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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

Laura said:
... their pal Jeff Rense (who came on stage a bit later, but interestingly, again relating to the Jewish issue, but that will come soon enough), ...
yes. or better, to israel and the _zionist_ issue.

what stands out about the above named people and others i've 'experienced' in RL is that they are all variations of the same cookie-cutter model. their methods, their apparent insanity, their looks (judging from the pic of JA), the chutzpah, and their relatedness to the "jewish" issue. it is not only individuals but also many funny grassroots political movements. after a while it's like porn: once you've seen one, you know them all. i could name perhaps a dozen people and "political" grassroots movements which seem to accomplish nothing more than misleading anybody who gets near them, but who still have the ear of political higher-ups in all parties. if you look at them with some detention, you'll always find that i) they are or have relations to zionist jews and/or ii) that they are related via 2-3 betweens to people known to be related to civilian or military spook agencies, and iii) that they are perfectly capable to talk and reason as normal people when they think they are unobserved by 'outsiders'. i'm talking about europe here, as seen in at least 3 different countries by moi. i think that these people are what is called psyop operatives.

BTW: why *exactly* *materially* is rense being called a liar beyond his relations to funny people and some of the stuff he publishes at hjis site ? is there something he has written or communicated privately ? pointers please (URLs, or use the email link). thank you.


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?


As usual, the whole thing you have provided really blows my mind!
Interesting to say the least!!

There is one think though, that you have reminded me of what to ask
for a clarification, allthough it is off topic to this thread, perhaps:

> >Q: (L) What was the "Ark of the Covenant?"
> >A: Power cell.
> >Q: (L) What was the origin of this power cell?
> >A: Lizards;given to the Jews to use for manipulation of others.

What I read here, that the 'Ark of the Covenant' was given to the Hebrews (Jews)
but was it really? Was it GIVEN to the Hebrews or was it STOLEN by Sarah aka
Neferitti from Egypt?

I forget where I found this but you had discussed this somewhere in one or more of
your discussions regarding Abraham/Sarah(aka Neferitti)... so I was confused because
of that the C's had quoted above seems to contradict the Neferitti line of thinking?


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

name said:
BTW: why *exactly* *materially* is rense being called a liar beyond his relations to funny people and some of the stuff he publishes at hjis site ? is there something he has written or communicated privately ? pointers please (URLs, or use the email link). thank you.
I'm a bit confused by this question, name, since you posted on this thread a while back -

There are many articles here on the forum that address Rense's propensity to disinform, as a search of the term 'Rense' will show. Of course, some of the threads are very long, so it might take a while.

Perhaps I misunderstood your question, though - if so, let me know.


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

I think the telling Rense issues, aside from his general tendency to disinform, is his claim to a background in TV that he does not have, his claim to be a current "Top 100 Talkers" radio show, and his really slick claim to have been nominated for umpteen "peabody awards."

After Lisa Guliani was finally able to contact his former employer who clearly stated that he was lying about his background and experience, Rense then tried to intimidate her into signing a statement refuting what she had said. Her attorney rather cleverly forwarded the letter from Rense's attorney demanding this statement in exchange for not taking her to court, and even telling her what the statement should say. I would call that blatant coercion if not actually extortion.

Rense is a slick, slimey, sick customer, it seems.


Here are images of the actual letter sent by Rense's attorney:




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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

@anart: the 'episode' which i did not remember was that lawyer letter which laura posted. i didnt remember it so i did not even /think/ about looking for myself (ok, that was lame). that was also the grounds for my question.

thanks for re-posting the letter, laura.


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

Kochave ben Yehuda said:
So what do we have here? A Polish scientist, whose wife "channels" aliens who tell her all kind of garbage about the Jewish people, About Torah and about G-d.

Instead of them keeping this inside their house, they have chosen to spread this anti-Semitic crap over the internet.

I find it important that fellow scientists, and people who detest anti-Semitism are aware of their dark hobby, and will try to stop these people from spreading this garbage further.
Kochav ben Yehuda said:
I heard that you would spread misu=information about the Jewish people.
Would you care to tell me, where you get this information from, and why you
feel you have to spread it.
Kochav ben Yehuda said:
Would you care to tell me, where you get this information (about the Jews
manipulating the world by keeping their genes to themselves, and being
influenced by lizzards) from, and why you feel you have to spread it?

Strikes me that Kochav was particularly exercised about the C's material. In retrospect, considering that this was all going on in the month preceding 9/11, it strikes me as particularly significant. I mean, after all, it IS "just channeled" material.

As time went by, after Vincent Bridges and Stormbear Williams seem to have been put on the payroll of the A.D.L., continuing the A.D.L. initiated attack that continues to this day, we began to look back over the history of the transmogrification of the word "cult". We looked into the Jonestown thing and the Heaven's gate thing, and both cases had the fingerprints of CIA and/or MOSSAD manipulation all over them. It was as though the whole thing had been set up in advance because someone KNEW that there were sources/forces that would oppose the destruction of humanity; they needed to be prepared just in case any legitimate source started telling the truth. And, at the same time, they needed to create a lot of "channeled" noise to confuse the issues.

At a later point in time, after realizing that Montalk (Tom Cox) was, consciously or unconsciously, serving that agenda, we asked about this:

17 August 03


Q: (L) So what was ****'s agenda?

A: You figured that one out.

Q: (J) Yeah he wanted to "cultify" us.

A: All of these many activities stem from the same "urge." Think about Waco and guns. Put that together with Tom and his guns and you and the charge of "cult."

Q: (L) He could get us killed!

A: Stop and think about the possibility that your work was known in advance and all the preparations were made in advance to make the charge of cult mean what it does today.

Q: (L) Was it done via time travel?

A: Not necessary. "Mass dreams of the future" anyone?

Q: (L) That's a book where people get progressed into the future and see the future. It's kind of like time travel in your head. (JH) Is that sort of like remote viewing?

A: Oh indeed!
Q: (L) So they can see the future, which has something to do with the Montauk project. And they obviously sought to do something about the future by adjusting the present, in a way. (JH) Do the guys in the Aviary have anything to do with it?

A: You would not believe how many are involved. Many innocently of course.
Kochav wasn't innocent; however, though it is altogether likely that Joni Ferris was. Notice exactly how Kochav introduced himself to Sarfatti:

Kochav ben Yehuda said:
Dear Dr. Sarfatti et al,

I'm an Orthodox Jew, and operate on the internet for reasons of chinuch
(education) and kiruv (trying to bring faraway Jews again in contact
with their awesome heritage).

Some time ago Joni had asked me to assist on her emaillist, to bring
across the Jewish pov and Torah outlook.

As it happened someone posted some contents from the website of Dr.
Arkadiusz Jadczyk to Joni's list.

When I read this, and saw that he (through the mouth of some
"channeled" being) is promoting hatred against the Jews (by claiming we would want
to manippulate the world), and spreading lies about us.

I reacted to Joni about this, and she immediately wrote to Dr.
So, Kochav's job is to crank Jews up to get them back to Israel and crank them up to keep them from assimilating and so forth. In short, the total A.D.L. - Zionist agenda.

Of course, at the time, I was totally ignorant of the Zionist-Talmudic agenda. (I was ignorant of a LOT of things!) I learned about A.D.L. cointelpro the HARD way.


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

Several readers have sent links to pages by or about Kochav ben Yehuda and/or Joni Ferris. Figured I would make this thread your one-stop spot for info and include it here:


Kochav ben Yehuda, Edited by John Stone

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops call April 9th, 2004, "Good Friday of the Lord's Passion." Well, "good" Friday, is certainly a day to remember.

Why, you ask? Because for ages it was a sign to the gentiles to start killing the Jews.

"Good" Friday was used by preachers in churches spouting their venom, based on the stories of the New Testament (NT) about the evil Jews who were guilty of killing their god. The masses were worked up to start yet another pogrom. "His blood be on us, and on our children." (Matthew 27:25)

Because of the lies in the NT, Jewish ancestors were persecuted for almost 1,700 years. NO one should blindly accept those lies without properly investigating whether the stories told in the NT bear any truth. To all who have been trapped into believing the NT stories, don't you owe it to yourself and your children to determine if there is any truth in these evil and anti-Jewish stories? To help you a little, I will present you a few facts about Jewish and Roman law in the NT times, and how these facts render the gospel stories to be inaccurate at least.

According to Matthew, each year on Passover, the Roman procurator (in this case Pontius Pilate}, offered the Jews gathered in Jerusalem the opportunity to save the life of a prisoner condemned to death. The NT says the choice was between a brigand and anti-Roman revolutionary named Barabbas and Jesus.

According to Matthew, the Jews without exception chose Barabbas and shouted the above passage (Matthew 27:25). Obviously it was important to Matthew to show that ALL the Jews shouted this response. In this manner all their descendants could be implicated in their ancestors' supposed crime of causing "deicide."

However, every element in this story in Matthew (27:11-26}, including the mob's cry, can be shown to be full of historical inaccuracies and incongruities:

Matthew asserts that although Pilate offered the Jews a choice between Jesus and Barabbas, his own desire was to spare Jesus. The late Israeli Supreme Court Justice Chaim Cohn in The Trial and Death of Jesus, asked "Why then did he [Pilate] not pardon him [Jesus]. Pilate functioned in Judea as a dictator, his power only limited by the Roman Emperor himself. Had he chosen, he could have simply released Jesus. Even if the Jews had the privilege of demanding the release of one prisoner, they certainly had no right to demand the execution of a man that Pilate wished to save."

Justice Cohn also asks: "Even if such a choice existed, why was the choice limited to only Jesus and Barabbas?" Limiting the choice to two people is an effective literary technique that heightens dramatic tension in a story, magnifies the idea that the Jews are evil and helps to focus on the event or events portrayed.

Since the NT shows that Barabbas is a brigand, an instigator of a large riot and a murderer {Luke 23:19}, the Jews choice of him over Jesus is the perfect retinue to portray the Jews as evil. Hyam Maccoby discusses this point in his book Revolution in Judea.

After a long study of the Barabbas story, Professor S.G.F. Brandon, a Christian historian of the rise in Christianity, concluded that this incident never happened. To cite just one of the incongruities that convinced him that the story is fiction: "The outcome of Pilate's amazing conduct was that he sentenced to death one he knew was innocent, and released a popular resistance fighter, probably a Zealot who had just proved how dangerous he could be." (Jesus and the Zealots, page 262)

Given that the Barabbas story contradicts what we know historically about the actions of Rome on conquered territories, what purpose does this story have?

There appear to be two purposes here:

First, to prove to Roman leaders that, although they had executed Jesus, he was no enemy of Rome. The Roman procurator wished to exonerate Jesus. Therefore, Jesus was only executed because the Jews "forced" Pilate to do so.

Second, by showing that the Jews were the betrayers of Jesus, the early church could more justifiably argue that the Jews had caused G-d to be "killed" and lost their place as being chosen by this "betrayal" of G-d. Presto, just like magic, the clergy now claims that Christianity had replaced Judaism. For this reason, the story has ALL the Jews clamoring for Jesus' blood. It would have been much less dramatic to only have the high priest and a few elders responsible.

Furthermore, do you know that Barabbas means: Son of the Father (from the Aramaic Bar abbas), and that his first name was Jesus !!!

His real name is even still to be found in the first editions of the NT in the 4th century CE, but were later removed to make people unaware of this fact. (See Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine, by Audustinus Merk, edited in 1933 by the Istituto Biblico Pontificio, page 101)

So, you now know that:

� Jesus, the SON of the Father, (Barabbas) was freed (according to NT); and

� Jesus, the King of the Jews, was executed (according to the NT)

You should now be able to clearly see this is all theology, and not a description of any real event(s).

One more time! There was NEVER a habit of freeing a prisoner before Peasch.

Furthermore Pilate was a very cruel man (see Flavius Josephus, and Philo on this), who NEVER listened to anybody, but himself. For the Roman procurator to wash his hands of responsibility for carrying out imperial policy is not only illogical, it is absurd, particularly given that Roman records indicate that Pilate was removed from his position as procurator partially for excessive cruelty. Also, there was no established Jewish or Roman custom at the time of giving up a condemned state criminal to a mob.

But the gospel writer had to set Pilate free of guilt for in Rome, where the first gospel was written about 70/71 CE, this was the only way to tell about this execution without alienating the Romans. The Romans could live with a mystical spiritual "Son of the Father" entity, but could NOT live with a real person messiah King, who would bring rebellion among the Jewish masses against the Romans.

To address the issue of the trial and crucifixion, one should know that Jewish law was in force at the time, as long as it did not conflict with Roman prerogatives. For example, in the NT story about Jesus going into the Temple and overturning the tables of the moneychangers, two things must be considered:

a. The moneychangers were there for a sacred purpose--to exchange ritually unusable roman coins for Jewish tokens; and
b. The moneychangers were there to facilitate the purchase of animals and other offerings for sacrifice.

This act of interfering with the moneychangers would have instigated both the Romans and the Saduccee hierarchy against him--for motivating political unrest.

How does one know that, as the NT story is told, that the Romans would have considered him dangerous?

The original Greek term used for the unit which arrested Jesus in gethsemane is "cohortes." Christianity has variously translated "cohortes" as: group, company, squad, etc. Some christians guess that it would number no more than a couple of dozen soldiers and perhaps saduccee temple guards. HOWEVER, "cohortes" has a very specific meaning to historians both ancient and military. Roman nomenclature for military units included in ascending order:

1. the maniple,

2. century,

3. cohort, and

4, legion.

At the time of the crucifixion, the size of a cohort in provincial service was at least 700 roman soldiers. In a place with unrest like Judea, it would have been larger, and would also have included another 300 to 700 local or mercenary auxiliaries. There is evidence of this throughout Caesar's The Conquest of Gaul and many other contemporary Roman sources.

One is left with the question; Why did the garrison commander of Jerusalem (whose Headquarters was at the Acra Fortress, Northwest of the Temple Mount and near Gethsemane) send upwards of one thousand legionaries (a large and significant fraction of the city's garrison) to arrest a supposedly peaceful man and a few of his supporters? To believe the NT account you would have to think Rome was afraid of the "popular" support Jesus had, i.e. a lot of people looked to him as a Messianic figure, and the Romans probably wanted to make sure they would be able to put down any spontaneous unrest Jesus' arrest might generate.

If the Romans saw Jesus as a threat, and had more than enough reasons to deal with him, it becomes evident that the story told in the gospels about a Jewish trial is surely added to make the story political acceptable in Rome. One final and important point to note is that no contemporary historian anywhere ever wrote a single word about these events. This tale only exists in the pages of the NT.

You may then ask, how can we say that the Jewish trial as described in the gospels never happened? Aside from being totally absent in real history as recorded by real historians, consider these points:

When a honest seeker of truth and wisdom looks at existing Jewish history and law, he will see no basis for the NT arrest, trial and crucifixion accounts in any practical sense, but he will in fact see evidence that the writer or redactor was wholly IGNORANT of Jewish law and custom, as well as Roman history and law of the period.

There is no alternative but to reject this account, not only for its odious "assumption" of responsibility by the Jews (Notice that, despite all of the collected protestations to the contrary, the NT specifies Jews as a whole, not Pharisees or Sadducees and not all peoples of the world either), but also because it is incompatible with existing law, custom and history of the period.

Laws of the Sanhedrin Regarding Trials:

1. There was to be no arrest by religious authorities that was effected by a bribe. (See Exodus 23:8)
2. There were to be no steps of criminal proceedings after sunset.
3. Judges or Sanhedrin members were not allowed to participate in the arrest.
4. There were to be no trials before the morning sacrifice.
5. There were to be no secret trials, only public.
6. Sanhedrin trials could only be conducted in the Hall of Judgment of the Temple Compound.
7. The procedure was to be first the defense and then the accusation.
8. All may agree in favor of acquittal, but all may not argue in favor of conviction.
9. There were to be two or three witness and their testimony had to agree in every detail. (Deuteronomy 19:15)
10. There was to be no allowance for the accused to testify against himself.
11. The High Priest was forbidden to rent his garments. (Leviticus 21:10)
12. Charges could not originate with the judges; they could only investigate charges brought to them.
13. The accusation of blasphemy was only valid if the name, of G-d, itself was pronounced (and heard by 2 witnesses).
14. A person could not be condemned on the basis of his own words alone.
15. The verdict could not be announced at night, only in the daytime.
16. In cases of capital punishment, the trial and guilty verdict could not occur at the same time, but must be separated by at least 24 hours.
17. Voting for the death penalty had to be done by individual count beginning with the youngest so the young would not be influenced by the elders.
18. A unanimous decision for guilt shows innocence since it is impossible for 23-71 men to agree without plotting.
19. The sentence could only be pronounced three days after the guilty verdict.
20. Judges were to be humane and kind.
21. A person condemned to death was not to be scourged or beaten beforehand.
22. No trials are allowed on the eve of the Sabbath or on a feast day.

As Chaim H. Cohn (at that time justice of the Supreme Court of Israel) wrote in Reflections on the Trial and Death of Jesus:

"Such wholesale violation of all the rules of law and procedure is not only highly improbable, but, in view of the rigorous and formalistic exactitude for which the Pharisees were notorious, rather inconceivable."

Also the High Priest would NEVER ask if he was "the Son of G-d, the Messiah..." The whole"son of G-d" idea was a pagan idea of sons of gods. In Judaism in those days a son of G-d was a Jew who lived according to Torah. Such a qualification was not to be a ground for conviction of anything, or even for which to be tried!!! Also it has no connection to Moshiach, apart from the fact that Moshiach of course also is a son of G-d in the Jewish sense.

All of the above makes abundantly clear that a Jewish trial as described in the NT, and meant to accuse the Jewish people, NEVER happened.

I hope you are willing to open your eyes and to start to realize that Jews are viciously portrayed to be responsible for killing Jesus, by means of made-up stories that are inconsistent and incompatible with actual Jewish and Roman law and practice of those days 2,000 years ago.

Remember, yetzias Mitzraim, which was done for the Jews, ONLY, to come to Sinai, where they accepted the most beautiful gift a people could possibly ask for, TORAH.

You are set before the choice as Moshe tells us in Deuteronomy 28-30, to do as G-d has commanded us and keep His Torah, or to (chas ve sholom) turn away from it, to follow foreign deities.

Make the right choice. Go to shul this Pesach.

Pesach Sameach,

-Kochav ben Yehuda


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

A series of emails on Rayelan's rumormill list back in 2001 - Dec - a few months after we had been hit by the tag team:

Horst Wessel Re: Fw: Rumor Mills is a ANTI Jewish

Joni seems to be correct in communicating that this list is an anti-Jewish list.
She is removed from this list simply because she communicated some facts that
are not welcome, because they do not comply with the anti-Jewish bias that most
people are familiar with, either from their religion or from anti-Semitic

A simple proof of this, is the fact that a person who goes by the name of "Horst
Wessel" is allowed to spout his anti-Semitic instigations.

The fact alone that a person would choose the name "Horst Wessel", which stands
for the Nazi song that was sung by the S.A (Nazis) when they marched and which
became the official song of the Nazi Party, shows that this person sympathises
with the Nazis and therefore is a detestable person.

Bottomline: Nazis are allowed on this list while Jews are removed.

Guess I'll be removed next, but then again who wants to be on a list that allows
Nazis to participate.


--- In RMNEWS_DAILY_EMAILS@y..., "Rayelan" <rayelan@m...> wrote:
> I was warned that joanie ferris was an ADL agent -- to me the followeing email
sent by her proves it!
> The next thing to look for is Rumor Mill News being declared an anti semetic
site! And/or being banned by YahooGroups for being anti semetic!
> I wonder what my friends in Israel will say when they see I have been declared
> I threw Joanie off the list because she was full of venom and I didn't like
the hate that wreaked through each and every one of her posts.
> I also thought that when a person starts an emailing list, that they are
supposed to be able to pick and choose the messages that they want! I guess is
joanie's world this makes me anti semetic.
> Well... I am NOT alone in thinking that joanie has a problem with unbridled
hatred! I have been warned about her by half a dozen other webmasters or list
owners, whose webpages or lists she has invaded with her loving and gentle
> joanie certainly knows how to win friends and influence people. I wonder where
she went to school to learn how to do this so well?
> Just wait til you see what she wrote and who she sent it to!
> Remember when I told you all that I believed that Rumor Mill News was hit with
that payload of viruses because of what I said about the Mossad! Boy, I can't
wait to see what happens now!!
> Rayelan

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: Joni Ferris
> To: rayelan@m... ; Am-Echod@y... ; Jews-And-Others-Against-Bush@y... ;
Israels-Challenge@y... ; endtimes-news-events@y... ; Chozrim@y... ;
Crisis-in-Israel@y... ; studyjudaica-torah-tanach-kabalah@y... ;
> Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 12:33 AM
> Subject: Rumor Mills is a ANTI Jewish list!!!!!!
> Hi Everyone,
> I was thrown off of the Rumor Mills list because I was defending our People.
> That list insults and demeans the Jewish people, by Christians
> missionizing and making up stories about our People. Pass this to
> EVERY Jewish list that this rumor mongering is going on against the
> Jewish People on a Rumor Mills list on See Below!
> (BTW, the posts were approved by a Rayelan, who runs the list.)
> -- Joni
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> >Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001 00:19:03 -0700
> >Subject: [RMNEWS2] FBI-MOSSAD SENDING VIRUSES?--Another Take!]
> >
> > > Another angle on the question of WHY viruses/computer problems appear
> >> apparently in reaction to ANTI-Jewish/Israeli posts (here at Rumor Mill
> >> or elsewhere) is:
> >>
> >> The conclusion that you are drawing (namely, blaming the
> >> Jews/Israel/Mossad) is the conclusion THEY want you to come to. They
> >> want to enflame the age-old, trumped up prejudices against this group,
> >> as well as other groups.
> >>
> >> THEY being, the Reptilian-dominated, heartless, conspiracy rings,
> >> running the suffering, war, destabilization and destruction of culture
> >> and civilization, you know.
> >>
> >> I suggest that members of the Light and members of the opposition are
> >> drawn from ALL groups. Perhaps some typing is true, but it won't be
> >> whatever is TOO OBVIOUSLY put under our noses.
> >>
> >> NimuehHaal meer uit het web. Download MSN Explorer gratis:
Re: Horst Wessel Re: Fw: Rumor Mills is a ANTI Je

Kochav Ben Yehuda

I suppose you think it is OK for Joni Ferris to be Anti-Christian and

Harjono Bin Zainal Abidin
Kuala Lumpur-Malaysia

Kochav ben Yehuda wrote:
> Joni seems to be correct in communicating that this list is an
> anti-Jewish list.
> She is removed from this list simply because she communicated some
> facts that are not welcome, because they do not comply with the
> anti-Jewish bias that most people are familiar with, either from their
> religion or from anti-Semitic sources.
> A simple proof of this, is the fact that a person who goes by the name
> of "Horst Wessel" is allowed to spout his anti-Semitic instigations.
> The fact alone that a person would choose the name "Horst Wessel",
> which stands for the Nazi song that was sung by the S.A (Nazis) when
> they marched and which became the official song of the Nazi Party,
> shows that this person sympathises with the Nazis and therefore is a
> detestable person.
> Bottomline: Nazis are allowed on this list while Jews are removed.
> Guess I'll be removed next, but then again who wants to be on a list
> that allows Nazis to participate.
> Kochav


i was wonderin when the shiat would hit the fan on that wack,
seems i've heard somewhere that religion and politics dont mix well?
i could have that tidbit wrong.,
i see whenever religious political discussion happens it gets
ppl,back into thier caveman brain, dont get me wrong i love politics
and religion, dont think they should be discussed at the dinner
table, actually the only time i really like religious babble is when
monte python is lookin for the holy grail or the life of
brian .....or better yet when .....NOBODY EVER EXPECTS THE SPANISH
as i understand christianity and some bibles,seems most are
incomplete fabrications from some past tymes when only the
neredowells was able to read or write, or educate thier children.
lotsa like our new constitution , use the parts ya like and can use
to control the lemmings,and disregard the parts the lemmings might
use for thier free will........okie i'm done spewin.

in case you wonderin, i am a bafoon!


It's a funny thing, this Joni Ferris, who thinks that
she can do whatever she wants on everyone else's list
but has an IRON FIST on the lists that she moderates.

I have seen her throw people off lists just because
they disagreed with the moderator (her) and when
questioned about this, she has also thrown out anyone
questioning her. In fact she has unsubscribed people
from lists just because she did not like the name that
they used on their email accounts!

She insists that everyone use their real names and
finds web based email addresses UNACCEPTABLE!
In other words, she does not think postings are VALID
unless they come directly from your ISP with your real
name on them.

Makes you wonder just who she is making the list for?

Oh and I have also heard that she throws people off
lists because they are CHRISTIANS! Seems that the only
point of view that is valid to her is her own. And the
moment that anyone disagrees with her they are
anti-semetic! How about just being ANTI-JONI????

Of course for her to accept that it is her OWN actions
that are responsible for her removal is too much for
her to face. She has to bring the Jewish people into
it to try to justify her OWN behavior which is rude,
controlling, illogical and hateful.

Get a clue Joni, this has nothing to do with the
Jewish people and everything to do with YOU.



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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

I have also been sent a link where the same series of emails I have posted above are also posted on Jack Sarfatti's website:

Apparently they have been there since the time of the events chronicled.


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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

Another interesting find.

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From: "Joni Ferris" <>

Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 8:40 PM

Subject: israelite or joo joo

> >We already know from Miami-Dade that Koko would beat you hands down
> >

> YOU are a total moron, John Knight - giving FALSE information about
> the Miami Dade Education system.
> First of all, Jews in Miami mostly go to PRIVATE SCHOOLS, and the
> only Jewish areas are Killian and N. Miami Beach for Public Schools.
> 90% of Jewish students are in private school.
> Now I know you are an idiot, but stop spreading stupid rumors about
> Miami Dade that isn't true. I do not live in Miami Dade County but I
> do live in driving distance of it. And since I know that Jewish
> students score so high on test scores that they get honor
> scholarships (my son got one and is now in graduate school (medical).
> He had a private meeting with the Dali Lama today at his university
> to talk about "distance learning" where the Dali Lama needed some
> information from my son, so even though YOU might think so badly
> about "Jews", thank G-d people who ARE IMPORTANT in the world for
> peace and unbiased learning are NOT!
> Up yours, John Knight!
> -- Joni
In addition, the following blasphemous statement from joni jew phonie proves once and for all that jews do NOT deserve the protection of this putative Christian nation, and that there's absolutely no way for both jews and Christians to coexist on the same continent:

Joni Ferris wrote:

"You use the word 'hate' in describing what I think of a jesus. I think he wasn't the messiah, that he was the son of a Roman soldier, and Joseph KNEW this, yet married Mary to save her butt, so she wouldn't get stoned to death. He was brought up as a Jew, and didn't observe Torah law, so he wasn't the Messiah since G-d said there would be many false messiahs that would try to take a JEW away from their faith, and not to believe in them. We aren't allowed to change one thing in the Torah law, therefore we knew he was a fake. I believe in Judaism, and I am NOT a Christian. So, therefore, I don't believe in a jesus. Now you got a problem with it? Tough!"

Not only is blasphemy of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a sin, but it a crime in this nation, to this very day. Before jews like Joni are exiled to Madagascar, they need to prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for the blasphemy they never cease to spout.
> I stand by my statement's. Call me what you will.
Of course you stand by your comments, you don't realize how you sound.

> These truths are simple and obvious and not in dispute.
I showed you FACTS that were obvious yet you can't see the truth.

> I endeavor to appreciate all people equally,
No you do not.

You disregard the victims of arab terror.

> that's why I am not willing to excuse your abusive attitude.
YOU have an abusive attitude. YOU are the bigot who can't face FACTS.

> You do no favors for the Jewish people with empty words and excuses for Israeli/ Nazi/fascist/
How dare you put Israeli with Nazi together, you are a stupid fool.

YOU don't care if Israelis get murdered due to TERRORISM.

YOU side with Terrorists.

> far right wing secret opp. government. good luck in you UFO research. Learn to be loving, like Jesus,

You throw up jesus to me, yet you act like the MOST UNLOVING to the Israeli People and to Jewish People. YOU are a hypocrite.

> even if you think he gave nothing to the world. Hitler's grand mom became pregnant while a maid in the Rothschild home,

That is a lie made up by Neo Nazi revisionists.

They hide the FACT that Hitler was a CATHOLIC, a Christian who was friends with the devious Pope of the time. That is your Christian Hitler, a JEW HATER who wanted to wipe out every JEW from the Earth. THAT IS FACT.

> just like Bill Clinton's mom did in the Winthrop Rockefeller home. It's a pattern with the elite. God luck convincing the informed otherwise. Peace, you poor bigot against Arab's.--NM

YOU are a bigot against the Israelis who are trying to survive. YOU are one of the rats of the world who turn the other way when Israelis are being victims of arab terror.

BTW, I am not against Arabs, they can live in their own countries, BUT YOU ARE AGAINST JEWS AND ISRAELIS, YOU are the bigot who wants to destroy Israel and the Jewish People.

Are you related to Hitler? YOU act like you are!

-- Joni

> Joni Ferris <> wrote:
>> Hitler was a rothchild.
> You are talking crazy! Hitler was a Catholic and certainly was NOT a Rothschild!
> Meyer Rothschild was an Orthodox Jew. Anti semites can't stand it that a Jew made money in the banking industry, it bothers you right? !
>> He made it posible for israel to come about.
> You realize that 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust and then the rest of the world realized the horror that it was what happened and the UN passed then a resolution to make Israel a country? No people should be exterminated by a madman to have a country. May his name be blotted out!
>> that makes you an anti semite (ARAB).
> You are a nutty Nazi, I think you need your head examined!
> -- Joni
>> Enjoy you blindness to your own bigotry--NM
> Joni Ferris <> wrote:
> >--- Joni Ferris <> wrote:
> >> >Good question. The bible is about aliens
> >>
> >> The Bible isn't about aliens. G-d tells Moses about
> >> aliens in the
> >> Oral Law NOT the Torah.
> >> There is NOTHING about aliens in the Bible at all.
> >> Angels are NOT aliens.
> >>
> >> -- Joni
> >> Thank ou for stering me in the right direction.
> >From now on I must be more careful in listening to you
> >because soon you should be able to tell that if you
> >say somethimg I should automaticly believe the
> >opposite.
> Go ahead, be a dope and believe in the opposite!
> >You hate "Jesus? I love him (Whatever he
> >was)
> You use the word 'hate' in describing what I think of a jesus.
> I think he wasn't the messiah, that he was the son of a Roman
> soldier, and Joseph KNEW this, yet married Mary to save her butt, so
> she wouldn't get stoned to death.
> He was brought up as a Jew, and didn't observe Torah law, so he
> wasn't the Messiah since G-d said there would be many false messiahs
> that would try to take a JEW away from their faith, and not to
> believe in them. We aren't allowed to change one thing in the Torah
> law, therefore we knew he was a fake.
> I believe in Judaism, and I am NOT a Christian. So, therefore, I
> don't believe in a jesus.
> Now you got a problem with it? Tough!
> > tou dont like Norman F? He is the smartest,
> >nicest mst honest man in media?
> No he isn't, he is a hypocrite and a self hating Jew.
> > Algels were not
> >emisarys from the Ehohim?
> Angels are messengers from G-d.
> They do their mission, and that is what their purpose is.
> Angels have no free will, they do what G-d tells them to do.
> > I will go where my heart
> >leads. Israels Right wing, Hitler Rothschilds Zion
> >Nazis don't Kill at will for world ordering
> What the heck are you ranting about? You sound crazy lumping Hitler
> and Israel together.
> Do you know what you are talking about?
> -- Joni
> > (as if
> >corrupt americans woulnt too- 9l11 was no fake
> >terroist bull) Sorry.Send the word out.Reverse the
> >media brainwash. Real peace for real people. Fake war
> >for fake people. End the occupation. End the racism.
> >NO Illuminzi world order. No control of all sides and
> >minds. Peace on earth. Let that be the messiah to you.
> >Peace-NM
> > >
> >>

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Kochav ben Yehuda and Joni Ferris: An A.D.L. saga?

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From: "Joni Ferris" <>

To: <>

Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 12:11 AM

Subject: [Conspiracy-Theory] Re: Jewish Treachury- not as bad as Christian Treachury!

> >Most Catholic nations did not try and kill off the Jew.
> It was due to the Catholic Church that led up to the Holocaust.
> And you are telling me that the Church did not try to kill off the Jews?
> From the crusades, to the inquistions, to the pogroms in Europe the
> evil behind it all was the Church.
> Learn history!
> -- Joni
> > They had
> >them removed out of their nations, after all it was not the Jews
> >nations, they were guests and did not want to abide by the hosts
> >country rules. Most Catholics believed there was a curse to kill the
> >Jews and did not believe in enslaving them, so expelling the Jew,
> >from the host country, was the most popular method of the nations to
> >rid themselves from Jews.
> > They were thrown out of about 80, or so, nations, in this way. Not
> >many nations had a policy of murder.
> >Most probably Christopher Culumbus was a Jew, that murdered countless
> >Native Americans and brought them to other Nations to sell in the
> >slave trade. The Catholics Nations frownd on slavery a act that was
> >accepted and condoned and still in practice by many Jews. Also,
> >there was a high percentage of Jewish owned and operated ships that
> >brought the African American to the USA and sold them into slavery.
> >There was a higher % of slave ownership in Jews compaired to whites.
> >In fact many Jews fought to keep slavery legal. In Catholic areas of
> >Quebec and Mexico there is a considerable higher survival rates of
> >Native peoples compaired to there surounding prodestant areas.
> >
> >So, Joni, we see that your preception is based on Jewish fables and
> >not on actual historic facts.
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >by Lane Core, Jr.
> >
> >The Catholic Church unhesitatingly condemned racial slavery as soon
> >as it began. In 1435, six decades before Columbus sailed, Pope Eugene
> >IV condemned the enslavement of the black natives of the Canary
> >Islands, and ordered their European masters to manumit the enslaved
> >within 15 days, under pain of excommunication. In 1537, Pope Paul III
> >condemned the enslavement of West Indian and South American natives,
> >and explicitly attributed that evil, "unheard of before now," to "the
> >enemy of the human race," Satan.
> >
> >Papal condemnations of slavery were repeated by Popes Gregory XIV
> >(1591), Urban VIII (1639), Innocent XI (1686), Benedict XIV (1741),
> >and Piux VII (1815). In 1839, Pope Gregory XVI wrote,
> >
> >We, by apostolic authority, warn and strongly exhort... that no one
> >in the future dare to bother unjustly, despoil of their possessions,
> >or reduce to slavery Indians, Blacks or other such peoples.
> >
> >Pope Leo XIII (1890), too, condemned slavery, and so did the Second
> >Vatican Council (1965).
> >~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >--- In Conspiracy-Theory@y..., Joni Ferris <jferris@m...> wrote:
> >> >As we near June 8, the Anniversary of the murder of our USA men on
> >the
> >> >USS Liberty, keep in mind this Lavon Affair.
> >>
> >>
> >> And how does this compare with the Catholic Church's Inquistion of
> >> Jewish lives?
> >> At least we know that Israel stated it was a mistake -- the Church
> >> you are so devoute in did not admit that Killing innocent Jews - or
> >> forcing them to convert to YOUR pagan religion to steal their souls
> >> was a mistake.
> >> What your religion did to my people was a million times worse than
> >> any USS Liberty.
> >>
> >> -- Joni
The History of Contemporary Christian Music

Re: [neighborhood_bully] The History of Contemporary Christian Music

>Even Bob Dylan had a brief brush with Christianity, releasing two
>influential Christian albums during the early 80s.

Did he ever say he made a big mistake?

-- Joni


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Colleen Johnston and Vincent Bridges Trash Laura and cassiopaea

Hello! :)

An artist sent me the first link to the C's, and I spent a little too much time trying to grok it. My Hubby, being my Hubby, was concerned I would be in another group of "vampires". I've had the misfortune of running into a lot of "Vinnie's" and "Franks" in my life, and he is autotmatically wary. (Bless his heart) While its still true a good fibber will get me, it's gotten a lot harder. I've been run over, bit, hit, scratched etc for so long, the pattern just jumps out now.

Hubby googled on Laura and wouldn't you know, the very first thing to crop up was the Colleen Johnston site. The second was Vinnie and his mini-me's.

I'm sorry, anyone trotting out that many degrees of esoterica, each one requiring years of dedication, is a hack. Ms. Johnston evidently didn't learn much from her cult experience either. In each case, the song remained the same, and no evidence was provided.

What disturbed me? 1. Vinnie's unusual interest in Laura's kids. 2. His insistence on making personal information public. Actually, these two points were blaring alarms in my mind. 3. He kept saying you should shut up. Oh that one is a biggie.

When I read over Laura's account of what happened here, it scares me to think he was ever near your kids, and I'm relieved he'll never get that chance again! Anyone demanding you reveal your personal location information, even if its just your email or phone number, if you have never met them offline, is a red flag. (I get called paranoid for saying this, and yes, I am paranoid, but with reason.)

Reading over the C's material my whole life and current influences were scattered all the way through it in symbol and theme that just flat out gave me the willies. Willies are good, they yank one outside the self and show you, in a flash of insight, what the bigger pattern is. One of the problems of having that insight is as soon as you walk out your front door, something will appear as if by magic to Distract you from what you just learned.

First I thought my muscles were wasting away, and that turned out to be false. Then I started having dreams about an actor that I like, but it was as if his image was being trotted out in front of me just to see what I'd do. Weird. Then at a gas station I saw a guy whose appearance did not match what he was driving. (Scruffy, mean looking dude, dead eyes, unkempt, driving a spotless brand new pickup truck with all the options) He looked at me like I was a potential steak dinner. I walk with a cane, and I get that a lot. I just use the Matriarch maneover:

Walk like an elephant. :) With the confidence and no nonsense that a Matriarch has.

He went away without a second glance. Sounds foolhardy and even cheeky, but it works. I do not understand people who tell me "Act like a predator, and no one will bother you."

Are they kidding? Have they ever SEEN an Elephant Matriarch? Wow. I'll defend myself, sure. But i just don't have that kind of energy to waste.

As I read the forum, and more of the material a bit at a time, I understand that the C's are all right and so are the folks here. The world would not be kicking you round if you were not on to something interesting. I learned that one the hard way too.

I don't know enough to contribute much, but if something hits a chord, I'll post more. :)

Until then



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Colleen Johnston and Vincent Bridges Trash Laura and cassiopaea

Hello Gimpy

Glad to hear you've overcome the initial barrier-to-entry that the Forces of Entrophy seem to have set up around the study and pursuit of all things Cassiopaean; the whole 'cult' chutzpah and more besides :)

First I thought my muscles were wasting away, and that turned out to be false.
Yeh I remember you mentioning this in your [one of your] first post. Muscle wastage brought on by your reading The Wave? I thought, "O-er, would love to help but aint sure what to say to that!"

So it's cleared up? Did it turn out to be more mind than matter?!

Happy learning


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Colleen Johnston and Vincent Bridges Trash Laura and cassiopaea

Thought now was a good time to post some of Vincent Bridges "personal history" as he tells it. Keep in mind that it is nearly all lies as I will show later.

From: Vincent Bridges <>
Date sent: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 10:58:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Mind Games

Now, I knew that something like the program existed, or at least people
I knew thought it existed, as far back as 1977 when I heard Kerry
Thornley talking about how Oswald was programmed. And then Jonestown,
and since Jim Jones was a local celebrity of sorts, I heard more than
enough to convince me that something very strange was going on with that
one. And then, I started my own personal descent into the realms of
darkness. I was recruited as an Operator.

In the interest of full disclosure, and since you can't understand how I
know what I know unless you have some idea of how I found out, I need to
reveal some of the obscure episodes in my own background.

In the winter of 1977 - 78, I was in grad school in History and
Classical studies at UNC, working part time as a freelance writer,
including books reviews, etc. for the Psychical Research Foundation at
Duke, part of FRNM or the Rhine Foundation. A lady came through town
doing psychic readings and the PRF picked her up as part of the team.
She however was obviously looking for talent, and definitely not
interested in Bill Roll's return to Amityville kind of trip. To make a
long story much shorter, we became acquainted and before she left she
gave me a letter from a guy in California and a list of phone numbers.

The letter was an ego stroke offer to go study magick, all expenses
paid. My freelance rock'n'roll journalist career was in a slump, grad
school was going nowhere, and frankly I missed San Fran and the high
life. I bit, big time.

At first, everything was great. My career took off because they knew
everybody in the business. The magickal training was great too. I was
learning and experiencing faster than I had dreamed possible, and for a
sensation junkie like me, this was heaven. Suddenly, my proposed thesis
on the origin of the Tarot cards looked academic and tame. These people
had real power and the information to back it up. Somehow, stupid me, I
never thought to ask what the pay off would be.

By the summer of 1979, my basic magickal training was over and other
subjects and tasks started coming up. In a very weird way, I was sort of
assigned to write a novel about Aleister Crowley, Hitler and the more
unsavory aspects of WWII's black magick. I was paid for it, although it
took until 1981 to see print, and then in a heavily bowlderized form. To
do this, I was "given" access to every bizarre Nazi document in
existence. One of my friends in the group even got me access to the
archives in Washington to look up certain strange practices of the SS.
Again, I didn't question any of this, it just happened, so go with the
flow, don't think too much, have a good time.

When my research was done and a rough version of the book was
circulating to publishers, I had the pleasure of a visit by the head man
in the Order. This guy is still around, going by the alias of Dr.
Christopher Hyatt of Falcon Press. I become one of his main magickal
student flunkies, and for the next six months or so I did nothing but
follow him around through one bizarre episode after another. The most
interesting of which was international drug and gun running. I kept
thinking: This is gonna make a great movie/novel one day. To which a
small voice would reply: if you survive.

After a couple of epics, including one where I made the run to Mexico
and back on my own, I was invited out one evening to go sailing with the
boss and some very special friends who had things they wanted to discuss
with me.

So, here we are, in a large sail boat drifting off Sausalito on a warm
August night. Just as I 'm thinking that my life has turned into a
gangster movie and I don't even like guns, the boss and his friends come
on deck. They own the boat, and a stranger pair of rejects from the
Addams clan I've never seen. He's had hair transplants done to give him
an exaggerated widows peak, and she's in full aging Mortitia drag.
Indeed, when we came on board, I thought she was a drag queen.

We chit-chat for a while. They introduce themselves as Michael and
Lillith, and we talk about magic, Crowley, Nazis and a variety of such
subjects for the better part of an hour. Testing me, is what I thought
at the time. And then, smoothly, the conversation shifts.

It happened so smoothly, I didn't notice it, but suddenly the question
were no longer academic, but personal. Did I believe this...hadn't I
experienced that...didn't I understand the other...etc.

I remember the chill to this day. A warm still night, and even through
my jacket it felt like the cold of outer space. That jolted me somehow,
and I started asking questions. And I didn't like the answers.

Highly condensed, here's what they told me: (Keep in mind that it is
THEIR belief system.)

The earth and everything on it is the property of a higher dimensional
being who is on its way back to claim it. Our only choice is controller
or slave, but those who choose to serve will be rewarded. This has been
in the works for a thousand years and will soon reach fruition, in the
next 20 years or so. The Nazis were part of it, but incomplete. Now,
they'd get it right.

Stunned, I wanted to know how they thought I fit in. They said that I
was being offered the chance to become a conscious operator with my pick
of the New Age infiltration projects. Only hitch, I'd have to undergo my
initiation, which in simple terms involved doing something so disgusting
and illegal as to make my participation in simple smuggling look tame.

I blanched, and they reminded me that I was already in pretty deep.

No shit. Well, finally scared back to my senses, I said I needed to
think about it, but yeah I'd play along. That made them happy and we
spent a few perverse hours discussing orgies before I got off the boat.
I left the next day for a UFO conference back in Tuscon, literally
shaking in my boots. I had been to the very edge of the pit, and I
wasn't sure if there was a way to get out. I avoided them and the issue
until October, when I got fired from my job. Without telling anyone, I
hopped on a bus and escaped to North Carolina. By the time Hyatt found
me, eight or nine months later, I was too deeply entrenched to remove
easily. I played drug causality and pretended not remember anything and
I suppose that helped. Anyway, they left me alone after that.

In fact, all of this scared me so bad, what it said about me I mean,
that I went into therapy and before the decade was out was a therapist
myself. I rationalized what the weird people had said as fantasy and
wish-fullfilment role-playing, enhanced by substance abuse, all around,
and my own criminal nature projected outward. (Can you say Jungian
transactional!) I never thought it was real, in any way. You meet a lot
of crazy people in the occult underworld.

And then, just as my practice got going in the summer of 1989, I met Dr.
Andrija Puharich. This is the guy who discovered Uri Geller and is a key
character in the Stargate Conspiracy by Pinknett and Prince. It happened
by pure accident or cosmic synchronicity, take your pick.

Dr. P. was in hiding on the Reynolds family estate in Devotion North
Carolina, and he felt that they were closing in. I suppose that the fact
of one of his benefactors took a swan dive off a hotel roof in Tampa had
something to do with that. Anyway, he was looking for students he could
explain things to. He called the New Age story in Winston-Salem one day
and invited anyone who wanted to come up to Devotion for lectures.

I was at the top of the list, since I had followed his work from the
late '50s through the late 1970s when he seemed to drop off the map. I
was ready to hear anything the man had to say. Over the course of that
summer, we became friends, mainly, as he liked to say after a few shots
of good vodka, because I reminded him so much of Ira Einhorn.

The story Dr. P. had to tell, as it finally emerged over months of
conversations, was quite different from what I had supposed. First off,
he said Einstein was a dupe, and that the only original thinkers in this
century were Tesla and Reich. Tesla he certainly knew about, as he was
one of the world's foremost experts. Reich he mentioned less often, but
obviously held in high regard.

But the technological stuff was only part of the picture. What he really
wanted to talk about was mind control, something that at that point I
had no idea he was involved with.

His story was that he had done a few things for the government in
exchange for a free hand in his own research, and just as he was making
progress, they reneged and burned his lab and sent him into exile. Seems
he expected the devil to keep his end of the bargain, which I suppose is
wishful thinking on Dr. P's part.

What he did for the government is still not exactly clear, but in
addition to the ELF/Tesla warfare stuff and the psychic operations
section, all of which have been more or less reported, he was also
involved in the birth of the Program.

One story goes that they came to him with a request to design a way to
communicate with agents without exterior evidence, and so he designed a
microwave ear-implant hearing device, to which he did indeed hold the
patents. Another goes that he had invented it on his own and the
government came with an offer he couldn't refuse. The version that he
told me suggests that he designed it to specs the government had already
worked out for purposes that had nothing to do with any overt

When Dr. P. finished his residency in 1942, he was drafted into the
Army. But he didn't become a regular Army doctor. He was assigned to
Psy-Ops and the White Section of intelligence. In 1944, the OSS
recruited him to work on Yugoslavian sources, since that was virtually
his native language. What he worked on was Tesla manuscripts, presumably
stolen from Tesla's apartment after his death. In 1946, he was
discharged from the Army, but used his OSS/White section connections to
start his own research group. Enter the Round Table Foundation, where
all the fun begins.

Dr. P. told me that it was all funded as part of an on-going experiment
in mass propaganda, mind control in other words. The idea was to use
psychic abilities to buttress a new mass religious belief system that
would ultimately be under the control of the government, or whoever is
really in charge. For ten years, roughly, the RTF was at the forefront
of the project.

All of this is recounted in some depth in the Stargate Conspiracy, so I
won't rehash it here. Two points however: I witnessed several trance
demonstrations of channeling controlled by Dr. P., one for the sole
purpose of disabused me of any belief in the reality of the phenomenon.
From these demonstrations, the only conclusion is that it was all a
trick of the unconscious being manipulated by operators such as Dr. P.
for various purposes. But Dr. P., even though he knew how it was done,
didn't believe that was all there was to it.

In his darkest moments, he would admit that though they cracked the
mechanism behind spiritualism and mediumship and could control, to a
certain degree, the phenomenon, there was something behind it that was
ultimately out of human control. Something came through their trick
doorway, and after years of manipulation, Dr. P. had finally seen it for
what it was. And what he saw scared him so bad that he tried to quit, to
back out on the deal, and he had been punished.

The second point is that Don and Carla of Ra fame also were connected to
Dr. P. and the Nine. Ra himself said that he and the Nine were the same
contact. Soon after the Elkins made contact with Dr. P., in 1978, he had
his change of heart, his lab was burned down and he fled to Mexico. Ra
however continued until Elkins' suicide in 1984.

I remained friends with Dr. P. until his death in 1995. And during that
time, as my practice grew and I uncovered more strange stuff, his help
was invaluable. By the time he died, I had seen six confirmed cases of
the Program, and a dozen or so more inconclusive.

One case was from a strange little town in E. Texas, another was from
Michigan, a third was from Wisconsin, the fourth was Washington DC, the
fifth SF and the sixth from western NC. From these, and others shared by
researchers and therapists, a very interesting, though not quite
comprehensible, pattern emerged.

Somebody had been playing multigenerational mind games all the way back
to the 1920s. The program of the 40s and 50s was the second wave, with
the third wave coming in the seventies, and the fourth was happening as
I watched in the mid-90s.

I asked Dr. P. once about Montauk, and his answer was curious. He said
it was all a pre-emptive cover story in case the real information should
ever surface. I said what real information, and he told me, flatly, that
experiments of a rather extreme kind had been done on some selected
service men in the 40s, exposing them to powerful ELF frequencies, and
that the story was put out to divert attention. No time travel, no
dimensional hoodoo, just an attempt to effect their DNA by massive ELF
entrainment. Everyone died of course, but not before producing some
stunning effects and mutations. Why this was done, or what they did with
the information, Dr. P. didn't seem to know.

However after his death, I received a bundle of his unpublished work
from 1980 to 1994, and in that was a paper called Universal Information
Transfer through ELF Stimulation of DNA in which he draws upon
information, unsited of course, that could only have come from the
Montauk type experiments he mentioned. He concludes that ELF can be used
to carry very specific information to DNA, and interestingly enough that
this mechanism is related to psychometry, and is in that sense a form of
time travel.

OK, now you know a little more about some of my source and my own trip
through the territory.



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Colleen Johnston and Vincent Bridges Trash Laura and cassiopaea

Vinnie continues with his pack of lies:

From: Vincent Bridges <>
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Subject: Re: Mind Games

Soon after I asked Dr. P. about Montauk and the Phil. Ex. stuff, I told him my
story about being recruited as an operator. Other than being amused that I
didn't know who I was talking to that night, he had very little to say. when I
pressed him, he simply commented that I was lucky, very lucky, perhaps luckier
than was good for me.

Fast forward to the late spring of 1999. The ensuing decade had demonstrated the
truth of Dr. P.'s comment. I was luckier than was good for me. By the time I ran
into Laura in cyber-space, I was convinced however that luck had little to do
with it.

I was being used and manipulated as an independent operator. In a way,
paranoid as it sounds, it made perfect sense and was the only explanation
for my somewhat unique position at that moment.

I had been trained in the occult disciplines, the tarot, astrology,
geomancy, invocation, evocation, the BRP, the LRP, the SIRP, the hexagram
rituals, and so on right through the most arcane part of the GD curriculum,
including talismantic, planetary and Enochian workings. Even if I didn't take
the final bait, they knew that I would surface sooner or later. With that
background, I'd either self-destruct or surface somewhere in the NewAge or pagan
community. And so I did, in 1987 and 88. And interestingly enough, given all the
other connections that I was unaware of at that point, I chose a Melchizedek
group that focused on the Keys of Enoch. So, it would have been fairly easy to
keep an eye on me and see what I made of certain things that came my way.

At the same time I was getting a rep as a Jungian transactionalist with good
hypnotic technique. I'd already been doing some past life regression work as
part of the Duke diet clinic's package, but I left the therapeutic model so open
that it didn't force any conclusions as to the reality of past lives. Seemed to
work though.

So, one day a young lady calls and asks about a hypnotic regression because
she's going to be married in a few weeks and can't stand for her boyfriend to
touch her. Could it be a past life thing, she asked? Well, I ended up with my
first sexual abuse survivor trauma abreaction. Her therapist was so impressed, I
soon had the entire group. And it just kept growing from there.

And then I met Dr. P. As we became friends, I learned a lot about hypnotic
technique, and much other weird stuff as I mentioned before, but not much
direct information about how the Program, such as I understood it then,
actually worked. In 1990, my practice exploded, and Dr. P. was absorbed by
the attempt to save a mutual friend's life through alternative cancer
treatments, so it was more than a year before we had time to talk again. By
then, I had had my first Program survivor.

So the first thing I wanted to know when I saw him again was what was this
all about? Could something like this really be going on?

He not only assured me that it could, but that it was true and that what I
had found so far was the tip of the iceberg.

It started with the eugenics programs of the 1920's, which focused on
intelligent children with certain types of skills, psycho-motor,
intellectual, intuitive and so forth, and then followed these children and
promoted their welfare, education and entry into places of authority. By
implication, Dr. P. himself was an example of this. He was smart tracked at age
seven, then given every opportunity, going not just to college but medical
school, even though his family had absolutely nothing. And then he ended up in
the Army, working for high level spooks.

These folks, on both sides, seemed to survive the war just fine, and they
were also in charge of creating the brave new one after the old one ended.
The threat of the Communist menace to our way of life, a somewhat new twist on
the old nazi anti-Semitism, became the rationale and the cover. All in the name
of national security.

By the late 1940s plans were underway for a new world order based on
eugenics and mind control. Certain populations were selected for
destruction, others were to be ghettoized and used for propaganda value and
others were to be mined for workers and collaborators. Within the larger mass
control project developed the Program. During the war, it had been discovered
that various kinds of direct mind control was possible, and after the war this
was given a high developmental priority.

Psychological profiling of high school students started in 1950, and soon a
large crop of individuals with the correct psychological flaws were available to
the Program. Oswald was apparently an early example. But it wasn't just the odd
psychopath here and there they were looking for. Business and community leaders,
military types and intelligence people, all were recruited so that their kids
could be used.

By the late 1950s, three distinct varieties of Programming had developed.
Green, as in Greenbaum, Vera Green etc., was the active agent code. It was
expected that some of these would be caught after use, so they were loaded
with protective and self destructive programming. Blue, as in blueridge,
bluebird, bluebubble, etc. were sleeper/observer codes. These folks were
designed to remain in the background, maybe going their whole lives and only
being triggered once or twice. Because they were supposed to be deeply hidden,
these types were not given the same kind of screening and exit programming.
There are several different categories of each of these groups, but Greens and
Blues never crossed programs. In other words, an active agent would never be
doing observer work, and an observer would never take an active role.

The third group was the Red, as in redstick, redtail redsky. These were
special operations people, triggered once to do very specific acts and then left
in place since no programming showed above the background psychological
dysfunction. Manson and Bundy are two extreme examples.

OK, the next question goes: Even if all of this is true, why? What were the
Green agents doing? Who were the Blues observing? Why go to this much trouble in
the first place? What could they have hoped to achieve with all of this?

With these questions very much in the forefront of our minds, let's turn,
finally, to our new friend D.D. and his wonderful posts.

First, the bait:

He showed me his discharge papers which
documented that he was assigned to the Destroyer Escort (DE173) USS
Eldridge and that his duty port was the Philadelphia Shipyards.
He then when on to detail that the experiment that he had been involved
with had had some very detrimental affects upon the crew. He said
sailors disappeared never to return, some caught on fire, some went
crazy, and some were fused into the bulkheads of the ship. Mark stated
the effects that this experiment had on him caused his left arm from the
elbow down to periodically become invisible and disappear completely.
While sitting at their dining room table, his wife vehemently stated
that this did occur and that she had seen it happen on several

Then, he ups the ante:

1) T. Townsend Brown had a nervous breakdown after the Philadelphia
Experiment and then went on to form the first UFO investigative
organization - the National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon
(NICAP) which was later compromised by the CIA.


2) How, Nikola Tesla began the Virtual Geographic League in 1897 with
Alexander Graham Bell base on the Arabic investigations of Sir Richard
Burton into the Jinn.


3) How, after working on a small scale with Dr. John Hutchinson at the
University of Chicago in the 1920's, Nikola Tesla moved to Princeton
University to start and head the Institute for Advanced Studies.


4) How Amelia Earhart, an accomplished woman pilot and explorer (but not
quite like her male counterparts) wanted to be the first person to enter
Else When (Arabic concept)


5) How her navigator, Fred Noonan wouldn't let George Putnam, her husband,
go after her when she was so completely lost in time and space. He gave
his life for her. (God, he loved her!.)


6) How Nikola Tesla, after pouring his heart and soul into Wardencliff, was shut
down by J.P. Morgan. (Simply because he wanted to broadcast free electricity
around the world, wirelessly, along with radio, music, weather, and fax signals
in 1906.)


7) How, in a desparate attempt to get Admiral Perry's attention, during his
polar exploration, and also display to the world, the technology that Morgan
would not finance, Tesla fired a shot toward the Arctic and missed in 1908
causing the Tunguska explosion.


8) How, before World War I and World War II, Nikola Tesla offered to
Franklin D. Roosevelt his particle beam as a defensive weapon to put an
end to war. (Because any thinking human being knows the only lesson of
war is.......there should be no more war).


9) How Tesla left the Philadelphia Experiment because, since the 1920's,
he KNEW that hyper dimensional displacement of human beings had dire


10) How Bloyce Fitzgerald had betrayed Tesla on his deathbed. After this
brilliant man's body was removed from the Governor Clinton Hotel in New
York City, Fitzgerald and his cohorts raided Tesla's possessions and
stole a working model of his particle beam weapon. Can anyone tell me
how an Army private is delegated to head up a Top Secret project equal
to the Manhattan Project for the Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force
Base in the late 1940's?


11) How, this research lead to the Roswell shootdown of a UFO. The rancher, Mac
Brazel found a debris field. Not the UFO itself. What he found corresponds
with a high altitude burst with the main craft crashing miles away. (UFO
wreckage transported to Wright-Patterson AFB.)


12) How the Navy (Office of Naval Research) and the Air Force (AFOSR ) are
now using Tesla technology (delta wave antennas) to energize the
ionosphere via HAARP.

13) Why do you think a satellite needs to tow a wire? Could it be to power
particle beam weapons in space? Aimed at whom? Maybe those 4th density dudes,
who have returned early to our earth via the aid of the Philadelphia
Experiment's space/time rift, only then to time travel to the past in order to
change our destroy ancient libraries, to establish secret
societies, and to implement mind control within those societies?


14) How, Project Montauk kids who were sacrificed to the ends of time and
space to carry resonance transmitters which would allow the members of
the Consortium to Tesseract if the kids returned. Could they be trying
to avoid the upcoming Alien Harvest of the human population during the
crustal avalanche of the Big Blue Marble?

V again:

Of his 14 points, only a few are out and out ridiculous. Numbers 4 and 5,
the A. Earhart ones, sounds like hooey to me. As does number seven, with
Admiral Perry, Tesla, etc. I'm sure all of these have a source somewhere,
but the others, the ones that are not so totally bizarre, now they are more

Number One - Partially true, Brown did found the NICAP, and it was taken
over by the CIA, but Brown had nothing to do with PhilEx.

Number Two and Three are true, as is Six and Eight. Nine is interesting as
it believable, even if it isn't true. It sounds right. Tesla died and was a
recluse long before the PhillEx, even as stated, got going. So no connection

Number Ten is true, but eleven has some hidden assumptions, Twelve and
thirteen are true, but fourteen is the key connection. So that gives us
seven true and true false or misleading statements. The interesting thing is
that when he is right, he is very right, but he is wrong, it seems to be because
of an agenda. Notice also that five of his seven true statements have to do with
Tesla, with two false Tesla statements.

Now note these: Number two has to do with mapping the astral plane, and is
true, as far as it goes. Edison spent millions trying to record the dead in the
same period, so it was a common preoccupation. The next few factiods convince us
what an advanced thinker Tesla was, true, and then we get to, you guessed it,
number nine, when the idea is slipped in that PhilEx and Tesla are related in
some kind of dimensional door way project.

Then we spin through some more factoids, making the UFO connection even more
solid, and then its pay off time: The Montauk Kids.

So we really have a message and a question, here. Message: Tesla/PhillEx =
hyper-dimensional doorway. Question: What do we know about the ideas
surrounding key word = Montauk Kids?

When I saw this with its lost email emphasis, I knew we had a hot one.
But that Montauk kid thing bugged me, Dr. P. had thought exposure to ELF could produce
those kinds of affects. I didn't make the Montauk connection until good old DD
brought it up.

But it had been starring me in the face since the beginning. My very first
Program survivor held the key, although I still haven't figured it all out.
Briefly, although with details, here's her story:

Her daddy was a noted OSS officer, serving in Italy and the Balkins before
coming back to nice cushy job at Fort Meade. When she six, in late 1948, she was
taken to a hospital on the base and put through some bizarre experiments. First
she shocked, mildly but continuously and in unusual places, then she was
drugged, frightened and tortured in a number of ways, then paralyzed and taken
home. This happened for months, perhaps years, with strange tests and
evaluations going on. Then, when she was eight, her father committed suicide and
her mother fled back to NC.

That might have been the end of the story, except that when she was 17, a
friend of her father's showed and she ended up in his care, so to speak. the
next two decade were a complete blur, until she woke up at 37 married to a mafia
hoodlum and with a 12 year old son. When I say woke up, I mean that literally.
She eventually got loose from that one and made it back to NC. And since then,
she was basically being paid to keep quiet and raise her son. The break came
when dad showed for the kid, and the kid went with him. My client became a
paranoid recluse and MPD, of a sort, developed.

When she was first referred to me she wouldn't talk. Then one day she wanted to
know if I believed in the Devil. When I said I did, she opened up and it all
came flooding out. Funny thing was, she remembered everything from childhood,
all the crazy stuff, perfectly. What she couldn't recall in more than vague
terms was her missing two decades.

But her alters were all from this period, and some of them were very
interesting. They spoke more languages than I could follow and had other
skills, such as perfect recall. They all had elaborate backgrounds and
personalities, as if each were a complete off the rack identity that could
be put on at will. And they only remembered their particular track, with
very little awareness that all the others existed.

The story that emerged from therapy as her alters integrated was so strange
that I wouldn't credit it as possible, even with Dr.P.'s input, until I did my
own research. Well, not only were her facts correct, as far could be back
checked without calling attention to the process, but the more I looked, the
more sense it began to make.

OK, here are the key points:

Her childhood treatment, according to Dr. P. who even remembered her
father, was standard early Program, with the mild shock being the ELF
stimulation. Torture and shock were used to activate the pineal/pituitary to get
a reading on its new function, which apparently only manifests itself after a
severe threat/shock even with ELF stim. A shunt is used, between the first and
second vertebra, to collect a sample of cerebro-spinal fluid. The reason that no
hypnotics were used to wipe the memory was because in the very early days, it
was thought that the shock of the shunt itself, which causes a kind of
paralysis, would be enough to erase the memory. Apparently in most cases, it
worked fine. Keep this in mind for later.

After she returned to NC the first time, as a child, she was left alone,
although she did remember that uncles and strange friends of her father were
always dropping in to check on things, so it seems likely that she didn't get
too far from the Program. She left with one of these uncles when she was
seventeen, and from there, things got very weird.

When she remembered, the next few years were like Hollywood. She was dressed up,
down and all around and made to learn all sorts of acting drills and scenes.
Then, about age 20, everything went black and for two years, there are virtually
no memories. Eventually, we discovered the mechanism behind the occlusion, but
never successfully unlocked it. By 23, she was a new person, about eight of them

She had no real life. She would be in a hotel room somewhere, and would wake up
with the vague memory of talking on the phone to somebody. They told her who she
was and what she was supposed to be doing, and she did it. No questions asked.
These lucid moments were strung together along different timelines in different
alters, so that it was almost impossible to track them all. For instance, one
East European alter - we didn't speak a common language and had to get another
alter to translate for us, talk about crowded! - had a whole life that was
supposedly taking place in Budapest and Zurich, but only one part of it was real
memory. She awoke in a Budapest hotel to a voice and then she traveled as that
person to Zurich, did a few things, came back to Budapest and went to sleep in
the train station. The next time the alter surfaced in was in my office, almost
30 years later, and she was furious at missing her train from Zurich! Her
programmers had simply left that life hanging.

By 1967, she was pregnant, never sure how, and married to a guy who worked
at times for the government and at times for Carlos Marcello and the New
Orleans mafia. At that point she was semi awake for six months or so after the
birth, and began to remember things. Her husband had her committed and she spent
a year at Walter Reed and other places. When she came out, she was another
person, again. For a decade she was tranquilized into oblivion while nannies and
servants raised her child. Then she caught hubby and son doing nasty games in
the pool, freaked and woke up suddenly, her last clear memory riding away with
her "uncle" 20 years before.

So here we have a code Green agent with clear memories of what happened as a
child. And given what happened to her, given what we've noted above about
Montauk being a code word for ELF DNA stimulation experiments, suggests that she
could qualify as a Montauk Kid. Also her genetic make-up was such that she
qualified for a breeding program, rather than just self-destruction, when her
active service was over.

Now, here's DD's take:

How Project Montauk kids who were sacrificed to the ends of time and
space to carry resonance transmitters which would allow the members of
the Consortium to Tesseract if the kids returned. Could they be trying
to avoid the upcoming Alien Harvest of the human population during the
crustal avalanche of the Big Blue Marble?

The first sentence makes no sense, no matter how you slice it. I think, if
you use a little grammar on it, that it might say this:

How Project Montauk kids, who were sacrificed to the ends of time and
space, carried resonance transmitters that allowed the members of
the Consortium to Tesseract if the kids returned?

But even then, what the heck is it saying? if the kids come back, the
Consortium has to leave? And how does that relate to how they (the
Consortium?) will avoid the Alien Harvest festival and catastrophe event?
In NLP, we call this a double-blind catch 22. Any answer you can make will
be framed by the hidden assumptions of the question and therefore can be
used to support the other's position.

And then there's:

However, the point I wanted to make here, using Bramley's analogy, is,
if you were a snitch in a Nazi concentration camp, you'd anxiously look
for a way out if the Nazi's were planning on killing most of the
prisoners and you just might be one of them; or, if all the prisoners
had just been liberated and they knew you were responsible for many of
the other prisoners' trips to the gas chambers.

A more revealing question might be,"Who were those Montauk kids"?

Now, examine this. Is it not the exact same belief structure, give or take a
little, that we've seen before in this little diatribe? Revealing, indeed.

Then, we have this more explicit attempt:

They had found a way to "get around"
the adverse affects on humans. By using the mind controlled children
from within Secret Societies, they could send children into ElseWhen and
possibly retrieve them mentally "unchanged". By accessing "alters"
within these children that were already in use by the Secret Societies,
the military intelligence community could get a functioning human across
hyperdimensionality. You see, these "alters" already lived an "Alice in
Wonderland" existence. So, it was just another day in paradise for
them, as long as they survived the physical affects.

And so, with a high level of accuracy, he connects my client with the
Montauk Kids. But wait! it gets even better:

Cathy O'Brien Corollaries

She was born in 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan. Raised in the Newaygo
Masonic Lodge which was housed in a Tavern owned by her grandfather.
Her Uncle Bob, while in the Air Force, introduced the family to the
intelligence communities' MK-Ultra mind control program. She suffered
sexual child abuse.

I was born in Muskegon in 1954. My father was medically discharged from
the Air Force in 1953. He was raised in the Muskegon Masonic Lodge. My
mother's parents were members of the Newaygo Masonic Lodge. My family
was infected with sexual child abuse. My father claimed that he did
cryptological work in the Air Force.

Corollaries, coincidences,........You be the judge.

Oh, by the way, JonBenet Ramsey's parent's vacation home is located on
the sand dunes overlooking Lake Michigan not too far from Muskegon.

My second major Program survivor was from Michigan, and her family too had a
vacation home outside Muskegon.

OK, this is getting very long.
So, more later,

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