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Jeff Beck (feat Rosie Bones) - "Scared For The Children"​

Live at the Hollywood Bowl.​

Billy skipped school again looking like a fool again
What a little waste for a taste of a big boy's life
I'm scared for the children

Computer screens and magazines
Manufactured hopes and dreams
Playing in a concrete box 'cause mother's got her shows to watch
I'm scared for the children

This is the end of the age of the innocent
One more game before they go
This is the end of the age of the innocent
What will we leave them with
Suppose we'll never know

Processed greens and man made meat
Running out of things to eat
Little boys having way too much fun playing with a big boys gun
I'm scared for the children

And on the day the last bird dies
There won't be a drop from their big square eyes
An old man with his eyes just like glass
Kisses the last blade of grass
I'm scared for the children



No respect for anyone
Why would they after what we done
What an example we have set, what a planet we have left
Let's be there for these children


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I thought I posted this yesterday and still see the draft, so here goes:

I saw Spider-Man: No Way Home over the holidays. I've been listening to the "Peter Parker evil dance" / Drive That Funky Soul by James Brown.

Here's the original with the dance context:

And here's the edit of the song for the movie:

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