Video footage taken of suspected large cat in uk

The rabbit

Spotted this in todays Daily Mail online. The guy who took it is a police dog handler and he is saying its not a dog.
Mysterious big cat (UK)

'Big cat' probe after sheep death in Pembrokeshire


Never really sure about big cat sightings in the UK, whether they're just escaped zoo animals, released novelty pets or perhaps other worldly/dimensional visitors. The link has short video of paw print. Photos taken in the past of uk big cat paw prints have shown impressions left by claws which is a bit strange because cats of all types retract their claws when walking. I couldn't quite decide in this particular case whether there were any claw impressions in the video or not. Perhaps not.
A more recent report of a close up sighting of the Pembrokeshire panther in the UK


'Closest sighting yet' of big cat in Pembrokeshire

'Big cat' probe after sheep death Study backs big cat rise in Wales A former police officer has described his close encounter with what he believes is a puma or panther roaming wild in Pembrokeshire.
DNA analysis of hair samples found after suspicious attacks on livestock have "come back 'positive' and confirmed the existence of black panthers and other big cats living in the UK"

A forensic laboratory took on the species identification task and used mitochondrial DNA analysis to ascertain a 99 per cent match to a big cat species.

The findings have come to light as part of filming for an upcoming documentary -Panthera Britannia Declassified - which investigates claims of big cat sightings in Britain.
Carl Marshal, working for the Centre for Fortean Zoology, has discovered an old photo being described as the 'Clearest ever' photo of a big cat in Britain.

The photo unearthed in a filing cabinet was found with some text on the reverse side, explaining that the image was “the last sighting” of the “Beast of Smallthorne”, an area of Stoke-on-Trent
The photo was analysed but results were, apparently, inconclusive as to whether it is authentic.

The article also includes a map showing various big sightings in the UK.

The photo is another of the pieces found during the research for the Panthera Britannia Declassified documentary.

Looks like they are going with the angle that the cat sightings in the UK are of descendants of captive cats released when laws on exotic animal ownership changed in the 1970's:

“The research process for this show was intensive and exhaustive, and took us thousands of hours in various archives, libraries, museums, and laboratories, as well as in the field and meeting hundreds of eyewitnesses.”

He added: “The story is a sad one really - these majestic big cats could be legally owned without a licence in the UK until 1976 and were very popular, being seen as fashionable status symbols at the time.

“When the laws surrounding exotic animal ownership changed a lot of people released their big cats into the countryside. So essentially, the animals people are seeing today are the offspring of abandoned pets for the most part.”
What is that? Mystery cat prowling Phoenix Mountains Preserve
71,622 views • Nov 16, 2023
It's not a jaguar, mountain lion, bobcat or house cat, according to Jim DeVos with the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

France Bleu Pays de Savoie
VIDEO - A wolf filmed in Grâces, Côtes-d'Armor FR.
Video /
The caption of the video reads: "Amazing!!" . The plan is fixed, a meadow, large trees, and in the center, what Bernard Morange, a hunter, believes to be a wolf. On the video shared on Facebook , filmed in Grâces near Guingamp in Côtes-d'Armor, 13 seconds long , without sound, the animal freezes and looks at the camera.
“Oh, look over there, a wolf!”

Bernard Morange was taking part in a wild boar hunt this Saturday afternoon in Grâces, when a fellow hunter blurted out: “Oh, look over there, a wolf!” “I filmed for a long time , I couldn't wait to get home to show it to my wife,” confides Bernard Morange to France Bleu . already called."

For the moment, the video has been seen by less than 1,000 people, one Internet user commented a surprised smiley when another asked Bernard Morange: "are you sure it's a wolf?" , no answer.
A proven wolf in Brittany

The presence of wolves is proven in Brittany. An animal was photographed at the beginning of May 2022 in the Monts d'Arrée in Finistère. A wolf was also photographed near Rennes, in Goven. In January 2023, it was in broad daylight that a wolf was filmed in Ploubezre in Côtes-d'Armor . The whole question is whether, in different places, this wolf is the same.

In France, the French Biodiversity Office recorded 1,104 predators at the beginning of September. On France Bleu Breizh Izel, Jean-Noël Ballot, from the Bretagne Vivante association, said " that a single animal was identified in Brittany, thanks to the DNA contained in the hairs taken . It is a very discreet species which seeks to escape from man in general ."
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