Video killed the radio star? New Behind The Headlines show format!


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And now we meet in an abandoned studio
We hear the playback and it seems so long ago
And you remember how the jingles used to go
Oh-a oh...
From Blog Talk Radio... to SOTT Talk Radio to... SOTT Radio Network to... 'SOTT TV'!

Thanks to the ongoing super-efforts of Mikey the Miraculous Mechanic, we now not only have our very own unhackable interactive radio studio facility, we can stream video of our weekly discussions/interviews.

For now only SOTT members can view the livestream from our radio page:

Just make sure you're logged-in to; that way, you can watch, listen and participate in the chatroom at the same time.

If you miss the live show, they'll be uploaded to our SOTT Media Youtube channel. Until YT boots us off for 'breaking community guidelines', aka 'being Russian trolls', aka telling the truth. At which point we'll just upload them to alternative video-sharing platforms.

Here's yesterday's episode of Behind The Headlines:

The Truth About Israel's Airstrikes in Syria, And Why Trump Broke Iran Deal

A nice sum up of global situation. Also liked the school bully analogy.
The Europe thing is really interesting. It's only some years ago that I was a little bit shocked to know about these infiltrations in Europe by the US. Now the politicians already openly state their 'No'. Even IF it might not work this time with the Iran deals, the trend is very clear, a pole shift if you will.


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I'm glad that the video project became a success! We live in an internet video age, and nowadays something like 60% of all internet traffic is video. However, we'll continue to parallel-broadcast audio-only versions and add them to our radio archive.

The special thing about our live audio and video streaming setup is that we don't depend on third-party servers or services. It's all made and provided by us. And quite honestly, I had lots of fun making it! :cool:


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I really like this new format!! As a non-native speaker it somehow makes it easier for me to understand what is being talked when I can look at real faces belonging to real people. That's what I observed when I had been listening in yesterday.

Thank you for providing this opportunity to us, guys - and glad you had much fun, Mikey, when working the tech out. The result is definitely appreciated! ;-D


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This is absolutely awesome!!! It looks very professional and it's got an excellent video and audio quality!

GREAT job Mickey and all, and thank you! :perfect: :thup: :headbanger:


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Very impressive. Video seems to gives more credibility to the message. You can see, as well as hear, who's talking. It was Marshall McLuhan who famously said "the medium is the message."
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