Websites supporting "No 757 hit the Pentagon"



This thread is one of three threads with the aim in mind of seeing who continues to support the 757 theory and who doesn’t.

A lot of sites have done research into 9-11 and contributed greatly in bringing awareness to the American Coup d’etat that happened on 9-11. Few sites questioned initially the story about the 757 theory. As time has gone on this has changed.
Since this very likely is the Achilles heel of the whole story and where focused energy would be most fruitful, then it is interesting to see, who continues to push the story about the 757 after all the overwhelming evidence there is to the contrary. Even if a site is pushing this story does not mean that all the contributors to that site are unreliable or that the whole site is rubbish, yet time will tell if there is some pattern going on.

Setting up bogus sites or infiltrating bonafide sites is standard Cointelpro operating procedure. See Richard Dolan’s book “UFO’s and the National Security State” for more on Cointelpro.

This thread is encouraging post regarding other sites that also draws the conclusion that their was no 757 involved at the Pentagon attack. Please attach a url to evidence supporting that conclusion. Similarly corrections to various posts is essential, if mistakes or wrong conclusions have been made. If there is a key investigator or author of the analysis, then put that in as well.

Links to many 911 sites are given here
So feel free to join in the sorting.

The two sister threads are
Websites supporting "A 757 hit the Pentagon"
Fence sitters on the 9-11 Pentagon attack

The following is a start. The intention is to update the thread as more info comes along.

Site by Thierry Meyssan. The first that I know of who pointed to the missing plane theory. Originally in French.
Site is in French, German and English.

Site that reignited the missing plane theory after Thierry Meyssan and which sees the Pentagon strike as the Achilles heel. The argument being that if it can be shown that no-plane hit the pentagon then the attacks could not be blamed on faulty intelligence, incompetency, technical error or Islamic terrorist (the ultra brief version) Another part of the site was responsible for the famed Pentagon flash video seen by 500+ million people. Has ongoing investigation into the Pentagon strike here

3) and also on his own site here
Author Gerard Holmgren. (use to have research on Indymedia). Was initially for the 757 theory, but changed as evidence showed up.
On the basis of photographic and physical evidence, it has now been established for some time that on Sept
11, 2001 the damage to the Pentagon was caused by something other than the hijacked Boeing 757,
American Airlines Flight 77 claimed by the government to have crashed into the building.
An extensive investigation into 9-11 with many links and angles on the situation. Well documented.

As far as I know serendipity was for the 757 theory for a long time as many others were. The say on their website that as of mid 2004 they had an explanation to what happened, which is the above article. In another article they refute in detail the Popular Mechanics debunking article and clearly outline the reasons for no-plane. The link is

Uses Holmgrens analysis

A one and a half hour video that shows the impossibility of a 757 at Pentagon

Author Dave vonKleist.
Video and site with analysis of the pentagon attack. Clear message: No 757

Site owners Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani
Supports the analysis of David McGowan
They also have a link to which as mentioned on the other thread reluctantly supports the 757 theory.

A Danish site in English and Danish.

A German site with detailed analysis, many pictures and angles on the situation.

A Schwiss site in German with a relatively short analysis, no pictures. Has other interesting info such as the set-up on the TV of a Palaestinian family supposedly laughing at the 9-11 terror attack. Proved to be false. Laughter was unrelated to 9-11. (The obvious question is who benefits by portraying Palaestinians in such light?)

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This site has many links:

Nice French site with a cool Global Hawk background:



Article by Michael Meyer, Mechanical Engineer

Gives his reasons based on his background as a Mechanical engineer where he worked in Aerospace and structural design.
A short article of interest, which just goes into a few points regarding the impossibilities regarding a 757 going through 9 feet of reinforced concrete.

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Here's a list of supporters of 'no 757'. Unfortunately, it is poorly researched, and the works of a likely disinfo artist (see the sister thread to this topic for more):

I thought this was humorous, to say the least:

Arkadiusz Jadczyk - Well-known theoretical physicist. Supports the theory that no plane hit the Pentagon and didn't bother to address the issues I had brought up in my article. He is a big promoter of the 9/11 flash movie, which selectively present information about the Pentagon. Also wrote the book 'The High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities and the Process of Alien Abduction'.


A new sister thread is up for those sites that are socalled 'fencesitters' That means they are neither fitting in the thread of sites supporting the 757 theory and not in the thread of sites supporting that No 757 hit the Pentagon.
The link is Fence sitters on the 9-11 Pentagon attack



9/11 was a wake up call to many people. For myself it led to me looking in detail at the Pentagon Facade.

No 757 hit the Pentagon. Not in my opinion.



The fact that they put the above article there and have a link to the SOTT production: 'Pentagon strike Flash prestentation' is IMO enough to put them in this thread. It should be mentioned that they also give links to some dubious sites.
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