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I started this with the intent of informing myself. (It is good to monolog with one’s self and I do mine in writing.) It progressed into a review of how this scenario might unfold. This is a very 3D apocalyptic subject and some of the items I review in this session are difficult, in many ways. I try to refrain from such topics, but I tend to regress when I look at anything closely, any more.

I decided that there was never a good time to discuss such a topic, as I had been holding onto this until the first quake in the sequence had struck. I am hesitating to post it right now. But, because we are close, I am presenting what I have.
The scenario, the earthquake sequence begins. This is the C’s information on the Cascadia great quake and all the precursor quakes. Beginning with Hollister, Palo Alto, Imperial, Ukiah, Eureka, Point Mendocino, Monterrey, Offshore San Luis Obispo, Capistrano, Carmel: big one. My original expectations are that 2019 ± 2/yr, was the time frame that this is to happen.

What makes me think that this is going to happen now in 2019?

Activity around the ring of fire has been increasing. The recent collapse of the tube (this is the 30-minute earthquake under New Zealand) may have not started this sequence, but it was one of the events in the grand sequence, up to the big one, which may be just another part of an even grander sequence. And the big one will activate others that may be even bigger, more of the grand sequence. Then include solar activity (solar winds), solar minimum (sun spots greatly reduced), increased bombardment (cosmic rays and meteors) in upper atmosphere peaking for 2019 causing a perfect storm event that will last the entire year. The event if it happens, times with the bombardment through 2020. So, this perfect storm will extend into next year or longer. Ouch!
A lot of volcanic activity is happening right now. Not only in ring of fire but in the Mediterranean also. Works with Edgar Case’s predictions of three volcanos near the end. Those being Etna, Vesuvius and Pele (which I think is Pele volcano god in Hawaii). Vesuvius is the one that troubles me because of the lack of activity… yet.

Earthquake activity around the locations in the sequence has increased. These images show earthquake activity 2.0 and above from Christmas 2018 back to 2013.



Need any more evidence, I do hope not. But, if not this year, what would you consider the maximum timeframe? Good question …

I really am expecting that the possibility of this happening will be near a solar minimum for all of the above reasons. That means my timeframe is roughly 2018 to 2021, not good for anyone around the pacific rim.

I find a great need to understand some of what comes next. Not only for me but all those who are in the need. I agree California is soon to look like hell.
The first quake, Hollister. The size of it will be notable. What is happening in the local area is minor for the past 6 years, nothing more than a 4. What I do see is activity on the east side of the local fault and on the west side of the San Andres fault. This can produce a twisting effect on the area of Hollister. I expect it to be a 6 or higher. So, this is what I am looking for, a big start.

Second quake, Palo Alto, is not showing any increased activity in the maps. This may be due to it needing the right kick start, Hollister’s quake.
The third in sequence is an area that I have been watching intently. It is Imperial located below the Salton Sea. I have watched these clusters that show in the image for many years now. The clusters started far away from Imperial in the north and now are right next door. The southern also has had advances all progressing to this point. They look to be ready for this quake. This is a loose area, much sand and mud, and the quake may be subdued because of this, 4-6 range, possible 7. Also note the mud volcano going off right nearby. News reports indicated a local road made impassible by it. Many volcano mounds in the area, all north of the Salton Sea, and another caldera.

The forth quake will be in Ukiah. This is 10 minutes south of where I live. Although I do not see much activity in the images near Ukiah, there is ample in an area south east of Ukiah area due to geyser activity. And of course, man is affecting this by pouring treated sewer water down them to make more steam for, you guessed it, power (electricity in this reality). To me this assisting activity is just another doom coming to California as the geysers are heated by a local volcano named Mt. Konocti, what I understand it was/is a mud volcano. I plan on this quake shutting down the local area south of the local lake. Very good possibility of dam breaking on lake and flushing Ukiah down the drain. Expecting a quake in the size of 5 to 7, possibly an 8. For me this is where I need to be totally ready, just in case I live through all of this. Of note: My house is approximately 1 mile away from the same fault that is in Ukiah, on the east side of the fault line. I will keep communicating as long as I can.

Now the fifth quake is to be in Eureka. The images for this area are astounding. All I can say here is, ‘are you ready to rock and roll?’ This area is primed and ready to blow. I am surprised that it has not gone off worse before. By this time, I expect to see quakes in the possible 7-8 range, maybe even a 9. Here is where you will see just what a real shaker can do to an area. And being right at the bottom end of the Cascadia fault line, it will be seeing more than just this one quake.

This is enough speculation here, any more after this should be self-evidence of the impending issue. We will know at this point in the sequence, that it is now, that this is to happen.

Before this happens, what should we do? Prepare yourself with knowledge, like what you get around here on the C’s site.

Those along the Pacific Rim need to be ready. At some time in this sequence we all need to be able to sustain ourselves. Basic needs, like food and water and somewhere to be safe. The safe place is the difficult part. I would expect that anything below 300 feet elevation to be unsafe, possible maximum of 800 feet depending on area. And this really depends on the intensity of the event that is to happen.

Tsunami potential of a large event in Cascadia is high. There will be one. The C’s stated 500 foot, or larger. Along with this you would get a flattening effect of some areas of Washington and Oregon. This could send a wave hundreds of miles inland, in some areas. The outward wave motion would be even worse. Dissipation of the wave will happen as it extends outward, drawing some of the local water with it. I expect that by the time it reaches Hawaii it may have dissipated to half of its strength. That still means good by Hawaii. But before it reaches Hawaii it will have been devastating the west coastline of California.

The wave still at maximum level would tear through Eureka, shelter cove and fort Bragg. The coastal range mountains may contain the wave to coastal areas, but it might have flow-throughs at several points going south. The range should contain it until its gets south of that, Guerneville and southward. The wave at this time may be diminished by 10-20% as it expands across the Pacific Ocean. It could still be 400 feet high at this point. Ocean water would then spill freely into Sonoma county back-flowing north to Cloverdale and possibly further north. Most cities of Sonoma county would be wiped away. The flow would reach counties south of that at possibly 350 feet high still. By the time it reaches San Francisco it may be 300 feet or higher and may be deeper than the road bed of the golden gate bridge. (One has to wonder about the movie ‘San Andres” and its depiction of an event like this.) This flow into the bay area will relieve some of the wall of water but will likely flow into the Sacramento valley in great amounts. Flooding may extend to the Sierra mountains north to lake Shasta and south to the grapevine into LA. It may not spill over into LA this way, but from the coastal areas of LA it will flow. It may be diminished to a mere 200 feet by then, most of LA will be washed away across the Salton Sea and out into the gulf of California. By the time it reaches Mexico it will hopefully be 150 feet in height and only 100 feet by South America. And to the north the wave may still be 300 feet by the time it reaches Alaska.

The worse will be the unimpeded wave intrusions, Hawaii being one of them. Japan, which has documented tsunami wave heights on physical pillars quite a ways from the ocean, will see a wave that will reach higher than that, and unimpeded. Many places in the far east will experience the wave, there may still be a sizeable wave still when it hits Australia.

The aftermath will look like hell. Sound familiar.

What else should we expect?

With the Cascadia event there will be ruptures. Look to existing Volcano’s going off, eastern Oregon has many volcanic craters. Look to see this as an issue later. Then there are the volcano’s in California. Even my local Konocti may have an issue is some form. Its outlet may be in geysers area farther south of Clear Lake now, high activity always there, may draw it to there. Look to the caldera below Yosemite, keep an eye on this whole area for even more activity.
But that leads to a high level of emissions in the air, mask needs to be able to breath at times. There is an item, get some kind of personal breathing filter for all, good ones that we could wear for extended times. Not these dusk masks, something much better, and plenty of filters. That is, for those that survive.
Darkness will not leave, will need good lighting. Solar lights, and solar power for that measure, will be out as there will be no sun to use/charge them. Batteries will be needed.

So, what do we have now that we will not have at some point in the sequence? Electricity, gas (of all types), water, heat for house, source of food.
Now when do you think that this will happen? Personally, for me, I expect some form of issue when Ukiah gets hit. First will be electricity outages. That will progress into all other areas quite quickly. Generators will only last so long. Gas will be eventually depleted. Water will stop flowing. Food in stores will only last so long.

It is going to be bad, very bad for those that survive. Any support from the Government will be limited and they may just leave west coast remaining population to fend for themselves. Maybe focusing some effort in areas where people are congregating. It will not be enough.

We can do without electricity and gas, somehow. Bicycles will be important, if we can even ride one due to the conditions. They will have to be our transportation. Water is important part of life. Drain HW tanks, find low points of local trunk lines. May still have a creek flowing, nasty water, but it could be used. Old wells, ran on a generator, is a possibility. Underground water may be our only clean water source. Local lakes may be another source, more nasty water. Make nasty water drinkable, boil it, iodine, filter it.

Heat for house, that is a tough one for the current state of the humankind. Most houses are heated by a central furnace, which will need to have electricity and a fuel of some sort. Well they will all be gone, nothing, zip. Wood will be our heat for those that survive. Refrigeration will not be a problem, leave a window open and hope that all does not freeze.

Food, that is a real tough one. I could see someone maybe doing OK for a week or a month or 2. After that, all stakes are off. If you could sustain for 3, 4 or 6 months without outside influence, you would do best. Then its Hunting, Fishing and gathering every day. Know what is in your local area, it may save your life.

And for those in the affected areas, this is a good point to conduct any and all acquisitions needed, get help from your clan. The third quake is a valid point to justify that the sequence has begun. The first quake may leave you with thought that the sequence has begun, but you need to validate it. The second quake will make you very suspicious, I know I will be after the first one. But a third quake can provide validation and may assist in the timeframe of the entire event. You get three in one hour, time to kiss your arse good bye! But 3 in say a week or a month, will give insight to how long this is going to be. Always watch closely, it could accelerate exponentially, without warning.

To assist with the understanding of what is to come, I found topographically colored maps of California, Oregon and Washington. It is the green colored areas on them that is of note, the lower coastal areas, some extending well inland.

First to note is the flattening effect of the caldera collapse. This will take hills and some mountains and stretch them out flat again. How much flattening is a real question. It could extend hundreds of miles inland increasing the flooding effect. This will be in Washington and Oregon with some areas in northern California all going to sea level, or less.

Looking at California, the areas south of Eureka will see the wave crash down the coastline. It will breach some of these coastal range and flood traveling up all local rivers and streams. This river infusing may flow hundreds of miles inland by itself, flooding areas as it progresses.

Where I live there is a minor range that might protect the local valley. If I make it to this day, I will have my fingers crossed.

As you get closer to San Francisco you can visualize just how bad this could get. All low lands will be inundated and flowing out to the Sacrament valley. Bakersfield and below may not drain as the water that reaches here has no outlet. We could have a new inland sea full of debris and (gulp) dead bodies. But this may be everywhere you look.

Oregon and Washington will see the largest wave potential. With the flattening effect this will be devastating. The Columbia river is the border between Oregon and Washington. There are quite a few waterfalls along the river, but they are all falling into the Columbia river. There does not look to be any water falls in the main flow of the river other than general rises. This means that the water that flows into this river may be unimpeded into the middle of Washington.

What to do now! Watch and observe, do not miss any event, if possible. What did the C’s say about this, ‘Sit back and enjoy the show!’ May be a 3D creep show for many of us.

I always thought that this was an odd statement. Yes, I understand that we should not interfere with these events and try to remove ourselves from what is happening. Interference will only make it worse than what is already in-motion.

So, observe for as long as you can in this reality, I expect that this, is in some way, part of our lesson. Didn’t we all want to be here for this miraculous event? Some of us may have even begged to be here now, can you imagine that. To see a realm, fall to its knees, a cataclysmic celestial apocalyptic event, the wonders of a planetary lifeform climbing the ladder to 4th density, possibly a hidden meaning to life. And you got executive seating for the show. I kind of think that we are all going to get together after the show to compare notes. You know, everybody experiences events differently, have different notes, learn from each other. Do not forget that all of your realities will be there also.

But until then we are here, doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing. Whether you are fighting or standing back, it is all part of your plan for this reality. Above all, pay attention to your view of this reality, stay safe. For now, continue your efforts in whatever direction you have chosen.

Now, it’s a waiting game, looking for the sequence to begin. And above all, Do Not Panic! That will be the toughest one. As every one of us may be called upon to be a sanity anchor, at some time, in this reality, Haiku …


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Thank you for this impressive presentation, Haiku.

I live half a world away from your place and although there won't be volcanoes and tsunamis over here, there is a whole array of deadly and dramatic challenges to look forward to as well.

We've got executive seating and we're presiding over the end of the world as we know it.

I'm reminded of the theory that we're living in a replay of the enigmatic Atlantis, albeit on a much lower technological level.

So, observe for as long as you can in this reality, I expect that this, is in some way, part of our lesson. Didn’t we all want to be here for this miraculous event? Some of us may have even begged to be here now, can you imagine that. To see a realm, fall to its knees, a cataclysmic celestial apocalyptic event, the wonders of a planetary lifeform climbing the ladder to 4th density, possibly a hidden meaning to life. And you got executive seating for the show. I kind of think that we are all going to get together after the show to compare notes. You know, everybody experiences events differently, have different notes, learn from each other. Do not forget that all of your realities will be there also.

But until then we are here, doing exactly what we were supposed to be doing. Whether you are fighting or standing back, it is all part of your plan for this reality. Above all, pay attention to your view of this reality, stay safe. For now, continue your efforts in whatever direction you have chosen.

Now, it’s a waiting game, looking for the sequence to begin. And above all, Do Not Panic! That will be the toughest one. As every one of us may be called upon to be a sanity anchor, at some time, in this reality, Haiku …

Didn’t we all want to be here for this miraculous event? Some of us may have even begged to be here now, can you imagine that?

I may have difficulties imagining that but since we all have to leave this stage play one way or another, I agree that witnessing a major planetary and celestial event would be a meaningful part of the play before I have to sign off.
Thanks for sharing the above and bringing up this topic, Haiku.

I believe it was the day after I read your post that I had a dream of a stampede (people panicking and going this way and that). I think I might've zeroed in on what you wrote above about 'do not panic.'

I don't actually feel panicked about a potential Cascadia earthquake (at least consciously most of the time) even though the reality of it is there in the back of my mind and I question whether my family and I would survive it, being where we live.

Is it a matter of...if you're meant to survive it, you'll survive it? I don't know.

One thing my family and I did is join a 'preparedness' campaign with the local utility board. The utility company sends monthly step-by-step emergency preparedness recommendations. We try and have fun with it too, if we can help it. I found a good emergency bag or 'bug out bag.' I keep one in the car along with a first aid kit and I'm working on preparing other bags for my place as well as my parents place.

There's more to think about of course due to the potential aftermath of it all, as you wrote above, and sometimes we'll talk about it together.

Maybe a good time, if ever there was one, to join a emergency management team in ones community.
Thanks for putting this together Haiku! I wonder how badly BC will fair. In the major urban centers of southern BC we're supposed to have a 12% chance of being hit with a major 9.0 earthquake by 2050. With respect to tsunamis Vancouver Island will likely be taking the brunt of that damage instead of the continental coast, although I don't exactly imagine it being a bed of roses for Vancouver and other areas either.

Maybe I ought to frame this and put it on a wall...

All of this is pretty mainstream in terms of interpreting geological activity, which we know is going to be much more tumultuous down the line.
A dilemma is inevitable when you have knowledge of this nature. I, like you, found this knowledge in Laura’s auspicious work. The dilemma is whether you should tell anyone else about this, or not.

I now see an interaction that is probably quite normal between STS and STO oriented souls. The STO has knowledge, and the STS wants it. I would expect that this situation will happen many times in our soul’s lifetime. It all comes down to the STS soul’s inability for full application because that is a STO function, and they cannot do that. Knowledge is useless and even dangerous if it is not accompanied with the work.

Back to the issue, what should we do to remedy this situation and abide by the law of free-will? Going out and telling the world is admirable but that may just label you as a crazy person, not to mention affecting others free-will. Not telling anyone seems like an STS thing to do but does preserve the free-will initiative. We need to find some kind of happy middle ground here where you can express knowledge without affecting their free-will.

This comes back to the work, the knowledge, all that you can do for yourselves. Learning the lessons that we signed up for. Some of these lessons will take part in this dilemma. You can make contact with others, tell them some of your knowledge, with a stipulation. Like everyone here, you began the work, you sought answers to questions that could not be explained, within reason. You opened up.

This is the type of soul we are looking for, those that are opening up. Those that seem to be seeking for this other answer. Remember that not everyone is looking for the answer. Most are at a different level in their soul’s progression. With enduring patience, you can have success, at least partially. Do not expect a full response from anyone, just open the door to them, let them enter with their own free-will.

I have interacted with a six individuals in this reality, with this knowledge.

My first was a group of three, two STS orientated and a third that with STO orientation. They all listened, the STS did what they normally do and walk away from the knowledge, was not important to them. The STO listened as that is something that they normally do well. This one is close to doing the work as they seemed to be very interested.

The forth individual was a STO oriented individual that I started the work with and even told them about this event, they listened. I straight out asked them, what they were going to do with this knowledge. This was a fellow retiring engineer, an intelligent person living in a low-lying area just west of San Francisco. They replied that knowing this knowledge and applying it is dependent on if they would want to be around after this kind of event. Simply stated, they may just stay where they are, because the aftermath would be not something that they would want to be part of. They were undecided and did not seek any more knowledge.

The fifth and sixth I ran upon in a hospital bed in a local hospital. During my time there I found an individual that had been listening to a follower of the Palladian’s. This one was just beginning their search, but that brought me to the Palladian follower. This one had been working and spreading much of what they knew without the full understanding of the free-will implications of what she was doing. Their desire was good and STO orientated and nothing that we do here in this reality is other than what we planed on doing anyway. It was part of their life path to do what they were doing, as what you are doing is part of your life path. I directed both of these individuals to the law of one site, with stated limitations of total value, and the Cassiopaean knowledge. (Of note: I look at the Law of One knowledge as first grade, the Palladian knowledge as second grade and the Cassiopaean knowledge as third grade. Can’t wait until we get to forth grade. I found the knowledge in 1, 3 & 2 order, I kind of skipped a grade, I did go back and learn grade 2, but much latter, and I recognized that this knowledge should have already been assessed.)

I waited long to find others and it was not an easy matter as I dearly wanted to spread this knowledge, this faith to others. I feel proud that I found two souls that were ready and looking for answers and how I supported their search for knowledge. I gave them both my direct contact information and who I was in this realm, have not heard for either of them. And this is accepted also as I do not believe I affected their free-will directive.

Now you are at your own dilemma. With this knowledge of this event and all others that will be happening all over the globe you get to make a decision, and it will not be wrong. Now I am still awaiting the first quake in the Cascadia series. Will I try to tell others about the upcoming situation, maybe, maybe not, we will have to see when the time arrives what I will do. Probably will be an impulse move in the end. Gives you a small feeling of what the C’s are dealing with, in us. Knowledge can be painful at times, like being in a reality and a situation like this.

Your earthquake, metaphorically speaking, is coming. May have already arrived. Contemplation of this current or future event is needed for those ready for the challenge. Not everybody is ready, heck I am still preparing, it is a never-ending task. At some level you should be ready for your earthquake. We are the only ones who will be able to explain this, some more than others, as the situation slaps the rest in the face. Don’t Panic, in the face of this reality. It is all part of the lesson, Haiku …

PS, thanks for all the wonderful replies and comments.
The apocalyptic stool, it is where you stand to present this kind of matter. The height of the stool corresponds with depth of the knowledge presented. This is a tall one, so I will have to get climbing as I present …

Welcome to Hollister, CA., these are the fault lines around Hollister. To the west is the San Andreas Fault line. Through the center of Hollister is the Calaveras Fault line and to the east is the shorter Quien Sabe fault line. In the top image you can see the intersection with the broken up Calaveras Fault line, grey image shows fault line best. In the next image I have changed the background to see places.



In these following images I have queried the USGS database to see more of what has happened there. I searched for all earthquake events 1.0 and larger. The first query is back to year 2000, the last nineteen years. If has 4559 earthquakes. Concentration of quakes is more to the San Andreas side, larger portion of quakes in the Hollister Hills area in this query. 3.0 and larger quakes only constituted to about five percent of the total quakes. The second Query is 1980 to 2000. It is interesting that there were more quakes during this period, with 7590 quakes. The concentration was more even throughout all of this area. Yes, there were clusters but more even in number. The larger quantity also had higher percentage of 3.0 and above, at about twelve percent and one in the 5.5 range. A verifiable increase in quantity and intensity had been happening in this query. The last set are from a query from 1960 to 1980. More density in the area north, north east of Hollister but only 2111 total in quantity. I would say a good eighteen percent were above 3.0 in size. Total quantity may have been due to sensing abilities of this time, possible but unlikely.
I also collected some other data to back up the increase in activity in the 1980 to 2000 timeframe. Below is a chart depicting the rise that happened at the end of this timeframe. An exponential increase happened here.
Here is another chart the correlates volcanic activity into this equation. And of course this also aligns with the minimal sun spot activity on its eleven year cycle.

Current update: Yes, there are many earthquakes happening right now in the west coast US corridor. On the current earthquake map on USGS and zoomed into California, the largest quake is only 3 miles north of my location, along with 17 other quakes. Using the 7 day, all magnitude, I am getting 2244 earthquakes today around the world. And it has not been good for most of this year. The activity is definitely priming the areas for the sequence, I would say.

While I am up on this stool lets review more of the ethical connotations implied here. You, like I, have this knowledge of this event. And like myself, anyone can monitor for this event, like I have been doing for many years now. And now, it is coming true, right before our eyes.

You want to go out and scream it at the top of your lungs. You do not even care if you are called a heretic. You want/need to tell someone about this, urgently as there is almost no time left.

I myself see the others that I work with, I want to warn them, I have this need to say something to them. As all of them will be caught in this disaster, unless they are warned. Most, if not all of them, will die. A heartfelt sorrow fills me every day I am around them, knowing their fate. It is troubling.

You see this is not the real problem. Yes, in my heart I could never put another in a situation that was worse than the one that they are currently in. This reality is bad in so many ways, but it is not hell, as California will soon become. If I provide knowledge to another, and they act upon it and change their path, driving an alternate solution. A shifting of a reality down a different path. These souls could end up living through part of the hell that California is to become. A realization, that this is what the C’s feel when giving or withholding knowledge. This hurts the soul, I feel it greatly.

Now don’t get me wrong here, if someone initiates the conversation, I will represent the C’s, and this soul group, well. But only if they start the exchange, that is how it has to be. In closure to this, do not educate any soul without their admission first. This is my strategy.

We are all feeling the pressures of knowledge, this is but an example with relevance to it. I have a path that included the learning of this knowledge but not allowing it to affect my direction. It is very difficult to maintain calm in the face of an impending obstacle, something that we all need to face in this reality, at some time. I would expect multiple obstacles also. Don’t Panic, or they (STS) win.

Fine can of worms that I have gotten myself into. I will continue watching the souls around me that I know will eventually be extracted from their bodies for their next set of lessons, here in 4D or in 3D somewhere else. I, and you all, need to remember that this is their life lesson, and we have become the guides in this reality, for them.

Now I climb down from this high apocalyptic stool onto my much shorter recruitment stool as the rest, is to you all out there that stop by this academic achievement. The guest, you know who you are. Your looking for the answer to a question unsaid. There are many guides here, looking for your energy to join in our endeavors. You may think that you are not worthy of joining for some reason or another, I thought the same, I was wrong. Who you are in this reality, who you will be in the next, it all commences here. You could be anybody, heck you could be Putin (he listen’s) for all that matters. If you are looking, we are putting out the welcome mat for you (site rules DO apply).

We know you are looking, we embrace that. That is why this endeavor that has been made here, so you can find your answer. You could say that we are looking for the future guide, to continue this endeavor, here in this reality or in the next. Maybe you are to be a demanding reality, as Laura, but in an alternate reality. Who knows! We only hope that you are able to join this little revelation, “the nicest people are here”! Haiku …
I live in Orange County, about 20 miles from downtown LA. For as long as I can remember, we’d be treated to numerous rattles each year, a good shake every year or two, and a major shake every decade or so. But I’ve noticed for several years now, it’s been dead quiet. A little tremor now and then, but it’s been 10 years since I said, “Grab your ass and ride it!”. It’s difficult not to get the sense of the calm before the storm. Every little quake relieves stress from the fault. Long silences build stress. And this has been a particularly long silence for Los Angeles.
12:52 PM - 3 May 2019 / Video
EUGENE, Ore. - The shaking started around 9 p.m. on January 26 and lasted for 5 minutes - or longer.

The coastline of northern California, Oregon and Washington suddenly dropped 3 to 6 feet.

Flooded with salty seawater, the trees on that vast stretch of land died.

The massive force created by a 600-mile rupture along a fault beneath the Pacific Ocean sent a tsunami rippling across the ocean.

Without warning, the wave struck the coast of Japan around midnight on January 27.

The year was 1700.

The culprit: The most recent 9.0+ Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake.

The forecast: It's overdue to happen again.

SPECIAL REPORT | Which buildings in downtown Eugene will survive and which will fail in a 9.0 earthquake?
Tom Adams reports #LiveOnKVAL Monday, May 6, 2019, at 11 p.m.
Visited Whidbey Island (near Seattle) a couple of years ago. I had a general sense of unease there. Don't know how much of it was gut instinct vs how much of it was information from studies here and other places. 2 visible volcanoes (considered to be a bonus for the lovely vistas). Signs warning of tsunami risk zones (complete with massive tidal debris coming up daily in area). Not easy to leave the island if ferry out of service. I sensed the water wasn't safe to drink a few months before the water problem there was in the national news. Talked to my hosts very gently about my safety concerns there, without going into gory detail of what was expected. Was assured it was the greatest place to live on the planet. I tried.

I wonder if some of the strange events lately around Seattle (even Boeing) might actually be the beginning of the shake, just on a very different temporal scale.

A few highlights from the above Dutchsinse video that I’d like to share, mostly about the earthquake swarms recently in California.

At 1:00:25 in the video, he discusses how the tremors in the Pacific NW and into Northern California correspond to the Juan de Fuca Fracture zone. About five minutes later he discusses the earthquake swarm in The Geysers, CA which according to Wikipedia, is the world’s largest geothermal field.

At 1:07:25, swarm that stops at Parkfield, CA (from Wikipedia: “the central segment of the San Andreas Fault runs in a northwestern direction from Parkfield to Hollister”). Instead of swarms further south on the San Andreas Fault from Parkfield, the next swarm is across the valley in Kettleman City where there are a lot of oil and gas pumping operations.

He mentions the USGS at this point, and their announcement last month that the area around Kettleman City down to Bakersfield is severely subsiding. As others here may already know, North Bakersfield is one of the fracture points mentioned in Session 3 December 1994.
The "Quien Sabe" fault. Love the Mexican sense of humor.

I am pretty sure there is another major thread on this topic. Cascadia is a known thing here (I live in Southern Oregon) and there are several articles published every year to keep people on their toes and aware and hopefully prepared (although, how can you really?) . Yes it could be this year, or next or the next after that. Just this year I gave a bunch of expiring food to the food bank because I started freaking out several years ago and buying supplies which I need to re-buy now. I have had visions/dreams of lava oozing from the Berkeley Hills. I have studied the wind patterns to avoid ash from Crater Lake; Shasta; Mt Hood etc etc when they "go". I am selling my house which is a 2 story on a hillside built before earthquake standard codes were implemented. So I am into the Chicken Little thing too. But as far as staying calm - and in terms of general analysis - a couple points:

Counting earthquakes of 1 or 2 magnitude is like turning the sensitivity of an alarm up to maximum. You don't want the alarm going off every time a cat or a cockroach walks by... I have lived in some very geologically unstable places all my life (grew up in Cali and lived 10 years on top of an active volcano) and it takes a 3.0 or over to really start to grab the attention. I have experienced being less than 100 miles from the epicenter of a 7, for what credibility that is worth. So I think looking at the 3 and up category would be more indicative of something imminent. All the 1's and 2's are like too much "noise" that can drown out the real signal. OSIT

I can't say I am anxious for it to hurry up and get here already. When it happens, it is going to be ugly but it is going to get ugly everywhere, too. (How long after the quakes before the comets?) Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Keep learning those 3D lessons!
Staying with the Chicken Little Theme, the real danger of major flooding in central Oregon is not the tsunami, but the reservoir dams breaking and all the reservoir water coming down the rivers at once. FEMA has some wonderful interactive maps showing the 100 year flood zones and elevations that is very handy to determine what areas to avoid. And speaking of the "The apocalyptic stool", I also don't want to be downstream from a sewage plant! LOL:lol:
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