Were scalar weapons used on the WTC



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Subject: Re: Every Mind Counts -- Scalar Pulses Are Now Showing Up on Waveforms

I have a whole directory of evidence of scalar (microwave) destruction
involved in the demoliton of the towers and Building 7.
there is no index file,, but poke around. Each of the .htm files shows a
flash cut from the History Channel DVD
Relics from the Rubble, showing such oddities as THE ONLY FILING CABINET
FOUND in the debris.
Considering these were two hundred story office towers, the absence of
filing cabinets seems suspicious, eh?
The one that's left is about the size of a basketball, with unburnt
shards of paper clinging to it.
and huge beam bent like a horseshoe

Some substances microwaves hit instantaneously. Some substances are
ignored and stay cool. Some substances explode when exposed to microwave
A kid produced a plasma ball in a microwave oven of Letterman.

Conventional controlled demolition wouldn't result in nano-particles.
From PlaguePuppy, MIT trained Engineer and Family Physician

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Subject: Re: Professor Thomas Cahill and the Poisonous post 9/11
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From: Jeff <jeffrey.king2@comcast.net>

Dear Dave and All,

This very fine dust business opens up a whole host of interesting
questions, many of which Cahill himself raises, and the implications
tell us some very unlikely things about the physical processes going on
in the pile. If only there had been sampling of these very fine
particles during and just after the collapses I suspect we would find
even deeper oddities, but even three weeks later when Cahill started
monitoring there is plenty of strangeness.

The high prevalence of very small particles
(http://delta.ucdavis.edu/SizeDist.jpg) is immediately striking and
raises very forcefully the question of mechanism. During the collapses
we may imagine very forceful interactions of falling pieces that could
produce at least some amount of fine dust in what amounts to a grinding
or milling process. But after the buildings have been reduced to
smoldering piles of rubble, we should have only thermal and chemical
processes available to generate particles.

From Cahill's PowerPoint:

Proposed explanation of very fine aerosols size and composition

?We see very fine aerosols typical of combustion temperatures far higher
than the WTC collapse piles
?We see some elements abundantly and others hardly at all, despite
similar abundances in the collapse dust
?We see organic species in the very fine mode that would not survive
high temperatures

?The hot collapse piles are converting some species to gasses that can
escape to the surface of the piles and then form aerosols, a process
that yields very fine particles

I don't know if this really qualifies as an explanation, more just the
assertion that "somehow" the piles are converting various elements and
compounds into their vapor form, even though the temperatures within the
piles should have been much too cool for this to happen. But without
that crucial step of vaporization (followed by condensation) there is no
way to form such extremely small particles. And why are these metal
vapors not oxidizing when they reach the air?

Remember that liquid metal was found at least six weeks after the
collapses, but to generate vapor means heating the metals all the way to
their boiling points. And the energy to keep metal at even the melting
point for so long is quite substantial, and cannot be explained by
combustion. No matter how hot it may have been right after the collapse
(even mini-nuke hot), high gradients mean high heat flows and things
would have cooled off much faster than they did.

If there wasn't enough fuel to generate steel-melting temperatures when
the buildings were still standing, there is surely not enough to
generate these kinds of temperatures weeks later, and in a pit that
allowed very little air circulation. Such high temperatures anywhere in
the pit would create a high heat flux toward the surface, and would need
a continuing source of energy to maintain the gradient.

And what's with the strange distribution of elements? The abundances
don't correlate with any of the things they should: the abundances in
the WTC materials, the melting points, the chlorine-enhanced
volatility. (see pages 27 and on from Cahill's PowerPoint -
(http://delta.ucdavis.edu/WTC%20aersols%20ACS%202003.ppt ) When you add
the otherwise unexplained presence of Americium, the possibility must be
considered that there was actually some kind of nuclear chemistry, i.e.
transmutation of elements, going on during or after the collapses.

One other thought about the particles: whatever process was continuing
to produce these very fine particles by something resembling evaporation
and condensation was also continuing to produce much bigger (2.5 to 5
micron) particles that could not arise this way. Cahill notes that
these bigger particles would normally disappear after a rain, but
reappeared after rain in early and again in mid-October. This would
suggest that there was an ongoing disintegration process that was
releasing larger as well as smaller particles, something that could
weaken the bond energy of the various substances and allow them to
"smoulder" away into a kind of smoke at temperatures well below their
normal boiling points.

Best wishes,

Jeff king

>> The scalar variable was edited out of Maxwell's equations, along with
>> quanternion math which could represent vectors in scalar format.


The Living Force
From what I can see, scalar EM energy seems to be the 'brain child' of someone called Tom Bearden and is potentially a 'cure all' for everything, or can destroy everything. In other words it can pretty much do anything. I'm both impressed and amused. They even seem to come up with a new energy formula taken from Einstein's E =mc squared as well, using t = a change in time. Which apparently we are supposed to impress our friends and family with (seriously, this website says so, but I won't quote it).

Rick Andersen in an article called "What is Scalar Electromagnetics?" describes the new science this way:

"Scalar EM is the brainchild of Lt. Col. (retired) Thomas E. Bearden, a systems analyst and wargames specialist who has been advocating a view of electromagnetics which is based on the notion of a vast, unseen background of scalar energies (as opposed to vector energies) which underlie all physical reality.

"If Bearden is correct in his Scalar EM theory, then we can build devices which would enable us to alter gravity, time, inertia, and the apparent mass of an object. This of course has ENORMOUS implications for military applications, space-vehicle drives, time-travel, teleportation, paranormal phenomena, and just about every other area one can think of." http://twm.co.nz/Beard_scalem.html
I came across this link which is another by Steven Jones on how thermite mixed with sulfur may have had something to do with the demise of all three buildings at the WTC.

Physicist says heat substance felled WTC
Extremely hot fires caused structures to fail, BYU expert says

Suzanne Dean / Deseret Morning News | April 11 2006

EPHRAIM - A Brigham Young University physicist said he now believes an incendiary substance called thermite, bolstered by sulfur, was used to generate exceptionally hot fires at the World Trade Center on 9/11, causing the structural steel to fail and the buildings to collapse.

"It looks like thermite with sulfur added, which really is a very clever idea," Steven Jones, professor of physics at BYU, told a meeting of the Utah Academy of Science, Arts and Letters at Snow College Friday.

The government requires standard explosives to contain tag elements enabling them to be traced back to their manufacturers. But no tags are required in aluminum and iron oxide, the materials used to make thermite, he said. Nor, he said, are tags required in sulfur.

Jones is co-chairman, with James H. Fetzer, a distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of Minnesota of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group of college faculty members who believe conspirators other than pilots of the planes were directly involved in bringing down New York's Trade Towers.

The group, which Jones said has 200 members, maintains a Web site at www.st911.org. A 40-page paper by Jones, along with other peer-reviewed and non-reviewed academic papers, are posted on the site.

Last year, Jones presented various arguments for his theory that explosives or incendiary devices were planted in the Trade Towers, and in WTC 7, a smaller building in the Trade Center complex, and that those materials, not planes crashing into the buildings, caused the buildings to collapse.

At that time, he mentioned thermite as the possible explosive or incendiary agent. But Friday, he said he is increasingly convinced that thermite and sulfur were the root causes of the 9/11 disaster.

He told college professors and graduate students from throughout Utah gathered for the academy meeting that while almost no fire, even one ignited by jet fuel, can cause structural steel to fail, the combination of thermite and sulfur "slices through steel like a hot knife through butter."

He ticked off several pieces of evidence for his thermite fire theory:

First, he said, video showed a yellow, molten substance splashing off the side of the south Trade Tower about 50 minutes after an airplane hit it and a few minutes before it collapsed. Government investigators ruled out the possibility of melting steel being the source of the material because of the unlikelihood of steel melting. The investigators said the molten material must have been aluminum from the plane.

But, said Jones, molten aluminum is silvery. It never turns yellow. The substance observed in the videos "just isn't aluminum," he said. But, he said, thermite can cause steel to melt and become yellowish.

Second, he cited video pictures showing white ash rising from the south tower near the dripping, liquefied metal. When thermite burns, Jones said, it releases aluminum-oxide ash. The presence of both yellow-white molten iron and aluminum oxide ash "are signature characteristics of a thermite reaction," he said.

Another item of evidence, Jones said, is the fact that sulfur traces were found in structural steel recovered from the Trade Towers. Jones quoted the New York Times as saying sulfidization in the recovered steel was "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the (official) investigation." But, he said, sulfidization fits the theory that sulfur was combined with thermite to make the thermite burn even hotter than it ordinarily would.

Jones said a piece of building wreckage had a gray substance on the outside that at one point had obviously been a dripping molten metal or liquid. He said that after thermite turns steel or iron into a molten form, and the metal hardens, it is gray.

He added that pools of molten metal were found beneath both trade towers and the 47-story WTC 7. That fact, he said, was never discussed in official investigation reports.

And even though WTC 7 was not connected to the Trade Towers - in fact, there was another building between it and the towers -and even though it was never hit by a plane, it collapsed. That suggests, he said, that it came down because a thermite fire caused its structural steel to fail.

Jones said his studies are confined to physical causes of the collapses, and he doesn't like to speculate about who might have entered the buildings and placed thermite and sulfur. But he said 10 to 20 people "in the know," plus other people who didn't know what they were doing but did what they were told, could have placed incendiary packages over several weeks.
There are several large holes in the US governments 'official' 9/11 story. Whilst one of the most obvious is the Pentagon, "Where'd that Boeing go?" hole. Another is the collapse of the three WTC builings and the third is blowing Flight 93 out of the air because something went wrong with the 'highjack'.

It trully is amazing the stuff most people believe.

John G

The Living Force
From what I can see, scalar EM energy seems to be the 'brain child' of someone called Tom Bearden and is potentially a 'cure all' for everything, or can destroy everything. In other words it can pretty much do anything. I'm both impressed and amused.
Ark recently mentioned a link which shows Bearden in a not horribly bad light:

My guess would be that Bearden's EM scalar field would be more accurate under the more conventional name Higgs scalar field in which case a Higgs vector field could also be interesting. Higgs may be more an extension to gravity than to EM but some nice EM coupling could do things like ball lightning, the Philadelphia Experiment, alien wormholes, etc. but you might want to stick to ball lightning at a dinner party.


The Living Force
Hi all, The "Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11"
http://www.saunalahti.fi/wtc2001/military.htm makes an interesting argument for the use of some small, "limited" nuclear bombs underneath the twin towers and building 7. His theory addresses the yellowish brown color, molten steel weeks after the attack and the near instantly pulverized concrete of the towers into fine dust. This idea might also may explain many on the illnesses and deaths the 911 site workers are experiencing. This idea adds one more level of shock to the whole concept of it being an "inside job."



The Living Force
I forgot to ask--2 or 3 months ago I found a web site with a long post that gave a detail description explaining how the logistics of setting up and executing the attacks on 911 could have been done. It appeared to be well thought out and provocative. I thought I had it saved in my 911 files but I must have misplaced it. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I am as sure as I care to admit these days that I first found it on the Signs forum or Casschat as a recommendation to read. If anyone remembers this site and how to find it please let me know.
Thank you.
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