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The Force is Strong With This One
I like the point of view into this topic, since there is almost no based research into esoteric info about transgenderism.
Transgender - Ascension Glossary (source)
Laura, whats your deeper point of view about this topic.


Transgender people say they were assigned a sex that isn't true to who they are and this is based on their internal feelings, experiences and the state of their consciousness body. Of course this is very real for them. Assigning someone's sex is based on their gender biology which includes chromosomes, anatomy, and hormones. But a person's gender identity, the inner sense of being male, female, or both doesn't always match their biology. As a result of spiritual-lightbody problems and Alien Machinery that are impacting the inner gender principle in human beings, the phenomena of gender reversal has been steadily increasing over the last hundred years. Recently we can see an accelerated AI technology being used to create gender identity shifts almost overnight in targeted people, many of whom are public figures.
NAA Playbook for Destroying Gender
In order to disrupt or destroy the unifying potential of the androgynous lightbody in the DNA of the human being, the first directive would be to attack the inner and outer gender principle in all ways possible.
To fully attack and confuse all matters in regards to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity which governs natural creation, the NAA would need to:
  • promote counterfeit creations through inciting confusion in the death process,
  • obliterate the knowledge of the Lightbody and Soul,
  • spin confusion in sexual conduct and concepts of marriage and children,
  • instill gender confusion in expected roles,
  • and then start to blend human bodies with animals and machines.
Now that everyone is made miserable through the dire problems they have created for us, they can steer our reaction into the solution they have prettily packaged and labeled liberation. Transhumanism and Transgenderism is not liberation, it is the deliberate destruction of everything that makes us a real human being, they want to annihilate our potential for multidimensional awareness and crush that which develops and expands human consciousness.
For many years now, it is evident that animal DNA has been mixed with human body parts and injected into our children’s bloodstream through Vaccinations, to intentionally dilute and control human genetics to be guided into the guard rails of the transhumanism movement. Injecting animal DNA into human bodies is also the result of many mutations in current human behavior digressing into a hive mind mentality, which is the type of mental body that the animal kingdom has. The next stage is to merge the human biology with machinery, which has been primed with the spraying of etheric levels of frequency based alien implants and Chemtrails that control thoughts and perceptions of the outer environment.
This is a difficult topic, but we all need to take a hard look at it in order to be informed and awake to the current agendas. As we consider more about the issues of transgenderism leading groups towards transhumanism, let’s review the spiritual problems that most commonly impact gender on the earth plane.
Spiritual Problems that Impact Gender
  • NAA broadcasts psychological warfare content for perpetuating sexual misery in humans at varying degrees, including gender polarity reversal, gender splitting, misogyny, sadistic sexual preferences, and sex with children. The worldwide epidemic of sex with children at the causal level is the sexual misery program targeting mind control for pedophilia into the masses. Unhealed sexual trauma in all its forms radically disturbs inner gender balance.
  • Alien Abductees that are inducted into hybrid breeding programs, or endure genetic experimentation, mismatched body parts, forced intercourse or harvesting of their sexual fluids, can experience severe sexual trauma and gender polarity reversal, resulting in severe confusion about their identity, gender and sexuality. Some people are forced in the astral to have sex with an alien entity, and are emotionally devastated and confused as a result.
  • Targeted individuals can be attacked by anti-hierogamic technology to distort gender balance through manipulation of their sexual encounters or relationships. AI Clone bodies holding information of genetic equals are inserted in selected individuals, to put targeted people on false timelines or unite them in incompatible marriages, engineered on the Astral Plane, such as in the alien love bite scenario.
  • Public individuals that bring unapproved topics or esoteric information to the public, are targeted intentionally to distort their gender through mutations in order to discredit them or defame their character in any way possible. Many of these people are unaware their sudden desire to be transgender, or have a sex change is caused from targeted AI technology directed to them.
  • Transhumanism leaders are directly targeted to be involved in spreading and marketing transgenderism and will continue to form alliances, in order to promote these both as the coolest, trendy and most progressive alternative lifestyle for the upwardly mobile.
  • Generally the Soul is the female principle, and the Monad is the male. When either of these spiritual body parts are fragmented, reversed or traumatized in another timeline, this can impact the physical body in current time with sensations of gender mix-up or feeling stuck in the wrong gender body. Many times the spiritual body is not connected properly in the physical, and needs to be centered and grounded in the core of the physical body to heal gender balance.
  • If a person has had strong emotional connections or trauma in another lifetime as another gender, these memories can transfer into the current incarnation into another gender body from the unresolved conflicts generated from other lifetimes.
  • Spiritual attachments, entities and oppressions can also impact gender feelings and sexual preferences in an unaware human, in which the spirit attachment uses the host for experiencing certain sexual fetishes or gender preferences.
  • Many religious organizations are filled with alien mind control transmissions that are designed to radically distort the gender principle, and have concealed all information that the Christ is a male and female, androgynous god human. Androgyny has been purposely corrupted and is severely misunderstood. As a result, religious programming has severe consequences in harming inner gender balance, while promoting unhealthy sexual attitudes and intolerance.
  • Earth has problems with Soul Fragmentation from instantaneous traumatic deaths caused by assorted weaponry, from nuclear bombs to machine guns. When a person dies suddenly and tragically, and they have not been prepared for the afterlife, they can fragment and quickly attach to another incarnating baby body suddenly, without Life Review or conscious awareness. This has contributed to the spiritual problems that impact gender polarity in the biology at this time on ascending earth.
Gender Confusion Pain
Psychological and emotional pain in regard to gender confusion, sensations of gender-mix up, feeling ostracized and bullied for feeling different in this way is a source of real psychological-spiritual trauma that may start in early childhood. Unfortunately our society is not equipped to support children and adults that may suffer greatly with inner gender reversals and related gender confusion as a result of spiritual or sexual trauma. The point of this information is to be aware that there is a specific Mind Control agenda to spread transhumanism through surgically and medically induced transgenderism in order to reverse the inner gender principle, which destroys the human lightbody. We have to know we have a Lightbody and how it works in male and female principle, before we can accurately assess ourselves and our environment about who we really are as a human being. How can a human being that has been subjected to psychological warfare and Social Engineering targeting his or her gender and sexual beliefs throughout their lifetime, make a sound and healthy decision that impacts the state of their gender biology and sexual preferences? They simply cannot and are radically impaired.
Thus, as human beings we must make some effort to educate ourselves about the pitfalls of the current events happening in the Ascension Cycle, like transhumanism’s alliance with transgenderism and be willing to address the layers of spiritual trauma that damages gender. Sadly, religions tend to demonize others suffering with gender trauma and it’s important to recognize the true humanity, the heart and soul that is traumatized by such spiritually abusive behaviors. Compassion and Empathy for the suffering of human beings that undergo gender trauma is very much needed, as well as being better informed about such matters. As awake and informed parents, before allowing children to make decisions like taking hormone therapy, plastic surgery or sex change surgery, openly discussing gender issues and where permanent effects on the biology can potentially produce even more spiritual harm to the consciousness body is suggested.
During the ascension cycle there is a lot of confusion about gender as people do not take into consideration that humans inherently have both male and female characteristics and operate in gender principle. The human body is designed as a gender biology that works in alignment to the Law of Gender and Law of Polarity. There is a necessity of being willing to do the inner emotional work to support our male and female to be expressed in the most energetically balanced way possible. If a male feels his feminine attributes and feminine right brain characteristics being activated in the Ascension Cycle, this does not mean he is transgender or he is a biological woman. If a school girl feels more masculine and wants to wear what society labels as male clothes, this does not necessarily mean she is transgender. Adults and children are incredibly confused about the forces they are being exposed to now. The problems with society placing demands on people to act in accordance to rigidly expected gender roles, shuts down their ability to explore gender issues openly without backlash. This sets up the problem of persecution and integration into a society that is not tolerant of flexible gender roles, which only increases desperation and suffering for all involved. People that feel desperate and are suffering with gender issues rarely make good decisions.
To better understand why transgender people and gender reversals are radically increasing in the Death Culture requires reexamining the fundamentals of who we are as human beings and what makes us men or women. Also we must acknowledge that gender principles and the gender concept is currently being greatly expanded upon in human beings during the ascension cycle. As a part of spiritual evolution we have to inquire deeply inside and take a hard look at ourselves, to give some thought to how the death culture has defined gender and places expectations on males and females in different ways. Before we can truly understand how someone can have a different gender than their assigned gender biology, we have to understand the Law of Gender and how gender actually translates into our body and Consciousness. We must explore how the concept of gender was built into the NAA mind control programs, how it was used as a weapon against us and how the gender split has affected us all. This goes way beyond just accepting others and allowing them to be themselves, and takes us into the deeper examination of who we really are and what we are becoming.[1]
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The above article pretty well covers the topic as far as I can see. Everybody should read the "Girl Fixer" chapter of Malachi Martin's "Hostage to the Devil" to get a good idea of what is going on with this transgenderism.
  • Public individuals that bring unapproved topics or esoteric information to the public, are targeted intentionally to distort their gender through mutations in order to discredit them or defame their character in any way possible. Many of these people are unaware their sudden desire to be transgender, or have a sex change is caused from targeted AI technology directed to them.
This reminded me of The Wachowskis - IMDb
The above article pretty well covers the topic as far as I can see. Everybody should read the "Girl Fixer" chapter of Malachi Martin's "Hostage to the Devil" to get a good idea of what is going on with this transgenderism.
Well that read was thoroughly unpleasant.Toward the end what stood out to me was that the demons named the psychiatrist as a helper and we do in fact see a lot of psychiatrists helping to ''box'' people in,to use the chapter's terminology.
@Shirannah I just realised that this is your first post on the forum! Usually we're quicker on the pick-up than that. It's customary for new members to go to the Newbies page and tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your way here. I'm sure you'll get a warm welcome and a basic guidance message that all new members get :-)
Words of Caution about this material. This comes from Lisa Renee whose group Energetic Synthesis I was a member of for 3 years. During that time many things happened that made me question whether this group and Lisa may be part of a black ops collaboration between aliens and human technology. She may be a targeted individual herself judging from the horrific experiences she endured during her "kundalini rising" and transformation. She became very ill, lost her hair and was covered with sores.

There are many red flags here. Her main premise is the benevolent Sirians are here liberating the planet from the Negative Alien Agenda (Orions) technology/machinery that has enslaved the planet. Her work with groups of people involves meditations focusing on sending light to areas around the world to shift the frequency fence. These things are against free will choice in my understanding.

John Keel talked about people who have had contact with aliens then devote the rest of their lives writing massive amounts of material dictated by the aliens and spreading their message. Lisa is one of these. The amount of info on her site is massive! She's prolific, ever changing and updating.

She says she is a teacher of ascension which is based on guided meditations. There isn't any working on the self as we do here, just these meditations for all sorts of issues.

Lisa speaks in great detail and knowledge about Black Magic and how it works on the planet. Alister Crowley being an important contributor to creating the dark matrix that surrounds the planet now. Although she never came out and said it, she is a practitioner of White magic which was implied. Her guided meditations are repetitive rituals that begin with calling in the 4 directions in a relaxed state, then calling in higher dimensional beings. These are to be done everyday if possible. She provides the audio for the meditations, delivered in a calm, reassuring tone which is hypnotic. Being something of a slackered, I never did the meditations much. When I decided to dedicate myself in earnest, I received a full body/spirit shock during a meditation. Something inside screamed STOP! which I did immediately. I sensed that the meditations where laying down pathways in my body to be possessed.

Towards the end of my stay with Energetic Synthesis I was already a member of the C's forum. Reading from both sources at the time, I began having impressions that ES was being used as a counter measure against the C's input and this forum. I can't give specifics since its been so long. I noticed Lisa would suddenly jump into a topic which was central to the forum here. Out of the blue she was all into psychopaths accusing a male member of being one although I saw no reason for it. Then the importance of mitochondria energy production linked with the Sacred Feminine. I began posting info from this forum.....I was told in a round about way, the C's where channeled material and weren't to be trusted. I guess direct ,telepathic inserts into your brain like she has is ok.

Lisa's is a source promoting the idea, that moving into the light after death is a trap by the negative aliens to entrap the soul. Don't go into the light, she warns. Whoa! That could be one major screw up!

There is more to the possible psi-op stuff I don't want to get into much. I will say there where indications of dream manipulation in the group, unmarked, whites vans showing up and one time I was beamed with a high pitched frequency, sounding like a mechanical insect that altered my consciousness.

Your not going to find any negative stuff on google about this group and its been that way for years. She also seems to be making a good deal of money from her monthly membership fee of $33.00.

LR took over the post of Asheanna Deane. Ash was a failure and her material to complicated for many to follow. Lisa is the new, improved model, full of light and compassion, advanced hidden knowledge and so user friendly.

Does this information about transgender manipulation sound like the truth to you? Maybe it is, but watch out for the lye. I think the whole deal here is diverting people onto the wrong path. Read her material with caution if you choose but I certainly wouldn't recommend the meditations. I think a common theme with the PTB is, they want us to think, they have more power and control then they actually have. This theme may be playing out here as well.

Common cult dynamics with the usual personality flaws ran through the group.
Renee is another one of those cosmic COINTELPRO types who presents some truth wrapped in a larger lie. I thought the transgenderism article was good and moved on to her explanation of the Negative Alien Agenda (NAA) which I thought was ok. As I further explored her wiki, it got less and less interesting. Her cosmology seems to be an amalgamation of pretty much every major channeled group in the last 40 years. We've got Sirian guardians, Lyran Wars, Orion conspiracies, various "orders" dedicated to defending the universe, (she gives them different names like amethyst, emerald, and gold which makes me visualize a New Age version of Power Rangers) and a proliferation of esoteric buzzwords aggregated from many different belief systems which will confuse anyone who is not familiar with the lingo and requires inferring a lot of one's own meaning into it even if you are familiar. I'm not convinced she even knows what she's talking about and is just BSing people into thinking she's smart because she can use all of these terms in a somewhat coherent sentence. It tastes like Blavatsky with a more love and lighty flavor. When I got to the entry about Jesus Christ being a Sirian Blue humanoid who was not crucifed but taken back to the homeworld on a mothership to continue his work I just couldn't take it any more and had to stop.

I read her bio which says absolutely nothing about her other than she received some kind of kundalini starseed awakening and receives some sort of inspiration and biological upgrades from Lyran-Sirians, Melchizedek Ur, and Aurora Guardians. Translation: A nobody who is being marketed by someone or something to be a spiritual guru out of nowhere.
Maybe transgender desires come from wanting to be attractive. And as we live in a age where we take selfies a lot, and are self involved, people seek to be the beauty they normally seek in others. And as we enforce a individualistic attitude as a virtue, the inclination is to be self-contained: to be in love with ones self in male and female aspect.
And then it becomes a fashionable thing as the most successful transgendered are - like models and movie stars - made out to be the norm.
And then it becomes an interest because it is kinky. And people fixate on transgenderism because it is fascinating, but they will approach the subject from a intellectual point of view.
So, from a anti-socialist, pro-individualistic way of life, pressures turn inward and we self-love and become one, and though it appears outward in a cosmetic sense, it is unisexuality. And that's why it is fascinating. It is the human spirit loving itself despite the conditions of society, with transcendental determination. That's why they feel like the opposite sex, they must become the opposite sex. It is adaption.
And MI5 whistleblower David Shayler.
What renegade MI5 officer David Shayler did next...

The renegade MI5 officer who blew the whistle on his former colleagues is now living in a squat, dressing as a woman, and railing against the 'Zionist empire'.
by Cahal Milmo Tuesday 28 July 2009 00:00

With its trout stream, village cricket pitch and sedate tearoom, Abinger Hammer is a quintessential slice of village England. Recently, this jewel of the Surrey stockbroker belt has added a more unconventional element to its list of attractions – a 6ft transvestite squatter called Delores Kane who believes he is the Messiah and happens to be Britain's best-known renegade former spy.

A short distance from the home of the novelist E M Forster, David Shayler and his miniskirt-clad alter ego have taken up residence in a 17th-century National Trust farmhouse after a decade of spiritual contemplation which has led the one-time MI5 officer to the conclusion that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ and that all of humanity's ills can be cured by a four-year programme of hemp cultivation.

For the man who came to public attention in spectacular fashion 12 years ago by lifting the lid on a catalogue of dark deeds allegedly carried out in the name of Queen and Country by the intelligence services, it is a reinvention every bit as dramatic as his claims that MI6 funded Islamist fighters to assassinate Libya's Colonel Gaddafi and that MI5 failed to keep track of an IRA bombing cell – revelations that ultimately forced him into exile and earned him two spells in prison.

But as he came to the door of the salubrious squat close to Guildford dressed as Delores in a blonde wig, sheer black tights, a leopard skin skirt and a cropped top with prosthetic breasts, before explaining that the world as it is known will end of 23 December 2012, it is perhaps clear why some of his former friends are concerned that he has suffered some form of mental collapse.

Sat on a floor cushion in a fug of joss stick smoke in the sitting room of Hackhurst Farm, a 400-year-old rural idyll at the end of a country lane which he has occupied since last month with a group of eco-campaigners, the 43-year-old former spy outlined his journey from an atheist in charge of MI5's Libya desk to the stiletto-heeled messianic proclaimer of a crusade to dismantle a "Zionist empire", whose control is apparently exerted over the planet by nefarious means from vaccines to mortgages.

Far from being unwell, Mr Shayler insisted he was merely following the same instincts that persuaded him to blow the whistle on the alleged misdeeds of MI5 and MI6 in 1997 – and illegally print extracts from Spycatcher while a student – by bringing into the open unpalatable "facts" about the state of humanity.

He said: "I am absolutely well. I have not had a breakdown. My job in MI5 was to stop terrorism and violence. What I saw within the service showed that was not always the case and I had the courage to stand up and tell the difficult truths about what was going on.

"I have spent my life telling difficult truths and now I am in the same situation again. I am the latest reincarnation of the Christ and live a life of unconditional love. Suddenly my whole life makes sense. By exercising the common law right of free will, we can all break out of the system that has enslaved us, started wars and left us mired in debt."

Looking much thinner than the rotund spy who spent four months in a French prison without charge in 1998 and was then later sentenced to six months' imprisonment in Britain for breaching the Official Secrets Act, Mr Shayler is fond of expounding on the many "signs" (from biblical codes to the film The Da Vinci Code) which he says have proved him that he is the current incarnation of the Messiah – a role he says was previously performed by King Arthur, Mark Antony, Macbeth, Lawrence of Arabia and his immediate predecessor as the embodiment of Christ, Che Guevara.

Between drags on a roll-up cigarette, he explained how the engravings on the Rod of Aaron, the staff carried by Moses' older brother in the Old Testament, contained an anagram of "David Shayler, Righteous King".

Referring to the moment on 29 June 2007 when he said he realised his divinity after a premonition that he had stopped a bomb attack on a London nightclub, he said: "It was a deeply, deeply humbling experience. I felt this incredible energy, way beyond any sexual or physical experience. It was way, way beyond where I had been before.

"What do you do in those circumstances? I fell to my knees and prostrated myself. I had become the spirit of Jesus."

Some 12 years after he first revealed the details of intelligence service operations to the Mail on Sunday for £40,000 – including claims that MI5 kept files on senior Labour Party figures in the early 1990s and ignored warnings of an attack on the Israeli embassy which subsequently took place – Mr Shayler's transformation has revived suggestions that he is as much a showman as an earthly cipher for "difficult truths".

One former counter-terrorism official told The Independent: "It would not be right to form any opinion about his current state of mind. But [David Shayler] chose to go public in 1997 and he made it clear that he was going to make the most of it. I suppose the question is whether that was underpinned by some inner need for spectacle."

Whatever his motivation, the result is a bewildering mishmash of conspiracy, practicality and spirituality that wanders from the well-trodden hypothesis that 9/11 was "an inside job" to the idea that widespread planting of hemp as a source of food, drugs and building materials would provide a sustainable basis for all human life within four years.

Alongside disarming frankness about his transvestism (Delores is the manifestation of a clothes-swapping habit that dates back to his teenage years and his conviction that "Jesus is a tranny"), Mr Shayler outlines how Castrol GTX adverts are a subliminal reference to God, and Gaia, the spirit linking all life, will rise up in December 2012 and reshape the cosmos.

He is also complimentary about David Icke, the former BBC sports presenter who has gone before him in revealing himself as Jesus's reincarnation before suggesting the world is controlled by shape-shifting lizards. Mr Shayler said: "David has done some enormously important work. I see him as the John the Baptist to my Christ. I have spoken to him on the phone and suggested we meet."

Those who know the former MI5 operative, a fanatic Middlesbrough FC fan who also believes his channelling of "unconditional love" propelled his side into the 2006 Uefa Cup Final, believe he is paying the psychological price for the years of media pressure and pursuit by the authorities. Annie Machon, his former girlfriend, said: "I believe David is a good and honorable man but he has had some form of severe breakdown. I do blame the Government and the intelligence agencies for what he had become."

Psychologists warned that the espousal of unusual beliefs should not be interpreted as proof of mental illness. Simon Gelsthorpe, a clinical psychologist based in Bradford, said: "A lot of research over the last decade has looked into the occurrence in the normal population of traits that society has traditionally seen as a mental illness. Hearing voices is way more common than we had thought, as is the holding of unusual beliefs. A lot of these so-called indicators of mental illness are in fact relatively common and part of normal life."

For his part, the former spy and self-confessed user of cannabis and magic mushrooms is unapologetic in his certainty that he is now the subject of a higher calling: "I don't give a -flick- what other people think of me. A bloke in a frock is whole lot less offensive than blowing up innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Whistleblowers: The intelligence service renegades

*Peter Wright

The former principal science officer of MI5, pictured right, provoked a crisis in intelligence circles with the publication in 1987 of Spycatcher, his incendiary memoir outlining claims that the Security Service plotted to remove Harold Wilson from office and its Director General, Roger Hollis, was a Soviet spy. Margaret Thatcher's government fought a long and ultimately pointless legal battle to prevent publication, propelling worldwide sales beyond 2 million copies.

*Richard Tomlinson

The New Zealand-born MI6 agent, far right, was a star recruit to Britain's overseas intelligence agency, serving in Bosnia and infiltrating Iranian intelligence. But a glittering career was abruptly ended in 1995 when he was sacked for reasons that remain unexplained and prevented from taking his case to an employment tribunal. He was arrested in 1997 for breaching the Official Secrets Act on the basis of a four-page synopsis of a tell-all book on his service and jailed for 12 months. He told the Princess Diana inquest that MI6 trained its officers in the use of strobe lights to cause traffic accidents.

*Cathy Massiter

Middle-ranking MI5 officer lifted the lid on its surveillance of trade unions and organisations such as CND in the 1980s. She revealed in a documentary that the service bugged the phones of Patricia Hewitt, former health secretary, and Harriet Harman, deputy Labour leader, because they were suspected Communist sympathisers.

From what I understand, they liaised with a celebrity dominatrix named mistress strix, who was rumoured to have specialized in genetic mutilation.

This was well before their transformations from what I’ve read.

I believe one of the Wachowskis married this mistress strix.

This is based on gossip mind you. You can research using the dominatrixes name to discover more.

Based on the reputation of this dominatrix I’m not at all shocked by their transformations.
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