"Viper Bite" dream


The Force is Strong With This One
I just woke up from a terrible dream that I think I ought to say something about. I'll preface this by saying that I live at home with my parents and the dream builds off of this real-life situation. The details are all pretty hazy but I'll try to describe everything.

My parents had just left home and had allowed a bunch of strange people, mostly women I think, to stay over, leaving me alone with these strangers in the house. They were obstinate and had little trouble snuggling into the combination bed/sofa that now existed in our den area, bundled under an afghan blanket, and complaining to me about the messy state of the house. I don't remember what my exact words were, and this aforementioned messiness reflects the actual state of my home, but I said to the one that'd taken up residence in our couch, "Do you have any idea what a nightmare the past, (pausing, not sure of the exact length of time this's gone on, I threw out a figure,) six months have been?" (As, no matter how much I do clean and try to put things in order ((you know, to keep things nice and contributory towards the mental peace of everyone therein)) the house inevitably returns to a state of complete chaos and entropy.)

I left the woman in the couch and wandered the distorted dream-version of the house a little bit. Throughout the dream I'd had a pain stabbing in identical places on each side of my head, a bit below the cheekbones and straight through to the back of my skull which grew extremely intense and paralyzing as the dream went on, curling the corners of my mouth up into a pained grimace as a result. I struggled to shake myself awake and feared I might be unable to; with a desperate plea I cried out in my mind although sure that no help would come, "Someone, anyone help!!!"

I barely shook myself awake, the vague sound of the garage door slamming shut signifying that my "parents" had returned home, and the dream ended; the pain however did not, the extraordinary discomfort accompanying me well into the waking world.

To be frank, I don't think I have a lot more energy to say much more. Any thoughts, advice, input? What do you think of all this?

Stella Marys

A Disturbance in the Force
Hola Lathyrus. Es complejo interpretar el sueño de una persona que es totalmente desconocida y no sabemos nada de su forma de pensar, sus emociones y su entorno cotidiano. Sin embargo, esta situación de ignorar aspectos personales da como resultado un análisis más objetivo.
Tengo la sensación de que existe una conexión fuerte con tus padres y sus vínculos sociales. De alguna manera estás como amarrado. Lo de la casa en el orden de la propiedad. La casa eres tú y parece que cuando no están tus padres, interiormente te sientes confundido. Esto se reflejó en el dolor físico que se envió cuando se perdió el sueño y que perdimos aún después. Es como si hubiera una situación que te causa presión en tu mente. A veces los sueños nos muestran aspectos de nosotros mismos que tenemos que prestarle atención y trabajar en ellos.
"No importa cuánto limpie e intente poner las cosas en orden ya sabes", esta parte parece indicar que estás pasando de largo, algo que es clave en tu vida. Es necesario darse cuenta de las cosas que nos pertenece y no cargarse con lo que le pertenece a los demás. Cada uno tiene su propia mochila... A esto me refiero con la atadura psíquica. Tu sueño está indicando hacia donde tiene que ir tu atención. Espero que pueda servirte de algo ésta interpretación. Saludos


The Force is Strong With This One
Hello Stella. I've had a little time to think on your reply, and I think you're correct. What you're suggesting is something that I've been struggling with for a long time, but you've helped to specify the issue and make it clearer to me. I will have to think on it more and work on incorporating the meaning of it into my worldview going forward. Thank you for your interpretation!
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