Video footage taken of suspected large cat in uk

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Spotted this in todays Daily Mail online. The guy who took it is a police dog handler and he is saying its not a dog.
Mysterious big cat (UK)

'Big cat' probe after sheep death in Pembrokeshire


Never really sure about big cat sightings in the UK, whether they're just escaped zoo animals, released novelty pets or perhaps other worldly/dimensional visitors. The link has short video of paw print. Photos taken in the past of uk big cat paw prints have shown impressions left by claws which is a bit strange because cats of all types retract their claws when walking. I couldn't quite decide in this particular case whether there were any claw impressions in the video or not. Perhaps not.
A more recent report of a close up sighting of the Pembrokeshire panther in the UK


'Closest sighting yet' of big cat in Pembrokeshire

'Big cat' probe after sheep death Study backs big cat rise in Wales A former police officer has described his close encounter with what he believes is a puma or panther roaming wild in Pembrokeshire.
DNA analysis of hair samples found after suspicious attacks on livestock have "come back 'positive' and confirmed the existence of black panthers and other big cats living in the UK"

A forensic laboratory took on the species identification task and used mitochondrial DNA analysis to ascertain a 99 per cent match to a big cat species.

The findings have come to light as part of filming for an upcoming documentary -Panthera Britannia Declassified - which investigates claims of big cat sightings in Britain.
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