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The Sun to “Super-Flare” during the Summer of 2023?​

April 28, 2021 Cap Allon

While the Grand Solar Minimum will cause enough headaches and struggles to keep the human race occupied, there is an even more destructive threat looming: the shifting of Earth’s magnetic poles and the resulting depletion of our planet’s magnetic field (our protective shield against space weather).
One of the top scientists on the subject, David Mauriello of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project, has gone so far as to call the intensifying magnetic reversal his biggest worry: “It is my firm opinion that the magnetic reversal is more severe than the Grand Solar Minimum could ever be,” says Mauriello, because new research suggests that the combined effects of 1) a waning magnetosphere (a side-effect of the magnetic reversals/excursions, which can drop Earth’s magnetic field strength to below 10 percent of its maximum), coupled with 2) a powerful plasma discharge from the Sun could be due in as little as 2 years.
Citing a new study, “Discovery of an Extremely Short Duration Flare from Proxima Centauri Using Millimeter through Far-ultraviolet Observations,” one of the largest flares ever recorded in our galaxy –100 times more powerful than those emitted by the Sun– recently left Proxima Centauri, our star’s nearest neighbor.

An artist’s illustration of the Proxima Centauri planetary system. Portrayed on the right is the newly discovered exoplanet candidate Proxima c, which orbits the red-dwarf host star once every 5.2 Earth years. The system also includes the smaller Proxima b, on the left, a confirmed world that was discovered in 2016. (Image credit: Lorenzo Santinelli)


Proxima Centauri is a red dwarf –the smallest, dimmest and most common type of main sequence stars in the galaxy– located approximately 4.25 light-years from Earth — Mauriello considers this distance one of two key factors when calculating the impact of a newly discovered threat, with the other being the dating of the mega flare.

In the recently published study, researchers used nine ground and orbital telescopes –including the Hubble Space Telescope, the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array and NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite– to closely monitor Proxima Centauri for a total of 40 hours over several months in 2019. On May 1, 2019, the team captured the super flare, which shone for just 7 seconds and was mainly visible in the ultraviolet spectrum.

Even at just 7 seconds, the outburst would have been the equivalent of an X-200+ escaping the Sun. And note, the highest-rated flaring ever recorded was the X-45 registered back in 2003 (needless to say, the flare was not Earth-facing), while the infamous Carrington Event is also generally considered to have been around an X-45.

Solar flares are tremendous explosions in the atmosphere of the Sun. They are capable of releasing as much energy as a billion+ megatons of TNT. The result of the sudden release of magnetic energy, in just a few seconds flares can accelerate solar particles to incredibly high velocities, and heat solar material to tens of millions of degrees. And while these periodic outbursts of energy posed little to no threat to the civilizations of the past, even just a moderate flaring (a low X-flare) would cause the instant collapse of our modern tech-driven society.

So, given the two key factors pertaining to Proxima Centauri’s mega-flaring —May, 2019 and 4.25 light-years— it is Mauriello’s supposition that, if recent advances in the understanding of the galactic current sheet and its mimicking of the solar current sheet hold true, then the cosmic “wave” that hit Proxima Centauri –causing it to super-flare– could now be racing towards our own solar system, meaning it could only be a matter of time before our Sun flares in a similar way — you can think of it as a surge of electricity running through a cable, in this case through the galactic Birkeland current that connects every astronomical object. Doing the math –with the admittedly limited factors that are known– that time can be easily calculated: May 2019 (the date of Proxima’s flaring) + 4.25 years (the distance in light-years that the galactic current wave has to travel before it reaches our solar system) sees our Sun mega-flaring during the summer of 2023 (near the solar maximum of Cycle 25–now due in 2024, according to NOAA). Further supporting Mauriello’s supposition, and suggesting the wave is indeed headed our way is the fact that Barnard’s Star –at 5.978 light years away– also recently super-flared, before Proxima Centauri, and at the expected interval.


Such an event would send us modern humans back to the Stone Age.

The flare wouldn’t even need to be Earth-facing, as such an outburst would likely cause a “halo effect.”

This would be the end of the grid, and game-over for life as we currently know it.

In addition, the ongoing waning of the magnetosphere would mean the Sun wouldn’t even need to outburst all that much — even a low-to-moderate X-flare would be enough to take out 90+ percent of the global population via the failure of our “systems”–namely food delivery infrastructures.

Also worth considering, this inbound galactic wave could-well be the trigger that flips Earth’s magnetic field into a full reversal.

Time will tell, of course, but we potentially don’t have much of it.

“You need to be ready (prepared) by the August of 2023,” concludes Mauriello.

Grow your own.



Thank you harpalchemist. Very interesting...

"Grow your own" really made me smile. 😜
I can imagine with people starving around us having the commodity to grow our own without being vandalized or worse... It's seems that the body won't matter, only the soul🤔

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To me, this seems like a big clickbait meh, a classic case of the populist media making news out of a rehashed story that the community witnessed unfolding live years ago. This article makes it sound like it is a surprising discovery, when the observation dates 2 years, having allready fed analysis more thorough than the hysterical scenario presented in this article.

Proxima Centauri's flare will be comical to many here, because I am certain that many of us followed it 'live' as it happened. Suspicious0bservers mentioned it in his daily news the day following the event IIRC. He was in the process of publishing his original Earth Catastrophe Cycle series, and timing the arrival of the wave was already his main academic interest at the time, as you can see in this video, dating 2 months before the Centauri flare:

The hilariously crude time estimate in the original article is also part of its clickbaity nature, in my opinion. The pretense is that they are skilled enough to understand that calculating the speed of the galactic sheet is hard, but then they go on without a fuss to assume a calculation where it moves at 1 c _in a direct line_. It's ridiculous.

Suspicious0bservers noted the flare, and included it in his further discussion of timing the sheet arrival. His analysis was much more specifically geometric, systematic yet also more humble. The estimate is that the Sun's heliopause has already met the bow-shock of the wave, but the delay until micronova totally depends on the sun's inherent field stability, also combined with the unpredictable external input from the dusty sheet once we hit it. Thus, it remains imperative to watch the various solar instruments we have, and understand them of course. Here is a specific discussion on the topic of timing by external stars flaring, back from late 2019:

Note, S0 is not technically a scientist, but he is a published due diligence analyst and a great science aggregator. There are multiple other great references in the field, as well. But i'd start with going through a few of S0's playlists first :)
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Thank you harpalchemist. Very interesting...

"Grow your own" really made me smile. 😜
I can imagine with people starving around us having the commodity to grow our own without being vandalized or worse... It's seems that the body won't matter, only the soul🤔
That may be the final trump. Not clear about it.

I firmly believe that whosoever is destroyed by this will remain in 3D lessons. The souls destined to graduate will already have. My lifelong goal has been to stay alive for something worth experiencing in the flesh. Soon to be 69, time is marching on.

We seem to be approaching some sort of grand finalization. It would be appropriate for it to be some sort of 300,000 year event.

All of the signs are pointing in that direction. If graduation is and always has been up to us, what are we waiting for? Hens to grow teeth?

So, challenge your physicality to do exactly that. This has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. I have been trying to influence the shift from within. We will see! The largest obstacle seems to be what we believe possible. I think I can, to turn into I thought I could.


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Just my impressions over all:

The Sun to "Super Flare" during the Summer of 2023
the wave is indeed headed our way is the fact that Barnard’s Star –at 5.978 light years away– also recently super-flared, before Proxima Centauri, and at the expected interval.

Red Star/or Brown Star? While the insturments of measurement are primative we may still get a sense of things to come I think.

Thanks for the comments from everyone.

I keep in mind that there may be a "cluster" to consider before the "Realm Border crossing".

Session 31 December 2020:

(L) So there are a lot of people who CAN'T do anything, but there are some who still can and there are others who can do more. So I hope they will because things look pretty grim otherwise.

(Andromeda) We're completely reliant on them for that.

(L) We work for all of them, and we rely on them to help us stay afloat and to be able to work.

(Andromeda) A few sessions ago, didn't they give a time frame as to when the real pandemic was supposed to start?

(Gaby) Two years.

(Chu) And it was March of this year or whenever we asked the first time about the first lockdown.

(Pierre) 15 months left.

(L) Yeah, well... With what Gaby's seeing and these strange cases coming up, things are getting weird. With the dreams Ark's been having... Things are getting WEIRDER. There was that session a long time ago where they told us to log dreams, remember? That was back in 1997 or 1998. They were talking to Ark specifically I think about dreams. They said he'd have some dreams that would tell us or warn us that something was afoot. I think dreaming about a zombie and a black blobby ghost trying to get in is basically telling us that there's stuff out there that's not very pleasant.

{The reference is to session 4 July 1998 which was mainly a discussion of future earth changes type events such as cometary bombardment, etc. That session was also the first mention of the human cosmic connection, that “Disasters involve cycles in the human experiential cycle which corresponds to the passage of comet cluster. “ and “ Human cycle mirrors cycle of catastrophe. Earth benefits in form of periodic cleansing. Time to start paying attention to the signs. They are escalating. They can even be "felt" by you and others, if you pay attention.” A most interesting session with some echoes of this current one. In any event, the specific reference about dreams was as follows:

(Joe) They were saying as well after his stays in the hospital that he needs to do some cleansing.

(Chu) What did they mean by cleansing?

(L) What we did before. We know what to do. Of course, maybe it wouldn't hurt to put some salt around our room.

(Andromeda) It never hurts to salt! We can also burn some sage and Palo Santo.

(L) Well, I'm going to go up and salt right now. I'll do the smelly stuff tomorrow.

(Chu) So we'll be avoiding the vaccine and other people who've taken it, while other people will be avoiding us! [laughter]



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we have been told about the consequence of crossing the wave/galactic current sheet
Perpendicularity will be restored....restored? so equator moves 23 degees or so? to somewhere it was before?
magnetic reversal ? not just excursion like happens every 12000 years ? full chron change ? (
A polarity chron, or chron, is the time interval between polarity reversals of Earth's magnetic field. ... It represents a certain time period in geologic history where the Earth's magnetic field was in predominantly a "normal" or "reversed" position.)

Twin sun grounds current flow through entire system setting the "motor" running.

what happens when the motor is running ? do the planets expand and find new positions from the sun ?
from session October 31, 2001
Q: (A) In this concept of pole shift, what would be the main feature of this pole shift, of all those which we were discussing?
A: New axial orientation, and magnetic reversal.
Q: (L) That's fairly dramatic. (A) Alright, now, change of axis or orientation of axis of rotation: can we say we would straighten up, getting almost perpendicular to the ecliptic? Or the other possibility is that it will fall down being almost parallel to the ecliptic. The third is that we'll flip completely by 180 degrees. We know it's highly unpredictable, but can we have a clue from which one is, so to say, dominate?
A: Perpendicularity will be restored.
Q: (A) We know the axis will change dramatically and magnetic reversal will happen. You didn't mention a change or shift of the lithosphere alone. Can we...
A: Lithospheric shift will feature to some extent.
Q: (A) But, that means eventually that the equator will almost not change because...
A: Correct.
Q: (A) So it will just shift a little bit, but its not going to go to Hawaii? (L) Oh rats! That was my theory! Well, it was a good idea. (A) What about changes in the lithosphere: can we predict a little bit of change in geography, coming from motions in lithosphere and changes in water level?
A: Chaotic features predominate but in general it will be safer inland and in mountainous areas since less folding occurs in such locations.
Q: (A) Now, the major, the change of the orientation of the axis, what would be the main trigger, force, or activity, or what kind of event will trigger this change of the axis?
A: Cometary bodies.
Q: (L) Are the planets of the solar system going to kind of shift out of their orbits and run amok? Is that a possibility?
A: Yes.
Q: (A) Due to cometary orbits alone?
A: Yes. Twin sun also.
Q: (A) When we speak about these cometary bodies, are we speaking about impacts?
A: Some will hit.
Q: (A) What would be - if any - the role played by electric phenomena?
A: Twin sun grounds current flow through entire system setting the "motor" running.
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