Waterloo (1970)


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This epic film might be of some interest to those reading the Regency Romance novels, particularly those few of Mary Balogh set in and around Brussels as Napoleon Bonaparte's army encroached on the city.

The film stars Rod Steiger as Napoleon and Christopher Plummer as the Duke of Wellington - both giving stellar performances, especially the former.

Anyway, there's a vivid scene at a soiree in large ballroom where the place in replete with candles, flowers, mirrors and waltzing couples with all the attendees (both civilian and military) decked out in all their resplendent, glorious colours. You certainly get a feel for the glamour and allure of such social events of the era from this, I reckon.

The Waterloo battle scenes were filmed in the Ukraine using 17,000 Russian soldiers and although a tad gory and bloody at times it's as nothing compared to the cinematic fare of today (and no CGI - Cartoonishly Graphic Images?). The thunderous sound of salvos of Canon fire and of charging cavalry assaults the ears, big time! (Almost like being there). The overhead shots of the galloping horses are also stupendous. Likewise slow-mo film of same.

The music is additionally quite moving or stirring as appropriate to the scene.

A relative box office flop at the time of its release, but apparently nowadays regarded as a lost gem/classic (or some such).

Highly recommended I would say if you've not seen before. Deserves to be seen on a big(gish) screen if at all possible.

The movie is free on Youtube. 2 different links below in case one disappears.

Waffle ends.

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I was actually looking for a move that depicted the Napoleonic wars precisely for the reason you mention above (Mary Balogh's novels). Now I know what to watch. Thank you treesparrow!
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