faux, sauf incompréhension de ma part :
La diagonale de trois carrés alignés, avec ses angles de 18°44 et 71°56, ne correspond pas à la moitié d'un triangle 3/4/5, dont les angles sont d'un peu plus de 20° et tout proche de 80°
D'ailleurs ça apparaît nettement sur l'image à 1:05:50, où on voit bien que le triangle n'est pas partagé en deux moitiés identiques, la diagonale n'arrive pas au milieu de la base 3...
Cette dernière "capsule" de Verhaeghe est pas mal du tout, ne dure que 16m
Il explique bien ce que titre la vidéo : Pourquoi Mélenchon est le meilleur serviteur du grand capital
A envoyer à tout grand amateur du méluche, ca devrait faire l'effet d'une petite douche froide

Je pense qu'elle mérite sa place sur, les gens doivent le savoir pour ainsi mieux voter à l'avenir.
I've found interesting these two video of social-economical-political analysis, made before the final elections.
(NB: I don't follow her, and in my memory she was a leftist, but apparently she made some progress.
According to her WP article, she's now close to the RN party.)
I neither follow her but i remember that when she started, or after a certain time, her speech changed, and she had more means to do her clips. I think she's sponsored by israel/mossad/sionist. This could be verified by parsing her videos to see how much time she mentions (and condamn) the enormous influence of this nasty country on France. Also, good to keep in mind that their aim (sionist & co) is to provoke chaos, and of course, try to maintain the narrative under their control. The best source of information in France remains the site of Alain Soral (E&R), and this community is the real opposition against what is destroying the country.

Edit: For instance, does she have a backup option than youtube ? Any good critic is used to have his video banned on youtube, if she had never one of her video banned it's a great sign.
Un extrait de l'émission SAPTR qu'ils viennent de poster sur le site E&R, voici les liens de la page du site et le lien direct youtube :

En fait, c'est presque un sans faute je trouve, tout ce qu'il dit résonne de vérité et de bon sens, il parler en premier du mouvement me too puis sur la fin il fait le rapprochement entre la mort du cinéma d'art dans sa contraction sur des milliers de petits écrans où il n'y a plus la moindre notion d'art, de réalisation, de "se donner les moyens". Bref, j'ai trouvé ces 10 minutes bien instructives ... du coup, partageons ! :)
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