What are you listening to?

Incubus - Drive

Unaging credo for me. As it happens, lyrics are in the first post of this thread.
The Mars Volta, Teflon. This band is ludicrously adept where it comes to hard riffing and funky backing. The song is a paranoid wander, seemingly referencing the Kennedy assassination.

Afterwork music. Turns brains from the usual chaotic mush to blissfully fresh creative happy little jelly. Works on kids too!

I mentioned this in passing a while back: a LOT of these "original" videos from the 70s and 80s we DID NOT SEE. They were not broadcast.

This isn't a good one. Interesting nonetheless.

These last few days I have been listening to probably the best singer alive at the moment: Dimash Kudaibergen, from Kazakhstan. He crosses genres, but might be best categorized as "popera", because of his pop sensibilities mixed with classical operatic style and techniques. He's got an extraordinary vocal range and can sing in practically every register. But he's not just technically perfect - he conveys all the emotions. He's popular in Kazakhstan (of course), Russia, China, and more so nowadays in Western countries.

Here are a few highlights:

"The Charismatic Voice" channel on YouTube has a whole playlist of reaction/analyses of his performances by an opera singer/voice coach. Highly recommended if you want to understand all the things he does with his voice. Plus, her reactions are pretty adorable. Here's her video on the first song above, SOS:

And if you like him and want to see him when he's not in performance mode, here's an interview he did recently on Kazakh TV:

Despite his commanding stage presence, he comes across as very humble, soft spoken, and thoughtful. I'm a fan!

Oh, and here he is performing the Fifth Element Diva Dance song:

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