Video Smoke mist looking like flames and speed flying particles


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I am sharing, in order to see if anybody can give me a suggestion about what I filmed.
In the last 2 weeks I saw 3 times (yesterday and tonight included) something like smoke mist as flames and speed flying particles. I can see it very well in semi-darkness ambiences and in the last two nights I studied the phenomenon. If I have both eyes opened I see very fast flames of smoke going from down to up. With only one eye opened I see it as particles very fast moving around at incredible speed. If I concentrate on it I can see the borders of all things made of these speed particles/smoke and I cannot see sharply borders anymore.
Then I saw these flames in a bar, there was pretty a lot of light in the place so I had the possibility to see well the "smoke" and it looked like scaled grain from low res photos.
Nobody else can see this smoke (I tried with 4 persons), but seems like my iPhone can record something both in photos and videos even if doesn't correspond with what I see.
What the camera can record seems to be just the 10% of what I can see and in a different way but at least we have something to see. People present were seeing on the iPhone screen while recording but with normal eyes weren't able to see anything.

Here is the links, just uploaded, of one video I took. I am sorry for the quality I will try to upload in a better quality:


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Well, that IS odd. Have you examined the possibility that it could be something come from the outside? What is outside the window? Can you video the entire room, like turn in a slow circle, and then what is outside? It could be reflections and light refracting in some way.


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They look like orbs to me and digital camaras do pick them up. I have two friends who can see them with the naked eye. One Yvonne has many captured on her FB page here:

People call them spirit orbs but i think they can be any form of consciousness, and good/bad too aka sto/sts etc

I haven't seen many video clips- so rare to see so much movement like you have. Unless they are particularly trying to get your attention - which they did. Your own energies could be assisting in their movement, or attracting them, something we don't really wish to do as we do not know who/what they are really.

Just wondering if it might not be someone who has recently passed who you knew? Just a possibility as quite a rare method of contact but 'energy' does seem to be changing a bit.

Just a few ideas FWIW


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I can try to make a better video, anyway:

1. no lights from outside;
2 two people not seeing anything just what they were seeing in the mobile phone screen;
3. I add 3 photos that can easily show that we are not talking about lights (look the very fast particles creating lines in the photo and white shadows).

What I see is far more detailed and scaring than what the camera can record...
Laura, any idea about what this can be?
Thanks! (I am supposed to sleep in those rooms).


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Well, looking at the configuration of the space - what little I can see - it could be an energy problem. How about drawing me a floor plan so I can see if a little rearrangement of furniture and objects could cure the problem? I was having all kinds of weird things going on in my bedroom until I changed the position of a mirror.


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Thank you Laura,
I see this in both bedrooms in the flat. I will try to check other rooms before sending you the maps.
Anyway would be possible to ask to the C's about this phenomenon? Just to be sure is nothing wrong with me...
Thank you.

Another video:


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Yesterday we made some other tests, we concluded that Iphone is not reliable for any kind of experiment probably for the frame rate used.
Thank you happyliza your friend has really interesting pictures! I've never heard about orbs phenomenon before.


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Just to update about the subject:

- in the last months I continued to see the "smoke mist". I would better now describe it as energy flows with high speed sometimes turning into little particles lights (blue, green, white or red). I can see this in many places (nearly everywhere), best view with moon light but if I concentrate I can see it in a very light way also with normal daylight especially on dark colors;
- happens to see, always in the same place, like a fluidification of the reality (fluidification effect in photoshop);
- If I look myself on mirror in the darkness with moonlight I see so many of these fast energy flows around me that I barely can see myself. The same flows are around every object.

I went to check my eyes, seems like they are OK.

If anybody heard about similar episodes please let me know.
Thanks a lot!
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